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How Fast Does the Colon Heal From Colitis Symptoms

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Good Day to Everyone with Ulcerative Colitis,

I’m Adam-the UC’er who tries to keep this site running smooth and full of useful information and experiences of true UC’ers like us.

One thing I promise you is this page is full of GREAT NEWS.

So let’s start off with some simple question and answers that everyone can take part in:

Question 1: How long does it take for your finger to heal when you cut it with a knife?

Answer:  well, don’t go cut yourself and find out, I’m guessing you have an idea already.  For me its about 5-7 days.

Question 2: How long does it take for your mouth to heal when you bite your lip, or eat hot pizza and burn the roof of your mouth?

Answer:  Again, we’ve all done it, if you can’t remember how long, that’s probably a good thing.  For me its usually about 1-2 days.

Question 3:  How long does it take for your colon to heal after it has been inflamed and bleeding for weeks or months?

Answer: I’d like to share with you some details from my dinner last night with world renowned Microbiologist Les from Stanford’s Microbiology Lab.  As you may remember, Les is the star in all of the Gut Bacteria Videos that I shot on-site several months ago.  He is an expert in understanding gut bacteria which makes him someone’s idol if you have ulcerative colitis(in my opinion at least, you the man Les!!)

Backround Story:

My ulcerative colitis went through a pretty nasty flare up towards the end of 2010 and the first week of 2011.  I was bleeding pretty bad, and doing 5-10 soggy, whale killing bowel movements per day.  You know what I mean UC’ers… I don’t need to go into to many more details for this crowd I hope.

Starting about the 7th of January, I reluctantly went back on a low dose (15mg/day to start) of prednisone and have tapered down to 10/day since.  What was so shocking to me though was the change in symptoms and bleeding and crap hardness (CH) that took place just 24 hours after starting the steroids.  In my mind it was amazing and almost impossible to believe.  One major thing to take note as well, I re-started the SCD dieting program alongside with the steroids, and that combination has once again proved very useful for me.

When Les came over for dinner last night, I had to ask him this one question:

“How fast can the colon heal after bleeding and being tore up and inflamed for so long?”

The ideas that Les explained are something that should raise some MAJOR HOPE in all of us who deal with Ulcerative Colitis symptoms.  The bottom-line is the colon can heal itself very quickly, sometimes the colon heals itself in 2-3 days.  Faster than the cuts you get on your outer skin.  The healing process inside our bodies, especially our digestive system is super fast.  It’s similar to the cuts you get in your mouth.  They heal really quickly right?  Yes they do.

So what is the reason for this fast healing inside our colon?  It all comes down to cell division and new cells being born.  The body finds a way to speed this process up in places like our colon and our mouth.  Instead of the normal 5-7 day process for a new cell on our skin making it to the outside layers to fix any cuts or scrapes, within the colon it takes place much faster Les explained.

So feeling better quickly and seeing your symptoms get better is possible.

And YES, the bleeding can go away fast.  I am happy to say that my symptoms are not affecting my lifestyle right now.  I am not bleeding, and I’m having formed poops once again.  It’s great news.

But there is still just one BIG QUESTION:

“WHAT needs to take place for COLON HEALING to START?”

This is a question which I am able to answer based off my own experiences.  For me, I have found my way out of two major ulcerative colitis flares(as of Feb. 2011).  And both times the combination of a low dose of prednisone along with starting the SCD diet has worked wonders.  The prednisone steroids ARE NOT a long term treatment, just a temporary inflammation cool down, but the SC Diet is the long term solution that I intend to continue with.  I can’t thank it enough.  If you’ve NEVER ATTEMPTED a diet change to help the colon begin a healing process, you just might want to look into it further.

The “Ulcerative Colitis Diet” page has details on how to get started with this.

-Adam Scheuer

96 thoughts on “How Fast Does the Colon Heal From Colitis Symptoms”

  1. hey there Adam,

    I’ve been reading up on your blog recently and I dig the positive perspective you put out there for this debilitating disease. A little background before I move forward. I’ve been dealing with UC for 10 years and have had only three flares. Every one has been seemingly unending and I’ve ended up in the hospital. Wild times but around 9 of those 10 years I’ve been well so I can’t complain. I’m currently dealing with a roller coaster of a flare that is going on 10 months now. Just knowing that the colon heals itself in 2-3 days is something that will definitely keep me focused on the positive moving forward. I don’t know when those 2-3 days will come but I know it will happen soon. I’ve been attempting the SCD diet for around 3 weeks now and this combined with probiotics and some homeopathy have keep things at bay…I have 2-3 hard craps per day mixed with blood and some clots still. The blood is lingering but the fact that I have had HC for a few months now is also a plus. I truly believe that gut ecology plays a major role in these symptoms and will continue to work toward a proper balance. I suggest that all UC’ers take a deep look into the role that those funny little microbes play in our lives. The positive impact this site has had on my mental clarity (we all know it becomes trying/depressing once blood, weight loss, etc. creep on for months without end) is a welcome thing. Again, I dig the site. Much peace and love to those searching for optimal health.

    1. Hey Cory,
      Thanks buddy for the compliments on the site, and also for your positive vibe.
      10 years living with UC and staying positive like you are is a feat in itself!!! congrats to you on that.
      It seems like everyone has their own opinions on the disease and how it starts, ends etc…, but definitely I think the microbes and gut bacteria has some type of role in it. There’s quite a bit of interest on the research end at the moment into this, so with time we will probably have some more deinitive answers. Until then, keep staying positive and I’ll try to do the same.
      thanks again,

  2. Every time I visit your site Adam, I learn a little more. I just wondered what is the average length of a flare and is a flare considered to be the blood losing stage only or is it, as it is in my case and as I suspect, a now a 7 month long catalogue of symptoms, starting with the shock of and now abated blood loss to the daily stomach cramps, continuous trips to the loo and extreme tiredness? Cheers.

    1. Hey Tony,
      Great to hear from you, its been too long.

      I think your question is one which might have 10 answers if you ask 10 people.
      For me, if I’m bleeding and/or having soft stools the majority of the time, that’s means flare to me.
      And unfortunately I have to say that I’ve had a flare previously for over 2 years. My most recent I would guesstimate as about 1 1/2 months and is now over.
      Stay in touch more often Tony, allways good hearing from you!

      1. Hi Adam, I still visit to read the comments most days but what with Christmas and not feeling too good, I haven’t been too active just lately.

        2 years I did not realize a flare could last that long, you must have been totally worn out and here’s me complaining after only 7 months, I should count my blessings. Going for a Barium meal and FT X-Ray next Wednesday, don’t know what the FT means, prior to ‘possibly’ having part of my colon removed, should be fun :-) Will keep you updated, am in contact with Dede quite a lot now who has mentioned Vegas, wow that would be quite some experience. Best wishes.

  3. That’s awesome information. Another reason why Glutamine works so frickin’ awesome for diarrhea and strictures (in Crohn’s). For Colitis, Butyrate enemas are supposed to supply the colon with the fuel it needs to produce healthy cells.

    “Butyrate enema therapy stimulates mucosal repair in experimental colitis in the rat.”

  4. Adam, I did buy the Breaking the Vicious Cycle SCD book, and I’m still in the flare. On Predisone 20mg daily. Dr. still wants me on the BRAT diet, and Predisone ememmas. The book is not clear on what you should eat or drink while in a flare. My stomach doesn’t like anything I eat, and I’m sick of eating the BRAT diet for over a month now. No protien at all so I have so energy, sleeping all the time. And if as it says in the book, I’m eating all these carbs which maybe making the flare worse. help???

    1. Hi Cyndee,

      I follow this starter guide here when I’m in a flare. It talks about how to start the SCD program when you are in a flare. As for the BRAT diet, that doctor or whoever has asked you to do that obviously either does not know about the SCD program, or doesn’t believe in the SCD program, because toast and rice are totally breaking the SCD diet’s rules. I have not had toast in over 1 1/2 years since starting the SCD diet program, and I don’t plan on chaning that.
      Chicken soup (without noodles or rice) is what I eat along with broiled hamburger meat when I hit a flare. but again the details on this protocol are in the starter guide link above.
      Let me know how it goes for you. Have you seen any significant symptoms changes sinces tarting the steroids?
      If you are not seeing any relief from your current program, you definitely let your docs know.

      1. Just wondering if anyone on this website has looked into food allergies that can cause colitis and future flareups – There is a ton of info. out there on this subject. I have just recently been diagnosed with U.C. and already have food allergies, have had them for 15 yrs. I believe that this is what caused my U.C.. I think that there was one or more allergies that I have either aquired recently or that did not show up on the test(false neg. ) I plan on getting tested again to find out.

        1. Hey TR,

          I definitely remember several people mentioning they’ve been tested with allergy tests. I myself have not had a formal test, however I definitely feel there are foods which have a high probability of setting my system off, grains and alcohol and much dairy to say a few.

          Good luck with getting to the bottom of it for you, and feel free to share your ideas within the site.

        2. Re: Food allergies. I’ve been UC for 7 years — first 2 were horrific (moderate/severe; lost weight from ~180 to a stick figure 140). SCD diet kept me alive and functioning, and once I started my remission cycle I tested for Gluten, Dairy, using a variety of tests. All negative. here’s what I’ve learned: food allergy tests are problematic (false negatives), b/c no test is perfect and the immune system fluctuates in its response. there is also “food intolerance”, ie can’t digest certain foods due to damage of the intestine’s villi. This is me. I have 2 genes for gluten intollerance, my GI thinks I’m a celiac (no upper scope to confirm), but my IGA IGG were negative.

          so the only thing that really works, according to my Doc, is a challenge diet. (huge pain, have to be very strict). For me, gluten, dairy can start a multi week flare, and avoiding them have been one path to health (of several). But it could be any food that sets you off. If you want to try a unique multi food allergy test, try Alcat test (google it). However, if you are in a flare, you have ‘leaky gut’ syndrome, so your test will light up like a Christmas tree.

