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Curtis is a young guy who developed a very rapid case of severe ulcerative colitis symptoms in early 2011. Shortly afterwards as when medications were failing to solve his problems, he had only one option left which was surgery, and he is hanging in there and doing great. Curtis is an expert soccer player and has his own line of T-Shirts he creates too.

2 years with a J-Pouch

Intro: Hey everyone, Curtis here again! I was diagnosed back in 2011 and had the 3 step J pouch surgery after the removal of my entire large intestine. Some more about me: Surfing, Soccer, Fundraising, Kayaking, Cycling, Being outdoors. Symptoms: NONE 2 Years with a J-Pouch Hey guys! So I’m fast approaching my 2 year anniversary of my final J-Pouch surgery and I can’t freaking… Read More »2 years with a J-Pouch

No Colon Still Rollin

Hey All! Curtis here wither another update. So I’ve been working with my buddy Tyler, who is a fellow J-Poucher with 1 surgery remaining, and we have been working hard on trying to get these T-shirts going! No Colon Still Rollin has a website, Facebook page and an Instagram account! We have 2 T-Shirt designs at the moment and will of course be working on… Read More »No Colon Still Rollin

UPDATE: 2 Months Post Takedown Surgery and Feeling Amazing

Hey all, it’s Curtis. I haven’t posted an update in a while so I figured I would share how things are going with me since my last update. I only had Ulcerative Colitis for about 2 months but I can confidently say that I am 100000x happier now than I ever was with UC. I have ZERO pain, am taking ZERO medications and have freedom… Read More »UPDATE: 2 Months Post Takedown Surgery and Feeling Amazing