Healed From Ulcerative Colitis

Your body CAN heal itself from UC. Here’s my story: I, too, had Ulcerative Colitis for about 8+ years (diagnosed when I was about 33). When I was first diagnosed, I was put on medication. I’ve been on several drugs over the years (Imuran, Levbid, Lilada, Imuran and lots of prednisone). Never, in all those years, did it go away. I always stayed on meds. I really didn’t think much of it until the symptoms began to get much worse. If I was under stress and had a flare, we just adjusted the meds, and then brought them back down. I was supposedly going to a well-known gastroenterologist in the northern Virginia area, and he always told me: “food has NOTHING to do with your disease.” So I took him at his word, and never did much research b/c the medications seemed to keep everything under control. When the symptoms began to increase, I went to Johns Hopkins for 2nd opinion. At this time, my dr. was pushing me to take Remicade. I had been on prednisone for almost 2 yrs. straight, and had to do something different. He told me that if I didn’t take Remicade, I would lose my colon. Prior to being told to go on Remicade, my symptoms were AWFUL!!! I was having diarrhea bowel movements about 10-15 times a day, and it was ALL blood. The minute I ate or drank, I was in the bathroom. A couple times, I didn’t make it to the bathroom in time, and that just scared me to death. Having no control over your bowels is very depressing.

So I began to do research, and for about 10 days, I ate nothing but very ripe bananas, mangos and would steam sweet potatoes and other vegs., then I would blend it into a soup. I also did a lot of fresh juices (primarily carrot, apple, celery). After about 10 days, my bowls began to become firm, and the blood was almost gone. I then took a closer look at my diet (always have eaten healthy, but also cheat), and I embraced a plant-based diet.  But here’s where it gets interesting: when I started taking a probiotic, my symptoms disappeared completely!!! I take 3 probiotics a day (from Swanson Company). I take “probiotic complex” in the morning, “ultimate probiotic formula” in the afternoon, and another “probiotic complex” in the evening. I do cheat, and I’m not rigid in my diet (although I tend to follow a plant-based diet for the most part).

Swanson Probiotics:
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So here I am, about 7 months later, and not ONCE have I had any blood. My bowel movements are 2-3 a day, and they are normal. I thank the Lord for guiding me in this direction.

If it had been left up to my doctor, I would now be on Remicade and dealing with all the side effects. And honestly, I feel great!


Submitted in the Venting Area by Connie

Other medications used for her Ulcerative Colitis:  Imuran, Levbid, Lilada, Imuran and lots of prednisone

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  1. Very interesting. I’m on Imuran and Asacol right now and I’m struggling with rotten side effects: chills, hair loss, low white blood cell count, increased size of my red blood cells, extreme sun sensitivity, chest pains and stomach pain. But, I haven’t had a flare since January (longest I’ve gone without a flare). I’ve also removed gluten and dairy from my diet (I do cheat on these once in a while…).
    I’m thinking that probiotics might be a good step. Also considering drinking aloe vera – this is supposed to help.
    I’m at the point where I just want to feel normal again. I’ve always trusted medicine but these side effects are getting to me.
    Very happy to read that you’ve found success. Do you eat any meat? I’d be curious to find out what you eat on an average day.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. So you stayed vegan? Is this essentially a fruitarian diet? What do you mean by ‘cheat’? What does your diet look like today.

    Would you email me? I’d like to talk more about this.


  3. This is great news, Connie–it is nice to hear stories if patient empowerment, too. I would love to hear more. I have Crohn’s disease but was on prednisone off and in for a few years–I, too, refused to take Remicade and embarked on my own path with a trusted naturopath–and we ended up writing a book together! I am happy to say that I have been in remission 5 years, post surgery. No wheat in that time, healthy-mostly vegetarian diet and daily ground up flax seed and probiotics (I take one quarter teaspoon of Ultra Flora Plus brand I buy from my naturopathic doctor)–my GI doc is amazed at how healthy I am now :) Also, daily exercise, drink lots of water — yoga and meditation, along with monthly acupuncture and massage (that is the main message in our book, too, so you don’t have to even buy it -/lol! Actually, the diet stuff is crucial to good gut health. Don’t let docs write it off and the SCD is a good place to start and learn from–I did that diet for three weeks. Also, keeping a food journal daily and eating small frequent meals and drinking lots of water are all good for longterm health. Morning, I have oatmeal, banana at 10:30, rice and steamed veggies or soup/ salad for lunch, with appkes or applesauce for more dna ks or gard-boiled egg; almonds and raisins for snack, humus and carrots and water before dinner, baked chicken with herbs, or fish with a mustard sauce, with rice and veggies for dinner–that’s my menu if anyone is interested ;) but ground up FLAX seed is a great way to add fiber and bulk to your gut and help you stay regular with BMs–and probiotics daily!

    1. Hi Dede, I thought I had colitis for a long time, and with my last colonoscopy in January, I found out it was crohns (apparently because it is in different parts of my colon). Anyway, I’ve been on the SCD for over a year now. I also take VSL3, am coming off of prednisone (down to 5mg) and am also on mercaptopurine (I really want to be off of that!).

      Anyway, I noticed that you said you eat rice and flaxseed, which are both illegal on the diet. I’ve had no D or B in a while, but I guess from eating all of the almond flour, and mainly fruits and veggies, I rarely get firm poos. When I do, I don’t really know what causes it, since it takes about 3 days for anything to go through my system (and I am extremely regular-once every morning.)

      The reason I am writing is because I was wondering recently if I should add more bread-like fiber to my diet to make me feel more normal, and was wondering if you could give me your thoughts and go into more detail on things. (I do drink LOTS of water by the way.)

      1. P.S. I am just nervous at adding in illegals since I’ve been on the diet for so long. It’s become a way of life, and a completely different way of thinking.

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