Just When You Thought it Was Safe

Hi there, I’ve just found this site and at last it’s great not to feel alone anymore.

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 18 and have now being living with it for 20yrs. I’ve been really lucky that I’ve only ever had two really bad flare ups but the result of those is that it is now pancolitis. I’m having a flare up now and I feel just like I did when I was 18, scared that it’s going to turn out I have colon cancer, cause the symptoms are a bit different this time. The blood&mucus are there the pain is there, the feeling sick is there, the running to the loo and thinking your insides are coming out is there but the really loose bm are not. My blood work seems to be ok but I know I’m not feeling right. They put me on the steroids which I hate cause I’ve done really well to lose a load of weight and I know will now creep up again, increased the meds I’m on all the time but they gave me the enemas too which normally work but I can’t use them t his time as it’s too painful. My doc has told me they’ll see me in two weeks but if i’m not feeling better to¬† the hospital & they’ll bring me in I know it’s probably the best but it’s been 11 yrs since I was in the hospital last time. I sometimes just feel so angry that I have this and I couldn’t really talk to anyone about it so thanks for setting up this site so I could have my little rant.


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  1. Dear SusieSuz, I just read your post–I have not been on the site in a while as I got busy with work and all, but I wanted to see how you were doing? That does not sound like fun at all–and I, too, am always afraid of having to go to the hospital and a flare coming on. It is a hard time for you and I am hoping you are doing better! The weight gain is hard from the steroids, and I remember how depressed I became when they told me I had developed diabetes even (has since gone away through diet). That was four years ago. Hang in there and keep us posted.

  2. Hi Dede,
    I’m just out of hospital, got the IV steroids. They were talking about starting me on Humira but after all the tests & a colonoscopy my doc said it was too harsh for me and put me on a new drug plan, prednisone decreasing as he does not like keeping people in general on steroids, imuran, mezavant, colifoam, and a supositary that i’ve never used before but which touch wood now all seem to be working. The bleeding has stoped but i’m so tired by the afternoon but I think it’s just from all the meds. My hair has started coming out already but i’m ready will just be hard when go back to work. But at least I feel a million times better than I did and if I can keep my hospital stays to every 10 yrs or so i’ll be doing well.
    Thanks again for the comment.

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