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SCD Intro Diet Experiences

Well, as planned I started the SCD intro diet on Monday July 5. The weekend was spent making two batches of SCD yogurt, making the SCD chicken soup and doing some loose meal planning. I must say that this transition to the SCD way of eating came at a pretty good time – I was feeling very sick last week and it was all I could do to get moving and onto my bike for some training – I seemed to be either sleeping, eating, riding my bike, or in the bathroom…

I don’t have a yogurt maker so I followed the instructions in the BTVC and made my yogurt using the stovetop and oven. I was skeptical that it would turn out – but I am now converted to this yogurt! Love the taste of it. The tang is really satisfying. One batch I “dripped” using two new j-cloths that I lined in a colander set into a big bowl – I poured the yogurt into this lined colander and sealed the cloths with a bag clip – a few hours later I had some very thick and tempting Greek yogurt.

I had never made chicken soup from scratch before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Well, this soup does taste pretty good – though it takes a bit to get used to the texture of the pureed carrots. Really, it doesn’t look that appealing but once I got past the appearance of it, the smell and taste were enough to convert me.

I also made the “cheesecake” as recommended in the intro diet list of foods in BTVC – I did not use 1/3 cup as honey as I found that to be excessive – but it still turned out to be really tasty. The other thing I made were SCD yogurt popsicles – I filled the popsicle molds about half-way, drizzled a bit of honey on top of the yogurt, and then filled the the molds with more yogurt. These make a very satisfying snack and dessert.

So, the real question is: how am I feeling? Well, it is Thursday today and for the first time since May 19, I’ve gone to the bathroom and did not see any blood in the toilet. As well, I went from going to the bathroom up to 30 times a day (as recently as Sunday) to a mere four times on Monday. Before I would have to urgently rush to the bathroom after each meal – not this week. I’m not sure what has caused this change – the reduction in fiber, the reduction of carbohydrates, or the lack of fruits and vegetables?

The one thing I did discover is that because protein keeps you feeling full longer, it is easy to actually not eat enough. On Monday this happened… For breakfast I had two scrambled eggs, lunch was a piece of broiled salmon, and then for supper I had a bowl of chicken soup… And I rode my bike for 90 minutes. When my husband came home I was on the couch with a blanket on me shivering and trying to stay awake – yep not enough fuel. Tuesday morning I felt pretty fatigued as well so I upped my food intake and now I’m feeling much better. One of the issues I struggled with on Monday and Tuesday was the yogurt – I was on some antibiotics that did not allow dairy consumption six hours before the pill or two hours afterwards and with taking two pills a day, this didn’t leave a very big window to enjoy the yogurt or dry curd cottage cheese. On Wednesday I ended up having to go out for lunch with some colleagues – we ended up a Vietnamese restaurant – I was forced to skip the tasty fresh spring rolls but settled on a chicken noodle soup – without the noodles… I know it was a risk since I didn’t know what was in the broth – but it was a clear broth with some pieces of thin chicken. Luckily I felt pretty good and nothing nasty occurred.

So today on Thursday I’ve added in very ripe bananas. In fact I tried to make the banana pancake recipe that I’ve seen on various SCD recipe sites. Well, my bananas did not take on pancake like consistency. More like scrambled bananas – still very satisfying. I’ve been craving bananas since they are my favorite fruit – nice to have them back. I also plan to make homemade applesauce and pearsauce today.

As for my training? Well, I’ve been working closely with my coach this week to make sure that I can get in the work-outs I need without putting myself into a deep low with my carbohydrate and glycogen stores. To do this, my rides have been shortened and the intensity components of each work-out have been shortened. I did express some concern with my coach that I might be messing up my training by doing this – but he reassured me that I’m still getting the same training effect – just with a slightly different methodology. Of course, his big question was: when can you have some rice or a sweet potato? Now I know that you strict SCD followers are probably cringing right now. But there simply is no way that I can get by and achieve the performance results I need without some carbohydrates (and no eating an extra banana is not going to cut it)… So this is where my latest read comes: The Paleo Diet for Athletes – I’ve learned that a number of my fellow cyclists are following this diet and are getting good results regarding recovery, performance, and overall body sensations. So this is my next step. And yes, I’m going to try some rice this weekend. Just a small amount to see how I feel. I know this is “breaking the rules” but every person is different and to make this work, I need to have some carbohydrates that don’t come from fresh fruit, dried fruit, and vegetables.

