SCD Doesn’t Define Me

Hi I’m Molly, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about 8 months ago and have been on the SCD diet for about six months.

I was diagnosed following a bout of very strong antibiotics. My symptoms were bloody diahrrea, nausea, and terrible stomach pains. I was running to the bathroom many times a day…. a couple of time embarrasingly I didn’t make it. The Gi first tested me foe Celiacs then Crohns and then told me I have UC. After the Colonoscopy he told me I have Colitis and just gave me a presription for Asacol…. it did nothing. The pain intensified anyway as well as the diahrrea and everytime I would call him he would just increase the dose. I got so sick from not eating that I ended up in the hospital with severe dehydration. The doctor on call told me that it’s probably just the stomach flu and sent me home. I was miserable, I had a young child, a job, a husband and I felt like I couldn’t get up to do anything. I couldn’t even play with my baby. I fel t like such a bad mother. I switched GI doctors… and he gave me Prednisone, which despite all the side effects worked wonders for me. Then I went online and found this website which strongly recommended the SCD diet….. I gave it a try. I have to say it really worked! I am now on the diet 6 months about and I am currently off all meds. I take a multivitamin designed for the SCD diet and a probiotic VSL 3 but that’s it. I feel like I got my life back. I am now the healthiest I have ever been, currently working, and taking care of my family, and I have to say I feel great. So thanks Adam for this wonderful site because without it I never would have overcome it like I did.

Medications:   I was on prednisone, Asacol.. but now I,m off all meds on the scd diet and taking a probiotic VSL #3

submit your ulcerative colitis story and questions here just like Molly did

Information about the Ulcerative Colitis Diet called SCD which stands for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

2 thoughts on “SCD Doesn’t Define Me”

  1. Hey awesome that u r feeling better, I have been through a lot of the same as u, I was in the hospital last year for 6 days while my son was 10 months old so I felt like a bad father. Prednisone does work wonders but I hate being on it and relying on it if I am sick. i am just about to start the SCD Diet since I am in a flare and don’t want to go back on Prednisone. I took Lialda also but I felt it did not work like u said with Asacol. Hey what multivitamin do u take? Also do u make ur own yogurt? Any tips for the diet? Have a nice holiday – James

    1. I take a multivitamin I found on it’s called the SCD multivitamin by Freeda. The website is amazing it has everything you need for the SCD diet. I have not made yogurt yet… I bought a yogurtmaker I just have to use it but I do take a probiotic which I think helps a lot… Good Luck.

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