Doctor Says: “There’s No Clinical or Medical Proof…”

Have you ever had a conversation with your GI doctor (or any doctor for that matter) and things came to an abrupt end with the doctor saying something along the lines of:

“There’s no scientific data to support this”


“There are no studies that support that…”

Well, one of the bloggers of the universe who I follow named Dr. Madanack (his blog is just posted a story with several links that I think many of you will enjoy reading.

It’s titled:  In the “Absence of Evidence” –

I really enjoyed reading it, and I think you will as well.

As for me, it’s been over 4 years since I said “Adios” to my previously “favorite GI” doctor.

The main reason was simple.  He had ZERO interest in recognizing that there was a relationship between my improved health and colitis remission due to my diet changes.  Even when I told him I was OFF all the medications he prescribed he still thought there was no relationship.  That pissed me off, and I was shocked.  I was hoping he’d be super happy for me…not the case at all.

Once I realized he was never going to listen to me, I ended our relationship, and moved on.

I know without a doubt that diet has been a major contributing factor in my remission for so many years now.  At the same time,  it’s very unlikely that diet treatment of UC will become the most popular topic for “scientific studies”.  That’s just not going to be happening with the current  state of the western medicine world.  Especially because so much of this “Western Med” world we live in is so heavily influenced by monstrously huge drug companies.  (Come on…how many Humira advertisements have you seen this week:)

So let’s not get frustrated here.  Do what you can to make sure you’re seeing eye to eye with your doctor.  If you’re not, making a doctor change might be just what the doc ordered.  Seriously, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 5 plus years with UC.

If you want to follow Dr. Ryan Madanick on twitter, he’s right here @RyanMadanickMD

In good health,

Adam Scheuer

10 thoughts on “Doctor Says: “There’s No Clinical or Medical Proof…””

  1. As always….GREAT Adam!!!

    If I had a nickel for every GI that I’ve ‘dumped’ (four to be precise) because of just what you said…they will not recognize nor even give the time of day to the fact that I have created my own remission with probiotics and supplements. No scientific evidence….no, just proof staring you right in the face…but that’s not as good, right?

    Cheers…we’re all in this together for sure!

    1. What’s up Bev,

      It’s pretty encouraging to see a doctor (and one who educates other docs) letting the world know that very little of what they do and recommend is scientifically proven, and when there are “non-proven” treatments that are helping others…well, that’s quite alright. Amen to him, and amen to us.

      Have a great evening,


  2. Oh my god Adam you are soooo right !
    I had a GI doctor who basically had the attitude….i’m the doctor you are the patient and if i tell you that diet isn’t helping , well then it isn’t !!
    And i was also told there was no scientific evidence by him.

    I nearly feel a fool admitting that now but i really wish i had left that doctor sooner then i did and maybe then i would not have ended up with my colon removed.
    That doctor just pumped drugs into me that never helped at all….and this site made me see that i had a voice and i didn’t have to put up with it.

    I got a new GI doctor who is just fantastic and who does believe that diet helps….although too late for me but at least i can tell others about her.

    Thanks Adam and have a great day !

    1. Hey Sharon,

      Thanks for sharing and no need to feel a fool by any means. It’s all in the past now, and like so much with this disease, we’ve got to chalk so much up to learning and moving forward. Take care and thanks again for being a part of the site:)


  3. My sons doctor had the audacity to say to us during his last visit that we should be grateful that his symptoms have become less during the past four years of treatment and he seemed so proud of himself! He had proctitis when diagnosed and now has pancolitis!! Pentasa did this to him, because up until he was taken off the drug 9 months ago (kidney issues), the 15-20 bm’s dropped considerably and he felt a whole lot better. He is now taking horrible 6 mp , which has proven not to help him . The only thing that his colon likes and always puts him into remission is l glutamine, vitamin d , astaxanthin and probiotics and a healthy diet, and his doctor doesn’t even respond when we mention this. Also, bev we r holidaying in NYC and I noticed that Ultimate Flora probiotics is sold at Wholefoids and I am thinking if getting some for Liam. Did you have any initial issues when you first started taking them eg gas ?

    1. Hi Mary!

      Actually, no, I had no issues with the Ultimate Flora that I take. I think it’s very tolerable because it does not dissolve, or break down, until it reaches the colon. It is enteric coated so that it may pass through the stomach before it opens. A lot of other probiotics do dissolve in the stomach, thus causing gas and sometimes upset.

      It just continues to floor me that doctors will not recognize anything that we do for ourselves that works!! What a frustration…

      Have a lovely time in NYC!


    2. Mary, I did forget to say…,make sure that your son takes the probiotic on an empty stomach and them=n no food or drink (except water of course) for at least half an hour. That will reap the maximum benefit from the probiotic. I take mine as soon as I get up in the morning. The L-glutamine should also be taken on an empty stomach…I take mine about an hour before lunch.

      The vitamin D and astaxanthin are best absorbed with fats, so I tale those with my lunch…or supper.


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