I know that I do not have any food intolerances such as gluten or lactose so I think with time I’ll be able to handle small amounts of such carbohydrates and will be sure to consume them at only the optimum time to fuel my training and ensure full recovery from my work-outs and races.

Phew, this is a long post! But this is where I’m at. I really appreciate all the feedback and comments I’ve received. Please keep the information coming. As I said I’m new to this and it really does feel like a grand experiment on my body. Oh, one question – Larabars – I’ve read that many people following SCD consume these bars… How soon do you think I can incorporate these – they are an excellent source of carbohydrates and are very easy to carry along in my cycling jersey pocket when out riding.

Thanks for reading,


more information about the SCD Diet can be found – HERE

10 thoughts on “SCD Intro Diet Experiences”

  1. Wow Vicki what a great start! Everything you’re doing sounds great. I think I initially had to get over the idea of portions in order to eat enough on SCD. While I usually consume 2 eggs at a time, some days I’ll have 3 or 4 for extra energy.

    For the banana pancakes, I’ve seen a lot of recipes showing 2 bananas one egg. I used 1 large banana, 2 eggs and it worked best. And make them small so you can flip them easily.

    As for the rice, I found I got more symptoms with rice than with potato. So if I were you, I’d try having sweet potato first, then regular potato, then rice. Rice is *not* easy to digest as most doctors thing. Potato is much easier. Sweet potato has a lot more nutrients too.

    Good luck! Let us know how you do. Don’t forget to try liver too for energy and workout recovery.

  2. Thanks for the post, Vicki. I also started the SCD diet on Monday, though my experience has not been as pleasant. I’ve stuck to the diet strictly (eggs, chicken soup, beef patties, yogurt, dry curd chese, honey, and diluted juice). For the first couple days, all was well. By day 3, however, my UC symptoms (frequency, blood, dark, poorly formed stool, etc.) got worse. They’ve stayed pretty bad ever since. This diet is quite a change from what I used to eat (i.e., anything), so I’m chalking it up to an adjustment period and plan to stick to it, introducing new foods this weekend. (And per Kat’s suggestion, cutting out the carrots and dripping the yougurt). We’ll see how it goes — I’m remaining optimistic.

    1. HI Ben

      I hope you’re starting to feel better. I don’t know if you’ve read my latest post but I’ve had to give up on SCD. It just doesn’t work for me when I’m trying to train and race my bike. But this being said, I do believe that it can work. I found for me that some carbohydrates are worse than others – whole wheat is not tolerable for me but I can handle rice. Definitely drip/strain the yogurt – it ends up making a tasty “Greek” yogurt.
      Please keep us up-to-date with how you’re doing. The more information/experiences we all share on this site – the more we can all learn from one another.
      take care,

    2. Have you tried staying away from honey? I find honey gives me terrible flare ups with lots of blood. Unfortunately it’s the main sweetener for the SCD diet. For me personally, I occasionally use Stevia in small amounts


    I tried the SCD diet for 4 months. I was very strict. But unfortunately the only thing I acheived was to go dangerously under weight. My symptoms did not improve at all!
    I am now off the diet and follwing a balanced diet from a qualified dietition from the hospital and gaining weight. My symptoms have improved slightly. I will put a post of the balanced diet in the next couple of days that may help.
    B.T.W I eat both rice and potato, I think I may cut out the rice and see if it makes a difference
    Good luck and bless….