          For me, I’m now mostly in a long remission cycle. Minor problems, and maybe 1 flare a year — but I’m medication free (except low dose naltrexone…yeah, I know only research is for Crohn’s but seems to buffer my system).

        3. I have been dealing with this for 1 year in Nov 2015 went to surgeon he took my galbatter thinking that was the problem my blood work was all crazy after surgery still continue the same systoms but worse I have lost 80 pounds in 4months and can’t eat anying it’s comes back up I can go weeks without seeing number 2 I have to take something to help me go I have now been diagnosed with colitis infection in my whole colon and bacteria I have been on 2antibiotics for 5 days now and still in serve pain they put me on nausea meds they give cancer pt and that help with the throwing up..but now 2 nights ago I started bleeding from my rectum but no point but blood my pain so so serve I can’t take it anymore and the pain meds they gave me doesn’t help the full length of time like it should…please help me

      2. great article man im 29 and was just diagnosed with uc it was scary for me in the beginning but after a week on pred and sulfasalazine ive been poopin legit and the pain has gone away. my problem was i put off going to the hospital for 6 months like a dumass. now if have any sign of a flare i go right away to the doc. this disease makes you have to eat better which is a good thing cuz i was drinkin and eating fast food so much it was ridiculus. i lost like 30 pounds from bieng in the hospital for 3 days …brutal but im getting my strength back finally. how long do you have to take sulfasalizine for? is it something you have to take for the rest of your life? i was just curious . thats cool that you live in capitola cuz i lived in aptos for a coupole years lol. some goos surfin up there hahaha

        1. Hey Billy,
          Glad you made it to the site and welcome bud!

          As for sulfasalazine, that is a decision you and your GI can make. Some people take it for a long long time/indefinitely if it works well for them. Others just temporarily. All depends, your doc should have some ideas for you on that. Lucky you were living down in Aptos, I never lived in Capitola, but was down there for a weekend a while back and wrote that story from down there! Great place.
          take care, and best of luck to you in the future,


  5. Hi Adam,

    My husband has been in a flare for at least 3-4 weeks and hospitalized for 2 weeks straight. Prednisone 60mg/6 hours, Flagyl and Leviquin (antibiotics) and an IV shot of Remicade haven’t helped. When we first got here he didn’t eat anything…just an IV. Wouldn’t that be the same as chicken soup and meat? They want to take out his colon this week since the Remicade didn’t work. I don’t know if he can live at home w/o the pain medication to give him time to try the SCD plan. Help!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Elaine,

      I am very very sorry that you and your husband are going through such a rough go with everything right now. I know how tough and helpless everyone can feel when its seeming like there’s no more options.

      Your question is a really tough one. I just can’t really give you any adivce on the billion dollar question you are asking.
      As for chicken soup being the same as the IV fluids question, I really don’t know the answer to that. You could google what is in an “IV” etc.. and probably get some ideas there. I would suspect whatever is in there, its easy to digest, however it may contain some complex carbohydrates etc… which are SCD illegal, but again I just don’t know.

      As for living at home when he is in such bad shape and SCD having time to potentially take effect and help out. For me, I was talking with surgeons too back in August of 2009, and I was pretty much getting ready for that as Humira and Remicade and the others did not work. **Please note, I was on approximately 15-20mg/day of prednisone at this time and not in a horrible way with uc, but definitely bleeding and way more than normal bowel moves etc… I started the diet and nearly immiedialtey started to see improvement, and that was great. I was doing a small dose of vicodin at the time to deal with joint pain associated with UC as well.

      From my experience is watching others who try the diet who are severe with symptoms at the time they start it, several have done real well for good amounts of time, and several have not had any benefits or just marginal and nothing worth getting excited about and feeling out of the woods. I definitely think every situation is unique, and that’s probably true for your husband as well.
      All this being said, its a very tough decision, and by and large, the people who have had the colon surgery that I know are all very happy with their decisions, and my uncle who had his colon removed 35 years ago would say the same. He lived 30 years of symptom and medication free awesome living until he recently died of a massive heart attack.

      I would encourage you to put a question on the facebook page if you like at: asking your question, as it will be seen very quickly by hundreds of people.

      I really wish you and your family well, and hope that real soon you will write back with a happy ending to all of this, and I’m confident that can happen. No matter what decisions you choose.

      best regards,

    2. If I may ask, I take it the 1 Remicade infusion did nothing? My doctor said he thought my situation would take at least 3. I have my 4th next week. I am not in remission but I am a lot better.

  6. Hi Adam,
    Great information. I was diagnosed 5 years ago. No flares since then until I went in last week for routine colonoscopy.
    I think the prep was a huge irritant. I’m now on prednisone, and feeling better, but still in the bathroom. For future reference, do you know of any less harsh prep than the ones docs do with the go lightly/miralax? Maybe fasting for extra days and doing some type of fish oil/etc then ememas?

    1. Hi Anne,
      I have heard from quite a few people who go into their colonoscopy feeling pretty good(same sometimes with the sigmoidoscopy) and then afterwards find themselves in a flare. I wish it wasn’t true, but it seems that quite a few people have that experience. As for your question about alternative preps… I really don’t know of any. I do know a girl who refused to drink the recommended solution and just drank a bunch of water instead, and seemed to be alright, but of course that was against doctor orders…
      Best of luck to you Anne,

  7. Hey Adam,

    I suffered Chemical Colitis on Sept 2011 after doing an enema with a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide. I was doing the enemas quite often but with a very diluted solution of the mixture, however on the day in question I just went overboard thinking more is better. Anyway, I suffered through a healing period of about 3 months and my colon was back to normal. However, in early January of this year i went in for a follow-up flex sigmoid and after the procedure I just didn’t feel quite right. My stools went from the normal golden brown – 3 times a day (I’m a vegetarian) to very loose stools (no blood, at least none that i could see) and my colon feeling the way it felt when i had my accident. It’s the start of February and I’m now just starting to feel better and my stools are returning back to normal. I went to my physician (not my GI) to get blood work done as I was feeling so crappy and everything came back normal.

    Also, this colitis has thrown my system completely off-balance, as I believe the flares cause the colon to move around pushing my GI Tract up towards my diaphram…as a result i have a hiatal hernia (Stomach pushed up against the diaphram). This in turn causes my blood pressure to rise as I beleive the stomach pushes up against the heart. Sometimes I get awful chest pains (been to the emergency room several times thinking it was a heart attack, but all the heart markers come back negative against a heart attack) and been having a difficult time controlling my hypertension. Anyway, I’m going to start a heavy duty dosage of Aloe Vera (not the crap liquid you buy from the stores), but verifiable pure concentrated aloe. When I first got out of the hospital in Septemeber of last year after the chemical colitis episoide i ate nothing but fresh Aloe Gel straight from the leaf with Pure Honey and Malanga. It’s amazing how fast that diet helped me out…I stopped the regimen after about three weeks as I got lazy and i was feeling so much better. So I started back on my normal food. Anyway, I’m going to go back on this for a good three months…I’ll be taking the concentrated pills (which includes the leaf of the aloe mixed toghether in a propiertary blend with Gel and outer lear, the outer leaf contains important phytonutrient aminos that you can’t get from eating outright as it will give you bad diarreah) along with the normal Gel and Honey…
    I’ll let you know how this works out

    1. Hey Mauricio,
      That’s great! I’d be very interested to know how things go for you with the re-introduction of the aloe combination you mentioned.

      I think I know firsthand what you are talking about, when you mention the “thinking you’re having a heart attack” type of idea. I had a scare like that over a year ago when I too thought that was happening to me, but all the tests came back that things were fine. I believe it was now just a rapid change in blood pressure and my body compensating for it all. The paramedics tried to tell me it was an anxiety attack, but I’m not so sure that’s the case. But either way, I haven’t had any of that for a long time now and feeling really good and healthy too.

      Take care and best of luck to you,

  8. Hello,

    I have had symptoms of UC for months, only got diagnosed last week. They’ve prescribed me Anscol, the mesalazine drug (however its spelt )) but i am still not producing hard stools, which is my problem. What do you suggest?

    Your site is a brill help by the way.

    1. many of the 5-ASA did not work for me, Asocol included. Lialda did work, however.. I think they all release a little differently, so hit your colon in different spots, or maybe people just react differently. Also check out Canasa, which is a suppository. I read that 1/2 of UC have proctitis, and then as you move up the colon the % of people with problems in that area decreases the farther up you go. so the thinking for me is, if I can get the proctitis under control, the rest seems to follow.

      I rarely found that the 5ASA’s put me into remission — but did help me stay there. Reading this forum, looks like most of us have done the prednisone pulse over a 3-4 week period. That worked for me, but prednisone drives me crazy.

      Definitely for me diet is a big, big deal. Supplements too, but none really put me into remission (s-boulardi works for some, but only improved me maybe 70%).

  9. i think alcohol is the number one cause of UC. So i think the desease is in some way related to the liver. And the gut bacteria

    too has a big role to play. Hopefully we will have answers soon with all the research thats going on. The prep for

    colonoscopy surely worsens the symptoms. I have always noticed this. May be the gut bacteria is wiped out or so, i dont

    know. A simpler test like an MRI should be available soon i hope.

    1. Hey Uma,

      I don’t know if we can say for sure that alcohol is the number one cause or not, but I most definitely feel it is not helpful to our guts.

