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Clinical Trial Study on the SCD with regards to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Patients

Quick But Important and Interesting Post:

Rush University Medical Center is getting ready to start a clinical trial with regards to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).

Clinical Trial Protocol Description
The purpose of this study is to determine if, and how, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet changes the population of bacteria/yeast in the gastrointestinal tract. 200 subjects will be recruited, 100 in the diet arm and 100 in the non-diet arm, to fill out a series of surveys and contribute stool samples.”

There is more information regarding this on their website here.

To my understanding, this would be one of the first scientific research studies on the SCD and its quite amazing that something significant might come out of this afterall.

Congrats to the doctor and everyone else who is spearheading this research, we will be interested to see what comes out of all of it.

As a side note, I am hoping to be included in the study.

****Update***** 1/13/2011

I am now officially included in the study!! :)

I spoke with a medical student who is part of the research team that is helping on this study yesterday.  After emailing them that I was interested in being a participant, they simply called and asked me a few questions to verify that I am eligible(age,did I have a formal diagnosis etc…) and that’s was pretty much it.  Now I wil be sending via mail a few stool samples and a urine sample or two over the next year to them.  The person I spoke with thought that the study results would be available with 1-2 years.  If you remember from the “Gut Bacteria” videos from when I met with the scientist from Stanford Univeristy several months ago, the actual collecting and analyzing of the data is usually the part of research which takes the most time, and for his specific study it took about 5 years.  Either way, I am very excited and would encourage any of you to take part in the SCD diet study from Rush University as well.  And remember, they need 100 people who DO NOT follow the SCD diet as well.


UPDATE January 30, 2011*************:
Here is a video from Jan 30th 2011: I just received in the mail all of the stuff from Rush Medical Center regarding the SCD Clinical Study. They sent everything by Fed Ex and there is quite a bit of stuff. It is all related to taking stool samples and then mailing them back to Rush medical center. They still need more people for the study, so please consider it, you will be helping out many!!:


18 thoughts on “Clinical Trial Study on the SCD with regards to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Patients”

  1. Interesting, i always felt that diet had no role to play in the flare ups or remissions. So lets see. I am a UC er for the last 20 years and this is my observation. Different people in different countries and different continents who eat different diets have UC with the same symptoms. Hope this study reveals the truth about about SCD.

    1. Hey Charis,
      I don’t know for sure, I just emailed them and within the message said I would be interested in being a part of it if possible. If I get a reply, I will let you know what they say.

  2. I’ve been talking with one of the med students in charge of this study and just started it this morning.

    Basically, you give them samples of your stool, 2 of them, a week a part. There’s also one urine sample to give and a sample of your probiotic if you use one. They provide everything, the gloves, the bowl to collect the stool, straws, sticks and surveys to fill out.

    Thanks for the link Adam, I’ve added it to my post about this study here:


  3. Hey Reid and Adam, I would be interested in participating my son’s samples, but, guess I will have to read if they would allow him since he is so young, or, if i can consent for him. i also find it great that they would take samples of different probiotics too. I mean, if scientifically one was proven better than another, all UCer’s could benefit. finally the medical field is taking some action! wish it didn’t take so long for results, but, i’m sure that is the best they can do.

    1. Hi Linda,
      I think you should definitely check out the link and inquire with them about your son being part of the trial. Also, you bring up a major interesting point about the probiotics
      , it would be interesting to see what they have to say about that. Also, congrats on your sone feeling better again, awesome news!

      1. Hi Adam, apparently, my son has to be at least 8 years old to participate. why? have no idea but, if I had to guess, maybe cause they are more able to read and write at that age. anyways. it will be interesting to know the results in a few years. linda.

  4. well i emailed them to see if they want me. maybe it will help me stick to the scd diet. It that is what they want me for. :) no cheating on the diet when it is for clinical proposes. :) i get my book thru the mail late next week sometime. yippie!

    1. Thanks Jennifer!!! That’s great. I’m currently waiting for the “stuff” to arrive in the mail. I’m hoping for some surprise presents, but thinking probably some BMMS (Bowel Movement Mailing Stuff).
      This will be my first clinical study, just cannnnnnnn’t wait!

      1. well i got my call from them. they asked me how i knew about this study. i mentioned “adam”. lol you are well known. they knew who i was talking about.
        i have to send my pathology reports and scope papers. then i will find out for sure if i am wanted. It feels great to do something for the research of this disease. Help others down the road. :)
        thanks adam for keeping us notified on this stuff.

        1. Yo Jennifer,

          AWESOME news.
          hey, I got my package with all the stuff like bags to return the stool samples, urine containers, instructions etc…. I actually planed to do a quick movie on it, BECA– USE they still need tons of more people to enroll in the study.

          Anyways, if anyone’s counting, I plan on sending over my first sample to science tomorrow in the mail.
          Should be fun.
          If anyone wants to join in the clinical trial, please contact the people mentioned above in this posting, and I promise to do a video on what “Doing” the clinical trial is all about. Its pretty simple, and free, and helps all of us out with research.

          Awesome again Jennifer!

  5. Glad to see this study is being conducted and getting off the ground. This is what Elaine was fighting to prove all those years. Thank you to all the participants!

  6. HI!

    I would be really interested how this study is turning out. I would like to do a Phd study quite similar to this one.

    Do you have any news?



    1. Hi Anna,

      I wish I did have some news for you. I have received updates from my contact there in the past, but have not heard anything in the past year. ( I should check in with him to see where it’s going). He did mention that it would be several years before anything was published as the processing stage takes a LONG time).

      1. Hey Adam…I was contacted by CCFA for a Biospecimen feasability study. I also ran across a LDN study when I was looking up LDN again after someone had posted. Just thought I’d pass that along.
        Be well, Shelly

        1. Yo Shelly,

          what up! interesting stuff you came across. had no clue CCFA was getting into “biospecimens”…

          (is that another fancy poop word?:))

          stay warm..:)


  7. Okay! Thanks, for answering. Would be interesting to hear if anything new comes out, especially if you are participating in the study.



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