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Putting Colitis Into Remission – Pat’s Details

me getting ready to pick some Russian Kale last week (not nearly as exciting as getting Pat's email)

me getting ready to pick some Russian Kale last week (not nearly as exciting as getting Pat’s email)

Hey UC’ers,

We all need to celebrate every once in a while.  Well…whenever the hell we can right!

It is a complete honor to run this site in so many ways, but people like Pat, who have gone to hell and back are the types of people who truly keep this site moving forward.  I received this email from Pat just a few days ago, and instantly after reading it, I replied asking for permission to copy and paste the valuable parts of the email for everyone else to read.  The reply was this:

“Absolutely!  You could put my name if it would help. I suffered so much but with a mix of a good GI Dr and a good Naturo-Path Dr it is possible to be normal again.
Anything I can do please do not hesitate to ask.



So…without further delay, here’s Pat’s soon to be infamous email:

I was diagnosed with UC in 2005, after a few months of asacol it was gone and I forgot I ever had it. In 2011 I was given a large amount of Clyndamiacin an anti biotic from a dentist and it nearly killed me. I was suffering for 6 months and went through allergic reactions to every medicine I was given. I would up in the hospital for the third time in two months and was told my body was shutting down and I was lucky to be alive. The only reason I was alive was because I was a healthy and fit 48 year old male. I had Pancreas failure, although they thought, heart failure although they thought, but it was my colon dying. I was told I was the second worst case to be seen in a large New Jersey hospital and was told my colon should come out as my chances of getting into remission were very slim to none.

Upon leaving the hospital, after two weeks on a pic line to feed me and two blood transfusions I was determined to keep my colon. I saw my Dr but also saw a Naturo Path Dr as well. After four months of humira I was only slightly better and still out of work. I then began taking Arabinogalactin Powder which is ground up Larch Tea Heart Wood. In two weeks My stool was formed, my stomach pains were gone and I never saw a drop a blood and that was in December of 2012. This I believe saved my life or at least helped a lot. I take this tastless powder in juice every day as prescribed by my Nat Dr.

It is known to build the immune system and I’ve only have one minor cold since I started taking it and that’s not bad since I have three young children who have had their share of colds and whatever. It also is a Pre-biotic as its a poly sachride that feeds only the good bacteria in the gut and not the bad.
It is now July and I’m still doing well.

I was sent to Philadelphia to see a UC specialist and explained this to him and was actually interested and said he wanted to do a study on it and I really hope he does as its benefits are amazing.

At this point after almost two years of hell I feel I’m back to normal. Diet as I was told by this specialist although you should eat healthy, is less of a cause than stress so I maintain my stress the best I can and eat well but I can eat anything I want. Oh, and one to two bowl movements a day tops!!!!
To this day I’m still in pain with joint damage from the high doses of prednisone but my UC is the least of my problems now and it feels liberating!
Just thought I’d share my experience.



Thank you again to Pat, and to everyone else who is an active member of the site, newsletter participants, and all the other casual readers of iHaveUC.  One thing that everyone must realize with UC is there there are all sorts of ways to get colitis into remission/cured.  Whether you take western medications, do yoga, exercise, get your colon removed, follow a diet like I do, use fecal transplants, or anything else, there are always options.

Best regards,

-Adam Scheuer

November 3rd  2013  —–  UPDATE:

I received a message from someone from the newsletter group yesterday asking the question below:

“Can you please ask Pat to share what his dosage of the powder and how he took it?  It’s great to hear his story but I would like to know more if that’s possible.  Thank you”

And, after asking Pat the exact question, here is Pat’s response below from just moments ago:

Yes, I’m doing great still, not one flair up in two years!  With uc, different things work for different people, but for me the arabinogalactin powder was a great help along with probiotics.
I took two to three table spoons of powder per day.  I mixed one table spoon with a small amount of warm water to help it dissolve. Then I topped it off with some juice and down the hatch!  I did this for about a month and that’s when things got so much butter, after two weeks I was noticing a difference but after a month it was very apparent that I was finally mending after a year plus of UC and pan C that was diagnosed as severe, very severe.
Now I take it once in a while but I eat Greek yogurt ever night as the yogurt seems to keep me normal.
As for other foods, I eat what I want but I do eat fairly healthy and I am active which helps with the mental aspect of this.   I’ve found that stress is a key factor when it comes to AU diseases so being healthy upstairs helps downstairs.
Hope this helps, please feel free to contact me anytime as I will always answer.
(Big thanks once again Pat for the update)

44 thoughts on “Putting Colitis Into Remission – Pat’s Details”

  1. Very cool, pat! Glad you are doing better. Ie had a lot of blood transfusions too. I hate feeling like i need other people’s blood to stay alive. Its so scary and unfortunate. I hope you have a forever remission.

  2. hmm… i am interested in this: North American Herb & Spice Lovely Larch Tea. my husband is the one with UC. i wonder if its a good idea to have him try this. anyone else tried this?

  3. Johnny Drama

    Pat! Great story man! Sounds like you really were hit hard with some serious stuff! So glad you are doing better! I’m really going to look into that stuff! We all appreciate any thing that can help with this crazy disease!
    Adam, once again much appreciated for all the stories you put on here!
    Johnny Drama

  4. I have been taking that for a while(about 1 month into my 3 month supply), I haven’t noticed much difference to be honest. I have been taking Inulin which is a similar plant extract pre-biotic for some time and it might be that larch doesn’t infer much additional benefit.

    I have been trying Resistant Starch though with some success, definitely helping to thicken up the poo’s. Search the free the animal blog for some good studies.

    Basically it’s a very cheap way to get some additional pre-biotics into your diet. All you have to do is add a couple of table spoons of potato starch to a cold drink and it has similar lacto/bifido promoting effects to inulin and larch. Uncooked/unheated potato start is 80% resistant fiber, barley tastes of anything, and is readily available(which is what I like about it).

    You will fart like a demon for the first week though, now in my 3rd week that has subsided and I have seen a definite improvement.

  5. Yes, it is great to hear that there is yet another cure coming out of the woodwork (get it?) and I am very happy for you Pat as I know how debilitating, humiliating and self respect crushing this disease is. And I agree with Adam that there seem to be a number of ways you can go to help yourself, and helping yourself seems to be the only option because all the doctors don’t think diet has anything to do with it. Rubbish! I’ve been on the SCD solidly since February and would not ever go back to eating grains and starch. If that’s what they do to me I don’t want any part of them. I am living proof that diet does have alot to do with it. I was about to have my colon cut out as well, but held off just long enough to discover that this SCD that everyone was talking about was actually do-able and done right is definitely one good way to beat the symptoms of UC. It’s not as hard as the book makes it sound because now we are lucky enough to have access to lactose free milk and yoghurt which I use freely. Anyway, fellow UCers, don’t give up. If you feel like crap and think that’s all you are gonna be thinking about for the rest of your life, please, don’t. I am a school teacher and I thought, “I’m never gonna be able to teach again”. I was miserable. Huge student debt. Waste of a degree. But guess what? I am teaching again. No sweat (literally).

