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Remicade is a medication that affects the immune system and is prescribed for Ulcerative Colitis patients who are not responding to other medications. It is administered through an IV usually into your arm.

My Remicade Experience is Great for UC

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis January of 2006, and it completely changed my life. Luckily my doctor was able to diagnose me quickly, and get me on a treatment plan. Unfortunately is consisted of 20 oral pills a day and presented little relief of my symptoms… With the way insurance works these days, doctors can’t just put you on remicade right away, they have… Read More »My Remicade Experience is Great for UC

Trust Your Gut…Even When it Hurts

I was diagnosed late 2008 by an internist in a town close to home. My bleeding, frequency kept getting worse. He continuously kept switching my “preventative” meds. If I saw the slightest bit of improvement I would think hopefully “ok now I will get better”…only to get worse again. I quickly read a few books to learn more. The first book kept saying how I… Read More »Trust Your Gut…Even When it Hurts

Ready for Remicade?

This Friday morning I am scheduled for my every 8 week Remicade treatment. Remicade aka infliximab is a immune modulator that is used to treat Crohn’s and Ulceratice colitis as well as many other types of auto-immune diseases. It is a humanized monoclonal antibody for TNF alpha made from mouse protein. TNF alpha is part of the body’s immune response system that causes inflammation. So,… Read More »Ready for Remicade?