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My Favorite Breakfast

I can’t say enough about my morning breakfast.  Back in the days when I was going through 10-20 bathroom breaks per day, I was always wondering what to have for breakfast to start the day.  Well, let me tell you about what I do every morning.  It is really really simple.

One banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, some peanut butter, and some natural OJ(not from concentrate OJ).  If you are feeling pretty good with your colitis and not experiencing any symptoms, feel free to add some honey to your smoothie.  Honey is said to be a bit of a more advanced food for people who are following the SCD diet for treating the UC.

Then, put all of that right into the blender, and about one minute later you are all set.  It is that simple.  I have been having one each morning about 5 times per week since August 2009.  It is really great.

On a side note a great colitis breakfast will get you through the morning is making a SCD diet smoothie with pineapple juice instead of orange juice.  It tastes great and it might have a little bit less acid which for some people can help the ulcerative colitis.

One thing to make sure of is to buy and read the SCD diet book Breaking the Vicious Cycle.  There are some rules of the road for people who are interested in changing your colitis diet, and you want to be sure to follow the intro diet before moving on to more advanced foods like peanut butter.

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Breakfast”

  1. Hey, Adam, I became what you would call a jamba juice addict over the past 3 years of remission, however in my current flare they really seem to be increasing my symptoms and bleeding. I made one of your smoothies tonight and it was a perfect substitute for my usual jamba juice. Cheaper too!

    Thanks! -Garrett

    1. Yo Garrett!
      What up man, hey, that’s great, super happy you enjoyed it, and yeah, I hear you on being a jamba addict, I was that way with a place called “Blenders in the Grass” down in SoCal when I was living down that way a few years back.

      Hey, quick word to the wise… many people can’t tolerate the peanut butter(not just my wife) so if you don’t like that in the smoothie that’s quite alright, and you may want to just try without the peanut butter for a while to see how you do, and if you want to add it in, at a later date add the peanut butter to see how things react…. either way up to you, but just a suggestion. I seem to do alright with it, but I know many do not(as I’ve found out over the years).
      All the best to you, and good luck on getting back to normal soon,

  2. Hey Adam, how long after you started SCD did you introduce peanut butter? I’ve almost finished the intro diet, but I’m having trouble getting some definitive answers on what comes next. I would love to start having a breakfast shake just like this and some weak coffee, but the online SCD community seems to think you should hold off on coffee, peanut butter, and some other things. But the book doesn’t really say anything that specific. Thanks for your help, your site has been a great resource


    1. Hey Robert,

      I didn’t start peanut butter until I noticed good healing and no bleeding. I don’t think its a great idea to start up with peanut butter right after getting off the intro diet. Several months down the road when you are very confident that you are all healed up would be a better time. Don’t worry, peanut butter aint’ going anywhere, in know its hard, but probably best to wait.

      As for getting definite answers as to what comes next. That is tough, reason being everyone’s different, and what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone in terms of what’s next. I have found that by moving to a high protein and high vegetable/salad diet has always worked well for me after coming out of a flare.

      Slowly adding in new foods is a very common technique for new people to the specific carbohydrate diet, and overall that seems to be the best course of attack from everyone I talk to.

      Hang off on the peanut butter, its not something to jump into after just getting off the intro diet.

      best of luck to you,

  3. i will have to try this. i have never added anything to a smoothie except for fruit and water. i love it this way, but i will add some almond butter tomorrow and see how it tastes. i love doing strawberry banana and think it might taste like PB&J with some almond butter thrown in.

  4. Hey Adam I have a question. I have been dating a girl with UC for over 2 years. It took me a long time to really understand what it is and how it affects her life and our relationship. We have come to the point where we are seriously considering getting married! However, I am still not completely sure I understand what effect this could have on a marriage. She is not in remission but is trying different diets similar to yours. I would love to talk with you via phone or just email if you would be willing. This is a cause of much stress and anxiety for both of us. Much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jared,

      Hey, a big thank you for writing, and for taking sometime(probably lots of time, and thank you again) for looking into the disease your partner is living with and for trying to find ways to make everything work best. You should be commended by all!

      For sure UC can and does have an effect on relationships, marriages of course, my wife and I are living proof of that.

      My recommendation for you would be to instead of us having a private exchange, please write in a story to the site, you can do that here, and we all can get back to you with regards to your questions, and you will gain a perspective from not only me, but from many others who follow the site.

      Here is the link to do that:

      Some of the fields on the link above may not pertain exactly to you, but you can fill them out as you wish, and make sure to include the questions that you have, as those are easiest for the rest of us to address.

      Wishing both of you the best this summer,


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