No More Denial

This year (2011) has been very challenging for me. I have been in the ER 4 times and 3 times admitted. Somehow I got an infection and after much testing I was diagnosed with UC. I somehow thought that my body would go back to normal. I guess I was in denial for a bit but now I realize that I have to deal with my situation. I decided today to read and be informed and try to beat this disease. I realize that I need a support group because I cannot do this on my own.

I guess I am past the denial stage. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with UC and I thought maybe it was just a temporary thing and now I realize that this is becoming a way of life. Cancellations are now as frequent as my bowel movements. How do I explain to others that I want to be there…that I don’t want to miss my grandchild’s birthday party, that I want to go to church regularly, that I want to go out and take a walk around the neighborhood. Do they really understand what I am going through? Not to mention that now I have to work from home. There is no way I can keep a job under these circumstances. Why hire someone who will spend most of the day taking breaks to go to the bathroom? Somehow when I meditate on all the obstacles that this disease brings upon me i find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet I know that it is there. There is hope and all I have to do is go on a quest. A quest for information, a quest for remedies, a quest for others who understand. This is why I am here.

– Seed

Medications: Taking Floraster (probiotic). I find it helps.

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