2 years with a J-Pouch

Curtis, an incredible colitis survivor

Curtis, an incredible colitis survivor


Hey everyone, Curtis here again! I was diagnosed back in 2011 and had the 3 step J pouch surgery after the removal of my entire large intestine.

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2 Years with a J-Pouch

Hey guys! So I’m fast approaching my 2 year anniversary of my final J-Pouch surgery and I can’t freaking believe that it’s been 2 years. It seems like yesterday that I was FREAKING out beyond belief about what my life would be like after I was diagnosed with UC. I just have to say, if it wasn’t for Adam and everyone’s support on this site, it would have been a MUCH harder journey, so I’d like to thanks everyone on here who was so supportive and helpful during my time of need, especially Master Adam!

I am doing great after 2 years. My J-Pouch has treated me very nicely so far and I haven’t had any issues with it which I am very happy about. I go to the bathroom anywhere from 2-6 times per day…sometimes more, sometimes less, but I’m used to it all right now. Each bathroom visit for me is about 30 seconds….haha, crazy I know! I just sit down and it all comes out, then I wipe and I’m done…haha…BOOM!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a story on here because I don’t have UC anymore, but I’ve been busy trying spread the word and get some more people aware of UC and just how many people are affected. As some of you know, I was thinking about making T-shirts and stuff to help raise some money and awareness for IBD related illnesses with a No Colon Still Rollin’ image to it. Well I am happy to say that it’s been a success! If you’d like to take a look at the shirts and other items available, visit:


20% of each shirt purchase will be donated to the CCFA or other IBD related foundations to help find a cure for these horrible diseases.

I started an instagram account as well that I’ve been using to link up with fellow J-Pouchers, UC’ers, Crohners and celebrate how everyone is doing and “Still Rollin” on with their lives even though they have/had/ or are struggling with their lives. We have some talented people out there with IBD and I would like to meet anyone and everyone so we can show the world that just because we have this illness, doesn’t mean that we will let it define who we are!!

I hope everyone is doing well and if ANYONE is considering surgery or has any questions about that stuff, you can contact me any time via the No Colon Still Rollin website under the Contact link.
Please help spread the word and keep on rollin!!

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5 thoughts on “2 years with a J-Pouch”

  1. Glad you are doing well Curtis! Good to know that the surgery can be a success and that it’s not something that you need to freak out about. I have it in the back of my head if the FMT therapy doesn’t work for me.

  2. Hello Curtis, Yours is such a positive experience that I hope UC sufferers gain strength from it. For some of us surgery becomes necessary.

    I was in a major flare (in today’s terms) when I was finally correctly diagnosed with UC in January 1975. Three days later my colon perforated, so they took it out that afternoon. I ended up with an ileostomy (j pouches hadn’t been “invented” yet). It presents a few challenges, but I still consider it a miracle after almost 40 years.

  3. Hey Curtis, my name is Sam, and I have UC. None of my meds have been working (I take asacol, on remecade treatment, a vitamin and a probiotic). I am a very competitive baseball player and am a Sophomore in hs who plays for the MN Blizzard and am supposed to be on varsity this year. I have received letters for baseball from colleges. My family has really considered me getting the surgery, do you think it will affect me and being able to play ball? I know I’ll be on the DL for a bit but should I be concerned about anything? -Goody

    1. Sam, hope you are doing well. Did you have the surgery? My son is the same age and same passionate baseball player. He just had the first surgery and I would love to hear how things worked out for you…

  4. Hi Curtis, my name is Lori, I had my first surgery of 3 for my j pouch this past August! I had UC for 16 years, diagnosed when I was 20. I loved reading your story, and it has filled me with renewed hope that I will finally have a healthy life once again! I have kept my disease very private for the most part these past 16 years. Thank you for all that you have done for the UC community.

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