Anyone Need Natural Pain Relief?

Graham from EnglandIntroduction:

I’m Graham from South East England, 40 years old and diagnosed with proctitis then Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years ago. I didn’t make the connection at the time but this illness made itself known to me shortly after quitting smoking. My story is hard to believe but I’ve had a massive breakthrough and I hope it helps you too…

My Symptoms:

Almost no symptoms at all…

Natural Pain Relief

These links below could be of some use to you, though my UC does not give me joint pain, my personal breakthrough may well be relevant. The 1st explains that Extra Virgin Olive Oil surpasses Ibuprofen for pain relief (naturally). I have also included the link to my story where I (yes hard to believe) keep my UC away using EVOO, 3 tablespoons a day (no meds). This amazing ancient food of goodness is currently being used in research for this disease and others. The astonishing benefit I have had has led me to try and learn why, how etc and the benefits keep coming, ok so I’m now obsessed!

My previous posts will better explain how, but I have been on the EVOO long enough (15 months) to realize it must have also sorted or be suppressing my 15 year back problem. I did have a recent flare where I took plain olive oil by mistake and not EVOO (this is crucial). During this bad period my back became tender once again and it also “hit home” how good it had been for some time. Well I felt like a fool for not being able to read a bottle but mainly a huge relief that EVOO was still the real deal and sure enough everything returned to normal, including my back!

I realize this is not very scientific but surely worth a shot if you suffer joint pain and need a natural solution. We have to be careful what we take right? Taking medication for pain relief in addition to everything else surely cant help. The suggestion is about 3-1/2 tablespoons which is coincidentally a similar amount to what have each day. This amount is not considered a health risk, Monounsaturated fat improves heart health, help you lose belly fat and keep your cholesterol down.

Why not try it for a few weeks? If you do its worth researching which EVOO you are buying, there are fakes and less pure oils out there. An old bottle you may have will have had its benefits reduced by time and they can also be reduced with exposure to sunlight. I use Napolina EVOO, it tastes ok and is doing a good job for me.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its the future…

written by Graham from England

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Some Examples of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Available on

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  1. I forgot to mention that if you are intending to try EVOO for your UC or inflammation there is a very important tip when testing for good oil (not fake)…All good oils give a slight to strong cough inducing burn on the back of the throat , this is perfectly normal and a sign of quality. If you do not detect this throw it away.

    Google oleocanthal, there is lots in real EVOO, this provides the ” burm” and is the important anti inflammatory component.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Thank you! I am taking Lialda and started flas oil (omega 3). When I finish the flax oil I will start olive oil right away. I wonder if I can/should do both? Are you also on the SCD diet? What brand of olive oil do you use? Thanks!

        1. Doh, Yvonne and i’d just written this..

          In the future, to maximise real Evoo I believe the oil will have a couple of “friends” and I am sure fish oil is 1 of them. I am about to add salmon oil but only a small supplement. I wouldn’t go big with both but what do I know.

          I don’t follow SCD or Paleo but (December) cut all the sweets, cakes etc I used to binge on and also watch the fat. Along with a couple of days exercise pw and this did steady my self induced flare but it was real Evoo that pulled me out.

          Do you live in the UK, M+S Italian oils have that kick? Cooler regions that grow olives and or irrigate less have higher polyphenols/oleocanthal levels which is what we need. Early harvest is a must and if you are northern hemisphere then Oct 2012 harvest oils will be great. Wouldn’t bother with anything 2011, it will have oxidised to some extent and lost some power. Southern hemisphere olives are harvested around June so still ok now and worth looking out for in the summer (when they say 2013 harvest).

          Best of luck..