      Best of luck to you moving forward,


  10. why do you think that a colonoscopy worsens symptoms? As far as the bacteria thing – I think that plays a big part too and also acid blockers contribute to the problem – you need acid to digest food so it doesn’t putrify in your intestines.

    1. Hey TR,

      The whole colonoscopy process in general is not something that our bodies are used to, but that’s not the main reason I think it has a decent chance of bringing back or increasing symptoms. In my opinion, the colonoscopy prep (drinking the huge jug of you know what) and the attempt to clear out the “whatever” that’s inside I believe can cause issues.

      As well, the stress on our system down there is for sure increased during the prep. So those are my main thoughts on the “why” side of things as to why scopes can aggravate our insides.

      Luckily, its not a forever change, and we can all get back to a state of normality within a bit of time too.


  11. I enjoyed your site…..very informative. After two colonoscopies (I couldn’t drink all the water for the first!) I was diagnosed with very mild colitis. Dr. put me on Asacol HD……3 times a day. I went back for checkup in a month and he said I had to KEEP TAKING it! Iasked how long……he said, maybe for years! I am having no bleeding now, none of the other symptoms of colitis……….whats going on with this??

    1. Hi Bonnie,

      Glad you’re enjoying the site!
      I know it probably seems strange as to why you’d need to be taking what is often referred to as “maintenance drugs” for years/lifetime, however that is a very common recommendation from nearly all of the “western medicine” doctors with regards to how UC patients should move forward. Even while in remission. You might want to seek out some alternative opinions from maybe some docs on the natural/holistic side of things if you’re not “down” with putting pills down forever. There’s many people who do what your doctor is recommending, and also many who go alternative routes. It’s one of the decisions that all UC’ers end up having to make. I wish you the best, and I’m pumped that you’re not dealing with any bleeding anymore. That’s great!

    2. Bonnie,

      That’s exactly what my MD said!! — take 9 pills a day for life. Only I wasn’t getting any better and was down in weight, hair thinning, just falling apart really. Could barely work, couldn’t eat, etc. Literally said “you probably won’t get better, and what you eat has absolutely no relevance to your health”. Meaning “studies show that on average eating wheat/dairy, etc. etc. doesn’t matter” What I know now is that for an individual foods DO matter. Big time.

      So I fired him, and the next guy. :-)

      GI Doc #3 had a plan. But more than anything he suggested addressing foods and diet. That part was up to me. He did not tell me what to do or what to eat, but encouraged me to ‘find what works’.

      I also found — through chron’s friends — an MD that specialized in “integrated medicine” — an MD focused on supporting my body with nutrients, supplements, etc. (Vitamin B shots, for example), so my body could heal. He’s also an MD and could prescribe other medications as needed. By itself, this didn’t fix anything…but it was CRITICAL to my path. Without it my body would not have the strength to heal. My supplement bill was hundreds of dollars, btw. My diet initially was SCD — and I learned my triggers (could not tolerate a multi vitamin, for example).

      And change was slow….but constant.

      MD was a guy I could bring ideas and research, but he knew what supplements might hurt vs help (e.g. he stated don’t take anything that increases nitric oxide)…

      He also suggested Hyperbaric therapy — very little research on UC, plenty of research on other autoimmune. Wow, really worked. that was 7 years ago — haven’t thought of HB until just now; I can elaborate if needed. Expensive; so if you are mild, probably not worth the $?

      my point is that there are very likely answers out there for you…but they are individual answers. What works for me may not work for you. Although there are themes and trends…SCD diet for example, getting off wheat, off high fructose corn syrup, etc. Those are themes I’ve heard from many UC folks. Keep trying to find what feeds your body and what it rejects!

      In time, hopefully you will get to where you want to be! Took me many years, but then I was far far worse than you….

  12. Hi, I was diagnosed with UC back in September and prescribed Asacol medication which was the only thing the doctors advised me on – no diet sheet, no tips, they poo-pooed the idea of this debilitating illness being related to stress! My marriage just broke up and guess what – I’m in the midst of my second flare-up and it’s bloody awful. I just found this website today and hallelujah! Thank you :) Great tips and great to know there are others in this boat. I will conquer it, I’ve started on the SCD diet and fingers crossed, it works. I endeavour to visit a naturopath soon too. Keep up the tips guys.
    Big up to you Adam and fellow UC’ers
    New Zealand

  13. Hi Adam~ I have just gotten over my second colitis flare, it was horrific. I haven’t had a flare for over 20 years and I forgot just how painful, frightening and weak it makes you feel. I noticed that right before both flares, I had been juicing and using a protein/diet drink. I think that changed the acid level in my tummy and caused the flares.

    I had prednisone and dipentum the first time around, that was back in the early 90’s. This time I took antibiotics and Asocal. I just took the Asacol for a week, and my tummy is way better. The only thing that sounded good to eat for two weeks was a Jr Whopper meal with cheese and no mayo and fries… I ate that every day until I felt better. It was hell eating and drinking initially and I needed anti nausea meds and pain killers. My heart goes out to all sufferers of this horrid thing. Thank you for your website. <3

    1. Hey Karin,
      That’s great news that you have gotten out of a flare!! Seriously, awesome news and thanks for sharing how!

      I wish you another 20 plus years of remission and a happy Cinco de Drinko day too!

      Thx for being part of the site,

      1. hi Adam ,

        i was diagnosed with colotis 2 months ago ended up in a&e last week dure 2 a flare. a&e done a flexi next day was told that my colon looks healthy. but why am i still getting diahorria. my GI said 2 carry on with medication and it could be ibs and 2 take 1 imodiim a day. has this happend to anyone.

  14. Just read this for the first time. Thanks you give me hope after I spent last night in the ER. Good news ? sent home with low dose prednisone and forging on with SCD, I am 7 days in with reduced frequency so far! Keep your fingers crossed for me and the 22 week old baby in the oven. This Les sounds like someone I would be in awe of too!

  15. Jen From UK

    12 month and 3 days into my first flare… HEAL colon right about now would be great! TrIed SCD without success, probiotics (best I could find), l-glutamine seems to give me major increase in pain and urgency about an hour after drinking it, evoo not helping but continuing as its doing wonders for my skin, mesalazines, azathioprine, pred for 7 months and budesonide coming on 3 months. Remission is so elusive. Seeing GI on 28th and we want to discuss surgery but stories like these give me hope that maybe I don’t have to lose my colon…

    1. Hi Humble,

      it really all depends. Some people can have their entire colon inflammed (which is usually found out through a colonoscopy) but sometimes it is only certain sections of the colon.

      The most common part of the colon to be inflamed is the sigmoid region, which us common folk call the last quarter of the colon.

      Best of luck to you,


  16. I’ve been free from Colitis symptoms for 5 years now!

    it started out very bad, the flare lasted over a year, and I was at the point where I thought I was dying. I was in pain all the time, lost tons of weight, and even wore a diaper when I went out.

    finally I was diagnosed with severe pan colitis and given pentassa. but my body did not respond well .

    a few months later I found the SCD diet, which started to work ! I used it in conjuction with medication and enjoyed less frequent and less watery poops with less pain.

    then I was prayed for by some people at a church. I got steadily better. Eventually I started weaning off the diet and the meds. I gave birth to a son and had a colonoscopy shortly after. the GI told y colon looked healthy, and that he didn’t need to see me anymore!

    I still have a bit of sensitivity to bread and junkfood if I eat too much of it ill get a bout of softer poops, but that it! Its totally gone, without medicaton or diet, and has stayed that way for nearly 6 years now. I couldn’t be happier.

    I’m not saying this will happen to you, but it could. it worked for me. If you’re not too sceptical about it, find people who will pray for you in the name of Jesus, its worth a try I think, and it certainly can’t hurt. :)

    1. Congrats to you Leslie, I’m glad to hear about your success. I’d definitely stay away from the bread and junk food, that stuff is a known killer to most with UC.

  17. I am diagnosed UC, About 3 years, total hell, up to 12 times a day in loo, lost 2 stone. Have had mesren, doctors encouraged steroids, with no concern over existing thyroid, fatigue and adrenal problems, so i did not. Mesren helped to a point, but not a cure, but gave me constant cough, alleviated a little with asthma inhalers, but persisted. Changed Mesren for Pentassa, same but now much much worse fatigue. I read about Vitamin D3, mega dose, yes 40,000 IU daily, never looked back, from day 2. Brilliant. I have just reduced, after 11 months, no flares, blood or pus, to 20,000 IU, Still 100%. It appears it in itself is an anti- inflammatory, plus it boosted my Vitamin D from 29nm/ml to at last count (min should be 80) 175, the upper limit is about 350nm/ml. I also use a Vitamin D lamp, from Sperti, (about £300 plus VAT) it stimulates Vitamin D receptors and i am convinced rectified, yes rectified, my excess bile. I claimed VAT exemption when billed by delivery company, accepted on medical grounds, see HMRC web site for details. I also use digestive enzymes, Pancreatin, 4X500mg, single capsule from NOW,( i believe that poor digestion should be supported, not pandered to ) mostly non enteric coated, so they assist digestion in stomach and absorption, especially minerals, i had ultra sensitive teeth, cured. Dentist said he would drill out mercury fillings and root canal work, what rubbish. I was simply massively deficient in vit d. My sister has crones disease, she is very impressed with Vit D, she takes 20,000 IU daily. I take no medication for UC now, 11th month. Nice thing with Vit D, totally complementary, so simply add to medication, then hopefully when feeling better, back off drugs if you choose, before Mesalazine kills you, i’m convinced it would me. I also use Fybogel, initially 6x daily, now 2-3 daily, i find it very good, yes somewhat windy until used to it. Vit D3, must be D3, made from irradiated lanolin, that how sheep get vit d. D2 does not work as it is not a natural anti-inflamatory. I read research where D3 actually kill colitis cell in vitro dishes, it works in me and with my sister’s crones. 10’000 IU Vit D, recommended on web site was “Healthy Origins” 360 tabs £25 delivered, Ebay, or on line other. Being complementary, what have you got to loose? Good luck, i’ve got my life back, no thanks to doctors! If you look up on line Vitamin D, search cholecalciferol, the correct terminology, otherwise you get all the usual rubbish. The American government started research in April 2013 into it, i am not waiting, it’s helped me already.

