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My Crohn’s Journey – Year 8

Hard to believe the most difficult season of my life to date is now officially 8 years behind me, but what a journey that it has been. Oh, my bad, my name is Kyle, I was diagnosed with IBD 8 years ago this month (First diagnosed with UC, but one year later they deemed it Crohn’s). My story probably started out like most of yours, noticed some bathroom habits changing, some unexpected weight loss, fatigue, etc. I was able to find a GI that felt it the right call to check to see what was going on, and bada boom bada bing, I was told that I had inflammatory Bowel Disease! What would happen after that diagnosis was something that no one could have predicted.

Kyle with his wife
Kyle with his wife August 2013
kyle with 3rd son
Kyle August 2020 after 8 years with Crohn’s

I would land 29 days in a hospital room, IVs, pick lines, blood transfusion, blood labs, TPN, the whole works, I would contract a bacteria known as C.Diff, as well as going into one of the worst flares that my GI had ever seen. It was a brutal time for myself, but even more brutal time for my wife, who had just said I do less than a year prior.


That is not the end of my story, see IBD doesn’t break you, it may rock you to the core, but we are built tough (not pitching a Ford commercial). See my body rallied, my health regained itself, and through doctor support, and a whole lot of research, my wife and I were able to discover how to take control of my health. We went full board into the SCD after every medication either failed us, or had little to no help in treating my IBD. It was a tough decision, but a decision that I had to 100% commit to in order to figure out if it would truly work, and the crazy thing is, IT DID!

For the past 7 years, I have been full blown on the SCD, and to the surprise of my GI, I have yet to have any major setbacks with my Crohn’s Disease. Now here’s the thing that people need to know, the SCD did not cure me, I still have Crohn’s Disease, it is still active, there are still parts of my life that are hindered due to this disease, but I have been given a new start to my life. A “New Normal” as my wife and I have deemed it.

The SCD is a commitment, it isn’t something that we just “took a shot at,” we really committed to it, following the 4 phases (which has a different meaning in the pandemic world lol!) food list. We made sure that we were keeping a food journal and noting any foods that seemed to have negative effects on the gut, we made sure to GO SLOW! It wasn’t about opening up the SCD recipe book at the very beginning and trying anything and everything, we stayed on soft foods for 3-4 months, really giving the gut time to heal in order to give the SCD the best chance at being successful! And it has been, I don’t think it’s the magic bullet because what I have learned from many conversations with people with the disease is that we are all built different, and what works for one, may not work for the other, but in order to know, you have to be willing to try!

So where am I now? My wife and I just celebrated the birth of our 3rd son, something I wouldn’t have thought possible 8 years ago. I have been working full time at my job (I am a teacher) for 7 years now, and since my first year, I haven’t had to take a sick day due to my Crohn’s. I am active in my community and church, I stay physically active by running and playing hoops weekly. I am truly blessed, but going through the valley, helps you appreciate the mountain top.

So, thank you Crohn’s Disease, thank you for giving me a new appreciation for life and for my health. Do I still think you suck? Absolutely, you are the very worst! J But Crohn’s disease is now part of the story of my life, it isn’t the STORY, but it is a piece of Kyle’s Story!

Stay Blessed and Stay Safe!



7 thoughts on “My Crohn’s Journey – Year 8”

  1. Hey Kyle,
    Big thx for your update again brotha!
    And congratuuuulations on the new one on board your growing train.

    ALways awesome to hear from you and thanks so much for cranking a picture once again. Feel like we gonna have a full photo album of you guys someday within the UC pages. Ok bud, great job keeping your Crohn’s in check, so relevant for the UC folks as well.


    1. Adam, I so appreciate this forum, I know it’s one of the first places I found where I could actually read stories and experiences of the exact stuff that I was dealing with my UC/Crohn’s, it truly has been a safe haven for me and I am glad to be able to share my success with the SCD as a means to treat my Crohn’s. Thanks for all that you do!


  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. My 19 year old son was just diagnosed the end of August this year and I needed this encouragement today.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your son, 19 having to learn about IBD… I couldn’t even imagine, but it’s important for him to know that he is not alone, there are a lot of us who live productive and normal lives with dealing with UC/Crohn’s. Adam has put together a great forum here, I encourage you and your son to look through some of the stories, both good and bad, it helped me a lot when I was first diagnosed. Prayers up for you guys, remission is possible!


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