Help Me in Healing Myself


I’m a 26 year old female,married recently and currently pursuing PhD in clinical psychology… I’m the only one having this illness in my family and was diagnosed for the past three years…yup that’s all about myself..

Some more about me:

My friends and colleagues says about me as a person of more humor and I too love to laugh with them cracking jokes, not personally about people, but about events which occurs around me…

My Colitis Symptoms:

Feeling of uncomfort inside the stomach, minimal blood in stools and uneasiness and tiredness

Help Me in Healing Myself

Ulcerative Colitis makes me change my personality itself.  I become more withdrawn, my interaction with people reduced, no more being happy in friends circle or stopped cracking jokes..and started getting comments like ”she is no more the earlier ….” so and so.

Initially it was simple worries and unnecessarily started worrying about other people and was not able to individuate from the emotional turmoils and the profession as a clinical psychologist to deal with patients extreme distress was more troublesome for me.  My flare ups were frequent and got admitted several times, and was mad about an ayurvedic practitioner who guaranteed to treat my illness within two days.  Made me starve for a day and given only cow milk and asked me not to talk to anyone that day also not to sleep…though scientifically starving with uc makes the symptoms worse and milk make even more worse and took a lot of money for that treatment..Though i was having no faith on all those craps, somewhere I dreamed of an unrealistic miracle healing happened then i am the luckiest person in this world…but this make my condition worst, and back to my work with 6.1 hb level..again got admitted…now 2 years passed same medicines.  My doc advised me for next 5 years more to take medication.
It was more embarrassing for me when male doctors checking me and felt humiliated.  My mom worries more than me when I share my symptoms and father more critical saying I don’t want to get out from the illness so i am carrying it with me without taking proper food.  Husband is supportive…
for me i know the cause of illness.  It was the time were I undergone a lot of stress and even was avoiding food for days………….

I am most concerned about do any complication occurs during pregnancy due to this illness and medication i take?  Does it affect child in any cause?
As by profession I’ve to deal with depression, anxiety and all psychiatric kinds of illness so once a doc asked me oh..its sounds funny that you can’t deal with your stress…


CURRENTLY ON SAZO 500…THRICE A DAY…comparatively am joint pains come down.

written by Anushree

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  1. hey anushree, yes, i have also noticed that my personality is not as spontaneous or fun anymore. this disease takes that away from you when you are sick. i have lots of anxiety from it and will be seeing a pain management therapist soon.

    it is definitely frustrating spending so much money on a doctor’s treatment and then getting much sicker. this happened to me once and i ended up in the hospital for a week. it’s was at a naturopath’s office- big mistake. i can find more information out on the internet.

    i hope you can find something that works for you. diet changes and supplements can help for some people. i follow paleo/scd diet as well as take tons of supplements.

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