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Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Helping My Ulcerative Colitis

recent picture of Graham (at least back in 2012:)

Introduction: I’m Graham from South East England, 40 years old and diagnosed with proctitis then UC over 10 years ago. I didn’t make the connection at the time but this illness made itself known to me shortly after quitting smoking. This story may sound hard to believe but I’ve had a massive breakthrough and I hope it works for you too…

Colitis Symptoms: I am almost symptom free for a whole year and still pinching myself!

I Never Really Thought It Could Work But It Did:

I was lead to research by reading a tiny article in the newspaper, though being a UC sufferer for 10 years made me very skeptical and so I didn’t do anything with this information for 3 months! Until recently, smoking was the only thing that seemed to kept me well but 1 year ago I developed a nasty cough so decided to go with the articles advice.

I quit smoking and ever since have taken 3 daily table/desert spoons of extra virgin olive oil! If you check out this link:

I used to smoke at least 4-5 a day, I gave up 4 or 5 times over 10 years but always resumed after 3-4 weeks when symptoms got so bad. Like many I am sure, I had become increasingly saddened by the lack of progress in treating UC and regularly frustrated by our NHS. So I resorted to doing my own internet based research, conducting my own crude trials.

In very simple terms I will explain the understanding of my Ulcerative Colitis and maybe why the olive oil seems to be so beneficial. Whenever I stopped smoking, I almost immediately felt bloated, suffered disgusting wind and within a few days would wake every morning with stomach pain. After 2 – 4 weeks the diarrhea/blood would start and I would have to resume smoking so that I could continue my driving job. During this period I noticed that in the first few days I had stopped going to the toilet (2’s) regularly and once the flare up really kicked in I then couldn’t stop going.

Some research says that smoking or nicotine produces mucus in the bowel, thus coating, lining and lubricating the bowel. This would also explain why removing nicotine seems to stop the regular “motions” and block everything. My longest success (previous to this one) lasted 6 weeks and was achieved using 15mg nicotine patches. At six weeks the symptoms were too much to tolerate and resumed smoking once again.

It has now been a whole year without any nicotine at all and no medication, just 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. 1 first thing, 1 in the afternoon and 1 before bed. After all the previous attempts and the usual immediate problems, this level of progress was unthinkable to me. I have gained 20 pounds and no longer get called names associated with weight loss.

I am not suggesting this will cure me as I believe UC is always there and simply masked by smoking or other means of controlling the symptoms.

I know I have wandered off here slightly but that’s the short version of a long story which I sincerely hope will help others.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Where I am now.

Colitis Medications:

If it also helps I have found that lactose free milk and a daily probiotic seem to help.

written by Graham

submitted in the colitis venting area

(*** Graham has since written an updated story all about EVOO here :

575 thoughts on “Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Helping My Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Hey, Graham, I, too, was an on and off smoker because of UC but quit for the final time 3 years ago August 2. I also would get a horrible flare about 3-4 weeks after quitting and start again. I quit because of chest pains so for me that was the worse of 2 evils. I was flaring for several months lately and have been flare-free now for about 3 weeks except for pain from having gas! Thanks for the tip, I love olive oil so I’ll give it a try, anything natural is better then prescriptions, at least for my body.

    1. Graham from England

      Hi Maggie,
      The smoking link still does my head in. It doesn’t really make sense and leaves me reluctant to tell anyone in case they don’t believe you. You know what smokers are like for making excuses, I know I did. Even the consultant dismissed the link in the early UC days so I gathered this illness wasn’t going to go be easily sorted.
      The benefits of olive oil are well documented, please stick with it for at least a few weeks. The olive oil is also supposed to be great for the skin and hair so nothing to lose. I had cholesteral check a few months after and all ok, even the morning stomach pain I used to wake with (even when smoking) has gone.
      Best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing some good news…


      1. Thank you so much for this information. Been suffering from UC on and off for 16 years, and I’m desperate right now for some hope . Tried the olive oil today for the first time…will see what happens. Do u suggest keeping an empty stomach for a while after you take it or it doesnt matter?
        Thanks again, and good luck to you,

      1. Graham from England

        Hi Rashmi,

        I tried Bertolli once in Florida as it was all I could get, unfortunately it was terrible. It is one of the big mass production oils which isn’t generally a good thing. Mixed with old and inferior oils. Where do you live? I may be able to recommend something for you.

  2. Hi Graham…

    This is so cool! I am never a non believer anymore, because probiotics helped me so much, I’m not on any meds at all either! I, too, am still pinching myself. Olive oil, huh? Like I said, this is so cool….

    I would like to try this as well, just like Maggie. I am such a strong BELIEVER, now, in all things non-pharmaceutical! So, the olive oil must be coating the colon then? That’s what I am gleaning from your story. Fab!! I take L-glutamine which heals the mucosa of the colon. It all makes so much sense…

    Cheers, and thanks for the tip!!


  3. Hi´Graham
    Like you I´ve been dealing with UC for 10 years now. Came very close to surgery/removal of the large colon 4 month ago.
    But antibiotica stroke down the imflamation and I got a fresh start. I decided to take matters in my own hands. I started doing probiotics, calcium+d, HUSK(fibers) and aminoacids. I havent done any Sugars, Wheats or milk for 6 month now.It worked fine for 4 month, but im beginning to see some mucos in the stools again. I bought Virgin Olive oil yesterday, and already today I feel different/better. Im currently on Azatriopin/Imune, but tried everything else before that. But should I cut the medicine now or wait a while ? Do you do anything besides the Oliveoil ?
    Thanks for the tip :-) Fingers crossed.


