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Cure to UC — J Pouch

marq rich j pouch surgeryMeet Marq Rich:

Hello my name is Marq and I’m 27 years old and I suffered from uc for 4 years before i got the surgery. Here’s a lil info to help you guys out.

Some more about me:

I’m from New York City and I enjoy doing all the sports that uc don’t allow you to do lol


I have no symptoms due to the surgery!

Thinking About J Pouch Surgery Anyone?

If your thinking about getting the surgery read this because it was the best thing I ever done. My symptoms started in 2006, bloody stool only, no other symptoms at first. Went to a GI where he diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis and prescribed me asacol. The bloody stool went away after a few weeks and decided to return 2 years later in 08 but this time it landed me in the hospital.

I didn’t take it serious in 06 because there was no pain plus it went away. Moving along, doctors put me on steriods, boosted my dosage on my meds and no change. I went back and forth to the emergency about 6 times. They admitted me and the inflammation didn’t go down, they told me there was nothing they could do for me. I then snatched the iv out of my arm and walked out the hospital and went to “Lenox Hill Hospital” and there I was admitted.

I had all the symptoms everyone else has or had, bloody stool, no appetite, weight loss, nausea. Ya’ll know. Then this hospital introduced me to remicade and I’m not sure if that was working bcus i had numerous flareups while on Remicade. In February 2012 I had another flare up and for some reason this one was taking way too long to go away.

After years of suffering I decided to go with the surgery. I have no regrets at all. I didn’t have any complications after and I have been fine since. I had my first surgery march 2012 and had to wear the bag for 3 months. I had my 2nd surgery in june 2012 and that’s when they did the reversal and removed the bag. At first with the j pouch i would wake up in the middle of the middle of the night to use the bathroom but that only happens about 4 times a month now. I go to the bathroom 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once at work, and when i get home. U don’t have the urge to go right away and you can hold it. Your body will tell you when ur j- poiuch is full.. i advise anybody who is going through these tough times to go ahead and get the surgery especially if none of the medications is responding. If you don’t want to take my advice, patiently wait and hopefully 1 day they will find a cure. But as of now the only cure is the surgery.

written by Marq Rich

submitted in the colitis venting area

30 thoughts on “Cure to UC — J Pouch”

  1. Marq,

    You da man!!!

    Way happy for you, way happy for your j-pouch, and thanks for the inspirational story buddy!

    You going to watch that ball come down in the Velky Jablko? (Big Apple)

    take care, and congrats again,

    1. Marq Rich

      thanx alot adam . i really appreciate this site. its great to communicate with others who are going through this same problem. and (yes) i will be here to watch the ball drop.. i will check this site very often and refer it to others..have a great newyear adam.. ill keep in touch

  2. Well said, Marq; my thoughts also.
    Although I don’t know if I would have had the courage early-on to choose surgery, the decsion was made for me when the colon perforated. So that made the decision easy; and so surgery, and a new life without uc. Life became so much easier.

  3. Marq,

    Just read your story. Makes the process of surgery a lot easier knowing there are other young guys going through the same thing. Glad to hear you’re doing well with the j-pouch and I wish nothing but the best for you man

  4. Marq,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is refreshing to read success stories from others who have such a positive outlook. I start my jpouch journey on Jan. 15th and am looking forward to life after surgery. Have a happy & healthy 2013!

  5. Emie

    Hey Marq,
    Great story, mine is very similar….well I guess we are all pretty similar. I just had the first surgery on the 19th of Dec. and I cant wait for the second. 2013 is going to be a great year, it was a tough decision to make but well worth it. take care!

  6. Just like the rest of you, I’ve had quite a past 5 yrs with UC. I am doing the J pouch surgery Jan 25 in 2 steps. I’m glad I came across this site. Its comforting to know I can return to a normal way of life.

      1. The surgery went well but I developed an infection that I’m still dealing with. Its taken its toll on me over the past 2 months but things seem to be improving and I cant wait for the reattachment. How are you doing?

