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How to Live a Normal Life with Ulcerative Colitis

Current Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms:

Currently i have very light symptoms like mucose and infrequent blood

My name is Fitsum Masresha. I have been diagnosed with UC 8 years age. Recently i have had my second colonoscopy. It went very good. I look forward for the third one.

I usually like socialization and doing something that helps others, that have a good impact

Normal Life with UC

With UC life is not as such different yet. sometimes i have to spend much time following my condition. When flares happen it feels become helpless and out of life (work,..). Apart from that i haven’t face as such difficulty in my life due to the UC.

My time with my doctor is to be honest something that I enjoy. At the same time I like my doctor very much, specially in the early times of my illness he helped me very much to survive and come back to my normal life again. But all the follow up, appointment, prescriptions, laboratory examination and the so on are something that i can never like. As of colonoscopy i had two of them and to be honest it is not something that i dislike as such. It doesn’t have a pain as such, it doesn’t take to much time, and most of all it is a kind of life saver both by reveling the condition (severity) of our UC and saving us from further complication from our UC, mainly colon cancer. So let me say I am a great fan of colonoscopy. But the thing is my doctor is not in to it. I mean he doesn’t give as such emphasis for it. I don’t know why. To get this second colonoscopy which is after 8 years from the first one I had to push him some how. I need your advice on this.

My family is very helpful for my condition. My parents and my wife who married me knowing about my condition is very caring and helpful. My family help me by understanding and providing me what I need specially when I am in relapse.

What my main concern is about how to live a normal life with UC. I have seen some complications that are related with UC from the readings. Colon cancer is the first one, and there are others. So what I want you to share me is to tell me what are the major possible complications of UC and how are you keeping yourself from them. What is your mechanism to live a normal life with UC.


My main medicine is Prednisolone. Only in some cases I have taken sulfasalazin. I haven’t tried following some way of life to manage my UC.

written by Fitsum

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5 thoughts on “How to Live a Normal Life with Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Just smoke some cigarettes, I know that sounds crazy but it works, in a few days your colitis will subside, then quit. I read this on this site a few years ago, good luck..

  2. Getting tested for gluten and celiac is probably a test which should be done. Even if ur comes back negative , you can still be sensitive to gluten. I would try to go off iof gluten and dairy for a month and see if you feel better.. also , read about dr. Stephen gundry..
    It’s all about your gut which strengthens your immune system.. gluten is inflammatory and inflammation causes all kinds of disease.
    Hope that helps
    Pauline Fantozzi

  3. Hi Fitsum, domt be afraid to seek another doctors opinion. I have had UC for 13 years and what I have learned is that there is no one-size fits all solution and that diet/medication is not the only piece of this puzzle. I have to ensure that mentally and emotionally I am fulfilled and working to reduce stress in my life, and this is how I best control my symptoms. I take low dose naltrexone (recommend googling it) each night and no medications. My doctor recently told me that they avoid giving patients prednisolone now because it seems to increase all cause mortality rates in patients. Keep researching, the information and community is always growing

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