    1. Graham from England

      Hi MP/Llana,
      Good to hear from you, I try to take the Extra Virgin Olive oil every 8 hours, as soon as I go downstairs in the morning, early afternoon then last thing at night. I try to do this away from food and on an empty stomach but experience has taught me the most important thing to do is to take it! I just cant miss one and my body now tells me if I have, its that good…

      While trying this I would suggest keeping your other meds/foods the same otherwise you may not be able to asses the benefits.

      Good luck and if its works for you please tell everyone…

      1. Thanks again. Been 3 days…feeling the most normal I have in a long time…not sure if it’s the prednisone ( which i HATE), or the oil, or both. Will find out soon as I go off the prednisone…
        Swallowing the oil is GROSS but I’m sticking to it. Any other tips??
        Thanks SO much,

        1. Graham from England

          Hi llana,
          More good news, you just cant keep information like this to yourself..I dont know which oil you are taking but I once bought the only bottle available in Walgreens and it as yuck (bertoli)! I think I get through 1 litre per month so well worth spending 6 – 10 dollars? If you are one of those quitting cigarettes for this alternative I reckon you are still in pocket.

          As for other tips, for years I have taken a probiotic drink from the supermarket, i’m sure its not as good as the ones Bev here takes (Hi Bev) but well worth a shot. I think its alays worth trying one thing at a time though so you know which is helping or otherwise though i’m not a doctor.

          1. Thanks Graham,
            Good idea..I’m going to try a different brand of oil, b/c today was the 4th morning and it was really hard to get it down, so if I want to keep doing this I better try and find something a little more bearable. Not sure if you can answer this, but do u know anyone who has tried this for crohns? I have a friend…

  4. I started this. Feel better already! I’m taking it in a shot glass at work…lol. Gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks dude. Appreciate you letting everyone know about this.

  5. Graham from England

    That’s great Rob and it is my privelage to be able to help others, please keep us updated! It can be an awkward thing to move around with and take but you can get small bottles or small tupaware things to keep it in. My holiday to Florida was a worry but taking a small amount of liquid on the plane was no problem (I told em it was medicine). Once again the most important thing is to keep it regular. I absolutely love this stuff, taking something that is giving me a normal life, its pure gold. That permanent cloud over me has blown away and I don’t have to fear the “lab. rat” treatment from the NHS. (Hi Bev)

  6. Hi Graham and all.
    I’ve now for 5 days taken virgin olive oil 3 times a day. And it is working great.
    Mucos and bloody stools are gone. Maybe it is too early to make a conclusion, but im
    off to great start.

    1. Graham from England

      Fantastic MP! Keep telling everyone and Im sure some who only trusted doctors will try it too…

      I knew it was having a positive effect after the 1st week but I dared not think it was more than a benefit. The epiphany came about 3 months in and has helped make this the best year of my life (and I turned 40)!

  7. This is so encouraging! I have been in a flair for three months with lots of frustrating bleeding and colon spasms. I took the olive oil in a shot glass this morning and feel a little better already. It was difficult to get down, being oil and all, but I think it will be worth it. Are there any olive oil or oleic acid pills that I can take instead of straight up downing a bottle of olive oil?

  8. Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the tip I am going to give it a try. Are you taking any other meds as well like 5 ASA’s etc? I know its incredibly subjective but can you say how long it took before you started to notice results. Where there any unpleasant side effects?

    I too got UC after stopping smoking 7 years ago and my sister also got it when she was 35 and stopped smoking. Both my parents smoked in our house and car trips and also My Mum smoked when she was pregnant with my sister and I . So if passive smoking really exists and I believe it does we were addicted in Utero so to speak.

    Thanks so much for putting the info up. Once I try it I promise to report back positively or negatively on the results. I think I will get the best quality extra virgin olive oil around.

    Thanks again


  9. Graham from England

    I am convinced you had the UC before you gave up Micheal. The cigarettes masked it and were having a very beneficial effect, you just didn’t know it. The olive oil is doing a similar thing, though the reasons why are not clear. You dont get UC by giving up cigarettes, if you did why would it dissapear when you start again, it controls UC extremely well.

    I’ve had no side effects, I stopped smoking the day I started the olive oil so no symptoms just a nice transition from one to the other, I would normally be in a mess within 3 weeks without cigarettes. Though the 4 tablespoons (8ml) was too much and soon settled to 3x(5ml) per day. I don’t take any meds, I reckon that’s what put me here in the 1st place and all they do is make me feel ill, WTF?

    I advise you all to research the benefits of olive oil elsewhere for extra reassurance, a little too much or too little will not harm you, its not a drug!
    (Llana)I dont know if this works for chrohns but as they are often wrongly diagnosed with each other and olive oil will not harm you,why not try it? It would be amazing to help another group of people suffering.

    I have seen olive oil capsules for sale but they were very small doses and I was reluctant to change a winning formula, I am not sure its the oleic acid working here either. I would see if this bizzare yet fantastic ritual works 1st then try variations to suit your lifestyle down the line.
    Love the feedback and be well!

  10. Hi Graham, I am going to try and encourage my 13 year old to try this. I wish it could be this easy, I can only hope. Thank you!! Senga

  11. Hye Graham,
    does it have any sideeffect or tottly i m taking 3.2mesacol and prednisone 20 mg.pred has done lots of side effected on face got allergy and mouth got ullcer after taking prednisone.i have uc from last 7month.but my syptom come back very fast .i don,t know why.may be i didn,t stop wheats product from beggining and yogurt dairy produck like sweats and sugar.should i try this extra virgin olive my stool is getting white muscos n no it sign of starting again of flare ups.i m vegitarrian from chilhood so plzzz tel me what should i eat n what shouldn,t.from breakfast to lunch,and till dinner.this is my hummble request to u sir.