  18. Abraham
    28 years old – Male
    around 3 years ago ( 2010 ) I had bleeding and mucus in my stool
    gastroenterologist diagnosis was “sever Proctitis” after Colonoscopy and prescribed “Pentasa” suppository (1g). ( I had no risky sex exp never ever)

    I took almost 40 suppository start form every day – then every other day- every 2 weeks and so on … (for around 3 month )

    From the time I gave up till now is around 2 year and I never ever faced any symptoms of Proctitis ( no bleeding – no mucus- no discharge , no diarrhea ) I should also add that during this time I controlled my stress and especially controlled my diet ( sugar- chocolate- milk- yoghourt and … )
    Just one case I am really worry and I don’t know is it related to my previous disease or not and that’s it : ( I would really appreciate if you could share your experience about this )
    during this 3,4 month ago sometimes when I get up in the morning I feel that I have phlegm in my mouth and the color always is white and green ( but I don’t have any other UC symptoms )

    please help (My first experience of colonoscopy was not good. should I repeat it again ? )

    1. Abraham,

      If you are at all concerned (which clearly you are) I’d recommend you contact your doctor, let them know, and seek some sort of testing to help out with the strange symptoms you’ve mentioned. I myself have never experienced that phlegm you mentioned.



  19. I am so thrilled to have found you! I have had digestive issues I’ve the years but treated with immodium to success. But over the past several years I have had episodes (2-4 per year) of terrifically violent explosive diarrhea accompanied by sometimes fainting. I’ve tried a few modifications in diet, i.e. lactose but food didn’t seem to make a difference. Two weeks ago I had a canker sore invasion of mammoth proportions followed three days later by a daiahhrea

  20. Adam,

    I have experienced some or all of these symptoms to varying degrees. I was just diagnosed with colitis. It took three trips to the emergency room to get help. I have diverticulitis and I thought I was having a flare up except that I had much more pain and it was in different areas. I was treated with augmenten for 10 days. I was told to eat chicken soup and take probiotics and limit my diet to foods that are easy to digest. I have gastritis so the antibiotics made me sick to my stomach and I added gummy fiber supplements to help harden my stool. The antibiotics gave me diarrhea. Nobody ever mentioned reducing or eliminating carbs. I was tested for food allergies. They came back negative but I was told to stop eating wheat products just in case they were a possible irritant. No problem I never liked them anyway. My main issues are that I always feel bloated, my side hurts, I have almost constant pain or discomfort, I’m sick to my stomach frequently, I have felt fainty, had frequent chest pain and fatigue so bad I need to go to bed. I have went to my primary so often I’m concerned they think I’m over reacting to my symptoms and worse still my GI doctor doesn’t belive my symptoms are bad enough to warrant the amount of pain I’m experiencing. I can’t take pain meds because they make me sick so I’m not looking for pain meds. This is met with a critical eye. The final staw was when I told them no more meds. Heal me instead. I realized they can’t or wont offer a cure. Like so many on this site I have explored herbal remedies and diet on my own. I have taken aloe vera gel caps to ease my distressed colon. I like the results. I also tried slippery elm but for now I can’t take it until my gastrits is healed. It’s to harsh on my stomach, however, I did get relief from my pain both in my stomach and colon. I have also used chewable licorace with success. One day I hope to be free of these issues. It seems though that once you are on this road it’s a long journey to health. Good luck to everyone on here and finding your path to healing.

    1. Hi,

      Would really like to encourage you in your pursuit of natural solutions. I am also very anti medications. The first time I had a reaction my doc gave me a muscle relaxant and told me I had proctalgia fujax and that I may have it forever! I have low thyroid and a sulfur allergy from being given antibiotics when was having an allergic reaction. What finally fixed me was six rounds of chiropractic. There is definitely a connection with this kind of irritation and the vagus nerve. I am also excited to hear about the vitamin d3 supplementation and b vitamin jabs mentioned in above posts. The second episode which am just recovering from…i got so frustrated after a week I went into a fast for two days just drinking lots of herbal sage tea and green tea. Third day continued fasting as it takes 24-48hrs for all food to exit your gut and went to Chiro now feeling so much better. Will break fast tomorrow with something gentle like avo or squash and then keep a limited diet for a week lots of marrow stock which has glutamine in it. Cardamom pods are also great for dealing with h pylori which may be underlying cause. Chew three a day for about five days

  21. My name is Judy, I have had UC since I was 16. I am 45 now. I had a flare a year ago, but the colozol caused me a lot of pain in my abdomen. Two months ago, I started having pains in my esophagus. It felt like it was spasm too. At first they though it was my heart then GERD. Well, I Lost my insurance and my gastro i had for 15 years. Medi cal has been making us wait to see a dr. for two months. And the pain is so bad ive been to the ER 4 times with shortness of breath and a weird smog like feeling in my esophagus. Has anyone experienced this. So, the ER’s to get rid of me prescribed Malox! Whihc has brought on the worst and lasting diarrhea and now blood in it. Prilosec hurt me bad and then they gave me xanex trying to mask the symptoms. Today saw a new gastro who knew nothing of my history and put me on sulfasalazine because it is what i was on when i was first diagnosed. I am suppose to start the sulfa tomorrow. They are guessing maybe esophageal spasm disease, which i don’t now what that is, I just want ti to stop, it has completely stopped my life. Ive been on the couch for two months with shortness of breath and now the onset of I think the colitis from the medications they tried on me. I take a xanex at night just to feel like my muscles are loose and relaxed so i can fall asleep.

  22. Hey Adam or anybody that might be able to answer this question:

    I am going to start the SCD diet this week for my UC flare. I noticed that no carbs are allowed, but I am not really too sure if I’ll be able to handle that.

    My diet has been pretty bad, and am pretty certain that it’s what has caused my first flare up. However, over the past 2 weeks, I have cut back and have been eating a clean diet – and my symptoms are improving. I do eat white rice everyday, and have heard from a number of people that it is ok to eat for UC.
    Have you cut out white rice, or do you (or anybody else) still enjoy rice? I was also curious about corn tortillas. I think I can cut the rest of the carbs, but am hopeful that I can continue to enjoy these 2 things, as they don’t seem to bother my flare up or UC ever.


    1. Hey PJ,

      Both corn tortillas and white rice are things that are not “allowed” on the SCD diet and are considered illegal, but as we all know, there are also things that seem to work well for some people but not everyone. So, if you try starting SCD and you still continue to eat white rice and corn tortillas and you see your symptoms go away and feel good…, well that might be something that just happens to work for you.

  23. Hello Adam,
    I just found this website. I was diagnosed with Pan UC in 1977 and for the past 20 years the results of my colonoscopies has been “typical old colitis” along with photos with terrible looking red, blistered-looking flesh on the colon wall. I went over 7 years without a colonoscopy and then just recently had one. The results were a clean, smooth, colon wall with “normal” and no sign of inflammation or scarring in the report. Is that even possible? I quit taking meds for it back in about 1980 because they didn’t seem to make any difference. I have been, pretty much, asymptomatic for the past 15 years or so. Is this normal? I have even been wondering if my report was mixed up with someone else’s.

    1. That’s great to hear Delilah!

      Super, and congrats on all the healing!!

      As for normal, tuff to say. I don’t often hear of results as amazing as yours, but at the same time, for people who are in great health with UC, I suspect (although I could be very wrong, and I hope I’m wrong) those folks aren’t spending as much time online with regards to UC research when compared to those who are in the middle of flare ups. But, either way, I think you are probably on the more incredible side of the average UC’ers symptoms, and that should be celebrated. And great job for making decisions along the way that seemed right for you (i’m referring to the medication decisions you made. That’s a hard one for many to make especially when so much of the literature and doctors recommendations go against that thinking…but sometimes it is the right move, and someday I suspect we’ll know more about why that works so well for some UC’ers.)

      Congrats on your healing, and keep us posted,

  24. Hi Adam,

    From reading your post about the prednisone, it looks like it took you about a month to taper down from 15mg/day to 10mg/day. Did you decrease in 5mg increments? Do you remember how long you were on the 10mg and then how you tapered down from there until you were off of it? Was your flare cleared up by then?

    I’ve been on 20mg/day for a week. D and cramping are improving slightly, but not the bleeding. Super frustrating because I’m fanatical about the SCD diet out of desperation to stay off meds and I don’t understand why my body doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

    Thanks for any feedback and for the awesome information you keep us all posted with : )


    1. Hi Ula,

      As for the prednisone taper, I went from about 15 mg/day then down to 12.5 for at least a week, then 10/mg a week, then 7.5 etc… so going down by 2.5 mg each step after being at 15.

      I would talk to your doc about that. Everyone’s doc will have a different steroid recommended taper, so take a grain of salt first. And since everyone reacts a bit different…well, time to be your own expert.

      As for foods, I would try really basic foods like chicken and soups with chicken. You can check out my video here of some basic stuff, especially until blood is gone. When i was done with the slow slow taper, I was symptom free. here is a video on basics for SCD and getting out of a flare I had without steroids a while back:

      As for foods…if you’re eating lots of nut breads for example..I’d cut that out 100% until symtomps are better for several months.

      Also, one final thing, I’d get a c-diff test to make sure you can rule that out as not being a part of your deal right now if you have not already.

