Did My Wisdom Tooth Infection Really Give me C-Diff


I’m a 28 year old history teacher at the local community college. I was diagnosed with UC during my first year of grad school. UC + massive amounts of stress + being away from home for the first time = a very bad time!

Some more about me:

I love to read – history, mystery, fiction (even some science fiction), it’s all good;My two most favorite cities in the world are Boston and New York City – I would love to live in either place one day;

My Symptoms:

Severe Diarrhea
Severe Abdominal Pain
Gas (LOTS of gas – sooo embarrassing!)

My Colitis Story:

I’ve had UC for about 5 years now. After I got my initial dose of Asacol after my first colonoscopy I didn’t really have flares. I considered myself lucky. Then, this last October (2012) I felt like I was having my first flare, but it seemed particularly heinous. My doctor had me tested for c. diff and (surprise!) the test came back positive. I’m not really sure how I got c-diff since I hadn’t recently been on an antibiotic – but, nonetheless, I had it. I was given Flagyl and the c. diff seemed to be going away, but as soon as I began to taper it came back with a vengeance. I ended up having to go to the ER (on my birthday, nonetheless!) and got an IV with Vancomycin. I got a prescription for home, took it as prescribed for a few weeks, and it went away. Thank GOD! I never wanted to go through that again!

Well, here it is, April 2013, and I felt like I had another flare coming on. I was tested for c. diff., but the the test came back negative this time, so my doctor put me on Prednisone. When I was on 40mg a day my symptoms went away and I felt like I had successfully conquered my first flare. I began to taper to 30mg on Thursday. Friday was good, and most of Saturday was fine, but Saturday night/Sunday were awful!! I called my doctor on Monday and he had me up my Prednisone back to 40mg and called for another c. diff. test – just in case the other was a false negative. Well, it was a false negative – I have c. diff. again. At least, this time, I know why I got it. I was on Amoxicillin for a widsom-tooth infection. That infection went away, but not I have c. diff. and have to postpone my wisdom teeth removal. Even if (when?) this c. diff. bought clears up, I’m probably going to end up having it again because one of the pre-medications (they have you take it the day before the oral surgery) for my wisdom teeth is, you guessed it, Amoxicillin. Oy!


Asacol HD (my 365 UC medication)
Flagyl (for c. diff., didn’t work long-term)
Vancomycin (for past and current bought with c. diff.)

written by Stephanie

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  1. Woman in Australia got C.Diff from antibiotic from denial work, anyway Dr. Brody did a fecal transplant and she was Cured. Shame you managed UC for 5 years when you could of done FT and cured your C. diff. I don’t know what it is like in the US, here in the uk it is not on offer on the nhs, only private. Get it done and forget about your UC. I plan to do mine next month.


  2. Stephanie,

    I’m sorry you’re struggling. There’s a lot to know about the bacteria that resides in our mouths and how it affects our bodies once it enters our system (such as your infection). There’s an interesting book called, Oil Pulling Therapy, by Dr. Bruce Fife, that is a real eye opener. I am back to oil pulling daily, which is an easy & inexpensive way to cleanse the body of toxic bacteria. There’s been some pretty amazing studies on how bacteria causes diseases, like colitis and, obviously, c-diff Dr. Fife suggests that all disease begins in the mouth. A very interesting read, and I would definitely recommend you consider oil pulling.

    Best wishes,

  3. Ive had c diff twice now and cant find a gi doc anywhere in my town to do fecal transplant. Its so frustrating and makes me mad that these doctors think our suffering is funny. I mustve asked 8 gi doctors to do it for me and all of them say its last resort treatment after you fail antibiotics at least four times.

  4. Hi Stephanie!

    I don’t know why you need to take antibiotics for wisdom teeth removal. I’ve been on remicade 9 years (so my immune system is weak) and had my wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago with no antibiotics either before or after. Maybe see a different oral surgeon? Antibiotic overuse is becoming way too common especially when you don’t need it and in your case it could cause you way more harm!


    1. I agree with you Angela! Antibiotics were and are prescribed far too often, sometimes without even finding out if they are even necessary!

      I think some of the medical community is realizing what this has caused, and is more discretionary in when and how they prescribe them.


      1. Yes they are! Hence the constant development of new drug resistant bugs. I’ve always been lucky though with my docs who take one look at my chart and refuse to give me antibiotics unless its absolutely necessary and always prescribe probiotics with them. When I was in England, one of my glands became infected with penicillin resistant staph (we all naturally carry staph on our skin I just happen to carry that one!) and the E.R. doc gave me a regular penicillin even before he knew what kind of infection it was! Which of course I didn’t take because I had had this happen before in the States and so I knew to see someone else and not bother with the antibiotic. When I had it in the States the E.R. doc was great and just drained the gland instead and packed it with iodine and let my body fight it off (which it did with flying colors even on remicade :)). People under estimate sometimes how good our bodies are at taking care of things!