  12. Graham from England

    Hi P.C.
    For me personally, it works 100% and no side effects but it did not reverse a bad flare up, I was already quite well.
    As it worked better for me than cigarettes I would suggest that it could reverse even the very worst symptoms.

    I am not a doctor or dietician and therefore cannot suggest a diet for you.
    However, based on trail and error for the last 10 years I would suggest the following…
    1)Use lactose free milk, lactose can aggravate things so the less the better.
    2)Take a daily probiotic, maybe from your supermarket or perhaps Bev can suggest a good one?
    3)Most importantly, take 5-7ml (table spoon) of extra virgin olive oil every 8 hrs or so but do not miss one. Best on an empty stomach.
    Best of luck and I can’t wait to here good news from you…

  13. Still feeling good. I also noticed I felt stronger in my workouts. Googled it and it turns out that olive oil has good fat that raises your testosterone. I was on cortizone enemas for a week when I saw your post…so hopefully I keep feeling good w/ just the olive oil. Appreciate your post.

  14. Graham from England

    Hi MP,
    No diet at all, just olive oil, lactose free milk and supermarket probiotic. Though I found out yesterday its only 2% of Flora critical care probiotic, was sure it was helping..
    Are you still making progress, the research suggested a benefit to 90% of people?
    Cheers, Graham

    1. Hi Graham
      Hard to say, Im 2 month into Imuran, maybe its doing the job. But Im gonna stick to olive oil. I dont have cramps or diarheas, only some mucosa in the morning. One thing has changed dramaticly. Im dreaming constantly and Im sleeping much tighter. BW. MP

  15. KimberlyHI

    Hi Graham and everybody! I am 34 and had started smoking when I was 13, I quit when I was about 21 and shortly after my UC symptoms started. Just like Graham I did not make the connection at the time, not until years later when I realized if I smoked I would feel better, and I looked it up online and found people seemed to get better when they smoked. But I do remember even when I used to smoke I would have signs of UC I just didn’t know it, like I used to get diarhea and stomach pains when I was stressed really bad, but maybe since I was smoking it never became a full flare, it was just for a day and then I was fine. I have started and stopped since then trying to help my flares. Now I have quit since March 2011 and won’t start again because I have a baby now who I don’t want exposed to the smoke.
    I am taking a probiotic but it is only 1.5 bil, does anyone know where to find ones with higher doses? I’m doing remicade, imuran, and tapering off prednizone now, I really hate the meds. I wonder would it be beneficial to try the olive oil even with all these meds? I am feeling much better but still have occasional tummy upset. Of course I often eat too much too, I went several weeks eating 600 or less calories a day so now that I can eat it’s like I can’t stop! And then the predizone I guess doesn’t help…I want to try for a second baby but not on these meds which they want me on for at least a year!
    Thanks everyone for so much good information on here. :)

  16. Graham from England

    Hi Kimberly,
    After personal experience and reading so many posts it did seem like smoking was the only alternative to having your colon removed. Like others on this site I can gladly tell you about other viable options to try. Olive oil is not a drug and it also has other health benefits so nothing to lose. It is not a drug that will clash with another and I urge you to try it as suggested. There also many more reports that the probiotics work well, I also had an improvement with them. I only use one from a supermarket but “Bev” swears by Ultimate Flora Critical Care (50 billion). I suggest that you dont buy the cheapest unless its from a reputable business (as there are loads of fake drugs/remedies out there).
    Be well,

  17. Have you heard of Symprove? I read about it in the Daily Mail a couple of months ago and it was “taking the world by storm.” It’s the first probiotic on the market that doesn’t trigger the digestion process in the stomach so it passes through to your gut unharmed where it can deliver the bacteria. I ordered a bottle for £20 about a month ago and started taking it first thing in the morning (you have to take it on an empty stomach then not eat/drink for at least 30 mins.) I was actually getting up at 4am to take it then going back to bed because I wanted it to work to full effect and also I NEED a cup of tea first thing. It’s expensive because the bottle only lasted me a week. In the first few days I got really bad wind and was running to the loo a lot more (nothing coming out just aggravation) then after about a week I’d had enough because it was really upsetting my bowel too much and now I am in a flare (not sure if it was the Symprove.)

  18. i was wondering if putting olive on food would be the same as taking it straight up? i usually slather olive oil on my salads twice a day, but i have never noticed a difference in UC symptoms.

  19. Graham from England

    Hi Gemma/Joanna
    I don’t know about Symprove or most recent drugs, smoking kept me well for almost 10 years and then I had the smooth transition to Extra Virgin Olive oil.
    Joanna, I am certain the way you are suggesting taking the oil will not help as much. The research did stumble on a link between a high intake of olive oil and hardly any UC but my own trials suggest a measured intake at regular intervals (away from food) works best. Eg, I usually take 2nd spoon around 2pm, if by 4pm I have missed then discomfort starts. The 1st few weeks were starnge but that could have been nicotine withdrawal but everything perfect since, I promise…
    Be well,

    1. Hey Graham,

      You are amazing. This story has been super interesting for so many people, (the list is getting longer daily of people who email me asking if this story is “for real”!! amazing how skeptical people are in the world of UC, its not only doctors, but patients too. Long list of reasons for this type of thinking on both part, but that’s besides the point here)

      And maybe I’m not the only one here, but yesterday in the grocery store, when walking by the olive oil, I can’t stop thinking of you, your picture. So just wanted to send you a big fat “Muchas Gracias” for adding such a great story to the site. On behalf of the rest of the UC’ers of the world, I think you should be declared the King of Olive Oil. Maybe the queen’s already hit you up on this.