          1. Hi Graham,

            I live in Texas and just found some fresh cold pressed olive oil that is made here in the hill country, close to where I live. The olives were just picked at the end of January and it does hit me in the back of the throat inducing a cough. I think it tastes really good, it is called Sauld de Paloma EVOO. I just started taking it today and will keep you posted on my results. I am still on the Lialda since I was just diagnosed February 14th during a flare. I plan on stopping the Lialda sometime in the next 6 months to see what happens, yikes!! Thanks again so much for your positive outlook. I love to re-read this post and the strand of comments. Yvonne

  2. Hi Graham,

    Of course, I am intrigued by the results you’ve had with EVOO. Do you actually use a measuring spoon, as in 1/2 teaspoon? Or do you use a regular spoon that you eat with? Just curious. Unfortunately, I am taking a med now temporarily (Entocort) to help myself out of a flare. Normally, I am strongly against meds but had to accept help this time. I am wondering how EVOO works. Does it coat the intestines? I’m concerned about it interfering with the absorption of my current meds, which are expensive. I don’t want to pay for these meds & then prevent my body from absorbing them, so I’ve been holding off on trying EVOO. My dr wants me to stop Entocort soon & start Imuran. I do NOT want to take Imuran. I’ve been thinking that when I stop Entocort (soon), I would try to go without meds and try EVOO instead. How soon is it realistic to expect results? I’d appreciate any thoughts you might have. Thanks.


    1. Hi Lynne,

      I read your comment and wanted to let you know that my husband has been on Imuran for 21 years. It is the only med that he has been on since he came off of the prednisone about a year after his diagnosis. My daughter, age 14, just started on it last September. To me it seems like a mild med and my husband who is around a lot of school age children (60 each day) does not get sick all the time as you might think he would catch every cold and flu bug going around. I cannot say that it has ever put him into remission because he has never gotten there, but he does not bleed. The doctor wants him to try remicaide or humera next, but we have been so afraid of those types of drugs. My husband has battled with some joint issues from time to time and we know that his grandmother who also suffered with Chrones did too.
      so…not particularly helpful information, but thats our story with immuran, just wanted to share,

      Kara :o)

  3. Hi Lynne,
    I use ether a desert spoon or table spoon and plastic shot glasses or medical dispensers while at work. It works out around 15 ml per dose and this is completely normal for us. Those Mediterraneans who have the healthy diets consume large amounts of EVOO, 50 ml per day is very acceptable and is the norm.

    There are many ways that EVOO helps but I’m afraid even the experts don’t know it all yet. We are all experimenting here but the beauty of it is to know that for thousands of years humans have consumed this in decent amounts, safely. Some say it balances the fats in the body to a healthier level. I read recently that omega 9 is great for healing wounds after surgery, this was external but it could work on the insides too. The main reason I believe is the anti inflammatory of oleocanthal, it’s worth a Google and is more abundant in early harvest green olives. It is also mentioned that olives grown with high irrigation contain less of these, this is also why Tuscany seems to make great oils, it is cooler than many olive regions and hilly so generally less “manufactured” than some purpose built sites. This is a general rule and obviously exceptions throughout. I recommend reading

    I strongly recommend reading my main post and making notes of the tips as you go. Most of these are towards the end as I improved my knowledge. I apologise in advance for my high waffle content and any contradictions.

    Take your time to source your oil, I have found that its only after tasting the good that i easily spot bad oil, I realise this doesn’t help much though. If your oil is genuine it will get to work straight away but it must be like turning a ship around during a bad flare.

    Good luck

  4. Love this…and you Graham!!

    We should ALL try EVOO. What do we have to lose??? Nothing except our symtoms….and pain too!!

    Wonderful for sure…


  5. Thanks for the info, I tried it a couple years ago but will definitely try it again this time not in pill form. I am still hoping the medical profession discovers a definate cure. Those of us looking for anvanced research in Fecal transplant has been hindered thanks again to the FDA!
    ” Dr. Lawrence J. Brandt, a professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, said that the Food and Drug Administration had recently begun to regard stool used for transplant as a drug, and to require doctors administering it to apply for permission, something that he said could hinder treatment.”

  6. Hi Graham…I hope people are reading your threads…I started taking evoo February 14 this year…I am in complete remission…I was taking a canasa suppository every other night when I first started the evoo program of 1 T am 1 T pm I am completely off of the Canasa for over a week now too…also taking 1 t L-glutamine am and pm…I am completely off prescribed meds now…I am truly AMAZED and feel the best in years (25 to be exact)! Thank you! xoxo Ann

    1. This is MOST WONDERFUL Anne!

      Everyone who is not in remission should do the EVOO! It is the simplest, least expensive thing I think you can do. And, totally safe and good for your heart…Give it a try!!