  5. ANTIBIOTICS…they are often THE culprit.

    I was put on a lot of strong antibiotics when I was a little child because of bad tonsils. Throughout the years, I also had to have allergy shots, as well as other various antibiotics. I was unaware that they could cause any long term problems…

    I ended up with UC as an adult.

    I got pneumonia a few years back and had to take AVELOX…a very powerful antibiotic. I then graduated to pancolitis. Total colon UC.

    We sometimes NEED to take the dreaded antibiotics…but we MUST take probiotics, especially while taking antibiotics…just at least two hour apart. I go four hours apart. I am no longer afraid of taking antibiotics if they are absolutely necessary. I know what to do when I do have to rake them now, which is rarely….take probiotics!!


  6. Hi Stephanie,

    Clostridium Difficile is frequently caused by anti-biotics wiping out the “good” bacteria and leaving the body more vulnerable to continued infection. However fecal transplants are highly effective for permanently treating this condition. There has been a lot of press about this in the U.S. over the last few years including a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in January which was reported on by almost all major TV news and newspapers including the front page of the New York Times. Sadly enough the father of a friend of mine died from complications relating to c. diff a few months ago about the time they were going to start his 5th round of anti-biotics and after the doctor refused to do the fecal transplants in spite of the positive press they have been getting.

    I actually ended up using self-administered fecal transplants to treat and at this point completely cure Ulcerative Colitis after 12 years of the illness which brought me to the brink of surgery. I cover more about my experience and how to do them yourself go to http://www.FecalTransplant.org


  7. Yes Lynne….I really do believe that bacteria in the mouth, etc. can cause health problems. It seems ever since I have had a tooth implant (and a couple of root canals), I have been experiencing problems. One BIG problem is UC. I can’t say for sure if my dental work caused my UC, but it sure seems awfully strange that I was fine before I started the dental work. I also developed thyroid cancer and feel it was caused by all the dental x-rays I have had. I, too, have been put on several antibiotics throughout the years. The latest antibiotic I had was when I had my first experience with UC. I was bleeding, had mucus and diarrhea and couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. I went to my PMD and was put on Flagyl. I do believe it made my flare even worse and I was told to discontinue taking it. It was after that incident that my doctor had me make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist. I was diagnosed with universal ulcerative colitis in October, 2011 and the rest is history. I have been taking a probiotic ONLY as per Bev’s suggestion and, so far, I have been in remission. Good luck Stephanie and all others suffering with this horrible disease!!

    1. Wow, Natalie…wow. That is really telling.

      Doesn’t tis all just make perfect sense? Antibiotics my have been one of medicine’s most exciting discoveries…but at what cost??

      I am (once again) SO encouraged and delighted to know about the probiotic and how you are well on it.



      1. Thank you Bev and thanks for the encouragement. I just worry about when I go back to my GI for my 6 month check up and he asks why I’m not taking the meds. I’m afraid I will lose him and he seems to be a good doctor!! I still would like to follow up with him….especially the blood work. What do you think? Did you keep your GI doctor? I am so afraid that someday I will get a really bad flare up and will need him….then what?? Should I just be honest with him and tell him I no longer take Lialda and take a probiotic only?

        1. I know…I don’t know why we worry so much about what our doctors think if we are doing so well! Why are we like that?

          You can always refer the doctor to Adam’s new found research about probiotics….Adam just posted it…it’s on PubMed…there is PROOF that probiotics are working just as well as conventional medicine at managing UC and keeping it in remission. You may just ‘teach’ that doctor something!

          DEFINITELY be honest with him….PROUDLY!! You ‘cured’ yourself…if he doesn’t like that, then perhaps, you don’t even NEED a GI anymore…I don’t even see mine now. I haven’t had to. Whooppee.

          Imagine that, huh?


  8. Bev,

    I feel kind of guilty not taking the meds, BUT it’s my body and I HATE putting meds into it if I don’t have to. You are living proof that probiotics work!!! It’s been a month or so since I stopped taking Lialda. I did, however, have slight bleeding and some diarrhea a couple of weeks ago, but I think it’s because I had run out of the probiotics and didn’t take it for a few days. Now, that I have been taking the probiotics again, I am doing better. I think it is absolutely wonderful that you are doing so well Bev. I hope and pray that your UC stays in remissioin FOREVER. Do you ever think about your UC acting up some time in the future?? I think about that and it kind of worries me. I feel pretty good right now but God only knows what can happen with this damn disease. IT SUCKS!!!