      WIshing you the best, and thanks for all the input on your experiences with the OO.

      Adam Scheuer

      1. Hey we now have a king and a queen! Graham king of OO, Bev Queen of Pro-biotics! Cool.
        Court Jesters for the rest of us?! :-)

        1. LOL…Shelly…you are a QUEEN too!! All of us are kings and queeens, each with something different to add to the mix.

          Just because some of us are in ‘remission’ does not a king or queen make!! It takes a village…we are all in this together…hopefully remission lasts a long time!


          1. :-) yeah and it does take a village…and a bunch of us town criers!
            We have to keep shouting cause you never know what will work…so we gotta keep shouting and trying. We know probiotics are a must.
            It’s OK you should accept your titles graciously! I think you’re great at shouting from the proverbial rooftop…I think it has become part of your life changing mission and you do it with great cheer! :-) keep spreading….
            Best, Shelly

          2. Graham from England

            Ah you guys, I’m really feeling the love. Bev for “head of state” but don’t get me onto politics..While the gold stars are being handed out I must say Adam what a great site this is and I hope it gives you great satisfaction to know you are helping so many people. I lost my step sister to breast cancer in 2010 and her wish was for loved ones to be the best people they could be. 2 charity days later and this blessing of a UC solution to share with everyone have been incredible gifts with which to honour that wish.
            I had no idea so many people were interested in the post, I sincerely hope to spread the word further but its no good if it only works for me so please let us know how you are doing.
            It is frustrating that some are reluctant to try more natural solutions (where there is nothing to lose), however I must say I had little or no faith in these myself until recently.
            Well Adam, how about a search option for the site? See you in the olive oil isle and don’t buy if its yellow, could be engine oil!
            Be well, Graham

    2. Hi Graham,

      I’ve been following your story and it seems really inspiring! I have had Ulcerative Proctitis for about 10 years and for the last 3 months my symptoms (mucous, bloating, gas, frequent/urgent urges to go to the bathroom) have persisted. I have been regulating my condition with a Mesalamine suppository on and off for the duration of my condition. At this point I am willing to try the Extra Virgin olive oil remedy as well as other dietary alternatives. Would this remedy work for UP as well? What do you think about coffee and bread products in regards to your condition?

      1. Graham from England

        Hi William,
        I am certain EVO Oil will work for proctitis though are you sure it has not spread from the “drain end” to higher up and plain old UC? Do you have pain to (your left)of your belly button? Reasearch suggest EVO oil appears to have a healing effect but more importantly keeps the motions going. (In my view) Bloating and constipation are the warnings of a flare up and this is why smokers who stop get symptoms almost straight away. Constipation IS a result of stopping smoking and a good substitute (form of laxative like EVOO) has to be found before doing so. I know when we are flaring we go too much but I am absolutley convinced that once well we must go every day to stay well. This view is reinforced by very recent events…..
        I am sad to anounce that after 13 months free of symptoms (while eating and drinking what I like) my 1st flare has arrived and yes I stopped going. While EVO oil is now apparently not the miracle for everyone I had hoped for, it is a significant, but not the only tool with which to fight UC. I have recently been drinking alchohol 3-4 days pw and eating any rubbish so I will now improve my diet and get back to you all soon with good news. I’m not sure about coffee and bread William but I suggest you and I take a serious look at diet. It just occurred to me I have eaten a high fat/sugar diet all my life. I found this article very interesting…–it-didnt-cost-a-penny
        Be Well, Graham

        1. Graham…

          You are flaring again? You must get the remission back as quicly as possible. Do everything that you know how to do…and I know that you know how.

          What do you feel triggered this? alcohol perhaps? Can we, with UC, feel free to even try some alcohol? It makes mr wonder. I haven’t had a drop in two years, I am so afraid it will bring back my symptoms.

          I am so sorry to hear about this. We get used to living normal, and I am always afraid it will come back as well. Every little rumble I feel…well, you know. I think you can reattain remission and quickly. What about taking more of the olive oil? More dosage or more often? I wonder if you can stop this in it’s tracks??

          Please keep on posting. This is when we really need each other. We are all thinking about you my friend…


          1. Graham from England

            Thank you as always, I need a Mum if you are interested, lol? I’m not sure alcohol was the problem as I consumed 14 days straight on my holiday (April) without a problem. Could be a combination, poor diet, drink, new mouthwash with (mystery) active ingredient. My choice would be a tummy bug, both times my girls school had an outbreak I have had a bloating issue though this time it has progressed and now I am truly blocked. I’ve not followed my own advice by trying 1 thing at a time (to see what works), Ive totally panicked and used the scattergun approach! Slightly more EVO oil, L Glutamine, water, coconut milk, good food. Next is on list is Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative but been at work all day/night last 2 days and could be risky. I did try a few extra spoons of the good sfuff so hopefully something very soon. Other signs good but for blockage…I still believe!

        2. Hahahaha…I do sort of feel like everyone’s ‘mum’ on this site! I hope nobody minds that…

          I just want you to get back to where you were…I understand the panic and the try everything you know approach…every time I feel a bit ‘different’ in the bowels…I take more glutamine as well…and sometimes an extra probiotic capsule…as fast as I can!

          Stay happy…you CAN do this Graham.