  6. Arbinogalactan is what the cell surface of the T.B ( Mycobacterium tuberculosis ) bacteria is made of, responsible for johne’s disease. Obviously it needs the sugar arabinose to make its skin. Apparently johne’s disease which infects animals but supposedly not humans even tho i’v read 100 yo books about farmers catching it and explaining it right down to the cellular level with pictures and such, as well as pubmed research showing humans do get it. Its in dairy products and meat. Its T.B and its some what controlled in animal populations by execution, disinfecting everything and removal of top soil. What the johne’s diseased animals diet is greatly increases how long it lives but it will infect other animals so execution is the method of control but it hasn’t stopped it from spreading all over the world where intensive farming is practiced. The first foods a child in the western worlds receives are cows milk and a rusk ( wheat ) , the cows milk has T.B in it and a chemical in wheat causes intestinal permeability ( Leaky Gut ) so the bacteria are free to infect the intestines, which reside in our immune cells ( macrophages ) so is hard to be killed by the immune system, like AIDS because its a virus that lives in the immune cells but this one is a bacteria. Paratuberculosis or Johne’s disease is a contagious, chronic, sometimes fatal infection. It is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis. Explanation copied from wikipedia . MAP is 99 percent genetically related to Mycobacterium avium, but has different phenotypic characteristics such as:
    – slower growth,
    -requires the addition of an iron transport chemical known as mycobactin when grown in vitro (outside the body)
    – forms a rough colony when grown on a solid agar medium, and
    – Infects mammals instead of birds.
    In cattle, the main signs of paratuberculosis are diarrhea and wasting. The initial signs can be subtle. Animals are most susceptible to the infection in the first year of life. Animals exposed at an older age, or exposed to a very small dose of bacteria at a young age, are not likely to develop clinical disease until they are much older than two years. Signs are rarely evident until two or more years after the initial infection, which usually occurs shortly after birth. Newborns most often become infected by swallowing small amounts of infected manure from the birthing environment or udder of the mother, may become infected while in the uterus or by swallowing bacteria passed in milk and colostrum. Several weeks after the onset of diarrhea, a soft swelling may occur under the jaw. Known as “bottle jaw” or intermandibular edema, this symptom is due to protein loss from the bloodstream into the digestive tract. Paratuberculosis is progressive; affected animals become increasingly emaciated and usually die as the result of dehydration and severe cachexia ( is loss of weight, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, and significant loss of appetite). The primary site targeted by Johne’s disease is the lower part of the intestine known as the ileum. The wall of the ileum contains a large number of pockets of lymphoid tissue known as Peyer’s patches that lie just beneath the interior surface of the intestine. Peyer’s patches are clusters of macrophages and lymphocytes that are organized much like lymph nodes. Covering Peyer’s patches are a layer of cells called M cells. These cells function to sample the content of the lumen of the intestines and pass antigens (bacteria) through to the underlying cells of the Peyer’s patch to “show” these antigens to the macrophages and lymphocytes. This is a means of “educating” the cells in a young animal about its environment, and is a protective mechanism designed to help the animal become immune to pathogens in its environment. When M cells bring M. paratuberculosis to the Peyer’s patch, the bacteria find an ideal place for growth. Macrophages in Peyer’s patches engulf M. paratuberculosis for the purpose of destroying the foreign invader. Inside a macrophage, M. paratuberculosis multiplies until it eventually kills the cell, spreads and infects other nearby cells. In time, other parts of the ileum and other regions of the body are teaming with millions of the mycobacteria.The unusually resistant cell wall of mycobacteria plays an important role.The immune system reacts to the M. paratuberculosis invasion by recruiting more macrophages and lymphocytes to the site of the infection. The lymphocytes release a variety of chemicals signals, called cytokines, in an attempt to increase the bacterial killing power of the macrophages. Macrophages fuse together, forming large cells, called multinucleated giant cells, in an apparent attempt to kill the mycobacteria. Infiltration of infected tissues with millions of lymphocytes and macrophages leads to visible thickening of the intestines. This prevents nutrient absorption, and diarrhea results. Late in the infection, antibody production by the animal occurs to M. paratuberculosis in serum of animals, and is an indicator that clinical signs of disease and death from the infection will soon follow. For goats infected with this disease, the most apparent sign of having it is their body wasting away, even with a sufficient diet. If a goat develops Johne’s and it has diarrhea, it is most likely going to die. When it has diarrhea, the goat is at the last stages of the disease. only a minority of the animals develops clinical signs; most animals either eliminate the infection or become asymptomatic carriers. The mortality rate is approximately 1%, but up to 50% of the animals in the herd can be asymptomatically infected. Once the symptoms appear, paratuberculosis is progressive and affected animals eventually die. The percentage of asymptomatic carriers that develops overt disease is unknown. Despite its pervasiveness and its ability to severely impact milk production and destroy whole herds of cattle, Johne’s disease remains an industry problem that is not openly discussed. In an article entitled “Johne’s Disease: a Dairy Industry Perspective,” Johne’s is described as “Something that farmers talk about secretly–whisper behind hands.” One dairy scientist stated that in all his years he had never heard an open, frank discussion of Johne’s disease and calls for end of the “whispering campaign.” Dairy farmers try to hide the fact that they have the disease in their dairy herds. As an article in Cornell Veterinarian notes, “Farmers prefer not to acknowledge its presence and enshroud suspect cases with secrecy.” It is a problem that is kept out of sight and out of mind. As one dairy farmer put it “It’s [Johne’s] a dirty word. It’s like AIDS–you don’t talk about it.” . This conspiracy of silence extends beyond the producers to encompass the entire industry to the point of interfering with scientific dialogue. From the Journal of Dairy Science: “Fear of consumer reaction… can impede rational open discussion of scientific studies.” Without doubt, says Chiodini “the dairy and regulatory industries are concerned vocally… but their concern is limited to the possibility of ‘bad press’ to the industry rather than a concern for the truth or public health.” . Over a century after the disease was identified, almost half of all dairy farmers nationally surveyed by the USDA didn’t know anything about the disease. And those with the largest herds—the herds most likely to be infected—were found least likely to have known of the disease.