  9. That is exactly why you probably had bleeding and looseness. I try to never miss one probiotic.

    Please don’t feel guilty about not taking meds. I felt that way at first, too. Meds are so not good for us…if anything we should feel guilty about TAKING meds!! Our poor bodies…lol. 14 years of meds for me. Sheesh.

    I actually sometimes forget about UC these days! I never thought that would ever happen. It’s all I ever thought about for 14 years! I used to worry about it flaring up again, in the early probiotic l-glutamine days, but not any more. I think because I feel so confident that I know how to control and manage it now, it doesn’t scare me at all any more. It’s a wonderful feeling. You will get that feeling in the future, I promise! Be confident in the fact that YOU have done this, Natalie. Not anyone else….just YOU.


  10. Thank you so much Bev! You really motivate me. I think I told you that I found Ultimate Flora by Renew Life at Walmart. It only has 15 billion cultures but I really don’t think I can take 50 billion like you do. I started out taking the VSL#3 samples my GI doctor gave me and they didn’t agree with me at all. I had pains in my stomach and I was bloated. The Ultimate Flora seems to be working out just fine. I think this is going to be rather expensive though. There are only 30 capsules per bottle and I think I paid almost $18. How much are yours and do you get the 30 or 60 day supply? Thanks for all your help…you are a real sweetheart! :)

  11. On the talk of Antibiotic use and the development of IBD. It is evident that the usage of this causes good bacteria to be wiped out and opportunitic bacteria to take over and multiply.
    It appears many here seem to have developed IBD after a period of antibiotic use. This and possible genetic disposition could be the route of IBD..

    I developed UC after a 3 day hardcore stint on Antibiotics after drowning…ever since than UC has slowly developed. My lil sis after antibiotic developed IBD. My other brother who apparently does not have IBD after a scope did have D and Blood whilst on Antibiotic for a knee injury.
    So FT bringing back a balanced gut seems to make more and more sense.

    Saying that, I asked my sis if the FT works on me, would you consider it…she replied if only her IBD got worst. It appears to me while I strongly believe FT is the best soution out there, many don’t feel convinced as it is not mainstream.

    I don’t know if this has been covered but the link below is a visual acceptance that FT reversed UC

  12. I too was on antibiotics for a while prior to diagnosis of UC.
    Latest test I did, the pill camera found some red spots in small
    Intestine which could be start of Crohns. Oh boy!!! I am approaching
    3 years with IBD and have NEVER filled a prescription to treat this nasty disease.
    All I have EVER done is watch what I eat and never miss a day of probiotics.
    Was moderate at diagnosis. I surprise my GI doctor all the time. They are doing the
    Worm therapy at my hospital so I think it’s looking promising.

    1. Wow!

      Great post Erica!

      Amazing, isn’t it, how we can actually manage and treat these things (UC and Crohn’s) with probiotics and other natural remedies?

      I guess some of us are just prone or predisposed to damage from antibiotic use.

      Too bad we didn’t have prior knowledge of that before we took them, so that we might have taken probiotics at the same time to counteract the good flora damage. There’s a huge lesson in this for everyone. Doctors should tell everyone taking antibiotics, to also take probiotics hours apart.

      Keep on keeping on!


  13. Hi all!
    Thanks Bev!

    Your post always hit home to me and thank you for always being such an inspiration to us all.
    You are a beautiful person I can tell. Thanks for being there and spreading those positive vibes.
    Ps. How do you put up a pic next to your post. I’m tech challenged. Lol

  14. You are sweet :)

    To post your own pic, just go to GRAVATAR on the internet…from there, you get to browse the pics on your computer. It’s great! Can’t wait to see your pic.


  15. Another question Bev….You said you no longer have a GI doctor. Does that mean you no longer have anymore colonoscopies? Even though I stopped taking Lialda, I would still want colonoscopies done at least every 3 years. I am just curious if you stopped having colonoscopies.

  16. I hate to say it, Natalie, but yes, I have not had a colonoscopy in about two and a half years. I will, though, if anything crops up again. Why mess with a good thing, I figure.

    I know all about the extra cancer awareness when you have UC. I’m not sure I really believe it, though. Colonoscopies are a great way to make money…

  17. Wow! It amazes me how many of us have ended up with UC AFTER taking antibiotics!! I too was diagnosed after my pregnancy. During my pregnancy I ended up with a bunch of pregnancy related infections (UTI, bladder infection.. ), and was put on antibiotics, after my pregnancy, ended up with bronchitis, and again, was put on antibiotics. NEVER EVER have I ever been told by any doctor that I should be taking probiotics at the same time! Why is that?! Why dont they tell us this?? argh, it just gets me so angry when I think about how I most likely could have done my part in preventing this disease that I had no idea at the time even existed :(

    I;m now on the same supplements that Bev takes, and also on the salofalk suppository. im slowly seeing improvements btw Bev :)

    I too must say thank you to Bev for your experiences and the information you share with us because just from reading these posts, I can see how many people you;’ve helped! It is amazing how treating this awful condition seems to work when we go the natural route! It’s all about finding what works for us though, thats the tough part, but I really think NOW ( I didnt think so a couple of months ago) that we all have our own recipe of natural ingredients that could eventually “cure” us, its just a matter of finding those “ingredients”. :)

  18. Yes, Maria…isn’t that the truth! Doctors NEVER tell us to counteract the ‘bad’ effects of antibiotics with probiotics. Sad, really. I am angry too, believe me. I might never have acquired UC had I just had the knowledge of probiotics.

