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IBD – YEAR 10 (What! What!)

Kyle with his family!

Well… It has been a minute or two since I had the time to sit down and write a blog for Adam and the team, and that’s probably a good sign of how I have been doing health wise in my current state of Crohn’s. My story, much like most of yours, started with a whole lot of questions, and it wasn’t until I was FINALLY able to connect with a GI that things slowly began being revealed, which, by my watch, was now officially 10 years ago! CRAZY!  

The story started with nonstop D, weight loss, and increasing stomach pains and would be a 2-year roller coaster of hospitalizations, c diff infections, different medication starts and stops, and eventually a shrug from the GI’s with what to do next. My wife (who is AMAZING!) and I decided that we needed to take control of my health and went full on SCD in the Fall of 2013, and since then we haven’t looked back, it’s been a challenge getting things dialed in and figured out, recognizing what foods work and don’t, and how the heck do we do “normal” life while trying to live on this diet

Since making that decision, and figuring things out, my wife and I have been able to travel across the country, I have led 2 trips of students (I am a teacher) to Washington D.C., we’ve had 3 amazing boys of our own, and I haven’t had to take a Crohn’s related sick day in over 8 years, which is pretty spectacular when you think about the fact that 10 years ago the idea of cutting out organs was being placed on the table : /  

So, 10 years… That’s a really long time to be living with an incurable disease, but it really seems like the blink of an eye when you realize ALL the amazing things that have come about since being diagnosed. A teacher, husband, father, coach, elder, and uncle, that is quite the list of descriptors of things that have happened in the last 10 years. Life has an interesting way of throwing things at us, shoot, just two weeks ago my appendix decided to burst on me which took me right back to a place that I sat 10 years ago to the day, a hospital room. But… The story of my IBD is just that, a story, each story has moments of climax and moments of tragedy, and I am just living proof of that.  

I mentioned the appendix situation, don’t recommend that one, but I had to take some high-powered anti-biotics due to the rupturing, which has led to some Crohn’s related issues going on. I am 2 weeks out and finally noticing some normalcy returning back to bowel movements and body, but it’s taking its sweet time. Which I get, right? I mean being hospitalized for 29 days when first diagnosed with IBD, the body takes time to get back to normal. 

Am I frustrated? Sure, who wouldn’t be after working so hard to get your body back, only to have it for no reason just scissor kick ya in the head again ;) But, I can come back, I have seen my body do some amazing things over the past 10 years, I have seen the work of a Higher Power help make me right again, I can’t lose that mentality, the mentality that many of you on this site have helped me to get to. 

As I sit, I am currently dealing with abdominal cramping on the left side, much like I experienced when coming out of my first two major flares in 2012 & 2013. BM’s have slowed down significantly being 2 weeks out, and even starting to see some form in the bowel, so it’s coming back, we are getting there, and if anything, the last 10 years have taught me that you can come back, you can be “normal” again, may not look like your old normal, but… for some, including me, it has been a better normal. Stay positive, keep your focus on the right things, and stay in connect and relationships with the right people, those that keep you in the light, and keep you positive.  

Always remember, IBD may be the disease that you have, but it doesn’t define who you are!  

Stay blessed & be well, 


6 thoughts on “IBD – YEAR 10 (What! What!)”

  1. I always enjoy hearing from Kyle and about his journey. Keep up the good fight and don’t ever let IBD knock you down.

      1. Kyle

        Same goes for you, Adam. I am so appreciative of the community you have built for those of us who are dealing with the IBD life. Congrats to you and the wife on the new addition, fatherhood is the best, especially when our health is under control. All the best, my friend.


  2. Just got diagnosed today with colitis today after I woke up with blood in the toilet and cramps in my lower stomach. Help what do I eat

    1. Hi Nina,

      It certainly is a challenging time right after receiving a diagnosis, as you probably have a ton of questions. One helpful first step is to find a gastroenterologist doctor to partner with. Maybe you already have one. Did you have a colonoscopy to confirm the diagnosis? Did you receive any advice on a doctor to visit to discuss the diagnosis with further?

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