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Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment

My story is a bit crazy.

Lets begin in October of 2009. I work for an Engineering company and was asked to travel to California for business for a 36 hour trip. I was so excited that I began to get very stressed about the whole trip since it was my first chance to prove to my boss that I was worth keeping! So, get to Cali and everything was fine. Meetings went well and I impressed the client! Great news! As soon as I got back, I got the flu….then a cold….then the HINI virus/flu. I had a horrible October. Right as I was going through the HINI…I began to notice I was going to the bathroom more and that there was blood present every single time. Now because I had the flu and all that stress with traveling, I decided it was my body’s way of saying “hey let us rest!!” I was too embarrassed to tell anyone what was happening. I finally got up the courage to tell someone and that someone was my OB/GYN. I was on schedule to have laparoscopic surgery for my PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and asked if the blood had anything to do with my current health condition. She told me right then and there that I had UC. So I went to a GI the following week and he scheduled me for a Upper and Lower GI. My mom has Celiac disease so they wanted to test for that as well. Test results came back…and YUP I had UC 100%.

So for those of you keeping track…that’s 1 surgery in Dec. 09 and another surgery in Jan. 10.

I was miserable to say the least with having both those surgeries and now having to deal with my diet/steroids/more medication then I ever thought i would have to take at my age! I was getting depressed. I would have anxiety going to a friend’s house and needing to go, so I stayed out of the social network for 5+months. I had anxiety going into a store or restaurant not knowing where the bathroom was. I wouldst be able to calm myself down until I found it.

So January went by, so did February and March. Then April came…it was a Thursday and I was having pains in my abdomen area. They were sharp, but not ask painful as my Ulcerative Colitis pain so i figured to not worry about it and continued on with my day at work. Later that night the pain went away. Friday came along and i felt sick to my stomach, but I have to make money and I went to work. I decided around 9am that I wasn’t feeling that great and went to my normal doctor. He said to go to the Hospital because it was my appendix!!!!! All i’m thinking to myself was “you have got to be kidding me!”. So yup…I needed that thing to come out. The doctor said it was leaking and looks like it was leaking for a while. Maybe this was the cause of my UC?

3rd surgery in April…done. Everything went well and I was the following afternoon.

Took a bit to recover, but I got back into my regular pill taking routine and my diet. Still no remission. I was going back and forth from being ok one week to feeling crappy the next. I was put on Rowasa Enemas since steroids made me swell up so much. (In one night taking a low dosage of steroids, i gained 15 pounds!!! I’m only 5′ and weigh 99 pounds…that was too much a toll on my body). After about 2 months of no break through from the bleeding, they wanted me to come in and do a partial scope. Great another procedure!

Not another surgery…but medical procedure…Fun!

This procedure showed that my UC has grown significantly and has gotten worse. I was thinking in my head “no shit. i could have told you that before you made your machine blow are in me”. So he just kept me on Rowasa and the Lialda that I was prescribed and told me to up all my dosages.

So…a couple weeks later, I went in to my OB/GYN doctor and showed that i need another surgery because HPV showed up. I asked how I ended up getting the HPV because I hadn’t had intercourse for over a year and it never showed up in my surgery I had or any of the follow up tests. She said that there was a slight possibility that my steroid usage had something to do with it. That the steroids took away my immune system so much, especially after the surgeries, that it just evolved from that.

Great…now I have to worry about two types of cancer. So make that count 4 surgeries, and 2 medical procedures (the other was a quick biopsy of the girl part region).

I had finally had it. I was so depressed and so upset with myself that I didn’t want to leave my bed. I said to myself, this is enough! I need to find something that works and stick with it!

I read thousands of articles online and even found some groups around my area to listen what they had to say. And guess what….I have found something that actually is working!!!!!!!!!!!

Google: Vitamin E Enema for UC. No joke. I have been following this Vitamin E Enema since January of this year, still taking my normal lialda (4 pills a day) but i have been in remission ever since! No pains, no diarrhea, no urgency, and better yet…NO BLOOD! I have been able to eat certain things again that i miss (although still staying away from diary and spicy foods) and I have been feeling great! I have been able to finally get back to the gym which helps out my PCOS dramatically! And lets say I do get stressed which makes some of the symptoms and blood come back, once I take the Vitamin E enema at night, the next day…ITS GONE!!!

I am in the process of scheduling my next colonoscopy to see if this had many any improvements!

2010 was a horrible year for me. so many surgeries and procedures done that someone my age shouldn’t be going through, specially someone as tiny as me. but this year has been nothing but amazing! I am going out socially now and the anxiety of the bathroom has finally left my thoughts. I can truly say that I am smiling right now typing this because finding something that works is truly life changing!

Medications I’ve used:

Lialda – 4 pills a day

Rowasa – 1 enama at night (only when I’m having flare ups)

Vitamin E – I am on doing 5-6 pills orally (this seems to help me out during the day) and 4-5 pills in an enema.

I have also been taking a pro-biotic and omega-3 pills each and every day…which also have been helping tummy issues if I have any.

Submitted by “LucyLJ86”

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7 thoughts on “Vitamin E Enema, It’s Working as My Colitis Treatment”

  1. Hey LucyLJ,
    That’s so awesome that you have found something that is working for you! Congrats bigtime to you on that. Please keep us updated how things go with this type of treatment for you in the future. I know that a bunch of others here would like to find out if you can have a long easing of symptoms from this, and that might get a whole bunch of others interested in trying this out too. Good luck, and keep it up! -Adam

  2. LA Nicole

    How does one find more info on how to get the Vitamin E enemas? Are they at local health food stores?

    Congratulations, Lucy on your success!


      1. LA Nicole

        Thank you so much, Adam. I found that link yesterday after looking at your website through every crack and corner…I can’t believe it has taken me so long to find this site, but praise be to you for making it. I’m so glad I found it! I’m seeing my Naturopath today with the hopes that some supplements, vitamins, body work, etc. will help with the acuteness of this flare, while I wait for my BTVC book to arrive. I’m scared, but am getting ready to try the SCD diet. I’m going to ask her about Vitamin E enemas, too.

        Also, has anyone tried the Elimination Diet, gotten better, only to see it fail later? I understand the science behind the SCD diet, but how come we were all told to do a low-residue diet (with rice and potatoes and such) and why does it work for a while, and then not at all?

        Still tripping on the diet, but excited to see improvements being carb free (even though they are truly my favorite foods). Oh, UC!

        Oh, and Adam, you’re Roller Coaster UC Ride post was HILARIOUS. I showed it to my boyfriend yesterday and we both couldn’t stop laughing…Thank you so much for helping me to laugh during such a trying time! :> So appreciated!!

  3. Hello, I have been having colitis for 3 years. I tried several medications. The only thing that worked for me was Vitamin E enema with Chamomile tea. Now, I am gaining weight and there is no blood in my stool But I am still careful about my diet and also take 9 Asacol every day.

  4. hi hi! this is great ive also been using these enemas now for 2 weeks and seen wuite the improvement! i ahve a question though? how long do you do it every ngiht for? on most sites i see for 12 weeks? and then would you taper down to every other day then once a week? or whats the process here, how long did you consistentlty do it for and when did you start to stop? or did you not stop and continaully do it nightly?THANKS :O)

  5. Hi. I’ve been doing butyrate enemas to great success for the past 6 weeks for diversion proctitis/Crohn’s in a rectal stump. I was hoping to improve this regimen after looking up vitamin E enemas. Is this still working for you? I assume that you continue this treatment indefinitely.

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