          1. Graham from England

            Just to update you (Bev)… I had taken an extra spoon per day for the last week but took your advice and double dosed on the EVO Oil for 24hrs. Motions/consistency have returned to normal and bloating has gone. I have made a few other changes this week but I reckon the double dose really helped to free things without the need of a specific laxative. I still have blood but I suppose it will take some time to heal.
            Thanks Mum!

        3. Thanks Graham. No pain in that area as of yet. That’s too bad that you had a flare up again. I’m sure that if you return to the more regimented diet that you were following, things will come back to normal again. That’s the thing…when we start feeling really healthy we start getting complacent with our lifestyle choices. I guess maintenance is the key.

        4. Hurrah! Sometimes, when I feel a little ‘funny’ in the bowel…I will take more glutamine and even double up on the probiotic, so I thought that may help you as well, to take more EVOO. What cured us always seems to come through again, just by increasing the dosage for a few days or even a week.

          I kmow you’ll get back to where you were…where you want to be, in no time, Graham. Because you are now ‘aware’, as the rest of us are who have found what works for us, you will be able to do it much more easily than someone who hasn’t found their ‘magic bullet’ yet.


    1. Ha…see since Adam appointed you both king and queen it must be official.
      I guess Adam needs a title?
      Hmmm….Adam rules theUC world for sure, SCD, and potentially the guitar! His powers are infinite!

  20. Graham please tel me the colour of ur olive oil,because in india it is imorted from spain and some company are making fake please tel me whats colour ,yesterday i purchased refined olive oil which is imported from spain its colour is lights yellow of figarro company.plz rply

  21. Graham from England

    Great news Didem, you had the courage to try it, stick with the ritual and more updates please.
    PC, its more green than yellow and find extra virgin if at all possible, it tastes better. I ran out on holiday (Florida) and bought the only bottle in the shop, just plain olive oil (yellow) and things weren’t as normal. I could be wrong, I’m sure travel and the inevitable diet change makes a difference. Oh wait, I did drink alcohol every day which I only do roughly twice a week at home.
    BW, Graham

  22. Graham from England

    How are the Extra Virgin Olive Oil takers doing (3 table spoons a day)?
    Below is a link with yet another (but very different) trial looking in to the positive effects of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Colitis.
    While looking at natural supplements I came across coconut water/milk, it supposed to be good for UC but also excellent for rehydration which is crucial when suffering diarrhoea, has anyone tried this?
    BW, Graham

    1. that was a great article, graham. mice seem to take a brutal beating in the science world. poor babies : ( but i’m glad EVOO was able to help their induced UC.

      i definitely love coconut water and juice, but haven’t found a coconut milk without weird gum additives in it. i drink about 1-2 bottles a day just because it tastes good.

  23. Graham from England

    Though this will not be a revelation to many of you, I also meant to say that while EVO oil is great for treating and protecting from symptoms of the always present in us UC. I am now convinced that diet and the balance of what we put in to our body will reduce/stop the symptoms arriving in the 1st place. Prevention being more favourable than cure..

  24. Graham, Thanks for sharing with all of us the links to the articles you found on the internet regarding EVOO. I just gave it a try today and will keep you posted on my progress. As I read everyone’s success stories I wonder the degree of the disease one has. I have been to over 10 different doctors and Hospitals, trying new treatments, eventually ended up in Chicago at the University of Chicago GI clinic as an outpatient. I live in Miami, but went there as my last resource. I saw Dr. Stephen Hanauer, well known Dr. regarding research and latest techniques on U.C. To make a long story short I had to wear diapers and be aware of restrooms as I left my home. Once in Chicago the Dr. adjusted the medicines I’m taking the maximum doses allowed and told me about the findings on smoking. I started smoking again after 10 years of having quit, and almost immediately I saw the results. I was on remission for like 3 years. I’m not feeling well now, because I had to stop smoking due to a cold/flu and sore throat. I have been told by all Doctors that I had pancolitis at first, then I got pregnant at 34 years of age with my second child, and immediately started bleeding. Went to the OB/GYN and he sent me to the GI again for a second opinion and was diagnosed with SEVERE ULCERATIVE COLITIS. My story is similar to Adams, I was on disability from U.C. Imagine just finding out you are pregnant and diagnosed with that at a relatively young age? I decided not to take any meds and continue with the pregnancy. Although GI Dr’s suggested to have an abortion and start with aggressive meds. I decided to keep my daughter. My condition worsen. I ended up hospitalized with IV steroids, Iron IV. I couldnt walk since I was so weak. I had to get IV nutrition, and high protein shakes. Also ended up living inside the Hospital since I was diagnosed also with placenta previa, so I was bleeding rectally and vaginally. After birth since none of the meds worked, as I tried canasa, asacol, 6MP, IV and oral steroids, IV Cyclosporin (which is for organ transplants to prevent rejection) as a form to lower the immune system and cure colitis, rowasa enemas, immodium pills, nothing worked. Ended up in Cleveland clinic (#2 in GI care) with toxic megacolon and C-diff, was again on IV steroids and told if I didn’t take out my colon I would have a peritonitis (bacterial infection all over my body) Alternating percocet and morphine I fought the pain. I knew that if I had the colectomy there was a risk of my body rejecting the pouch and my husband not wanting to get close to me again. Anyhow, after 2 weeks of IV infusions at the Hospital, and being on Dr. Wexler’s colectomy sugery list and taking antidepressants, I decided to not do the surgery and have a home health care (nurse) visit me and provide the IV infusions needed. By the way the toxic megacolon was a result of taking an infusion of REMICADE which did not work for me. After all that I went to Chicago as my last hope and have been on remission up until now. I gotta go back to smoking 5 cigarretts a day. I will add the EVOO to my daily diet. Also the Doctors told me I could NEVER get off my meds for the severity of my disease. I see many people on this and other websites posting that their Dr told them meds were to be used for a couple of years. Then they can get off. I never personally heard that from a Dr. and let me tell you I’ve done it all and seen it all and been though everything. I lost my job, my family, my husband cheated on me, he thought I would never be “NORMAL” again. He told everyone I was a sick woman who’s old and has 3 kids that I would not be able to recuperate or have a man in my life. Look who’s talking. I am 38. He is 50 with a 23 yr old girlfriend who just came from Cuba. Go figure. Advice to everyone: you will get to know someone in your worse moments. Conclusion. 5 cigarrettes a day, 1 imodium AD, 4 lialda, 2 and a half tabs of imuran, 1 canasa suppository daily and I get to keep my colon. I do not plan to get off meds, but will try EVOO (cold press). By the way, got back to normal life, working in a better job, have 3 healthy beautiful kids, going through divorce, and no one will ever find out I have Severe UC unless I tell them. A strict diet: NO pizza, No chocolate, Not too much sugar, etc.. lots of water and sorry for a long boring story, but it was a curse to have that disease… I had it all and lost it all :(

