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Back in Black! (Avoiding Humira)

Hi old and new UC friends,

It’s sure been a while…well over a year anyway. Apologies for the lack of communication on my behalf in Ireland.

It’s been a tough journey for me the past year I just wasn’t mending and gradually getting worse to the point where I was begging my doctors to give me surgery. It seemed like heaven to have relief from what I was going through. I just wanted out. No more pain no more being trapped at home day in day out worrying about how I would cope just going to the shop for a few essentials. I was starting to breakdown mentally as well as physically and I just didn’t know what to do. My only glimmer at the end of the tunnel was surgery. But alas! My doctors refused to do it saying I was too young and I hadn’t tried all the drug treatments. My next option (and only option) was Humira and I was dreading it especially going through all the tests for TB. But my chest x-rays kept coming back negative for the Humira treatment and it was all postponed to start on it. So again I had to wait 6 weeks before I went through the chest x-rays and then see if I could take Humira.

I was giving up, with no hope of ever having a life, a career from college (due also to the recession) or even having any kind of real social life. All my friends had left for pastures new and I felt like I was left to rot away in my own body. My own cage. Slowly I was getting worse, there was nothing the hospital could do until results came back good to start humira. They couldn’t bring me in as IV and oral steroids didn’t work on me anymore (thankfully!) and Pentasa was the same. By that stage i was on Imuran and that wasn’t working either and had been on it for a year. So I sat at home waiting in pain for something, ANYTHING! The only thing getting me through was my friends and family but even they couldn’t understand what was going on in my head.

Then one day I was handed a four day detox plan to relieve digestive disorders. I though hear we go another money grabbing scheme to deprive the sick from their money by giving them some kind of hope. But as i was in such poor condition and the four day detox was free I said sure why not try it and see?

It’s called Great taste No pain and it is from Sherry Brescia.

I could not believe it! After just two days I was fine! Completely normal! My pain was gone my swelling was gone and I didn’t feel tired. In my head I was saying “nah couldn’t be. Maybe it’s just a placebo effect cause I want it to work so badly. But no! Six weeks on I have never felt better in the Four years of being sick. I have nearly lost all my steroid weight and i can wear tight things on my stomach again. All by following such simple rules. It’s madness. Absolute madness. I’m nearly off Imuran completely and I havnt needed to go to hospital and of course I cancelled all appointments for Humira. Its Awesome. I have been to Wales for a holiday and tried new things I wouldn’t have been able to do considering I went from a severe flare up to nothing! Completely fine.  I hope i keep going that way too and I’m advising everyone to try it. What’s the harm if the 4 day plan is free??? And guess what ? I can eat chocolate,potatoes,sweet potatoes,all fruit,peanuts,lasagne,burgers….list goes on! The only difference is…how we were brought up to eat is wrong for us. Cramming all starch,protein,dairy and fruit into meals is really bad for you. It’s all about combinations and learning what is right with what to to understand fruit needs to be eaten ON ITS OWN with only water to wash it down.

Today i got to go through all my old pairs of jeans in my wardrobe which i have not worn in about two years as the pressure on my stomach was too much to take, well I can now wear them again and not only are they not tight but they are COMFORTABLE! I am now wearing my black skinny jeans and it feels awesome! I’m BACK IN BLACK!!!

Peace out!

3 thoughts on “Back in Black! (Avoiding Humira)”

  1. Thank goodness for that! Your last post sounded so bad I thought you had karked it.
    I too have experienced great results with diet (mainly eliminating gluten and, of course,animals).
    Good for you; such a terrible thing when you are so young.

  2. I’m so happy to hear your success! I too went through that diet change when my meds first started failing on me, but I didn’t have any luck in getting better while sticking to the guidelines of it alone. I had to start eliminating particularly problematic foods as well. Once that stopped working to fix me, I had to go back to medications, and since all my previous options had quit, and steroids didn’t help at all, they put me on Remicade for the first time a few days ago, and it turned me straight around and I can eat anything in any combination again with no pain. And I thank God for that. I’m sorry to hear your other drug options have failed, but as long as the GTNP plan’s working for you, I’d say stick with it, it’s very nonrestrictive, and if your body can handle changes like that so easily, consider yourself blessed! Enjoy the chance at a revitalized life, I’m just discovering the same exact feeling!

  3. I have just noticed I am quoting alot of ac/dc song titles. Haha That was actually unintentional but kinda funny. Great band all the same! Yeah I am super glad it’s working so far long may it last :D Hope everyone else is well xxx

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