      I wish you the best,


  25. My back went out or that is what I thought. Seen drs and was treated for back problems for 2 1/2 months the had terrible pain in right side thought is was gallbladder. It got severely bad one day before getting test on gallbladder, sent me for ct scan and seen I had intestnal infection, put me in the hospital for 5 days. Lost around 15lbs. I am very tiny person and really couldn’t afford to loose any weight.drs said colitis. Month later went for colonoscopy and said it was 95% resolved. I have been on antibotics for 2 months. On flagal now to clear up cidis. I take Xanax and a couple other meds for spasum and acid in stomach. The pain is so bad in right side still. my poop is soft and yellow sometimes brown. I’m tired all the time. No entergy at all. My joints hurt. I just don’t know what to do.

  26. Also I have been living on potatoes and sandwiches with white bread . I will be buying you book to help me. This information you have providing seems to be what I need.

  27. Hi Adam,

    My name is Elliott and I’m 20 years old and I have UC. I have had it since I was 17 and I feel like right now I’m going no where in life simply because my UC is so bad. I have already had multiple colonoscopys and have been on many different medications, but nothing has seemed to get my stomach on track except for prednisone but I can’t take that for more than a week. I have tried eating healthy and drinking mainly smoothies for meal replacements but not a single speck of progress has shown. I feel like I’m at point to where I just want to give up. I can barley hold a job because I have around 4-5 uncontrollable bowl movements which cause me to have use the restroom quite a bit. Not only that , but I always have blood in my stool which make me anemic and then my whole mindset changes and I’m a walking zombie. I don’t know what to do any more and I’m really getting tired of not being to reach my goals in life because of this, it has ruined my life and has stressed me out more than anything. If you know of anything that could help me I would really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Elliott,

      Thanks for writing in. You know, pretty much all the UC’ers out there have felt exactly like you at some point in their “UC Career” so don’t feel like you are the odd ball by any means. Cause you’re not.

      ONe thing I had an initial question about was prednisone, and how you mentioned that you can take it for only a week. I have never heard a single person on the site mention that before, so is there a specific reason for that? I ask mainly because people with UC are typically on a relatively long (1-2 months) course of prednisone when they start it with a traditionally long tapering sessions which can go on for many weeks. I would recommend you talk to your Gastro doctor about that, 1 week seems awfully short to give that stuff a chacne and to taper properly….

      As for foods, there are many pages on the site where I have gone into diet and actual meals, you can start off with my colitis flare beatdown party video:

      Lots of stuff on the site you can read anytime that goes into diet. The site map might be a good place for you to browse through as well:

      Best of luck buddy,


      1. Elliot,

        Sorry to hear about your troubles; we’ve all been there and it sucks. But you are not alone….there are MANY of us who have UC.

        I believe you will get better, but it’s always hard to believe that when in a flare. Reading the success stories on this site is the perfect place to start. I was in really bad shape — 16-20 BM a day, and all that blood, anemia, brain fog, etc. really got me down. It was sites like this that helped my journey.

        Today, while I’m not in perfect shape, I am in remission, (but certain food and lifestyle changes are permanent for me…no wheat, low carbs generally, no insoluble fiber, low alcohol, etc.)

        I am not here to say this is a short / easy journey, but there are solutions, and at least for me, they were found by trial and error, and keeping a diary.

        Read all of Adam’s posts, especially diet!!

        I second Adam’s statement to check in with the Dr. on prednisone. I used to take prednisone in small amounts, (against my doctors taper instructions…), and I ended up creating a situation where my body no longer responds to prednisone. This is called being refractory, I am to blame for that one.

        This site has good diet and other ideas that will help you find out what your body will tolerate, and what it won’t.

        SCD diet and hybrid versions of that diet seem to be very helpful for a lot of us. I tried everything…SCD, other diet changes, gluten/dairy free, all kinds of supplements, FMT, etc., and narrowed it to what works. Unfortunately we are all so genetically different that there is no ‘one solution’. Over time I healed, and I’m sure you will too.

        best of luck

  28. Many of us has and are still going through hell. I’ve been there too many times. But i am determined to get on top of UC problems.And I am.
    The 1st thing i did was to go onto vitamin D3 40,000 IU daily,oil capsules, natural anti-inflammatory,( i think vital, oil that is) spread out, 10,000IU X 4. Very surprised how quickly things improved, now for 27 months, no, yes no, meds. After 14 months 20,000IU, then another 10 months, now 10,000IU. Ebay, Healthy Origins, dirt cheap. And no, toxicity comes in about 100,000IU daily. Loads of twaddle spoken of this.
    I also challenge the aspect of dietary adjustments, rather than, (and i have done it myself), pander to my inability to tolerate certain foods, i assist my body to digest correctly. I use digestive enzymes, either Now Foods Pancreatin X 4,( Astro Nutrition) or now i have my GP prescribe Pancrex V. He is good, he listens. This, in my experience digests foods more efficiently, thereby reducing undigested food in the intestines which can and do, aggravate the gut. It’s called, suck it and see.
    The medication we are given, the enteric coating has been brought into question in late 2012, causing serious endocrine problems, energy and sexual welbeing. 2 specific phthalates dibutyl phthalate (DPB) and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP). Look it up.
    I am no more a doctor than anyone, but my inference is that these damage our HPA axis in some way, which causes massive fatigue plus knocks out sex hormones which damage other vital wellbeing. My testosterone was, since being on Mesren/ Pentasa, on the floor causing weakness and bone pain, and i was left with a persistent cough. And no, it did not improve, coming off the drugs, after 27 months, permanent damage has been done.
    I am now prescribed Testosterone, gel, much improved strength, but still exhausted and that cough. I have added DHEA, 400mgs day, brilliant, this also stopped the clear bowel lining jelly coming out, and cured that deep seated cough/asthma. Again improvement, then i added an ayervedic herb, Shatavari, about 6 grams daily, powder is available, Indigo herbs, or capsules, from Health Monthly.Look it up. Brilliant.
    The last supplement, and yes i regularly take all of these, and you really must look this up, L-Tryptophan, 3 grams a day, bedtime. Incredibly, and i would never have thought it, 90% of our serotonin is produced in our bowel, ( i assume it was a brain chemical, wrong ) and it is a major influence on inflammatory markers. We know about inflammation, Only use pharmaceutical grade, again powder or capsules, mostly online from USA. Capsules again Now Foods, Astro nutritien, excellent company, or powder Ebay, again USA.
    Yes, a lot to take in, my sentiment is everything has cause and effect, i’m going for the cause, and i believe i am winning.I’ve stopped the effect!
    Biggest problem we have is Pharmaceutical companies feel unless their finger is in the pie, that is a patent able profitable substance, don’t use it.
    One of my consultants years ago once said, the worst thing western medicine ever did was to scrap natural substances and replace them with pharmaceuticals, they should have been complementary to the natural substances. ( Clearly, no money it that)
    Sadly most people only do what their doctor tells them, well doctors invariably have no knowledge of these substances, except of coarse, if their great grandad was a doctor prior to prednisolone and cortisone, and yes, in the 1940s we had DHEA and Pregnenolone, made from yam, a pharmaceutical process, but could not be patented. And yes, that was used to improve your own steroid production.And yes, it works, in the right mount.Keep increasing untill you have an effect, i went to 10 x 100mgs,( Health monthly, Swanson DHEA 100mg), then gradually come back to where you loose effect, then back up gradually.I settled on 400mg plus 100mg pregnenolone. Advantage being, pregnenolone converts to progesterone and DHEA, which limits eostrogen, preventing prostate cancer.
    I eat everything,curries the lot.
    I hope you can take some of this in, and yes, all of this can be complementary to your drugs, hopefully you may consider reducing these as you progress, good luck. It’s called survival.

  29. Hello again
    Just a short note after using L-Tryptophan powder in place of tablets, literally chalk and cheese, brilliant.
    The powder is a massive improvement on the tablets, if you look it up, Tryptophan, which we would normally absorb via protein, but having UC will interfere with that. It is the bodies own defense against all the serious inflammation markers. Taking Tryptophan powder, in place of tablets, is a different story, it actually stops the irritable bowel symptoms, and i assume the inflammation into the bargain.
    I’m due a sigmoidoscopy shortly, just to check on progress, i’ll let you know.
    You have to be crazy not to look at this. I am delighted.
    I seriously believe i am onto the cure, it’s now 27 months, no meds, every thing i have done previously has had a controlling or calming effect, Tryptophan, i suspect is a possible cure. Sadly the pharmaceutical companies don’t want this, because they cannot patent it.
    If you find you are a little drowsy in the morning, simply add Kapikachhu, ( UK Indigo herbs, top quality) (another ayervedic herb, along with Shatavari, rebuilds mucous lining) about a tablespoon full, this increases your dopamine, safely, and no drowsyness.
    Richard Neville, UK.

  30. I have had a flare up this last 6 weeks..lost 30 lbs. Living on ensure drinks..stress seems to cause the flare ups…I’m waiting to see me GI… This is my second flare up.. I’ve been eating a bland diet. And also went to the co-op natural food store and got a really good liquid pro biotics 1oo billion…I seemed to b getting better then last night got hit hard..almost had to go to er horribal pain and diarrhea.. Just been drinking liquids today. I feel a lil better but my colon hurts bad on left side…any feedback on pro biotics would b great.

  31. Thank you.I see that probiotic is 50 billion…I’m using one from our natural food store that has to be chilled and is a liquid and it’s 100 billion… Per tablespoon.. Have you used probiotics to help with the flare up?

