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Can You Eat Mexican Food with Colitis? Sure you Can

Is Mexican Food OK With Ulcerative Colitis?:

I sure think you can.  In fact, I eat Mexican food about 3-4 times per week.  Here is what we had yesterday afternoon.

Chicken & Steak Tacos

Here are the ingredients:

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Steak ( some carne asada meat from the local Mexican market across town

CORN Tortillas ( I think this is the most important part since the diet can not tolerate wheat.  STAY AWAY FROM FLOUR TORTILLAS PLEASE)

chopped onions

chopped Cilantro (my wife hates the cilantro, I love it and always have)

Pico De Gallo Salsa, this is the hearty lots of tomato salsa

Salsa Verde (aka Green Salsa, and somewhat spicy)

some fresh lime juice

there were refried beans, but I stay away from that, also we did not use any cheese.

I washed this all down with a cup of orange juice too.  My friend and wife had beer, but I steer clear of that these days with the new diet.  I can tell you as well, that since I had a bowel movement a few hours ago, everything worked out just as expected, sure can’t wait to have tacos once again.

2 thoughts on “Can You Eat Mexican Food with Colitis? Sure you Can”

  1. Why does your diet have no wheat?? (I’ve been wondering this the whole time!! because I eat a LOT of wheat. Like bread, pastas (a lot of pastas). Is pasta not good for ulcerative colitus at all? Please let me know!!)

    1. Hey Autumn,

      Wheat is not part of the SCD Diet. And many other diets who try to eliminate inflammation in the digestive system highly recommend cutting out wheat as well. Unfortunately, its very hard for many people to eat and properly digest wheat.

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