  7. Anneabell

    Interesting about the latch tea if memory is correct latch tea is a herb used to treat bacteria infections like e-coli means maybe my GI is onto something by giving me 4 types of antibiotics and also suggested I yak oregano oil which is also antibacterial. I’m so happy to hear your in remission and hope that you stay like this fit as long ad you live thank you so much for sharing your story these stories are what inspires us to keep going and hoping remission and a cure is near instead if cutting out the colon do take care

    1. Juliet

      Hey Anne, oregano oil is also anti fungal and is one of the herbs used to treat candida overgrowth! I did a candida cleanse last year and it was the healthiest I’ve ever been/felt. The diet was similar to SCD but no dairy!!!

      Well done Pat btw!

      1. Anneabell

        I have looked at diet but I am not good on diets I am always so tired and go for the quick options so I eat bread and all the things perhaps I shouldn’t. I wish there was an easier way to do diets. I well do a search on the candida cleanse diet is it hard to do?

        1. Hello,
          My daughter was not successful with the SCD diet because she is allergic to eggs and also because it was just too hard to go without any starch. With colitis there is a dysbiosis of the colon. Basically there are bad bacteria, parasites, and yeasts growing out of balance. This creates a lot of inflammation and a leaky gut membrane. One approach is to “starve” these bad guys. Hence the dietary restrictions. Another approach is to use a variety of supplements and herbs to kill the bad guys. We are trying that approach via the direction of the Biamonte Center. So far, it seems to be working. Some days are pretty hard because it seems like the body is at war, but then a few days later everything improves. We have introduced a lot of foods again.

  8. That’s amazing to hear! I know I wouldn’t be anywhere near healthier without this page set up by Adam. For that I am grateful :)

  9. Hi, Pat, it’s amazing how many wonderful natural products are out there that help ucers. I’ve been using Larch powder off and on for awhile. It helps me best when my flares aren’t severe. The key to everyone is to find what works for you. The recent one I’ve been using is powdered spinach in my morning smoothie with my other supplements as I get tired of eating spinach everyday, which really really helps me! Congratulations on your recovery. There are some good supplements to help your joints, too, such as MSM, and turmeric with black pepper. Hope you stay on the road to recovery!

  10. Another great proof of how individual UC is and you just never know what might work for you!
    It sounds similar to Cat’s claw which is also on the natural remedy list with lgutamine, boswellia and a few others.
    Thanks Adam and Pat!

  11. Hi my name is michelle
    I was dx with ulcerative colitis in jan 2013 I also have type 1 diabetes
    I was started on assacol and suppositories which did not help I was then put on prednisone which did nothing the dr kept me on prednisone and also put me on a chemo pill which didn’t help
    I am now on humira have had 7 injections and I’m actually worse running to the bathroom constantly having many accidents and tons of stomach pain before all this I was at the gym daily nightly walks with my dogs and working alot of overtime I gave always had tons if energy now a quick trip to the grocery store wares me down and at work I’m out of steam before lunch
    This email from pat gave me that little boost of hope I needed
    My gastro dr is now sending me to a surgeon
    I’m so worried I’m trying to stay positive but I can’t believe how bad this disease has hit me ! As well I’m still trying to work because I have to
    I have an appt with my naturopath soon I will mention larch tea I’m willing to give anything a try at this point
    Thanks for sharing your story

    1. Hello,
      I am sorry to hear about the troubles that you have been having. My daughter has had very similar experiences, but is now doing very well with her dietary restrictions, lots of probiotics, and aloe vera capsules. Next week she is beginning a colon cleansing program under the direction of the Biamonte Center. They are the only ones to have tested her poop, urine and saliva for parasites, yeast, and bad biotics. I am hoping this treatment will get her back on track. For us, surgery is the last possible option.
      Take care

  12. Clindamyacin has done me in twice now. The only 2 flares I’ve ever had have happened 3 months after taking it. Never again.
    Glad you found your way through it. Hear you on the stress front. Huge factor for me too. I’m all over making lemons out of lemonade these days. Laugh as often as you can, and smile just as much (it tricks your brain!)
    Best, best.