  25. Graham from England

    Hello Guilly,
    Wow thats quite a journey and not boring at all! It sure does feel like a curse with this disease and any illness of this severity must carry a strong element of depression. It sounds like your UC journey has at least now brought you to understanding, coping and managing it, a stronger person too. I would try the oil or the cigarettes but not both in those full quantities. Good luck to you and your family!

  26. Hello everyone, can the people who got the results from the Olive Oil please tell me how long it took for the changes to set in? I am at about day 4 and yesterday I though it was doing better, but then I wasn’t sure because I had a rough night. I guess I want to know how long it takes to work. I am doing 3 to 4 TBLspoons daily.

    I also read another chat thread about a guy that takes a half cup a day of olive oil. How much is too much? Anyone know? Thanks everyone. This disease is just what’s happening, it’s not who we are.


    1. Hi Christian,
      We are the guinnea pigs here im afraid but at least it is with the use of a healthy natural substance! I have 2 answers from my personal experience…
      1)From a UC symptom free smoker I had no decline in health when I switched straight to EVOO.
      2)From a flare including heavy bleeding and 5 – 6 toilet visits per day to being very well took around 3 weeks. Both without meds…
      I would say you have the dose correct and it must not be just plain olive oil but extra virgin!
      Like anyone else please let us know how this is going and if it goes well, tell everyone!
      Be well, Graham

  27. Hi graham,
    I tried the olive oil a couple months ago but then stopped cuz I just got lazy and it grossed me out. Well, my symptoms are getting worse again, mainly the urgency is my biggest problem at this point, so I’m going to give it another chance and really stick to it. Will update everyone as to how long I think it really takes to see improvement. Also on 2 pills of immuran.

  28. I too think olive oil works. I was using it on my face and (suddenly) my BM improved. Didnt put 2 and 2 together until I read this article Graham wrote after I started using another face cream and my symptoms came back. So, i started olive oil again, but now just drinking a table spoon several times a day and back on my hands and face again ;) Doing better already, but not quite as well as before, as the improving changes had come on slowly, and the worsening ones also crept up on me. My Dr. didn’t help either as she put me on a boat load of vitamins i was low on, and I got side tracked with that arsenal, forgetting the olive oil intake. Well, learned my lesson so back on olive oil!

    In addition to Zyflamend Liquid, I should be ok again real soon!

  29. Hi Graham

    I live in the UK (old London town) and was wondering what EVOO you buy?

    Think i’m going to give it a try as my consultant seems to have trouble getting me in remission.


    1. Graham from England

      Hello Jon,
      Im in Hertfordshire so not far eh? You are doing the right thing, helping yourself that is and I am puzzled as to why so many will not. I use Napolina extra virgin from Tesco, it tastes ok. Stick to it 100% for minimum of 3 weeks to guage the benefits.
      Good luck (me old china),

  30. Hi Graham

    Just as luck would have it i have some Napolina EVOO in my cupboard. Its half price at Tesco so it’s a bargain and less than a price of a prescription! Just started two desert spoons a day at the moment but I’m also currently on Asacol for the third time as the other previous attempts didn’t work out. This and combination of watching I eat is the current remedy. Lets see where it takes me.



  31. Ok, I’ve been on the EVOO for about 2 weeks now since I wasn’t making much progress on my immuran and I have to say, I’ve definitely noticed a difference. I’ve also tried to avoid coffee as much as possible. Seeing some progress for the first time in AGES.
    I recommend to everyone to give it a try.

    1. Everyone should listen to Ilana…or me…or anyone who is managing and treating UC naturally!

      Try it!! What have you got to lose?? What if this works? Probiotics, L-glutamine, and astaxanthin are working for me. With NO MEDS at all! What if EVOO works for you???

      We know as much (or more) as the doctors do about treating this condition.

      Take control or you health people! Do it!!


  32. Graham from England

    Jon, Llana, Bev,

    From experience Jon, (using no meds) 2 tablespoons will lead to a steady decline but the 3rd dose will continually improve things to a very satisfactory outcome, its a fine line.

    Thanks Llana, glad to help and hopefully many more of you out there, all thanks to Dr A Hart and his research.

    It seems too simple for EVOO to be a viable solution when we know what we’ve already tried. I didn’t have anyone convincing me to give it a go and only did so out of desperation. Once I knew it worked I became even more puzzled as to why and how so then looked for the reasons, some are out there.

