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Got That I.B.D. (Crohn’s and Colitis Rap)

Kyle with his wife

Kyle (aka the IBD Rap Ambassador of the world!!!)
at least in my opinion–((Adam)

What’s up all my UC peeps?

Well, my name is Kyle and I got diagnosed this past summer with the lovely gut killa known on the streets as UC. The disease hit me pretty hard and ended up keeping me cooped up in the hospital for 29 days. I have been a regular poster on the site since I was diagnosed and have made some amazing connections because of people commenting on my posts and commenting on other people’s posts.

One thing that I never put in my bio because really it’s kind of ridiculous is that in my past I wrote, recorded, and performed Christian Hip Hop music : ) Yeah I know, white boy rapping about Jesus! Anyways, now that I am all “grown up,” hip hop music is still a passion but it has turned more into a hobby than something I am pursuing as a career, but I still love doing it, and every now and again I dust off the mic, stretch out for an hour or so, and jump around and make a fool of myself on a stage.

The Lord has taught me so much through this season of my life. Main thing is learning how to live with UC for the rest of my life, but the most important thing is even though sometimes UC does suck, and trust me I know it sucks, you always gotta keep positive in whatever is going on and you gotta be willing to have fun and laugh at yourself and what’s going on inside of you. Seriously, flares are brutal and I don’t wish what I go through on anyone but if you let the disease win you are in for a long depressed road. The disease may be something you have, but it is not who you are, UC can never take that away from you!

Anyways, so as I was sitting at home last Friday night, I got this idea, “Kyle, rappers write songs about their lives, why not write a track about IBD?” So that’s what I have put together here for all the IBDers of the world to enjoy! Really, we are the only one’s who know what each other are going through, so I hope you guys can relate to some of the things in the song, or at least I hope it puts a smile on your face, when you think about how ridiculous it is that some guy actually spent time writing and recording a song about IBD : )

Happy New Year! Blessings in 2013!!!!



(Got that I.B.D.)

Ha! Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Is what is going on inside of me

Some of you got Crohn’s , K-Deez has got UC

Let me go and tell em’, let me go ahead and speak

Verse 1:

Let me tell ya bout what I got going on

That’ll leave me 10 hours seated up on the throne

The title is Colitis, other cats got Crohns

Whichever way you roll can have you feeling so alone

But I’m here to tell ya first, you ain’t all by yourself

Cuz almost 1 million peoples guts yelling out for help (Help me)

Some of ya’ll get mad, others start to cry

It’s a lie in our G.I. That has us asking doctors why

(Now Check it) it ain’t the end of the world

Cuz it does get better than the fetal position curled

Ups and Downs they come and go

Not always a dine and blow

Hear me when I say to ya’ll

Yes the BM’s they will slow

Part of it you come to know

1 year down your a restroom pro

see where they are every spot you show

some days though, it’s cool to lay low

call in sick not worth the doe

To sit at your desk and worry so

Am I gonna make it until we close?

And Sprint 20 times across works floor

Verse 2:

Now Crohns and Colitis they on the same side

Both cause inflammation all up in your intestines

UC keeps it low in the Colon it mainly holds

blown up from top to bottom, chances are your rocking Crohns

But Check it either way, you now welcomed to the game

IBD, don’t set you free, got some things you need to change

The guts a crazy thing, start a journal of what toy eat

fried foods and caffeine, find your triggers then say “PEACE”

Stress-Free, we gotta be, put some ease on the G-U-T

Unless you like them BM’s happening oh so frequently

Yeah the D, ain’t for me, Imodium not how they treat

Cold hard seat, now repeat, unless you changing how you eat

Now all of us we ain’t the same, all react to different things

we can all find things to change, live our life a better way

IBD don’t run our life, yeah at times don’t make it nice

don’t get caught up in your pride, seek out help in the roughest times

Verse 3:

Now when you 1st diagnosed probably put you on Mesalamine

Lialda, Asacol are the names that your probably seeing

Chillen in a flare, probably hit you with that Preddy Pill

Steroids throw you off, hard to control how you really feel

moonface, water weight, always hungry, hard to sleep

are some side effects to get you uninflamed

For those who’s bodies played, gotta hit that Remicade

IV’d up, In 2 months, help that gut think that it’s safe


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