  13. Mike from Ohio

    I wonder if they can find the colon they took out of me and sprinkle some of this fairy powder on it and then put it back in place of my J Pouch? I’m glad this worked for Pat, at least he did not have to be put in remission by a nasty fecal transplant lol.


    1. My sons GI is pushing surgery on my 18 year old. I am fighting it and no one will listen! I keep saying once it is gone…it is gone. Lets try other things first. how old were you and were you at the end meaning hospitalizations etc…

  14. I have been following this site for some time now and I am grateful to a number of you who have posted natural remedies that you are taking.Currently I am taking Asacol, Azathioprine and Codeine 30mg x 2 daily(to slow down the poo) from my gastro-enterologist but I am also taking Ultimate Flora and L-Glutamine, echinacea, Saccharomides Boulardi and I have seen a mineralist who has prescribed 2 minerals – all this, although boring to take each day, has succeeded in putting me in remission and I am eternally grateful to you all for sharing. My only sadness is that I can not say what tipped the balance, I just feel that life is worth living a bit more. Keep up the good work

    1. That’s great Sandi. Absolutely fantastic.

      I know what you mean…I can’t say for certain which of the things I am taking actually put me into remission or tipped the balance (if that is what you mean)…perhaps the combination of all of them. I can say one thing, though…if it is working DO NOT DEVIATE…DO NOT CHANGE A THING. Any change at all can result in a flare…


  15. Hammad

    Hey fellas.
    this powder sounds so good…whenever theres a new thing out i get so excited to try it…wether is was the probiotic , bob marley drink or EVOO …i was just wondering that if this powder helps build the immune system can we take it along with immune suppressent medication. The immune system will get so confused to help build itself or be suppressed. ????

  16. Hello Pat,
    I am wondering if you can tell us the name of the Naturopath Doctor you saw. After 3 years of my daughter “managing” her UC with diet and probiotics, we are still searching for a doctor who will actually take her complaints seriously and help us identify what to do.


  17. I was wondering the same thing…could you give me the name of the naturopath that you saw??? Some are really good and some are not. It would be nice to find a good one.


  18. Thank you for posting this. I bought the Vital and added it to my diet. It was the one more supplement that I needed. I have learned so much from this site. I have had the FMT which between that the SCD diet, supplements, nicotine, apriso it all keeps me on track. Had a bad flare six weeks ago. Hugh stress from my job and slightly off diet. I added potatoes to my diet and got away with it for a while it seemed. I wish I could say that I am totally drug free, but afraid to change anything. The best news is since I have read this site, I have been more determined than ever to stay off predizone, immuran etc. It took me 4 weeks to get back on track and almost gave in, but it all worked out.

    I wish I could go to the seminar in Tampa, but I have two weddings my company is catering that day. I live in Sarasota and would go to a meeting here if it was not on a weekend.

  19. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad that you’re doing well!

    My daughter’s Gastro emphasized to stay away from Clyndamiacin. Now I know why.

    Would you mind sharing the name of the dr. in Philadelphia?

    Can you take a pre-biotic and a pro-biotic at the same time?

