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Starting to Have a Flare Up of Ulcerative Colitis


I am a 63 year old female who has been living with UC for the past 29 years. I have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Some more about me:

I recently moved to Florida, after living in New York all my life. I am still adjusting to living here. I think maybe it was the stress of moving to another state, trying to get a job, and also an apartment, that brought on my flare up.


I am currently having a flare up now. I have some blood in my stool.

Starting to Have a Flare up of Ulcerative Colitis

Hi Everyone..I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 29 years ago, after the birth of my son. Through out the years, I have had flare ups and remissions. I have been on various medications, such as Asacol, Rowasa enemas, 6 MP, Predisone. My last flare up was in 2011 and I had been in remission since Nov 2011, but I am currently in a flare up as of April 3, 2013. The medication that I take now is Asacol 400mg..6 tablets a day. I also started taking VSL#3 when I had my flare up in Nov 2011. It is a very powerful probiotic for people with UC. This probiotic has helped me get back into remission. When I first had the flare up I took 6 to 8 capsules a day, then as I was going into remission I took 2 a day, then I was down to 1 a day. So, now I started taking 6 VSL#3 a day. I have been paying for this because my medical plan didn’t cover it. It cost 50 dollars for 60 capsules. But I was very happy to hear the other day that I got authorization from my insurance company that now I can get it with a prescription. But I need to call the drs office and ask for a prescription that says VSL 3# DS…the DS stands for double strength, then I would only need to take 1 capsule a day, because 1 capsule of the double strength contains 900 billion live bacteria, the ones I am taking now have 112 for 1 capsule, that is why I am taking 6 a day. But they seem to be the only thing that is helping me. I will just hope and pray that one day they find a cure for this disease.


I take VSL#3 along with Asacol. VSL#3 is not a medication, it is a probiotic but it has helped me to get into remission.

written by Jo Ann

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14 thoughts on “Starting to Have a Flare Up of Ulcerative Colitis”

    1. Sorry about not answering your post..but I just saw this now. I am currently in remission from UC for 4 years now, thanks to one simple change in my diet.I am taking fruits and vegetables in capsule form and it has helped me.

    1. Thank you Graham..but I will continue with what i am doing now. I feel great, and I hardly ever get sick either..not even a cold!

  1. Great Jo Ann,

    Probiotics are essential in treating UC. Sounds like you know that already! Also, try what Graham says…extra virgin olive oil.

    I am in remission for over a year now, on probiotics and fermented L-glutamine powder. The L-glutamine actually stopped the bleeding, because it heals the colon!

    Always take all of these things on a completely empty stomach for optimal results, too.


    1. Bev,

      I’ve read your comments on l-glutamine in previous posts and I’m looking to try it. I currently take VSL#3 as my probiotic and Apriso (4 capsules a day). How many grams of l-glutamine are you on a day? I’ve ready 40g should be the max that anyone should take but then in other forums I’ve read people taking as much as 80g a day, which seemed a bit high.

      I’m hoping to start it soon but just wanted to get some feedback from folks here.


      1. Hi Chris,

        I take one scoop per day, which is 5g. Sometimes, I take two or three scoops, if there is any trace of blood at all. Then, I go back to one. It says on the jar to take one scoop per day, for an adult. The clerk at the health store said that I could take up to 8 scoops per day…so you are correct…that is 40g. I don’t know if that’s the maximum dosage or not. It does not say on the L-glutamine.


        1. Hi Bev,

          Thanks for the additional feedback! I’m trying Jarrow Formulas l-glutamine but just bought a small bottle so it had no scoop but notes starting at 2g, which seemed a bit low but I wasn’t sure after reading so many different folks and what they take. My hope is to get off the meds and focus on l-glutimane and the VSL#3. One more question for you if you don’t mind. Do you follow the SCD diet? I’m trying to figure out my “trigger” foods but am hesitant to switch to the SCD just yet.

          Thanks again,

          1. No, Chris…I don’t follow any special diet. I only have to avoid too much wheat at one time.

            I know…I’m very fortunate in that way!


    2. That is good to hear that you are in remission also. And I am so happy that I made one simple change in my diet 4 years ago. I feel great!

  2. Everyone is different but I have noted that Activia (this has similar bacteria similar to VSL#3) Yogurt helps me a a lot, not just with my stool, but it also reduces my fatigue symptoms. However, I have to consume quite a bit, 2-3 in the morning and sometimes at night.

    In terms of diet, I have noted that the strongest relationships for myself and others have to do with anything that causes any kind of change in blood pressure. In particular caffeine and alcohol.

    I would recommend doubling your dose of Asacol ASAP, but get confirmation for your doctor first.

  3. Hi Bev,

    Very fortunate indeed. I’m just trying to eat right and avoid junk, as well as getting back into juicing. I was diagnosed with UC in 2011 and this my first flare up since then. Hoping to get back to normal soon!


  4. I take VSL#3DS. Unless they have changed the formula, the DS is only available in a powder form. I mix it into smoothies and greek yogurt.

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