I Think the SCD Is Working!

I have had ulcerative colitis for almost 6 years now with flare ups consistently 2x a year requiring steroids each time (and as a result of steroids, I now have osteoporosis and I am only 31 yrs old..but it could be much worse, so I am thankful its not).

I was initially diagnosed 2 months after my brother passed away..in 2005..lost about 12 lbs in 1 week… I have tried many different diets over the years, supplements, vitamins, nutritionists, as well as going to a couple different GI specialists; (both of them insisting diet has no role in the symptoms) in which I always thought was insane, since diet plays a role in diabetics, kidney disorders, etc… however nothing really changed all that much in my condition. The last flare up I had lasted almost 7 months..started in December 2009 and did not experience much relief until the end of may 2010. I was hospitalized 2x..That was when I had my first dose of remicade. Remicade has given me its own set of side effects; but in my case the benefit surely outweighed the risk. I was able to return to work in August.. I had lost 20lbs and was down to 87lbs (not pretty!). Remicade started working quickly, though now I am finding that I am having slight allergic reactions with the infusions and shortly after and flu symptoms with every infusion. My sister called me up about 2 weeks ago and told me I must try the SCD diet. I read the book Breaking the vicious cycle and thought I’d be stupid not to at least give it a try. So… two weeks ago, I had flare symptoms-bleeding, cramping, nausea and weightloss..and I’m only about 100lbs as it is-and about day 4 of the diet-no real traces of blood and cramping pretty much non existent; I noticed that I had energy that I had not had in a FREAKING long time! Since It has only been 3 weeks since my last Remicade tx – I can’t make conclusive decision on the diet yet-I am usually symptomatic around week 6 after Remicade so that will be more of an accurate test as to how good this diet works for me. All I can say is that I am VERY thankful to have some life back in me. I feel more alive-and friends and family have actually commented to me that I look so alive and seem so energetic :) I have for the most part been asymptomatic for 2 weeks…I am loving life :) Before I was diagnosed I had endurance to play soccer, rock climb, go hiking,etc…I have already been exercising more and not getting worn out!! I am going to continue to follow the SCD diet strictly..Its not easy, but well worth it if it continues to heal this uncooperative bod of mine.

Questions of Mine:

Is it possible to add back any “illegal” foods once you are asymptomatic..periodically? I feel like it is impossible to go out to eat anymore? Any restaurants that you know are compliant with this diet?

Medications Hx: Prednisone up to 60mg IV in the hospital.. usual dose was 40mg PO, asacol, Rowasa, Canasa, Colazal, 6MP, and Remicade; currently only taking Remicade-at present keeping symptoms at bay.

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16 thoughts on “I Think the SCD Is Working!”

  1. You’re story is one of several I’ve read about the SCD. I’m 24, diagnosed with UC 3 years ago and have had constant flares since then. I’m on and off of Prednisone, and I’m also on Azathioprine now. Like you, the doctors have all told me diet has nothing to do with it, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Please let me know if your symptoms stay gone in 3 more weeks. I haven’t resorted to remicade yet, and I don’t plan on it unless I absolutely have to.

    1. Zach,
      I will let you know if the diet continues to work :) I really think that it will. I feel like a different person already, but as I mentioned before I want the remicade to wear off a bit before I conclude anything. If you can avoid remicade, I recommend it.. Hope you start feeling consistently better..

  2. I have been on the SCD for almost 3 years now. I did gradually start adding illegal foods and eventually flared again. So, your question about adding foods back in is a good one (I wish I knew the answer). Not sure if I flared because I was “cheating” more frequently as time went on or if it would have happened one way or another. I know I feel a lot better when I’m on the diet. I’d like to be able to eat what I want on special occasions or holidays (within reason). Otherwise I’m happy staying on the diet indefinitely.

    As far as restaurants are concerned, I good out to eat about once a week. I find that steak with veggies or a salad (I ask for oil and vinegar only and not balsamic) is a good choice.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you for your advice!!! I was curious about adding illegal ingredients over time because I didn’t feel like it addressed that issue in the book; I don’t want flares to ever return, so I keep telling myself that its worth it to just say no to foods that aren’t allowed. I have always had many food allergies, so with this diet, I just had to let go of a few more foods that I love!..but it’ll be worth it. Are you on any other meds? Or are you just folowing the diet? I would love to not rely on remicade. Thanks again

      1. I am not on any meds – just the diet. I’m just coming out of a flare (fingers crossed) and it’s taken three months to get over it (without meds). First time I tried the diet, I was symptom free within a month. Not sure why it took longer this time, but as I said, I feel better when I’m on the diet.

    2. Moxie,

      Are you able to maintain your weight while on SCD? I just can’t keep my weight…I am sort of desperate and just want to ask whoever got luck from SCD how much they eat every meal, and what a typical meal looks like for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks so much for your help!



