Imuran Vs. Remicade

Well after 18 yrs with this disease(ulcerative colitis), my body has decided to not let prednisone and asacol work on the flare-ups.

I have tried SCD and while I lOVE it and the way I feel on it, it did not help my flare at all. I have tried naturopath dr’s and even tried smoking. SO now it’s time to “roll out the big guns” and PRAY. I am currently seeing 2 doctors. One wants to start Imuran, one wants to go right to Remicaide (probably because he helped design and build the infusion center at the digestive disease center). The Remicaide Dr informed me that it only has a 65-75% chance of success. I am confused and don’t know which one to try first. Can I stop one and pick up the other if one isn’t working? Which one should I start first?



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  1. Hi Betty

    I’ve tried steroids for my ulcerative colitis and had no luck with them. After a rotten flare I’m now on Imuran. So far so good. I started taking Imuran in late December and three weeks ago my CRP levels were below 1. I’m also taking Asacol. I’m feeling really good. In fact I don’t even feel like I have ulcerative colitis. An interesting side note is that my neighbour has Crohn’s disease and he has been on Imuran for 15 years – without a single flare.
    My doctor’s approach was to put me on Imuran first – if it hadn’t worked then Remicade or surgery were my next steps. So I guess my thought is to give the Imuran a try first.
    Keep us up-to-date with how you’re doing.

    take care,

  2. Thanks for your input. I am getting the feeling that Remicaide should be the absolute last resort. I am also cheking into another diet by Dr. Dahlmann. It’s along the lines of SCD, but different. SCD did nothing for me regarding the disease, but I am so glad it is helping so many others.

    1. I was on mercaptopurine (which I th ink is the same thing as imuran) for 5 years withmut a flare. I decided I wanted to go off of it to see what happened last year, and went into the worst flare I have ever been in. Now I am tapering off of prednisone and back on mercaptopurine. My doctor said if I keep getting flares that remicade is the next step, but i want to avoid that at all costs. I also read that it works for a w hill on some people, but then stops working all together. So i wou ld try imuran first. Just my opinion.

  3. I was on Imuran for a couple of months and ended up in hospital with inflamation in my liver. I was on remicade for 18 months and it ended up not working after that. Different people react differently to different meds. Good luck to you whatever you decide to use.

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