  20. I ate only banana and bread – the one with out – but is still a mix of all kinds of crap, at $1.60 a kilo , it probably the cheapest food there is. Banana’s were $2 a kilo. So saved heaps of money.
    Well no pain , which i was suspecting anyway because of the opiod peptides in the bread, even if damage was being done, i wouldn’t feel it, until it gets real bad.
    Farted so much, i could power the space shuttle.
    Stayed on the diet for a week and it’s mind blowing just how much gas was produced, pretty much non stop and huge amounts.
    In the courses i done , they said certain carbohydrates cant be digested by humans.
    I was eating prunes, banana, mixed berries. I put the berries through a juicer to remove the seeds and the put it through a strainer.
    Explosive diarrhea was the result. I stuck with the diet for a week but was chained to the toilet . It felt good to be flushed out tho. So i ended the diet with prunes and seeing tho i invested buying a whole box of them it was heart braking nobody wanted them and went in the bin. Everybody said it gives them diarrhea. A quick look and top suspect is the sugar sorbitol, which they add to products as a sugar replacement and is in certain foods including prunes naturally. More research revealed the plum used has being genetically modified , though artificial breeding to be high in it as pesticide .
    More research revealed that higher amounts of glucose , reduce this problem and thats what happens naturally in nature. As it rippens, those types of sugars drop dramatically and glucose replaces it . Many types of glucose compounds which is classed in the very broad name called fibre.
    To date the best i have achieved with diet has being fruit, with the exclusion of any with tropane alkaloids , tropans are an immediate horrible inducer of inflammatory bowel disease in me, the single worse i’v come across. 1 tiny piece of tomato, just hidden in some thing like a can of tuna and BAM !!! , i’m in agony for weeks. At first i though was just solanine and took me along time to find out what did and didn’t have it in it, but that grew to all tropanes, which were the same plants but the artificial ones and recreational drugs included , hence the need for the name tropane, even tho they all really just the same type of chemical. They are pesticides.
    I drunk only fruit juice , making sure to remove all seeds and not the skin, which is covered in these pesticides and not the ones with tropanes .
    I thought i was cured , no pain , just try holding me back from doing anything, everybody calls me lazy and stuff, nothing but stress inducing arseholes. I keep telling them its massive fatigue from something happening in my guts, my immune system is in a massive war and its sucking the life out of me. But they are arseholes. All of a sudden i was making them look like lazy pricks and dam did i be an arsehole about too. 10 years of horror and now i make them look like i was and i showed every body the kindness they showed me all those years, none.
    One big problem tho my mind was getting worse and i was getting back pain. It was easy to clear stomach out just by stop drinking the fresh home made juice and over a few days, it vanishes. Drink it again comes back . Took me ages to figure out its another class of pesticides called silicates. Including the artificial versions , the neonic pesticides which are being blamed by many for killing all the bee’s. I stared dating, got a job and was going to collage, that all come crashing to an end because of server mental problems and crippling spinal pain. When i was driving up the highway on the wrong side of the road and people were screaming etc. I realized , inflammatory bowel disease is maybe a better option, as hard a decision as that was, at first i though wasn’t going to come back , but it did. I used to love dairy but i couldn’t stand the smell and tast of it now, and the same with meat, the best i could do was raw fresh salmon, that one meal brought back inflammatory bowel disease and the horrible pain, which over a week turned in to horrific pain and i had forgotten just how much pain i could bare all those years, it was very hard not to do any drugs. I’d put a youtube video on loud, for weight lifters and extreme sports man of a couch yelling at them and this would help me and also drown out the uncontrollable sounds of agony id be making to disturb the neighbors less.
    After a while i realize the cause is pesticides and flesh eating bacteria. I got a letter from the grave at that time too, from my grandfather who had passed away in the earlier years of when i got sick . It was a no no talk about anybodies health and i was physically attacked any time asked anybodies health. He told me a bit about his life, which including life long disentry he caught in world war two when he was put in a sweet box for a week, after the had nightmares his brother was going to die and went and found him, he died the next day in battle. He said it was exactly like in his dreams. My grandfather did not drink or anything like that and at periods of R & R he would spend his time at religious sites. He met my grand mother of the Walfs during world war two at home as a Japanese submarines had stormed the harbor as they were just leaving for the war and she ran down as rumors spread he had being killed , my grandfather was punished for helping her, when the ship left, it sat around doing nothing and they were told it be two days, he jumped ship and helped my gandmother find his brother and then swam back to the ship with was miles out in the ocean with a bottle of wine, this is why he was his was not thrown in jail. He did not drink. As fate would have it my grandmother became a war nurse and he ended up her patient. And fate again , as the war went on , her brother and my grandfather were in the same unit after massive losses and trying to get a unit together. All this stuff i did not know and my grandparents are deeply religious, too much has happened in their lifes to think anything is a coincidence. The gut disease was always a big problem for him and lady luck again, they manged to have a pretty good life. He was told by military doctor to quit his job and work out out doors. The job he fought so hard for he quit. He said the doctor was right he felt better. bush walking and out door activities were always apart of his life from then one. He never told me any of this stuff, but i guess it was normal to me.
    Remembering back at my own life, i realize now , i got this disease when healthy food was no longer available and city expansion had turned the place in to a concrete jungle. I used to eat fruit strait from wild trees. But they were deemed a threat to farms profits and all fruit trees , regardless of what they were or where they are , were killed. A decade later the federal government built a dooms day bunker and put what was left in it. Its major tourist attraction. I wans;t allowed in to he dooms day dunker it self , but it was obvious there was next to nothing got put in to it, too little too late. So the place has being busy and becoming a continent one, but i dont think they found much left and is becoming a major world one. Alot of money is being spent at this place and its always busy with workers.
    I’v being trying to save some plants my self. The reason is , local governments are spraying pesticides everywhere and the natural plants die and go extinct. As well as fire.