    I am so happy to hear that you are seeing improvement…I still see improvement myself, even after a year! Keep going…it gets better and better.

    I truly think the only way to manage UC is naturally. The meds just cause more damage, and eventually stop working.


    1. It possibly should be listed on the packaging by the producers. Unfortauntely I will have to side with the doctors on this one, they push pills but don’t truely know the side effects…only its objective and will always encourage this.

  19. I am currently weaning off of Entocort – a steroid drug that releases directly into the colon (as opposed to prednisone which releases into the entire body). So, I went to the health store yesterday to find a good natural anti-inflammatory supplement. I bought a product called CuraMed. It contains curcumin – a potent anti-inflammatory.

    Anyway, the owner of the store told me that steroids actually counteract with probiotics, similar to how antibiotics do. She said steroids strip away the good bacteria in our guts. WTF!? (excuse my abbreviated language) But, really??? Do doctors KNOW this? Unbelievable. :/


    1. Wow Lynne! This so explains why the one time I went on a steroid, my bleeding got WORSE, and Ive had a hard time stopping it since! The bleeding has been my main symptom of UC since… I did well with the Salofalk suppository the first time I went on it, went into remission instantly but was careless about my diet because I had no idea diet had anything to do with my healing, so of course I went back into a flare a few months later and was put on cortifoam which I remember reading was a steroid. Instantly, even that same night I took my first dosage, the bleeeding worsened. I stopped the corti-foam after 2 days, and for a year and a half after that, I was having abnormal heart palpitations.. even had to be on a 24 hour heart monitor once. Ive always been very healthy, have never had to take anything for low iron or anything of any sort, so this UC hit me like a brick wall, and now that I know that what I used to think were good for my body (antibiotics), Im very weary about all medications prescribed by doctors nowadays. I wont even take tylenol for anything unless its my absolutely last resort; however, thankfully I really dont suffer from anything that would require me to take pain killers very often..

    2. Geez…who knew? Of course doctors would NEVER reveal that little nugget to patients.

      Steroids are wicked things, but now this?


      Thanks for sharing that Lynne.

  20. I am keen to learn, does anyone from understanding the objective of Fecal Transplant actually think it could be a ‘cure’?

    1. no, i don’t. if your bacteria gets off balance again, i think the UC would come back.

      i tried 8 fecal transplants and got much worse, so i don’t have a lot of faith in it for UC. BUT, i don’t think UC is totally bacteria related either. it just depends how you developed UC in the first place.

      1. Hi Joanna,

        I didn’t actually think of UC being possibly none bacteria related…interesting point, will give this some thoughts.

      2. I been only really thinking this;
        In C. Diff you are dealing with one strain of bacteria so to out populate it with FT it is understandable that one or two FT could work.
        In UC we are dealing with several strains of bacterias that are a problem. So if life started as a balance, 50/50 but is now say 65/35 in favour of a bad balance than one or two FT wouldn’t work.
        If one FT only contains less than 5% of microbiota compared to our ecosystem than surely we need say 25 or so infusions. Plus if during the 20 or so infusions we eat food that could continue to encourage the bad guys to multiple than the infusions won’t be so productive.
        What interests me is how people with 20 BM a day can do a FT and go to 1 formed stool, have no symptoms a year on. But others with less symptoms generally but struggled with FT.
        I don’t know, trial and error I guess

  21. I had an appt with my GI doc this morning, and I mentioned what I’d heard about steroids. My doc is great, overall. He doesn’t push meds on me. He keeps an eye on me while letting me do what I want and is quite patient with me and all of my “outside the mainstream” methods. But, anyway, he said he doesn’t believe it … that steroids counteract probiotics. He said he can’t think of anything that steroids do, physically, that would kill a bug. I didn’t argue. However, I consider that while steroids may not kill good bacteria directly, they may very well do so in a round about way. I do not consider steroids to be a safe drug. I don’t think any drug really is. I’m glad I’m weaning off the Entocort, as I feel like it’s been impeding my improvement.

    Maria, your reaction to steroids is very interesting, indeed.



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