Do Worms Do The Job?

Sheela fullIntroduction:

Hi I’m a veteran UC sufferer based in Oxfordshire Uk – diagnosed in 1984 aged 18 after an acute attack which resulted in severe weight loss and anaemia.

Some more about me:

I am from Oxfordshire, Uk, & love amateur dramatics & singing. WorkIng as an After sales Co-ordinator for A Renewables Company.


A Slow flare up with bleeding and Some pain v but over the years my body seems to have got used to waiting until work is over before I have to rush to the bathroom! Ive been taking Mesalazine & Azathioprine for past few yearsbut now Im going to add a couple of spoons extra virgin olive oil on a daily basis and see if that helps.

Do Worms Do the Job

Hi I’m 47 & live in the UK and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1984 which has flared on and off since. I have 5 lovely children aged between 17 – 27 including twins- the uc was fairly quiescent during most pregnancies although I had to have blood transfusion during 3rd, but a flare up usually followed 2-3 months after delivery.

I find my condition is massively affected by stress levels but since most people say I seem so calm – I assume any stress rushes straight to my colon! I don’t think there have been any great advances in the treatment of this disease – perhaps because bowel problems aren’t a popular ’cause’ when it comes to funding research?

Has anyone tried the ‘worms’ treatment – & with any success?

I have family in California as my dad is American but has lived here in the uk since the 1960’s. Treatment for UC in this country is pretty basic – just drugs, blood tests and occasional check ups when required. I don’t think there’s a proper screening program (colonoscopy) either although one doc mentioned these should be every 3 years – how often have other sufferers been invited for this examination?

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  1. Hey Sheela,

    I myself don’t have any experience with worms (or helminth therapy as some might call it), but we did have a posting I wrote on the exact topic not too long ago. There was quite a bit of research being conducted and it for sure broke the news just a short while back. You might want to check this posting out:

    There are some links there as well to an expert who is one of those mad scientists who is doing quite a bit to help out and uncover what this type of treatment might mean for people with IBD.

    Best of luck to you, and I’m hoping you get some replies from people who have tried it.


    PS: also, you can do a search for “worms” or helminth therapy up in the top right hand side in the search bar on the site, and some other related stories will pop back at you.

    1. Hi Adam – many thanks for this info, I am having a read through other responses too, it all looks interesting and helpful!

  2. hi,
    I have not tried it but my GI’s office is very active in clinical trials for UC and Crohns. I do know that there are 3 people at my GI’s office that are on it. All three of them had positive response but not sure if that means remission. If I fail my current remicade treatment I would consider worm therapy or stem transplant therapy both are which are enrolling patients. Hope this is useful.


    1. Hi Artie – thanks for reply; are you based in the UK? I would be interested in enrolling on a therapy programme if available but this has not been mentioned to me by my GI

  3. Sheila Gresehover

    Just wanted to add there is a closed fb support group for those experiencing helminthic therapy. My Gi doc said “it works “. But he encouraged me to wait until more research is done. Just search in Facebook for helminthic therapy and I think you will find it and you can request to be added. There is a wealth of information and many positive success stories. It’s my next choice when the remicade stops working. Best wishes!


  4. I recently had opportunity to enroll in the worm therapy but my
    Symptoms at the time weren’t bad enough so I didn’t go any further.
    It seems promising though and has worked for many. I’m in Houston tx
    And the study is now at Baylor. Fingers crossed we get these **safer** options.

  5. I’ve been in contact with them in the UK, its a straightfoward thing where they send you doses in the mail:) One of the lab geniuses harvesting the worms has UC. They are quite helpful and will skype if you have any questions etc. It’s quite expensive and I was ready to try but I had CMV infection so the chances of it working wasn’t great. The Crohns patients get the worm which lasts the longest about 5 yrs and for UC patients its 3 max! When my infection clears and it seems to be I’ll be taking the plunge and let you guys know what happens..
    Remission dust to all xx

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