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From Severe Colitis Down to Very VERY Mild Colitis and How


25 years old, ulcerative colitis,  and I was diagnosed in January 2010. I’ve had MAJOR struggles this past year BUT i’m happy to say, that I FINALLY have good news!

My Ulcerative Colitis Experience:

So, I’m the girl who had tons of surgeries and procedures done within so many months. I was getting depressed and upset with everything that was happening to me and my body. I have other health issues that were also needing my attention, but have been put on the back burner due to my UC taking over my needs.
I have been using the Vitamin E “cure”, probiotics, and stress classes. I’ve taken out diary, alcohol, sodas, spices, greasy/fatty/fried foods from my diet. ANDsevere to mild colitis GUESS WHAT! I went into see my GI doctor and he had the mostly wonderful news!
“Lucy, your UC has gone from sever (attacking most of your colon) down to very mild (only attacking the rectum).” I started to burst into tears and he just told me whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it seems to be helping you out!
I am so happy that things have been turning around for me and I first want to thank Adam and all you for all your comments, stories, and information given on this site as well as facebook. I consider you guys family and always feel I have someone to rely on!

Submitted by “LucyLJ” from Downers Grove, IL in the COLITIS VENTING AREA

8 thoughts on “From Severe Colitis Down to Very VERY Mild Colitis and How”

  1. Hey Lucy,
    That is such great news that you are getting control of your UC!!! SO SO SO Proud of you for finding a treatment that’s working and getting you out of the bad flare. I’m sure your doctor is super proud of you as well.

    thanks so much for posting the good news, and also for submitting the picture.

    Have a great day, and congrats again to you.


  2. Hey Lucy,

    Great to hear about your success with Vit E CURE! I tried it but was a chicken. Probably didn’t do it enough times to make a difference. Did it take you a while before you saw positive results? Do you use Natren probiotics or something different… So great you are proactive in dealing with STRESS! We all should do it! Best to you! Great photo of you both!

  3. Can you please share what you are taking, how many miligrams, brand and anthing else you can think of. Are you on any prescription medications?

  4. Hey guys! Thank you all for the supportive comments :)

    Erica ~ I use this probiotic called Vidazorb-Super C. Its about 40 bucks a bottle and your suppose to take 3 pills a day so the bottle only lasts you a month. I’ve been taking this from day one and it has really helped with bloating and making me feel less huge.

    Kim ~ I buy my vitamin E from Sam’s Club. They have bulk size bottles which really helps with not going to the store alot. I started to see results maybe after the second week of using it. I also put a twist on it and did a few things that helped me in the beginning. 1) I warmed up the water in the microwave so it was closer to my body temp which I’ve read helps with the absorbtion. 2) I do the enema at night, but then I also take 1-2 pills orally. This way I keep that lovely working vitamin constantly in my body. I’ve actually been able to take myself off doing the enema and just taking the vitamin E pills orally after about 5 months of doing the enema. I take about 5-6 pills a day. (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 3-4 at night before i go to sleep). I am also taking Lialda medication (2 pills a day) I’ve been taking this since day one and it seems to help me if I do eat something I wasnt suppose to eat like spicy food or what not.

    This was the website that helped me begin it all:

    If you have anymore questions, shoot them my way!

  5. Lucy..

    What was your diet and what did it consists of? Did you follow Sheldons recommendations ,too? Vegs etc….. Did you go over 10 vit e caps ever? Gonna try it again soon so thanks for sharing your story!! I may hit you up from time to time if that’s okay? :) erica

    1. Erica,

      My diet is pretty laid back. I try to eat 7 smaller meals a day and listed below are the foods that I typically stay away from:

      Diary products
      Juices (except once in awhile I’ll have a glass of V8)
      leafy greens
      gassy type foods (broccoli, etc)
      red meat (i only eat this once a week)
      white rice
      lots of sugar (try to limit myself)
      fried/greasey foods

      I think thats my list!

      You can shoot me an email any time you would like! I’ll be happy to help you along your Vitamin E cure!

      GOOD LUCK!

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