    Amen Bev and worth repeating…. We know as much (or more) as some of the doctors do about treating this condition. Take control or you health people! Do it!!

    Be well, Graham

    1. I was diagnosed with Pan-Colitis in 2004. Was put on 4800 mg of Asacol. Fast forward to 2012 and I have reduced Asacol over the years to 1600 mg which is reported to be the lowest maintainence dose for clinic efficacy. I also take Probiotics (20,000 billion) daily along with Vit D, fish oil. I constantly go in and out of flares with mucus, bleeding, and fatigue. After reading Graham’s post regarding the benefits of EVOO I incorporated 1 tablespoon 3 times per day as suggested for the past week. Mucus and blood are gone with relatviely normal stools X 2 per day. I have my fingers crossed with EVOO..Thanks for the post

      1. Wow Mark! How great is that!!

        How about that huh, Graham???

        Everyone on meds, or not, should try this EVOO…it might work for you too, and maybe you can even get off of the meds!!!

        Imagine…a life without meds and in remission…what could be better??


        1. Graham from England

          Great Mark (Bev)!
          Hearing such news makes my day, even if the success is not as total as mine (yet). Any benefit that ends up as a crucial part of a “natural” solution is surely where we all want to be. I was once a sceptic of such solutions but I “never say never”, try it, it cant hurt you…
          Never under estimate what you do here Bev…

          1. Right back at YOU, Graham.

            If any one of us with UC can actually REALLY help someone else with this condition, what in life can possibly be better, right?

            It truly makes my day (month, year, life!!!) when somebody has any success at all with the natural way. It’s really the ONLY way!

            Someday, we’ll ALL know and believe…


  33. I’ll try it, as I already like olive oil in cooking or on salads, but I don’t know if a big gob of it on an empty stomach is a good idea, especially if you don’t have a gallbladder. I guess I’ll find out. uck.

    1. Graham from England

      Impressive Adam,
      So if I read that right, this research (in rats) says EVOO (or the high levels of oleic acid within) acts like a probiotic and brings a boost to the gut microbiota? More evidence of the power this natural substance has, I’m not suprised.

      1. I’m for sure not sure either, but I believe your interp of the info is the point they are trying to make. Even if its not transferable to humans, pretty interesting I thought:)

  34. I am starting the EVOO today. I will keep everyone updated. I do have a question for ANDY after placing it in the fridge for 2 days, will you still be able to pour it out and once you stick in in the fridge do you have to keep it in there?

  35. Graham from England

    Good luck with the EVOO Barb.

    Here are some suggestions from The Little Book OF Olive Oil Tips.
    You have completed the chill test but it should now be taken out of the fridge as the cold encourages condensation and rancidity. It is suggested that once opened you should consume within 2 months as the air deteriorates the fats and acids. Light damages the natural chlorophyll leading to oxidation and heat degrades the proteins so store in a cool dark place. It is suggested you taste the pepperiness and bitterness, if it lightly burns your throat this is often a sign of good quality.

    Hope that helps..

    1. Ok 3 days in and I am starting to feel better. Still soft poops but no bleeding and pain. Graham, will my stools get harder? I am still doing the taking the meds but only 4 a day instead of 8 and eventually I am going to stop taking the meds b/c I don’t think they are working. I am also still doing the enemas but hopefully in a couple of weeks I can stop doing them……fingers crossed.

  36. Graham from England

    Hi Barb,
    That’s good news, I am stating the obvious here but if you are getting better using this method then you should return to normal with harder but ideal stools.. I am sure that EVOO is not only great for maintaining remission but also helping achieve it, though this must depend the severity. I have read too much EVOO can actually cause diarrhea but not at these doses…

    1. I am about 60% and a week into it but, I am also doing the enemas. I am still taking Pentasa 500mg but only 4 a day….eventually I am going to try to cut it out next week. Stay tuned. Please say some prayers for me this week.

  37. Graham from England

    So feeling better then Barb…The Olive tree has been a symbol of goodness for thousands of years so lets not be too afraid here. We appreciate the feedback, any more please?

    1. I have been battling colitis for 15+ years. I have done the SCD and other diets, seen every imaginable alternative doctor, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, visited a variety of gastroenterologists, nothing has worked for me. I am not on any drugs as I generally get horrible side effects from them. I am so miserable that I truly can’t live the life I want. I told my husband last night that I am miserable and that maybe I should go on Remicade or go for surgery. After I got the kids to sleep I decided to go on line to do some more research, it has been a few years since I have done this. I came across vitamin e enemas which led me to this site and now I am reading about EVOO. I already ate my breakfast this morning so once my stomach is empty I think I will try the EVOO. I hope this can have an impact as I am truly miserable!
      thanks for sharing your story!

      1. Oh boy, Mariah…yes…try the EVOO! You just never know!

        I’m not on meds either, because they are evil and dangerous (an overstatement?) and make me feel absolutely AWFUL too. The probiotic/L-glutamine combo is working for me, but if it didn’t. I’d certainly be trying the olive oil route!


  38. Graham from England

    Hello Mariah,
    So sorry you are having it tough right now and I really hope EVOO brings you a huge boost very soon. I am certain it will help but if it is only to be part of the solution, there are others to try now you are here.
    Stick with it and please update us in a week or so…

  39. Thanks for the encouragement. I am curious what probiotics you take and how much l-glut amine. I have the powder here, as we treat our daughters Tuberous Sclerosis, with it.

    1. The probiotic that I use is ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE. One capsule per day, empty stomach, with water.

