Trust Your Gut…Even When it Hurts

I was diagnosed late 2008 by an internist in a town close to home.

My bleeding, frequency kept getting worse. He continuously kept switching my “preventative” meds. If I saw the slightest bit of improvement I would think hopefully “ok now I will get better”…only to get worse again. I quickly read a few books to learn more. The first book kept saying how I will run to the bathroom and will know where every bathroom is everywhere I go( My frequency wasnt too bad at this time and I did not have the urgency this book and a few others were talking about). I knew if there was a way to stop this vicious disease I was going to try. I saw a naturopath, registered natural dietician(which had some great ideas). All was failing me until oneday I could not stand it no more. I was frustrated and worried I wouldnt be able to work much longer so I searched for a new doctor on the internet in the big city 90 mins away. Found an IBD Group and emailed them quickly. That day a secretary emaile d me back with the name of a doctor. As quickly as I could, I got my referral and was seen with in week or so. I am so glad that I knew in my heart of hearts that I was not being treated for my symptoms and that I needed to move on and find someone who will listen to what was going on. (By the time i had gone for my 2nd colonoscopy I had the frequency and urgency all the books were talking about) Of course hospitalization and prednisone is what I required….treatment not prevention. And the new doctor, is a man i will always be so grateful to!
Now I am on remicade every 6 weeks(started winter2009) and doing quite well although I do find after the 4th week some symptoms start to reappear…but its all manageable! (I am also on Pentasa).
I do hope that if you do not feel that you are being listened to trust your gut and move on….I did and it helped tremendously!

(Thanks anonymous poster, what a great ulcerative colitis success story! a what a great surprise for a Sunday! Thanks, Adam)

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