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Some details about Samantha:

My name is Sam. I am a 25 year old mom in college struggling with ulcerative colitis. I live in a small town in Vermont on a little farm with my goats.

Symptoms she’s dealt with:

Stomach cramps, diarrhea, just all around feeling like you’re dying.

I have been struggling with severe UC for years.

I tried medications and countless trips to the ER because I found myself becoming weaker and weaker. I was terrified to go to the hospital since I didn’t want to tell a doctor about my constant bloody diarrhea, but soon it got to the point to where I did it and was referred to a gastroenterologist.

Then there was the colonoscopy. This is the point where I was honestly freaked out. I hated doctors, I hated hospitals, I hated being naked in front of others, I DID NOT want a camera in my butt. After some time though I managed to gather my courage and get it done (it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be, they give you good drugs). I had a very good doctor at the biggest hospital in my area so I was confident that thinags would work out in my favor. However, after a year of drugs and blood transfusions and trips to the emergency room I had had enough.

It got to the point to where I needed my colon and rectum removed and I’ve been dealing with what comes with that. My surgeon is very nice and he tried to be funny (he’s not most of the time) which makes being there a little easier. I have a blog that I’ve been writing documenting my journey through all this. Why? Because as a young woman the last thing I wanted to talk about was my butt and poop. I had no support and no one who understood what I was going through. So I wrote a blog to show others that they’re not alone. There are also some little hints and tips to help you get through it, because no one else helps.

Medications Tried:

Before I had my colon removed I tried all kinds of pills, shots, and IV medications that simply didn’t work.
written by Samantha
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