  32. I’m waiting for my apt with my GI doctor.. Hopefully soon.. I have lost so much weight.. And want to feel normal again..I have a Hawaii trip planned end of April which is paid for..if I don’t get well soon I may have to cancel;(

  33. Tryptophan is still doing brilliantly, just search tryptophan and colitis, you will wonder why we have not tried before, ive never heard of it related to crohn’s/colitis.
    Because i had not been sleeping well, for a couple of years, i’ve tried valarien, quite good, but very high dose needed, 5HTP, not bad, ( some advise against) but Tryptophan was best. I noticed a couple of times, if i took what was the so called max dose, 3grm, my bowel movements were less urgent in the mornings. After the 3rd time, i looked it up, how can tryptophan effect my bowels?
    Well, shock, 95% of our Seratonin is produced in the bowel, I’d never have thought it. But then articles go on to explain that most of the bodies inflammatory markers, including colitis inflammatory, are controlled by tryptophan. Tablets being quite expensive, and already using other powdered herbs, very successfully, i bought powder, from Nutri Vita, via Ebay, fraction of the price, far more responsive. I have also tried using a tryptophan tablet as a pessary, yes it works, don’t forget, i’m no more a doctor than you, but it worked! Tablets are NOW Foods, 1grm, can’t put powder up your bum, sorry, lowering the tone.
    Judging by my consultants letter to me after a very recent consultation, where he casually stated, i was controlling my colitis with Tryptophan, it inferred he was aware of it’s capability.
    If this is the case, and i suspect by the tone of the letter he does, if i get it confirmed, i and many of us would gladly punch him, to be aware of such an available substance’s potential, and to then allow the daunting suffering we have and many still do, is shocking.
    As i said previously, i am due a sigmoidoscopy soon, i’ll feed back results if inflammation has receded, or not, but i feel fine, i eat everything, currys, chillies, but i do cheat i use digestive enzymes (pancrex V, i get them prescribed, brilliant GP, he listens to me) with main meal. I suspect using these also help to digest and absorb amino acids like tryptophan, who knows? I also use pancrex 125, ( much smaller than V ) with any tablets and supplements, i feel they are absorbed better
    If you hear of an NHS gastro consultant beaten up, it was me!
    I’ll feed back on procedure as soon as.
    When you look up this research, you will be very, very surprised, as i was, shocked, what it can do.
    All my supplements originally were complementary to medication, not alternative, i’ve just done rather well, realised the dangers of enteric coating, ( look it up, phythates, probably kill us, ) on our anti-inflammatory drugs, and i have stopped them, over 2 years ago. but that’s for you to decide.
    It’s called survival.

    Supplements i use, daily,1, 2, 3, 4 times a day.
    Vit d3, 10,000 iu, (1st 14 months, 40,000 iu oil capsules) 30 months now, brilliant anti-inflammatory. Healthy Origins, Ebay or other, dirt cheap.
    Krill oil 1,000mgs cholesterol control
    testosterone gel prescribed bio identical hormone
    Kapikachhu, (macuna pruriens) stimulates growth hormone, Indigo herbs
    Shatavari, good for bowel mucous, indigo herbs
    Last 2 Ayervedic medicine, very interesting and rather good.
    L- citrulline, lowers blood pressure. nutri vita
    L-tryptophan nutri vita Is this a cure ????
    pig’s thyroid, no thyroid gland, prescribed natural thyroid
    400mgs DHEA from Yam, Health Monthly, Jersey, for energy, brilliant.
    50mgs pregnenolone, from Yam, same protects against excess estrogen
    maca for energy varios, but like other herbs, always organic only
    oyster extract from japan, Ebay, good for zinc and prostate very cheap sachets,
    Yes, a lot of supplements, no drugs, i have quality in my life, been very difficult, as you all
    know, i wish you all the same.
    I’m 66 and i play walking football now, couldn’t 24 months ago.


  34. Still doing well on Typtophan, latest was a sigmoidoscopy to remove a polyp. Seeing inside of bowel, massive improvement, far less inflammation, just last couple of inches.
    This was about 3 months ago, continue to do well.Probably all gone by now?
    Using 2 teaspoons tryptophan, about 10 grams, in water, with spoon of honey.
    If you have not looked this up yet, you want your bumps felt. It works, and in my experience it is healing me, if not actually healed!.Honey helps trytophan to cross blood brain barrier to help sleep, increases seratonin, but not essential for bowel inflammation.
    The article, just search tryptophan and crohn’s/colitis, it talks about tryptophan being natural defense (it is just part of protein) against TNF, tumor necrosis factor, and interleukin 6, both involved in bowel and prostate cancer. A no brainer.
    The results of removed polyp, consultant was impressed, no signs of inflammation/cancer.
    I’ve been off pentassa for over 2 years, not that i would advise to others, but add tryptophan, it’s quite cheap, powder 1kg cost me £80, from America, it’s called suck it and see. In UK, if i ask a consultant, they don’t want to know, well i do, and i now benefit
    Wake up others, look after yourself, stop pharmaceutical companies ruling the roost, they don’t like tryptophan, cause they cannot patent it, it’s natural.
    But don’t forget, the anti=inflammatories you take are coated with Phythalates, not nice stuff, clever, but potentially dangerous, can ruin your endocrine and reproductive organs.
    Gave me a persistant cough and damaged fatigue and testosterone output.
    Good luck.

  35. Hello again
    Just had letter from NHS consultant, addressed to my GP, (general practitioner) His words are ; ” Mr Neville is doing extremely well. He is on no treatment for his colitis other than the tryptophan and the DHEA which he has been using very effectively over the years. ( i’ve been using this combination about 15 months, prior to this, i used , as i still do, up to 40,000IU vit D3 oil capsules, i believe this is important,, now 10,000. This is good for stopping flares, but did not cure, like tryptophan and DHEA, these are my words ) When Mr Neville had a sigmoidoscopy recently, his mucosa was pretty much healed. There are no abnormalities on examination”
    What more can i say, i used 5-10 grms trytophan powder plus Swanson DHEA 600-800 mgs daily. A trick i also used to speed up healing last few inches bowel inflammation, was using a tryptophan 1000mg tablet ( Now Foods) as a pessary, brilliant.
    We all appear to be told, there is no cure, just some control, i’m pleased to say they are wrong, i’ve done it and want you to know.
    Don’t forget what i have said previously, because of what these supplements are, you can take these as a complement to medication, don’t take chances. When you begin to get better,then back off drugs with medical approval if you wish.
    I am not medically trained or qualified, i just want to share my success with you.
    Again, look it up on line, tryptophan is a Tumor Necrosis factor and interluken 6 inhibitor , these are cancer markers.
    Common sense is everything has a cause and effect, go for the cause, good health to you.
    Richard Neville

  36. Hey,
    I’m from India I think the version of this disease is some what milder here…I was diagnosed in 8 June 2016…First 40 mg prednisolone eventually tampered to 5 mg with mesalazine 2400 mg daily orally……I think u can eat anything even carbs do not matter at least for me…Recently I was having a flare which lasted for 2 week…
    One thing I M damn sure that frequent workouts and (smoking in case of mine)..Triggered the flares…The first 4 months was completely good with complete Remmision…Then a flare although not like the first one hit…..
    Can u tell me what is the current diagnoses in western countries????Can we hope for the cure???
    I have Recently completed my engineering and got placed in IBM…Yet to join …But always miming…. is this disease is going to ruin my career..

    1. Hi Sharada,

      Thx for sharing your story!

      As for a cure to this disease, there is often talks from researchers and some organizations such as the that work is being done on that, however more time and efforts from drug companies goes into long term treatments. (I wish it was different, but that has been my observation for quite some time now).

      As dor your career, YES of course you can do those thungs!!!!

  37. Wow. I just started taking L-tryptophan yesterday (1gm) and I am noticing a general sense of well-being already. Fewer bathroom trips, less urgency, better sleep so far. UC 32 years, SCDiet 18 years.

  38. Update again, Tryptophan plus DHEA, decent amounts, Dhea is a million times safer than Prednisolone and it’s natural. As i said previously, a dose of 800mgs daily, Swanson Ultra 100mg x 8 or less, just try, it works.Tryptophan, you will need a decent amount, remember, your gut is not absorbing well, i use 3-6grams daily, powder, much cheaper and in my experience, more effective.
    I am doing well, i am healed, but i continue my regime, i sleep, i also have energy, due to DHEA. I now play football, brillaint.
    Doctors invariably are not trained in such substances, they are trained to use pharmaceutical, very clever stuff to control, but don’t heal. Plus do a lot of damage, they call it compromise.
    Pharmaceutical companies have their place, but not in curing colitis/chrones, or for that matter chronic fatigue.
    How about Parkinson’s, again, i’ve cured, i say i have, no, Ginkgo has. It’s the same as vascular dementia, just different part of brain, yes, i’ve had Parkinson’s and cured it with Ginkgo, must be at least Pharnaceutical grade, EGB761, human trials say no, doesn’t work, correct, check trials on rats, it work. Why? Simple, rats are given 20-30 times the dose. guess what i did, yes, you guessed it, i started going to 6 times daily, absolute hellish headaches, like red hot needle in brain, took me 6 months to get to 6 x dosage,. I now take 24 times, yes i cheat, i use pure terpene trilactones of Ginkgo, nearly impossible to get, Baspharma, Holland and Hong Kong used to market Ginkgoterp Brain Care, i still manage to get it. But you can use standard Ginkgo, must be EGB761 grade, otherwise, the ginkgo toxins are unregulated. Natures Best, Tonbridge Wells Kent, England. I cured Parkinson’s also and my mental agility is 10 times what it was. My mother, 93, also has the same ginkgo as me, but 16 times. She is diagnosed Dementia, she has not got dementia, total twaddle, like many elderly, she has MCI, mild cognitive impairment. Yes Ginkgo, decent amount makes massive difference as it has with me, i’m 67 by the way.
    Another tip with UC/Chrones/diverticular, common problem, as it was with me, bowel stasis, fibergel helps, but sildenofil, (viagra) cures. Not licenced for this but works brilliantly, dirt cheap from India, i get some prescribed by doctor on NHS, supposedly for erection problems, but best side effect yet, bowel muscles work. It is recognised for gastric stasis, my consultant agrees with me, but due to NHS regulation, not licenced for this. It appears it is good for many vascular, including cardiac problems, it appears it just allow blood to circulate in a controlled manor, as it should UC screws this up, but you can put it right, and of course, women can equally take this. Initial side effects, stuffed nose, eyes water a lot, but wears off. Maybe i should have been a doctor, more like a witch doctor many will say, anyway good luck, it’s called suck it and see, i’m seeing, good luck those who try.
    Please share your success stories, we can all benifit, thank you.

