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Diet Related Colitis Studies Published Recently

Good Morning & Evening if you are doing that:))

In the ongoing effort to keep us all informed about colitis related topics, and since so many have a personal interest in diet (OK, not everyone, but quite a few), below are the Study Titles, as well as their associated links so you can read the entire study background and results.  Please send these on to others who you might feel are interested, and AS ALWAYS, if you want instructions on how you can search for ANY medical related published study…watch my video here:

How to use PUBMED…simple story I wrote for the UC’ers of the world a while back)

Colitis Studies:

Onset of Ulcerative Colitis during a Low-Carbohydrate Weight-Loss Diet and Treatment with a Plant-Based Diet: A Case Report


Influence of environmental factors on the onset and course of inflammatory bowel disease.


Diet and nutritional factors in inflammatory bowel diseases


Dietary protein intakes and risk of ulcerative colitis


The role of dietary fibre in inflammatory bowel disease


OK, there you have them, 5 studies about Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and much specifically on ulcerative colitis.  And…of course the diet components.  Quite interesting to read some of the ideas, some of which I personally follow, and others which I definitely do not.  Heck, I can’t really imagine going vegetarian, but hey, if that is working for some folks, GREAT!

I have had emails for several years now from people who ask me if the ebooks I wrote would work for them if they are vegetarian, and my answer is always a “NO”.  Reason being, most of the meals are filled with non-vegetarian foods.  So, if you folks are reading today, please take a close look at the studies above, and for a few you may have some new ideas about doing diet treatments vegetarian friendly.

Best to you all,

18 thoughts on “Diet Related Colitis Studies Published Recently”

  1. Hi Adam,

    Always good to have an up to date report on anything diet related so thank you. Such information also reinforces much of the anecdotal evidence here, particularly as many still trust the medication route entirely. With such a tricky disease, medication is the obvious place to start but it is important to keep an open mind.

    Despite my own wins with diet I have close family that simply don’t do self help and can’t be pursuaded otherwise. Great to see the information coming through on “official channels”.

    1. What up G,

      Yes indeed, kinda nice right to see this type of data flowing a bit more freely at the PubMed level. I remember times where I’d run a search on the past two months of Pubmed “UC” related studies, and man oh man, 5-6 years ago you would be very hard pressed to find a single thing that was diet specific in terms of the actual study, now they are starting to literally take over…kinda crazy, but I like it.

      Always GREAT to hear from you. And you know I’m thinking of you every day when I throw in a free pour of my EVOO into the smoothie before blending…KInda hoping you find out that Finlandia vodka is the perfect healer for UC, wouldn’t mind dropping a few deci liters of that in the smoothie each mornin too eh…:()))

      Take care bud,

  2. Great reading!

    I had quite the argument with a lady on Facebook about drugs being a cause of UC…she was adamant that it was NOT the case!!

    I , of course, was incredulous…and said so…lol

    How are you Graham??

    1. What up Bev!!!!!!!
      (just in case you are counting, that was your two-thousand two-hundred and fiftieth comment!!!!!!!
      Amazing you are! (you know that right:)))

      OK, enjoy your Sunday, I’m going to bed:)))

    2. Bev…was that you arguing on Facebook?! People on Facebook seem less invested at times…looking for quick and fast answers!

      1. LOL…it probably was…I use a totally different name on facebook Shelly!

        There was a woman who swore up and down that a person CANNOT get UC from meds!!

        Imagine how I responded…

        There are so many different ways to get UC, and I told her so :)

  3. OMG!!!

    Really? I am a chatty kathy, aren’t I?

    Going to bed? Not a Super Bowl fan? Or, are you in another country again…I may have missed that you are.

    YOU are awesome. Thank you for this site and for continuing to share new info with all of us:)


    1. Hello Bev, I am Sally and live in the UK. I don’t know if most of your posts on this site are based n the US? Anyway I was trying to join in on a few conversations and ask/ contribute a little but didn’t get any replies from the other post I sent last week. I only just found this site and have been interested by some of the stories . Is this how i can talk to people? I have had UC for over 8/9 years and been struggling with it over this time. I have tried most alternative things from Chinese medicine to changing to spelt flour, trying Kombucha etc etc. I am interested in this diet on here as not heard of this one. I currently see a homeopath and bioresonance practitioner , Kind regards

      1. Yes Sally…you are in the right place!!

        This site is the only site that I post on. It is the best place to talk to others about our common shared problem.

        The site is based in the US. I live in Canada!

        Cheers…and welcome!!

        1. Hi Bev, thank you for your quick response! It is 3.20 pm here and I see it is early in the morning for you. Now i have a link! When there is more time, I would be interested to hear a little about your experiences if you felt able to share with me , also perhaps some of your theories. I wonder if anyone else on this site is in the UK. Generally the British are not always good at sharing personal info but sometimes it can be useful. I wish you a good day. Sally

          1. Hi to you!

            There are plenty of Brits on this site. Right Adam? They have seemed very forthcoming as well.

            Adam (the guy who runs this site) once sent me a link to all of my posts…I have lost it somehow…

            It would be so much better if you could click on that link…all of my posts are there…over 2000 of them, apparently…sorry for being so out there everyone!

            I hope I didn’t ‘overdo’ posting…lol

  4. Awesome Adam….the more informed future is almost here! Thanks for organizing and posting as always!
    SuperBowl…YES…no Patriots ☹️…guess I’d have to go with Manning and the Broncos!

  5. I think the IBD charities could do with moving in this direction too, they seem to take a very cautious line on such matters.

    Glad the EVOO is still going in the smoothies Adam! I only manage a couple per week but have recently added pumpkin seeds. They are apparently great for controlling parasites.

    I’m doing well thanks Bev and good for you educating people. We do have to shout quite loud at times.

    I’m doing well though still on 5 cigarettes a day. The thought of years of damage and deficiencies has made me concentrate on maximum healing. I may yet be free of UC but in no rush. No real news, still feel better but may still have hookworm. I think my improvements are down to B12/iron uptake. Doctor rejected my request for b12 injections and the NHS is so slow!

  6. Thanks so much for this, Adam – makes for very interesting (if not always easy to understand!) reading. I’ve seen an improvement in my energy levels with vitamin D supplements… working out my trigger combinations is an ongoing project, but every scrap of information helps. Interested to see a possible link between red meat and UC in one of the studies…. will definitely read more.

  7. I found these studies fascinating and it has spurred me on to try to find more research on UC and the opiod connection. Found a study that differentiates between long-term chronic opiod use for other pre-existing conditions (me) and bowel inflammation, and the use of opiods specifically for pain associated with UC and IBD. So that was interesting. Lots of other articles on the topic listed just from Googling. That article also made the point that during an attack, using less opiods temporarily might help, but then also stopping them suddenly could possibly bring on an attack,so a complicated issue. Thanks for the leads!

    1. Yah Jan!!!! Way way cool that you took something away from these studies that are published for all to read!!!!

      Keep it up!!! and keep us posted on your future research por favor:)

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