Submitted by “Danny Boy” via the Colitis Venting Area:

I have UC.

I was diagnosed with UC in June of 2008. It goes without saying that it has been quite the journey since then.
I am currently living in Richmond, Virginia with my wife and son, who we just welcomed into the world this July!
I love traveling and meeting many diverse types of people from all walks of life.

Medications and Supplements:

I am currently on 60mg of prednisone daily along with Asacol, have been on Lialda, Flagil, and Dexilant.
I also take daily doses of cod liver oil, probiotics and boswelia . I have also gone thru accupuncture therapy which I found to be helpful.

The Story:

One of the most frustrating thing for me has been that there is no “magic bullet” for relief.  Also the many times that I have felt completely alone in dealing with this. I have an amazingly supportive wife and plenty of family and friends who try and relate but as hard as they try they can’t.

I was in the hospital last weekend due to a flare, and have since started the SCD diet. Today is the 3rd day of being on it and I have noticed some improvement. Despite feeling completely exhausted 90% of the time, my gut does seem to be on the upswing. My fingers are crossed but i realize that this is not by any means going to be an overnight remedy.

I am hopefully optimistic about this new diet as i have read many success stories by others who have implemented it.

5 thoughts on “From the Gut”

  1. Glad to hear you the diet is working for you and hope it continues. It is also imperative as I am stating this from my own deductive reasoning to also build up your immune system. Basically, UC is attacking your immune system and we need to find ways whether through diet, exercise, or even a way of thinking to build it up to fight off infections.

    Just recently, right around Halloween time, I got a small papercut which later resulted in a staph infection because my immune system took its time healing. I have taken antibiotic shots and its slowly healing. This is something to consider when we live with this illness. Take better care of ourselves and know you are never alone; there are many of us out there.

    Thanks to Adam and his site, we can all support each other.

    Best of luck!

  2. Glad you’re trying the diet! Give it your all for 30-45 days. If you see improvement, then the diet will probably work for you (or at least it will be one piece of the puzzle).

    It pulled me out of a flare that wouldn’t subside, even after months of trying lots of different medicines.,, and of course, all have good info to help you along your way. There are others too, like that you might find helpful.

    Keep us posted on how things go.

  3. What a positive sounding guy Danny Boy is, I wish him all the luck I can to beat UC. Congratulation on becoming a father, a child can bring you and your wife more joy than all the money and possessions in the world and help you through your periods of despair.

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