  7. Hi Marq:
    Thank you so much for sharing j-pouch experience.
    I am currently considering a surgery, but I am really scared of the complications (like fistulas and many bathroom trips…etc.)
    I was wondering if you could share some light on my few questions.
    1) Was it very painful the first time surgery (thinking of two steps)? How long was the recovery from the first step surgery? (like how long did you take from the day of the surgery to discharge from hospital? How long did you have to stay at home until you can get back to work? I am worried about my job and the duration I have to be out from work.)
    2) Was stoma care really troublesome? Have you experienced noise and smell from stoma? Can other people hear your stoma making gas noises and output too? Have you had a leakage issue at all?
    3) When you get the second surgery (take down), where they connect your j-pouch, did you have to go to bathroom alot when the food instake started, and have you had butt burns due to many bathroom trips? How did you deal with that?

    I read other peoples experience, but I was wondering, because you seem to go only a few times during the day, which is very successful surgery. I think some people go to bathrooms like 8 times…and leaks at night. I am scared of that, and when you eat wrong food, do you have to go to bathroom a lot?

    I am scared that even if I get j-pouch I have to go to bathrooms so many times, if I should just stick with permanent illeostomy instead of j-pouch.

    Hope you are doing well, and please keep us updated.


    1. Marq Rich

      after the first surgery i was in the hospital for about 5 days. for the first 2 or 3 days u will be in a lil pain but thats only when u try to turn or get out of bed and when the morphine wears off. but i was clicking the morphine button every 12 minutes bcus it was on a timer lol. i went back to work after a month with the pouch in all. stoma care was easy. its like changing a pamper once u get use to it. the stoma does make normal uncontrollable fart sounds that can be embarrassing if your in a quiet setting, thank God it never happened to me lol. when u empty the bag it smells horrible. i didnt have any leakage, no accidents. just make sure you snap it together tight. after my take down i went to the b room maybee 4 times a day. it varies depending on how much you eat. there has been days when i only went twice in a day. never had any butt burns lol. and i have never had any leaks yet. after the surgery you can eat what ever u want. spices and all..DONT DO THE PERMANET ILLEOSTOMY.. it itches and its too much maintenance. then u gotta worry about the farting noises if u go to church or if your in school or a library. not a good look. any way, good luck on your decision and keep me posted ..good luck

  8. It has been nice reading your story. I am 24 and have been suffering from severe UC since I was 19. I’ve tried every medicine/diet, and nothing seems to help it. Prednisone will only calm it slightly. There hasn’t been one time in the past 5 years where I haven’t had blood in my stool. I’ve never gone into remission and I’ve basically had a 5 year flare up. Doc says surgery is what I’m looking at next. Its a very big and scary decision that has to be made. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Marq Rich

      well i was never scared to go under the “knife”. it’s crazy to say but i actually always wanted to experience going into’ll be fine trust me. soon as i woke up i felt 100% better. i advise u get. but try all medications first. but if u want to be back to normal get the surgery

  9. Jackie

    Hey Marq! Thank you for sharing your story and glad to hear that your j-pouch went so well! I love to pump myself up with good stories because I am so nervous to have my surgery this upcoming June…what a way to spend my summer vacation, huh?!?!?! Would love to hear how you are doing currently since it has been a few months! I hope you are still loving your j-pouch and living life to the fullest :)

    1. Marq Rich

      hey jackie. its been a year since my first surgery and i gotta tell you ive been doing just fine.. no complications what so ever. how are things on your end

      1. Thanks for your good story. My son now 6 weeks out of his takedown, has had pouchitis since week two. I was wondering if you are taking any meds or probiotics or doing anything that has helped you avoid pouchitis and also go to the bathroom so few times a day. Thanks.

        1. Marq Rich

          I havent taking any meds since the surgery and i nevert had pouchitis.the more you eat the more you visit therestroom.

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