    1. I would enjoy seeing the kind of diet you follow. If includes rice and potatoes, could be similar to the later stages of the Maker’s Diet and Macrobiotic diet/lifestyle.

      It would also help to know what you were eating in those four months while on SCD. If you were drinking only bone broth soups, then yeah, you probably won’t gain weight. But the diet is nutritious and balanced allowing beef, poultry, fish, nuts, most vegetables and fruit and some dairy.

    2. Catherine

      Hi all, it’s really interesting to see everyone elses experiences. I’ve been on SCD for 6 months, and have recently had a flare (not sure whether this is from rushing the introduction of foods, a minor lapse with sugar, drugs wearing off or what).

      I agree it’s really important to be careful and sensible when on the SCD, whether this is through seeing a nutritionist or dietician or doing the research yourself. I saw a dietician who was totally anti excluding any foods and wanted to rush me back onto a full normal diet – which wasn’t what I wanted. So rather than try to find another dietician, I decided to do some research for myself – work out what nutients to get from which foods and plan how to achieve an appropriate calory intake.

      When I started SCD, I weighed 50kg which is severly underweight for my height. Over 6 months, I have got back to 58kg (based on BMI scale, this is the bottom end of acceptable), and I’m still looking to gain a few kilos as I lost a lot of muscle mass during my really bad flare last year. I haven’t found it at all difficult to gain weight – I have increased the amount of meat I eat, roughly the same amount in dinner as I always did, but also a similar size portion as leftovers for lunch the next day. I’ve also doubled the vegetable intake for dinner.

      Breakfast is 3-4 pieces of fruit with some nuts or nut meal and yoghurt (though no nuts or dairy at the moment, given the flare up), and snacks of fruit, lentil hommus and vegetables (lentils really helped with the weight gain, but may well have contributed to the flare up, but may be a better option than rice or potatoes) and I normally bake something on the weekend for snacks all week at work, and maybe dessert as well (if you haven’t found it yet, has some fantastic SCD recipes – I can highly recommend the banoffee pie canapes and the lemon meringue cupcakes).

      I can understand the issue with energy for training. I do karate 4 times a week (a fair bit of teaching, so not a physically intense as it used to be) and energy can sometimes be a problem. I also attend a week long seminar every January with 4 classes every day, and I’m trying to figure out how to eat away from home and on SCD to have enough energy for this… Please let us know how you are going with the rice.

      All the best,


      1. Please could you say what height you are or BMI as I am severely underweight at BMI 14, height 5’6, weight 90 pounds. No way could i exercise in my current state so I am thinking your BMI must be far better than mine.

  4. I was diagnosed with UC almost 9 years ago. They gave me Asacol which made me even sicker. I went to a naturopath in Austin and started taking aloe, fish oil and probiotics daily. I got a food sensitivity test and knocked out those foods and I was back in business in a few days. Continued on with the regime and have been great.

    Since then, my flares have not been more than a day or two which was resolved with ginger tea and white rice.

    Two months ago, I was in San Francisco where the pollen was at records highs – I have allergy and asthma – my day or two of UC flares occur during allergy seasons. I was also eating lots of food I normally don’t eat and lots of sugar from chocolate candies – I was at a chocolate show. I was being bad.

    I’ve been suffering now for just shy of 2 months. Longest flare ever. I got another food sensitivity test and it’s worse than the first one I got. 69 foods are on my avoid for 3-6 months list!

    Going to start the SCD intro phase tomorrow. Problem is I can’t have grape juice, banana, honey, chicken, egg yolks or carrots. That cuts my choices down and eliminates any fiber.

    Also showing sensitivities to pork, cod, halibut, tuna, venison, tilapia, snapper, crab, salmon and clams which I can’t include.

    Anyone else have any issues like this that they dealt with?

    Also, I’m getting so dehydrated from diarrhea that I’m getting excruciating leg cramps at night, so I’m taking cal/mag and potassium which has helped. May I still take those on the intro phase? Also been taking aloe, probitiocs, ginkgo and ginger root.

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