    To use the word pesticide in its proper and full meaning – modern medicine uses nothing but pesticides and parts of our own bodies are considered pest. I ditched the doctors and moved . Moving was very hard, because every where was pretty much the same, if not worse.

    I found alot of stuff is just a full on lie and just public relations propaganda. Such as this countries fresh food industry, only a small amount a retailers control the whole market as the middle man. Not business can exist with out be owned by them few corporations, who have massive investments in the medical industry. I’v noticed now too, most shopping centers , the center isles , which are the ones walk strait in to , are all pills. 4 entire isles of the shopping centers around here are pills . Using the word drug in its true meaning – the shopping centers have replaced half the food products on its selfs with drugs, instead of food.

    Win win for them , and win win for the economy. What ever makes more money is going to become all our reality, if we like it or not.

    Fresh oranges used to be one of my safe foods, but then Californian oranges replaced all but one other source of them. That source was replaced too by another one and i have not seen anything but a off green orange since. There was one processed juice from Mexico, 100 percent orange, it was a safe food for me as well and incredibly cheap. That was removed, became there top seller as the people who knew me started to buy it too and the people they new etc. They replaced it with stuff worth 10x more and full of additives and reconstituted. The whole lot of it makes me sick. Even the pure orange juice , i dont know what they they do to it but gives me bad indigestion and i cant even force it down.

    I moved to a vegetable diet, but the ones with out the class of pesticides i mentioned are few and its blanned. My health got up to about 50%, which is ok , i can live a normal life with that, but theres no way i can live off such a limed amount and type of that food. Takes ages as well to build up microbiome and so easily be lost . It makes it harder that the work i have to do is hardcore physical, long hours and in places with out access to fresh vegetables. So yet again after getting shit together ended up in disaster as i was forced to eat mc donnalds and drink lots of coffee. Took me 3 months before i could get out of bed and stop crapping my self.

    I’v being at war with retailers now for god knows how long. This is all i do now. A prisoner trapped. I know heaps of people suffering and dieing too which makes it more of a burden to bare.
    When i look at expert advice they keep going on about genetics and ignore all other proven or highly suspected causes. They also completely ignore epigenetic’s, which controls genetics and can be controlled by avoiding toxins and changing diet , the only problems is , the food is a nightmare. The more i learn about it, the more corruption i find. I know so much about i’m thinking about going in to economics or becoming an expert in non cooperative game theory.
    More and more people are waking up to just how corrupt the food industry is. Turned the bare necessity of life in to a nightmare.

  21. Oh, i got lost in that and forgot to mention the phytotoxic lectin’s. But i think i have talked about them before anyway . The microbicide course said antibiotics is the reason we got this horrible disease. Antibiotics are just pesticides , so surprised me they would said this.
    I’v being looking around on this site and are you ok Adam , whats going on in your life ? , we live i’v tough times, wouldn’t surprise me if you are dead, your story was the what me me start fighting for my life instead of laying down and taking it, being ruled by one doctor who was useless , even worse then that, near killed me that many times, with his big pharma drugs. After reading your book , i became a different person , absolutely nobody liked or does like it now, how can i take that as anything but an insult , they might as well be saying we want you dead. Well ten years later i’m still here and no operations and no drugs, no blood and some days i feel like i’m going got be the first person to live forever , other days i wake up and make sure my funeral is payed for. Such is life, get that on the big jobs. If i done nothing or just did what doctors wanted , i’d be doing nothing, i’d be dead thats a sure bet. How are you doing Adam and whats going on with your battle , are you winning ?

    1. It is an immune difference disease.
      Enzyme deficiency.

      Body makes a different enzyme that is a ratio of structural and immune system.
      Enzyme = ( structural / immunity (toxicity) ).

      An example is sickle cell anemia disease, which gives resistance to malaria.

      Animals are all differences of DNA.
      Example persistent cloaca from monotreams and extra supplementary nipples.
      Some diseases are universal are the specie, its lose lose just from the shape of things.

      The meat may have enzymes.
      The meat may have immunizations. Which are enzymes. Now can use RNA enzymes to activate enzymes that make not be able to be activated due to another enzyme that also is an activator of the same enzyme.
      Meat is probably cleaner.