  3. My husband found the SCDiet to be the thing that turned his UC flare around. Within five days on the diet, he was symptom free (and remains that way on day 39 of the diet). We were absolutely amazed, especially because his doctor told him that medication was the ONLY answer. So stick with it!

    In terms of restaurants, I echo what moxie said. We get a lot of salads (cobb is a favorite) and ask for oil and vinegar instead of the dressing. Outback Steak house will grill up steak, shrimp, or fish with no seasonings and you can get a side of steamed veggies (no sauce). One of our favorite places to eat is a gourmet burger place where they serve burger bowls filled with lettuce, tomatoes, dill pickles, and cheese. They also serve a side of grilled zucchini, yellow squash, and carrots brushed with olive oil. Yum!! And breakfast can be pretty easy, just get scrambled eggs, bacon, and a side of fresh fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Even better, get a veggie omelet.

    Good luck with the diet! I’ve found it helps my digestive symptoms too. I have irritable bowel syndrome, which isn’t as serious as UC, but it causes me plenty of digestive distress just the same.

    1. Oh wow, that is so encouraging. 39 days feeling good and being symptom free almost seems like a miracle with this illness because its always so up and down. I have tried so many diets over the years and none seem to work…I always get sick regardless. My docs have always insisted that research states that diet does not affect the disease-and I always thought it had to be the opposite. I am hoping this diet is different and it continues to work. I have never been so excited about a diet..but I was convinced to stay on it b/c of how great I felt within a week..much more alive.

      Thanks so much for the restaurant advice. I love outback~ I hardly ever eat out b/c of being unsure.

      This website is so encouraging, just hearing from others who have this and other digestive problems makes me feel like I’m not alone! I hope the diet continues working for your husband and for you!!

  4. question!! does anyone know whether or not you are permitted to make your own sunflower seed flour. I made some the other day after roasting the seeds in olive oil. I ended up making delicious banana bread with it. I just wanted to make sure that it was permitted to eat sunflower seeds as well as use it for flour. I may be allergic to almonds. I am allergic to peanuts so I hesitant about eating other nuts. Thanks for ANY input :)

    1. Hey that’s an awesome question.

      I did some reading, and it seems like the verdict is not in completely on your question. The author of the SCD diet plan said no to seed flour, and the reason being was small amounts of seeds are “allowed” but when its put into flour form, that usually means the person will be eating way more “seeds” than allowed…

      sounds surely yummy, but you might want to take it easy with that for a while, and just do a little bit at a time, it would be too bad if you overloaded on the sunflower seed flour and then a while after starting seeing symptoms, and it might also be hard to track down what was possibly the cause.

      anyways, just an idea, but if it was me, I’d only dabble a little bit with that especially in the early stage. best of luck!

  5. true true; thank you for your advice; I will only do little bits at a time..don’t want to back track in any way.. I use to eat sunflower seed butter, similar to cashew/almond butter before this diet; I can’t have the one sold on shelf b/c of the sugar in it, but I thought, well if I make my own..maybe it ok..but I think you are right I need to limit it. or take it out initially…dang this diet is hard sometimes, but it’ll be worthwhile in the end if it works to regain health: aka: rock climbing, hiking, jogging, working full time~

    Thanks Adam

    1. Pacuchic,
      If I hear any other words from someone else who’s got some good experiencez with sunnyflower flour(that sounds cool right “flower” flour”)…
      I will let you know for sure.

      I wanna go rock climbing, I like hiking!!:)

  6. Hi, I have a mortgage history. I use 6 (4y-pill 2 g enema) Asakol 40mh and prednisolone. chair 5 times a day, and only at night. From 1:00 to 7:00 I go 4 – 5 times. and sometimes a little blood. I do not know what I do with prednisone. I really want to get rid of it and do not know when and how to reduce the dose. Is it normal that there is still blood?, because I have 30 days on a diet, diarrhea decreased from 10 to 4 times.

  7. Hi, I was diagnosed with UC the beginning of Oct. 2011 after a few trips to the hospital. I have had plain old untreated colitis for two years and the hospital doctor advised me that I actually have UC now since I did not medicate properly. Here is my question: I have been in and out of the hospital for three weeks now, on Prednisone, Buscopan, painkillers, stool softeners etc., the pain has not gotten better, it hurts to have a bowel movement, there is always blood present, I am very distended, I have pain when I walk, stand, pretty much all down my left side and all in my lower abdominals. Is this a considered a flare up? How long will this last? Is there any pain medication I can take that will not make me constipated and require more medication? Am I being unreasonable about the pain? It’s constant with increasing severity before a bowel movement and just after. Should I go back to the hospital for more medication as I am on stand by for a specialist, or should I just wait it out? It is really taking the life out of me, I am tired and sore all the time now, there were no symptoms for so long and now all of a sudden my body seems to be breaking down on me. Sorry, I am a little lost.

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