Remicade = Miracle?


Diagnosed in December 2010 with ulcerative colitis, I have taken Flagyl and Prednisone. I am currently taking 6 Asacol HD, 2 Bentyl, 2 Loperamide, 1 Prilosec, and 2 Ferosol (Iron) everyday, plus 2 gummy vitamins. I started my first Remicade infusion Tuesday. I am on a diet my wife (Thank God for her!) found online, but I’m not sure if it is working.

My Story:

After the Remicade, I feel stronger, not as fatigued. I was missing quite a bit of work, and I was always in bed, very tired all of the time. My sharp pains are duller, now, and feel more like three bruises, instead of three sharp knives. I think (and sincerely hope) this Remicade is the miracle drug for me. I have been to the toilet three times on Wednesday, and just once (so far) today!

I saw a Chinese Herbalist, and he told me to stay away from bananas, peanuts, caffeine, and fruit juice (that I didn’t make myself).

My diet: No bananas, no nuts, no caffeine, no red meat, no whole grains, no wheat, no red meat, no spice, no alcohol (SIGH!), basically, white bread, white rice, white pasta, bland seasoning, white meat.

I’m not sure what a flare-up is, since all of my symptoms have been steady since October 2010.

My hope is that the Remicade can get me back to a “normal” life, and a “normal” diet.

I’ll try to keep you updated, because there’s nothing I want more than a cold beer and bacon cheeseburger right now…


Submitted Anonymously by “IH8UC”

Medication Info:

Prednisone made me angry, and too much bentyl makes me even more fatigued. I think the iron has done more for my energy levels than anything else.

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3 thoughts on “Remicade = Miracle?”

  1. That’s super awesome you are finding some good success with your treatment program and especially with the remicade! For so many people, that is their wonder drug, so keep it up, and I’m sure you’ll be chowing on a burger and some cold beer sometime in the future. No need to rush it though, that stuff will always be there!
    Take care, and keep us updated on how things go for you!
    All the best,

  2. Hi, I was diagnosed nearly 8 years ago and like you my symptoms were continous for more than 6 months before I was finally hospitalised and diagnosed properly. I have since suffered a ‘flare up’ about once a year since. A flare up for me is when my medication stops working for a period of time and my symptoms return (diarrhoea, bleeding, cramps, joint pain and fatigue) its usually down to stress. Im on two different drugs, Azathioprine and Mezavent which keep me in remission most of the time. You’ll be glad to hear I mostly eat and drink what I want and am able to because of the medication I take.

    Im about to start the SCD diet because Id really like to reduce or come off my meds before I start a family. I really hope the Remicade and diet your on helps you into remission. Hopefully you’ll be started on maintenance drugs that allow you to eat cheeseburgers and beers without any problems!!

    Good luck

    Victoria Ann

  3. Hi,
    I started Remicade June 14, 2010 and have worked my way into remission after a three week hospital stay. It’s what got me out of the hospital & back on my feet. Now, I get my infusion every 8 weeks & take Pentasa daily and have not suffered a flare-up since June. Congratulations on taking that huge step. Like Adam & Victoria said, you’ll be eating your favorite foods again in no time. I have found that after 6-7 weeks, I start to feel tired again. But don’t let that get you down. Once you get your next infusion, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

    Best of luck!

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