  39. Thanks Richard for the update. I appreciate so much the information you are sharing, especially since you have found such success (beyond my own research for sure). I am day two of tryptophan and feeling even better, though still pass a little mucus and bleeding first thing in the morning. I have been told that r-lipoic acid and low dose naltrexone along with tryptophan are effective. Have you heard of this? I will look into the DHEA you mentioned. All the best. PS I am looking forward to getting back to playing football myself.

  40. DHEA does what steroids do, but naturally, food for your own adrenals, working within your system, ( HPA axis ) not against it, as steroids are,( but do help temporarily).. Made of Yam, but a pharmaceutical process, eating yam does not give you DHEA. Pregnenolone is similar, again from yam.
    Taking a reasonable dose of DHEA may boost estrogen, so taking pregnenolone as well is good, as it produces progesterone, your natural estrogen balancer. Good for men and women, I take 100 pregnenolone to 800 DHEA, both Swanson Ultra.
    If you look up DHEA and UC/ Chrones, there are articles on this, one clearly suggests after successful trial on 200mgs, higher dose would be interesting.
    If you go into most health food shops, you will find, vitamin C, 50mg, take one a day, do not exceed stated dose, alongside that, there is 100mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg, guess what is written on these, yes, take one a day, all twaddle. Nobody wants to research higher doses, if you want to help yourself, sorry, but you have to do it yourself. There may be a risk, but none i am aware of, but years of bowel inflammation is a massive risk for cancer.
    As i have said before, i am not qualified in these matters, only in so much as my incredible success personally. I enjoy passing on my understanding to help others.
    Playing football can play havoc with my knees, do i fix it, you bet, 2.000 mg Krill oil, yes i take a lot of supplements, but i have quality in my life. Tryptophan needs to be taken in large amounts, 3-6grams daily. Powder, pharmaceutical grade, is better and cheaper.
    As usual, good luck everyone.

  41. Thanks again, Richard. Unfortunately, in Canada DHEA has been recently banned as a supplement. I will have to check if my doctor will prescribe it. Health Canada has been slowly pulling natural remedies from Canadian shelves for “safety” reasons, and treating them as drugs in terms of testing requirements. I believe this is likely aligned with some sort of drug lobby pressure, though I have not investigated it. Meanwhile, I can at least up my dose of tryptophan. I have had knee problems from football as well. I have found Knox gelatin (jello made with halfnhalf Welsh’s grape juice and water) at 1 cup a day to be just like getting a lube job for my joints. All the best!

  42. Hi Adam, I read one of your blogs about very high doses of vit D to stop the bleeding and decided to try it, had 20000IU of liposomal vit D3 this morning and for the rest of the day I have low abdominal cramps I never had before. did you or anyone else had this effect so soon and sudden?

  43. Just a thought for Peter Harris, sorry, a bit late.
    You say that DHEA is not available in Canada, what about Pregnenolone, it’s a precurser to DHEA and consequently produces DHEA, both of which are pharmaceutically produced from Yam, and no eating Yam does not work. Can you simply mail order it from the states?
    The alternative of course is steroids, but again a controversial method, because it normally creates horrible side effects, and cannot be continually used. You could ask your doctor if he/she would prescribe physiological dosage ( tiny ) of cortisol, that is instead of the normal pharmaceutical doses which can do great harm. A very interesting book on this, is “Safe uses of cortisol” isbn 0-398-07501-8, it’s by William McK Jefferies, Very interesting reading,. If you can go down this path, theoretically it would be the same as using DHEA, effectively supporting your adrenal glands.
    My philosophy is every thing has cause and effect, go for the cause, which is likely poor cortisol production, which of course can be remedied via DHEA, as it feeds the adrenals, but in your case maybe consider “safe use of cortisol”, Good luck, never give in, it’s your quality of life and also probably your partner’s and friends effected also.

  44. Thanks, Richard. Unfortunately, Pregnenolone is a prescription supplement in Canada, as well. I may try to get my doctor to prescribe the DHEA or Pregnenolone next time I see him.

  45. HI Richard,
    Thank you for all of your info.I have had UC for 10 plus years. Controlled pretty well with Imuran and Mesalamine over the past several years. Have had horrible 2 yrs. sick 6 months off and on 2016. dr wanted me to start biologic drugs a few yrs back but was scared. Was so sick last few months didnt realize how sick ended up in hospital and dr said colon looked so bad very close to surgery. On 40 mg prednisone last 4wks and started Entyvio had 2 loading doses. bleeding stopped and have formed stools within 4 days of steroids. now waiting to see if Entivyo works. scared as staying on 40mg pred for prob 4 more weeks and at last loading dose of Entyvio will have scope. any suggestions? would you try tryptophan??? im taking 2000 iu vit d3 and 1200 mg calcium dailty alos anemic trying to get iron up. THANKS FOR ANY COMMENTS

  46. Tryptophan, (pharmaceutical grade ) powder that is, (cheaper and more effective in my case ) has been my savior, 2-3 gram at night, mixed with liquid/yogurt. I still take it after my consultant has said i’ve cured myself with DHEA and Tryptophan. This substance by the way, you would normally absorb through food, chicken ect, but with UC, you simply will not. It also is the precurser to TNF inhibition and interleuken 6, both cancer precursers! Also, it produces your melatonin and seratonin, so you will feel better and sleep. A very good and natural antidepressant, ditch any SSRIs if you can, but very slowly.
    where you are prescribed prednisone, very effective but long term side effects, your own steroid production is clearly deficient. I have very successfully remedied this by supporting my adrenal glands with DHEA, which we produce naturally in sufficient amounts in good health. Clearly with UC, we are not. DHEA is simply the food for your adrenals to naturally supply steroid requirements of our body. We normally manufacture this from LDL,” bad” cholesterol, which of course is actually good for us. When we age, or get ill, we simply produce less, when we produce none, we die, simple. I use 10 X 100mgs daily, Swanson, all together in the morning. A good alternative is of course to find a doctor who will prescribe physiological dose of cortisol, ( yours is pharmalogical, that is far in excess of normal ) simply topping up the body’s supply, that is instead of the parmalogical dose you are prescribed. Read ” Safe uses of cortisol” by William Mc K Jefferies, a facinating book. ISBN 0-398-07501-8. Dhea does the job, in the right amount that is, but if you either cannot get DHEA or would rather not, the benefit of safe doses ( physiological ) of cortisol are enormous. Good luck.

  47. Richard,
    Thanks so much for your reply. I feel the need to follow my doctors orders right now. 40 mg PREDNISONE150 mg IMMURAN and the addition of ENTYVIO. last loading dose will be March 30th then scope to check progress.
    In the meantime, do you think it would be beneficial to add the DHEA or TRYPTOPHAN to help with my progress. LOOKING FOR ANY HELP AS I’M SCARED TO LOSE MY COLON. Dr telling me I’m very close. That is why he is keeping me on the 40mg prednisone along w/Entyvio for best result. I was only taking 1000 mg Vit D3 and just increased to 5000 yesterday after reading new studies. My Vit D level was only 39 in Jan.
    i was also thinking about looking for something to help with the side effects of PRED i have never been on 40 mg longer than 2wks before weaning off and am dealing with increasing side effects. I do take 10 mg melatonin to sleep when not on PRED I take 5mg.
    Thanks so much!

  48. Hello again Michelle
    I’m sorry to hear you are going thru hell at present.
    Firstly, do remember, i am not medically trained, i simply pass on my experience, and understanding, if i were a doctor, i’d more likely be a witch doctor!
    Your D3 is good, but to my knowledge, high dose vit d3 in oil capsules, must be oil capsules, coat the colon and act as anti inflammatory in it’s own right, ( this is cholecalciferol ) i was taking 40,000 IU daily, split during day, and yes it worked. In your present state, you won’t i suspect absorb much, but just being there i believe does the job. It appears a healthy person could take this dose plus without fear.
    The Tryptophan, ( powder in my experience is best by far , it is just part of our food ) you will again have to take a high dose, minimum 3 grams, up to 6 grams i took, again split twice a day at least. This will effectively could replace your Melatonin, i’d be surprised if you could overdose, but the main thing is inflammation, and Tryptophan does exactly that. TNF, tumour necrosis factor and interleukin 6 are what Tryptophan protects against, that’s early stage potentially cancer. Again, look it up.The steroids you are prescribed will stop your HPA axis, but needs must, i’d do as i was told in your situation, but once off them, after maybe a couple of weeks, either DHEA, a good sized dose, or with a doctors help, if you can find one that practices this, physiological dose of cortisol, low enough, not to stop your HPA axis, ( side effects are because of this ) but sufficient to prevent inflammation returning. Do try to read up on “Safe uses of cortisol” This is very old school medicine, but successful.
    Try to understand what is happening and try to take some control, easier said than done.
    , You should consider taking Vit K, both K1 and K2, it appears you can’t overdose, so again, lots, it’s good to stop bleeding, plus once well, it’ll prevents calcium entering blood and direct it to your bones.Again, look it up, Colitis is one massive learning curve. Don’t give up, fight this and you can win.