      You may just be thrilled…


  7. Ann/Bev,
    You have made my day, more endorsements like yours make this “too good to be true” solution more believable.

    1. Isn’t that the truth Graham…sometimes we don’t try something because it does SEEM to be too good to be true…or our doctors tell us it’s silly…so sad, really. Look at us now!!

      What I am doing with the probiotic and the glutamine is presently working fab for me, but if it ever stops working, it’ll be EVOO for me! I’ve always adored it’s properties and qualities, so I’d jump right on the EVOO train, in a second!!

      I have become a believer because of what has happened to me. Some things ARE outrageous…but some things actually really work!! EVOO is one of them.


  8. Graham, I’m a big fan of your posts as well. I haven’t tried EVOO yet because what I’m doing at the moment is working for me, but I’m so glad you posted again as I think your story is such an inspiring one–and shows how much doing our own research pays off. And jeez if there’s a cheaper way to heal this than EVOO, I sure haven’t found one. You’re doing a service to us all by continuing to spread the word–so thanks!

  9. Don’t forget Bev, Evoo is a more prevention than cure so why not use that insurance, Dr A. Hart’s research points this way?

    I would have totally laughed at the “natural” suggestion a few years ago. “It doesn’t work”, you go to the doctors and he gives you a tablet or whatever….

    This IS how we are now programmed but the Med route seems increasingly the “road map” to colon removal, we must have an open mind and never say never. I really have the highest respect for anyone who makes this bravest of all decisions but please let there be the full and considered alternative.

    Things can unfold rapidly with UC but let’s educate ourselves, in the age of the internet the information is there. We will not get the best healthcare until we “stop taking no for an answer ” or at least question what we are told and inform ourselves. The experts used to think the earth was flat…why not keep an open mind?

    We train for 2-5 years to gain a qualification to get a job, well if you “ihaveuc” then this is a full time job people, let’s get some education….

    I’ve said it before but relying entirely on others to sort our illness is lazy, if your GI knows you have some idea he might not be happy but is less likely to fob you off with some crap. A s**t job is very acceptable when no one is asking questions, don’t think its different because its your health at stake and somehow entirely different to having your car fixed. Ok, that’s extreme but professionals with even the best intentions and integrity can still perform badly at work.

    Evoo in its current form is not THE total solution and over time it may become (like most meds) less effective. However, who wouldn’t buy 5-10 years of a manageble life till 1 day, who knows, UC heaven..

    On Tuesday I have my 1st real consultation in 10 years. This follows my very long remission through smoking, over a year on Evoo then the self inflicted flare using plain olive oil and not Evoo (doh)! Just an inspection please and maybe the Evoo good news spreads further (not holding my breath though).

    Keep vigilant, you’ve got it and it can always come back!

    1. Very well said, Graham. Prevention…right.

      Yes, even doctors can do a s*** job. When and if we just do whatever they say and if we don’t ask the questions, why should they come forward with the additional info? That takes time, and we would need a longer appointment…

      Education and knowledge is FREEDDOM and CONTROL. Who does not want to be in control of themselves after all?

      You know that you just have to let us know all about your consultation, etc. I am aware that if I had a colonoscopy, I likely would not be entirely ‘UC free’…but I sure do feel like I am…and on MY TERMS!!


    1. Wow, Graham, that was a great video. I agree… we may not be ‘cured’ forever, but we can handle what comes along, differently, now. No more being a slave to meds…no more being a slave to UC.

      Very uplifting…Good for Ari!


  10. Just a note on the weaker oils and pain relief.

    During my 3 month smoke I have eased off both the volume and quality of my oil. I have tried this for the last 2 weeks to slow my digestive transit time and limit any weight loss from smoking. The weak oil that I began with so long ago doesn’t have the noticeable throat burn.

    The result of this is that my back complaint has returned. I would say the ache is not caused by smoking but the low dosage and lack of oleocanthal/anti inflammatory in the weak oil. I would also conclude that we are certainly correct to use an oil with a slight throat burn but not the very strong, freshest young oil.

    This also proves to me once again that a half decent EVOO also provides a low dose, natural pain relief.

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