Jersey Shore Star is Beating Colitis

If you like happy endings…

You’re gonna like this story.  For shore.

So here’s the deal, a year and a half ago a super special person who happens to be living on the Jersey Shore, wrote her story to me which I later published here on the site. (I highly encourage YOU to read it in its entirety along with the 27 plus comments that are currently below it here:  That story was added to the site September 4, 2012, so almost a year and a half ago.)

At the time, she wrote “I am having my first flare-up.. it’s been about 3 weeks but about 3 months in the making.”

She was diagnosed at age 35, spent a hellish week in the hospital from the UC symptoms and was freaked out because she wanted control of her body but was getting into a flare up at the time.

Along with all this, she’d recently lost her business, and had to move with her two young kids back in with mom.

So, it is an absolute privelege to be able to share with you (with Allison’s permission of course) and email she sent me on Saturday January 25th.  Here it is from beginning to end:

Hey Adam-

Allison from the COLD AND SNOWY Jersey shore here. Hope this email finds you well. I have been super busy but wanted to give you a quick update.
I tell people that being in a long UC flare is akin to sitting on the sidelines…. just patiently waiting to get back in the game of life. A serious commitment to SCD diet (among a few other things) brought about remission, health and a serious LUST FOR LIFE.
I began substitute teaching a few months back and cannot express how great it is being out in the world again. I am also busy studying for Praxis tests in preparation for an alternate route teaching certification process over the Summer. Hopefully I will have a full-time position teaching Middle School science in the Fall. Cross those fingers.
I have the utmost gratitude for you and all the UCer’s for being my bastion of hope, inspiration and courage when times were very dark. It can not be stated how important it is that I could/can connect with people all over the world who understand just what I am going through…
So, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart (and especially my intestines).
Please let me know if I can be of service and help out the site in any way.
All the best-
So, once again, I want you to realize, no matter how many kids you have, no matter how many tattoos you have, if you run a big business or if you just lost your job, if you’re living at home with your folks…
UC (and even active colitis symptoms at this very moment) is NOT the end of the world.

If you keep a positive outlook on things, your health will turn around.

AND, Allison from NJ, I know I’m not alone in saying this, but you are a true UC hero and inspiration to EVERYEONE!  (Is it weird to think there’s gonna be people up in Northern Ireland reading this saying…”pass me a pint, that Jersey chicks no joke!!???”

This story is going to be up on the top of the iHaveUC site for quite some time,

PLEASE do me 2 favors:

  1. Make sure to read Allison’s original story if you haven’t already (Allison’s first story link) that way you’ll know what she’s been through.  (See if you can count how many tattoos she has:)
  2. Make some goals for yourself if you’re feeling out of control of your UC right now.  What, where, how would you like to be getting on in the future (maybe a year and a half from now??))

Take care of yourselves, and a final what’s up to the Jersey Shore!

-Adam Scheuer

(in times like this, the very lucky guy to have started this website)

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9 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Star is Beating Colitis”

  1. HiAdam, did I miss out on some parts fo Allisons reply, I know she got lots of sund advice from Bev and Steve, what products does she actually attribute to her remission in the end.

      1. YOU are the awesome one, Allison!!

        I am just so satisfied inside that you are in the place that you are in now.

        It was a long hard row to hoe…good on you girl!!

        A true success story….

  2. I can totally relate to the original story! Congratulations Allison! Great attitude! That’s 1/2 the battle right there. I agree on the meds, same happened to me, i.e. the side effects were as bad if not worse than the UC. I’ve cut way back on the meds, taking only 4 500 mg. Sulfasalazine a day (& some times, I forget to take them). However, I use 2 mg capsules of Low Dose Naltrexone & it practically has me in remission. I say practically because like many autoimmune diseases, inflamation tends to rear its ugly head in other ways. Currently, I’m breaking out on my nose & chin with these pustule like things. After much testing, regardless of what my MD has informed me, I know this is nothing more than an inflam-matory response. I was given Prednisone for an unusual amount of asthma activity (due to flu like symptoms) & voila! The pustules cleared up. I’ve altered my diet & I’m 99% better. No bleeding in over a year, the constipation is nearly gone, very unusual to suffer with it. I’m happy for you Allison, feeling better physically after being so sick is a mind altering experience! Best to you in your bright future. Like you, I appreciate hearing success stories & knowing I’m not out there in yah yah land all by my lonesome.

  3. I can really relate to the mucus, which I originally attributed to the radiation for cancer and that may have been part of the reason for it. Then the blood, then being afraid to leave the house because of the “no control” problem, then to constipation and then to the very painful joint pain and not being able to walk because of it. then to the loosing of the business which I had for 13 years and now surgery for a new hip and possibly a new knee at the end of this year. Seems like I always have something to keep me busy just trying to sidestep this “CRAP” and not being able to have the time to do the things I used to enjoy because of the regiment that has been placed in my path. An example of the things I enjoyed was, While In the US Navy I was stationed aboard a Destroyer and we have a reunion every year in different parts of the United Stated. This year in October it will be in Arizona. Will I attend? Chances are becoming slimmer all the time and have been unable to attend a Reunion for the past 5 times because of my health.
    I have had in the past 4-5 years at least 5 times on the surgery table and looking for maybe 2-3 more times. Next one will be April 28, 2014. Have had so many operations on my intestines and abdomen that I no longer have a belly button. Just that thought can be humorous to me. I say it is just proof I was found under a flat rock in the river. Have not lost my HUMOR. I can find humor in almost everything.
    I tell people that when I have an appointment at the V A hospital it is to teach how to do an autopsy on yourself.
    YA JUST GOT TO LAUGH!!! Otherwise it will drag you down. So keep up the smiles.

  4. Way to go Allison…it’s been supper great watching/reading your posts over time… the changes, positive attitude and success! :-)
    Continued good health, Shelly. :-)

  5. Allison,
    You are doing something right!
    Keep the chin up and the smile on.
    Like I said previously, humor is a great healer for me.

  6. Oh WOW! Thanks everybody, I appreciate all of your kind words. I try to meditate every morning and I always ask for healing for all of us- so you got me in your corner for sure!

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