  49. Richard,

    Again, Thanks so much for your input. I understand your position just sharing what’s worked for you and appreciate it very much. I will not stop any of my prescribed treatment. I just wanted your opinion if you think the DHEA or Tryptophan would help in addition to my treatment. I too have read many articles about K2 and now that i’m increasing to 5000 mg d3 a day will be getting some. Where do you get the Tryptophan. Ive seen DHEA everywhere is the something to look out for. Again, thanks so much just want to know if you would add to regimen now to help?

  50. Yes, up your D3 .–Do think about upping substantially your D3, i got it on a recommendation at 40,000 IU. Instant anti inflammatory, brilliant.Crazy not to try this. Really harmless i believe.I used this for about 18 months, and it held back flares. Go for it. Still on 5,000 IU after 3 years.
    I use Swanson Ultra DHEA 100mgs, x 10. Depending on your size 3/400 mgs upwards to make a difference. Again look up Google DHEA and Colitis.They found 200 mg made a difference, but trial writer interested in larger dose, which is what i do/ did..
    Tryptophan, i got mine from Nutri Vita shop, i’m on my 2nd Kilo, excellent, they do sell via Ebay., I made a point of using same brand because it worked.
    You appear not to be interested in Safe uses Cortisol, but can be very safe, possibly more controllable than DHEA via medical profession, although they may help you with DHEA.
    I had to do this myself without help, which is where DHEA is doable.
    Low dose cortisol and DHEA tend to be done on a “suck it and see” basis. That is trying different doses, cortisol of course in a maximum not to exceed natural output, thereby not switching off your HPA axis, vital for long term control. Theoretically, DHEA doesn’t do that, i believe. After a while once balanced on DHEA, consider adding smaller amount of Pregnenolone to potentially balance estrogen production, because it produces Progesterone as well as DHEA. Again look it up, good luck, here’s wishing you success,

  51. Thanks again, I am interested in safe uses Cortisol and will research it as well. Again, just looking for clarification if you think I should use DHEA and Tryptophan along with my course of meds to speed healing for now ? Don’t want to do anything to compromise my treatment obviously but if its harmless as Vitamin D3 Im game to try it.

    Thanks for all your input!

  52. I would not interfere with DHEA at this stage, later, once you are off steroids.
    But increase your D3 8 fold to 40,000 IU, split between say 4 times during day.
    Definitely Tryptophan and again large dose, don’t forget lots will simply flush from your system, but minimum 3 grams, ideally 6 grams, again split.
    If you can’t get powder quickly, tablets OK, but in my experience you need more to do same job, plus more expensive to start. I used to use NOW foods 1,000mg tryptophan capsules. Good but not as good as powder. Maybe powder is absorbed easier? One advantage of the capsules is you can use one as a pessary, simply use a lubricant to insert, this gets the tryptophan to the most extremity of your bowel , not easy with oral,and can help with urgency, brilliant again. Again, i’m not a doctor, but when needs must, go for it, i did.
    Vit D3 is available in 10,000 IU capsules from Healthy Origins X 360 capsules, and cheap, all it is is irradiated, with UVB, lanolin oil.
    Ideally try to get book on “Safe uses of cortisol” hopefully you can get it from your library. Very interesting read, i have my own copy and it specifically refers to UC, but the interesting thing is the principle, not exceeding the bodies normal production, that is physiological, whereas your doctor will have prescribed pharmalogical dose, way way in excess of your normal production, clever because works quickly, but cannot be continued indefinatley, whereas physiological can, for life if necessary. Simply not practiced these days, pharmaceutical companies don’t earn on the small doses, as their patents have expired.
    Do i assume you are in USA, i’m UK, England.

  53. Richard
    Thank you so much! I just finished researching that answer myself. NO DHEA if your on Prednisone!! Thank you! research has been known and ongoing for so many years and I have never heard of it for UC. I believer there are so many answers out there being kept tucked away
    so big Pharma can profit. Definitely going to get higher MG D3 tomorrow. I’ll have to shop for Tryptophan. Yes, I am in the USA> and live in the Midwest where the Sun days are far and few in the winter months and AH ha that’s when I usually get sick. I can’t remember being sick in spring or summer. Do you know any good websites with updated research?
    Thanks again Richard!
    Cheers! Bound and determined to beat this!

  54. Just quickly, i also cheat lack of sunshine here in UK, i bought a Sperti vit D lamp, about 3 years ago, yes, American, just like most of my supplements, including Swanson and Vita Nutri tryptophan
    When we get there, hell will be standing room only, it’ll be full of pharmaceutical company researchers who keep this info from our health systems and us, in the name of profit.

  55. Richard,
    Its so unfortunate that we have let big Pharma get so far. I am truly grateful for your insight and hope that it helps me. Going today to get Tryptophan and stronger D3. Hoping to find a D3 that contains K2. Also still working on my iron levels. (9) Hemo was only 9.2 last week but up from 8.
    Feeling like 40MG of PRED UGHHH! Have never been on this high dose for so long since Feb 3.
    usually wean off after 2 weeks. Im a little scared being on this high dose for so long. definitely feeling side effects. Skin thinning, weight gain etc.. Taking 1200 mg of Calcium a day. I was thinking about looking into some kind of support for adrenals but frankly scared to be messing around with my system right now. Need to do some research here. Thanks again Richard. So nice to have some support.

  56. Hello everyone
    I hope some of you have tried some of my witch doctor remedies, as they do work.
    I’ve already mentioned problems of bowel stasis after healing takes place, using sildenefil, 4-6 times daily 25mg, brilliant. Dirt cheap from India. Also the same if you have or have had diverticuler, it’s vascular that causes it, and sildenefil cure that!
    A bit of fine tuning to bowel habit is also slippery elm, again i use Swanson, but i’m sure most makes the same, probably dearer. Calming and roughage, better than using Loperimide, in comparison, somewhat crude, i’m sure no good for us.
    As i have said before, try, (easier said than done),to understand what is not working, and again, try to remedy. DHEA and Tryptophan are my saviours, big big doses, probably because we don’t absorb very efficiently, adjust to get effect, don’t be afraid of big doses, be afraid of what Colitis does and can do to us, the worst!
    I’m still not medically qualified in any way, just a previous sufferer, hopefully like you one day,
    Good luck.

  57. Hi,I read your blog named “How Fast Does the Colon Heal From Colitis Symptoms” like every week.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about love spell.

  58. Hello
    I’ve not posted here for a while.
    Just to update, , after getting good feedback from my consultant, that my ulcerative colitis was in remission, (2017) even without his anti inflammatory drugs, just DHEA and tryptophan, both very high dosage. I thought i would gradually wean myself off tryptophan, the DHEA was essential for quality of life day to day energy, so i have gradually actually increased this, and it’s brilliant, 1,800mgs daily, ouch, yes, but it works, plus 200mg pregnenolone.
    A big mistake coming off tryptophan, clearly i do not absorb this amino acid, sorry, essential amino acid, literally. Colitis returned, and yes, i put myself back on tryptophan, and yes, now, literally perfect, but, i have to take 5 grams at night, with honey, to get it to cross the blood brain barrier, and i sleep great, colitis, totally gone. It is, by the way, conditioning, so keep taking it.
    My theory is that strong antibiotics given about 10 years ago, one was Metronidazole, never felt worse in my life, but told, finish them, worse thing i did, should have listened to my body. I suspect this damaged my ability to absorb, especially tryptophan. Just to remind you, tryptophan is the bodies way of producing serotonin, 95% of it, plus most of all, it is the bodies natural defense against TNF, yes, tumor necrosis factor, and Interleukin 6, both cancer markers.And yes, i am tested for both and yes, tryptophan works.
    So, it appears i,m on tryptophan for life, i use powder from Nutri Vita, via Ebay, excellent, i pay about £80, British pounds, per kilo, a fraction of tablets. If i go abroad, i take tablets, i suspect white powder may arouse suspicion at customs. No, i do not take drugs like Mesren or Acosol, most of us do not know what their enteric coating is made of, Phthylates, banned years ago for babies bottles, but that’s OK, give it to us anyway, no! It can damage your endocrine system, all your steroids are at risk and increases likely hood of cancers. Never stop taking these until you have your bowel under control, both DHEA and Tryptophan are complementary, so if you decide to try, take them as well as, then, if you get control, especially if your consultant confirms you are healed, then come off medication. Sadly, it’s a case of “Who dares wins “, or suck it and see, we have to do this our self.
    The pharmaceutical companies don’t want to give us these, they are natural and non patent able, oh, and don’t forget giant doses of D3, oil based, i took 40,000iu daily,i do not now, but at the time of flares, brilliant. Oil based( Healthy Origins) because Cholecalciferol( D3),clings to the bowel lining and is anti inflammatory. I hope you find this helpful, and good luck.

  59. hi Adam, as a mum obviously I am so scared about my son having his operation 21st February but my husband tells me me constantly,he will be fine he has one of the best surgeons in East Yorkshire carrying out his operation. My son has had this awful diagnosis for 10yrs although he is so happy for this operation to be carried out, his words were just think its going to be a new lease off life for me mum. I”ll be able to do so many things in the last 10yrs I haven’t been able too do eg:- start goig back to work, eating normal etc., but I can’t stop worrying.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      There is an amazingly good chance your son will have an incredible life starting real soon. Here is a list of stories from other UC’ers from after surgery you can read if you wish. And I wish both of you the best,

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