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science and research into the ulcerative colitis, or gastrointestinal world.

Specific Carbohydrate Case Series Published

***(Below is an email I received over the weekend, this kind doctor was my contact several years ago when I was sending in my poop samples via airmail for part of the study, super pumped that he sent this update, and I hope some of you find it interesting and informative as well. – Adam )*** Greetings, I hope this email finds you well. My… Read More »Specific Carbohydrate Case Series Published

Remicade or “Infliximab” is the Best Biologic…One New Study Suggests

As the title says, there is a new study that was published and available for everyone to read that gives some reasons for why Remicade (aka Infliximab) is better than the other biologic medications available to treat ulcerative colitis. The two other biologics which were compared in this study are adalimumab and golimumab (or you may know them by their trade names of “Humira” and… Read More »Remicade or “Infliximab” is the Best Biologic…One New Study Suggests