      Meat can come from any thing and any where and can be modified in any way.
      How clean the meat is, the germs, the viruses is hugely different. they are all full of infections depending on where it comes from which is highly selective for obvious reason its filthy as hell.
      What the meat is, genetic modification is hugely different and highly secretive. They have all kinds of genetic diseases by design.
      Makes it easy to handle the animals to the sicker they are. Batten disease. Kufs disease.

      Meat is so vague of a concept, basically cows through mass universal rape (artificial insemination) programs are glorified rubber plantations.
      Marbled meat is lipid storage disorders.
      These diseases would of preserved the species because what ever ate it got sick and died. Kuri kuri is Lou Gehrig’s disease MS multiple sclerosis.
      Humans can’t make humans every time and apes can make humans through mutation, fruit dont fall far from the free but theres no intelligent design its random and environmental help together and causes changes in DNA down the line epigentic pressure conformity.

      I eat only wild fish, farmed fish is not the same fish, calling different things the same is adverting. A fish in a ocean and in some bodies septic tank are two different things, environment matters and mechanics chemistry DNA epigenics and evolution is proof of it.

      Ulcers : Granuloma : granule cells : granulocyte : polyps : lipofuscin : dementia : parkison disease-type-9

      Genes SNP Your Genotype Frequency Risk Alleles
      MAP3K8 rs1042058
      CC 17% C
      AA 25% A
      LOC105374736, LOC105374737 rs11742570
      CC 24% C
      AA 18% A
      ARPC2 rs13392177
      CC 22% C
      STAT4 rs1517352
      CC 23% C, C
      C5ORF56 rs17622378
      GG 4% G
      C5ORF56 rs2188962
      TT 4% T
      NOD2 rs5743289
      TT 1% T
      IRF4 rs7773324
      AA 16% A
      LSP1, TNNI2 rs907611
      AA 7% A, A
      ADCY3 rs13407913
      GG 35% G
      C10ORF55, PLAU rs2227564
      CC 62% C
      IFNGR2 rs2284553
      GG 53% G
      CXCL5, PPBP rs2472649
      GG 46% G
      TNFSF15 rs4246905
      CC 63% C
      ITLN1 rs4656958
      GG 45% G
      HNF4A, LINC01430 rs4812833
      AA 54% A
      DNMT3B rs4911259
      GG 37% G
      RNF186 rs6426833
      AA 36% A
      ADCY3 rs6545800
      TT 33% T
      NDFIP1 rs6863411
      TT 45% T
      SLAIN2 rs7438704
      GG 34% G
      LOC285626, LOC285627 rs9313808
      GG 88% G
      IL27 rs26528
      CC 16% G, C

  22. Shannon M

    This is really good news, Pat! I am going to save this message in case this is something I want to try. My Dr. at Stanford just changed my diagnosis from UC to Crohns’. Not good news to me, but my regular Gastroenterologist and the Pathologist that looked at my Colonoscopy biopsies still say I have UC. I am currently on a Prednisone (going down); Sulfasiazine (going up) and folate treatment to knock out my flare. Think I am finally there. No set backs with the meds. Gone GF and Paleo. Hoping that when my gut gets back to normal, my food choices with keep the flares from coming back.
    Thanks for sharing this great info with us!!

  23. Hi

    THANK YOU! so much for sharing!!!!

    May I ask where I can purchase from?? I’m based in the UK I’ve searched on the web however and would really appreciate advice of a trusted supplier.

    Many thanks for your time!


  24. That is very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I will look into that for my 18 year old son. My son who has never been hospitalized for his UC. He has been pretty sick for Iron infusuions and close to blood infusions. He is on an elemental diet since Dec 11 2018 with Absorb plus(Listen to your Gut) along with supplements of Vitamin C,Quercitan,pycnogynal,q10 and something called mucosaheal (slippery elm bark,marshmallow root,Deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extrat,N Acetyl Glucosomine) His bloodwork came back that his C-Reactive Protein is in normal range. The doctor who is pusing for surgery said that it appears that the colon is healing.
    That is the goal. we are adding in foods one or two at a time as he still has 4-5 shakes a day.

    I need to get a Naturopath and I am in NJ I will look through your website and blog and see if i cana find one. Can Pat tell me who he uses?

    1. I Jennifer. Your son seems to have been in similar supplements that my son is on currently. My son is 19. Was wondering how he is doing now? We’re u able to save his colon and how long was he on the elemental diet?

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