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Hello fellow UC'ers! First off, I am soooo happy that I found this site! It's been helping me alot with reading other people's stories and how they are dealing with this horrible disease just like me on a day to day basis. I am 24 turning 25 in September and have been diagnosed since January 2010. I also have PCOS, PMDD, and HPV and I'm also anemic....not fun I know!

From Severe Colitis Down to Very VERY Mild Colitis and How

Introduction: 25 years old, ulcerative colitis,  and I was diagnosed in January 2010. I’ve had MAJOR struggles this past year BUT i’m happy to say, that I FINALLY have good news! My Ulcerative Colitis Experience: So, I’m the girl who had tons of surgeries and procedures done within so many months. I was getting depressed and upset with everything that was happening to me and… Read More »From Severe Colitis Down to Very VERY Mild Colitis and How

Make the Noise Stop!

If you haven’t read my story earlier, I am 25 years old who got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2009 and had about 4 surgeries and numerous medical procedures done within one year. HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT EMBARRASSING MOST ANNOYING GRUGGELING SOUND STOP!! Its so embarrassing when this happens! it feels weird/hurtful at times and I’m always too scared to look up to see… Read More »Make the Noise Stop!

Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment

My story is a bit crazy. Lets begin in October of 2009. I work for an Engineering company and was asked to travel to California for business for a 36 hour trip. I was so excited that I began to get very stressed about the whole trip since it was my first chance to prove to my boss that I was worth keeping! So, get… Read More »Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment