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How a Bad Ulcerative Colitis Flare Started and Stopped (Part 1)


8 thoughts on “How a Bad Ulcerative Colitis Flare Started and Stopped (Part 1)”

  1. I am so sorry Adam. I had one of the worst flair ups for 18 months. Tried everything, holistic, diet, . Finally saw my Gastro doctor. Prednisone 40 mg stopped the misery in 68 hours. I am still on at, down to 20 mg. Still OK . I have UC for 37 years. At my age 72 doctors don’t like to put you on prednisone. I will watch the rest of your u-tube. Wish you a quick healing.

    1. Hi Etelka,

      Thank you for your message:) So sweet of you.

      The reality is that at the moment, I feel fine and normal. Normal bathroom visits once or twice daily etc…

      But, oh yeah… just a few short weeks ago things were super awful.
      I’m glad some steroids have done the trick for you and gotten you to relief:) That is the goal.

      Best regards, and hoping for good times for at least another 72 years for you too!!!


  2. Hi Adam, thanks so much for this. Will watch part 2 once you send it. Because of you I found and followed the SCD diet. it worked great for a while, then I traveled to italy and England one year and Paris and Switzerland the following summer and started to veer off the diet quite a bit which sent the UC into a tailspin while I was at Yellowstone National Park this Sept.!!! went full on with Prednisone 30 mg for several weeks, taper, taper taper to 1.75 for about a month and since Dec 1 so far so good (with daily Pentasa). Not sure if you are ever cured of this – SCD notwithstanding. You said you came out of flare which is great….sometimes we have to rely on some meds even though my inclination is to try to avoid as much as possible. Keep the faith. I have learned soooooo much from you. A million thanks.

    1. Hi Karen!!!!

      WOwwww…I hope you didn’t get scared off by some running buffalo/bison up in land of yellow stones!!
      Wow…last time I was up there was the summer of ’97 with my best bud in a VW bus…thx for bringing back the memories, but super sorry to hear that place was the tailspinner for you.

      Big cheers for you getting the flare under control, and thank you for the million thank you’s:))

  3. Well dammit, Adam, I was thinking you might be flare-free for the rest of your life! So while I’m so sorry this happened, I’m really grateful to you for sharing your story. I was having a couple of flares a year, each about 3-4 months long, even with UC meds, and finally found your site — started SCD, quit my too-stressful job and made some other changes thanks to you and the people that have posted here, and I was thinking maybe I’d be clear & free of flare misery — for the last 9 months, I’ve had nearly zero symptoms and have almost forgotten I even HAVE a colon, it’s been wonderful! I needed this reality check, sigh, I guess. Really looking forward to Part Two. Thanks so much for being real and accessible.

    1. What up Susan Nuss,

      I just read out your message and my wife started laughing:))) You are a funny writer whether you like it or not:)
      OK, wowwie….I never knew this website could be responsible for the unemployement rate temporarily increasing:))) But glad you got out of a stressful job. Those are the silent butt deadly killers.

      OK, th x again for the words and support,

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