      I take two scoops of dermented L-glutamine powder in some juice evry day. You can take up to 8 scoops per day, according to the dosage directions. The scoop is included right in the tub of it. It looks to be about a tablespoon size.


  40. Hi: Found your blog while researching iNOS. Here is some of what is going on.
    Been researchig UC for the past 30 or so years,still have it.
    Old Mike

    INOS stuff




    here is an interesting long thread on a body building forum.



    evoo-olive leaf extract seems to contain high amounts of oleuropein which is hydrolyzed

    into hydroxytyrosol in the digestive system,as far as I can tell.

    supercomplex dietary factors

    more complex

    olive oil contains lots of oleic acid

    You may also remember my linoleic acid threads Wesson Oil first sold 1899.

    nitrofatty acids,nitro oleate is antiinflammatory,there is so much the docs really don’t knw

    Something is going on with fatty acids.

    oleic vs linoleic-neutrophils


    wound healing

    crohn’s-linoleic got ya



    evoo long life/cancer

    cancer inos mice

    japan vs med diets

    I like it,ties in with the other threads going on, increased inos/ecoli, olive oil thread and most of all

    my old linoleic acid /corn/veggie oil thread. Don’t believe humans are meant to consume large amounts of these

    oils,animal fat yes,but not these oils. Remember IBD started to increase around 1920 or so,Wesson Oil came on the market 1899. Hot off the press.

    must have missed this one.

    margarine history-Early use of cotton seed oil.

  41. Hi Bev
    I was looking at the l-glut amine that I have and it is not fermented. Can you tell me the brand you use?
    Also, I am nervous to even type this but I have been taking the EVOO for four days and I am seeing improvements!!
    My pain is nearly gone and some of my other symptoms are improving!!

  42. Wow Mariah…how excellent is that???

    I use the brand North Coast Naturals fermented unflavored L-glutamine powder.

    Keep us posted on the EVOO….whooopppeee!!

    1. Bev, I know you have had tremendous success with I Glutamine. I have attempted to get fermented as you suggest at local stores (tried to get it from your vendor but they don’t ship to the US) and they only have I Glutamine – not fermented. Does that make a difference? Also, can you remind me of your dosage. The product I bought is 5g per teaspoon.

      Thanks in advance,

      1. Hey Mark,

        I wish I knew if there is a difference between fermented and unfermented L-glutamine in how it works on UC…can anyone chime in here..Shelly…Dede?? They are so learned in this sort of thing…I think fermented has good qualities in that it has good bacteria…fermentation…mold growth? Can anyone help?

        Anyway, on the stuff that I have, it just says to take anywhere from one to eight scoops per day. The scoop is included, and it looks to be about a teaspoon.

        Sorry that I can’t be of more assistance this time Mark…


        1. I have tried to look it up a million ways for a long time and I can’t find anything definitive. I’m wondering if it is sort of redundant…my initial thoughts are that it is made by a fermentation process. Perhaps a call or email to the company itself & they could explain it??

  43. Graham from England

    Hi Old Mike,
    That’s extensive but made my head hurt, though I am slowly getting a greater understanding I am obviously concentrating on EVOO. Given your knowledge and experience of UC would you or are you using it?

  44. Hi Graham: I have tried this before but just with fish oil, I am now using EVOO for the past few days,still bleeding. Anyhow have also added fish oil and quercetin,to help protect the fish oil from oxidation. The combination of EVOO and fishoil seems to work better in mice testing.
    Along with too many other veggie oils containing linoleic acid in our foods they have also destroyed the meat we eat. The object with the EVOO/fishoil is to try and shift the ratio of n6/n3 PUFA from say 20:1 down to 4:1 The oleic in the EVOO helps to do this it is a mono unsaturated acid mostly. As you can see below the linoleic acid content of lard has now changed from what it should be due to feeding corn and soy to the animals,and now also the fatty acid distribution in human fat is also changed.

    I just want to make sure everyone reads and understands what has happened to our meat supply,since they started to feed corn and soy to the animals. This results in a change in the linoleic acid content of

    the animal fat,which along with veggie oil consumption results in the same type of change in

    human fat. This is not natural to humans,and might be a major cause of our disease.

    Old Mike

    This is data from mice experimental fat diets.

    to the right click on lard.

    here is some data comparing the old USDA data base to new lard

    this is a real eye opener,Linoleic acid content USA body fat read down to see the graph

    1943 data


    some historical points

    1. Great post Mike!

      Poor Graham, tho, and lots of others in the UK and Europe…the meat supply has has something else in it lately that nobody was aware of…horse…I’m sure alot of people aren’t eating too much red meat at the moment over there…right Graham?

      That could happen over here, too…you just never know what is in our food. Disconcerting to say the very least…


      1. Graham from England

        Yes Bev,
        It is the final straw for some people here! It took 40 years but the “we are what we eat” penny has dropped and I now (within reason) avoid processed, additives, sugar and too many carbs. It may not be tailor made for me but I feel good and no longer stuff my face all day on the sugar rollercoaster. Food ignorance is high in the West and we make bad choices.

  45. I forgot to mention my status,Stools actually prety ok,but still bleeding.
    I don’t have high hopes this flare started in 1986.
    Old Mike

  46. Ok here is an update on my status. I got the stomach virus on the 13,14 and 15th. So I stopped taking the EVOO not sure if that bought my symptoms on???? Gram has this ever happen???? I had really bad pains in my stomach and then direahea. I really don’t think the EVOO made me sick….Do you? Has anyone else had this problem? Of course having the stomach virus flared the colitis so I called the doctor and back on 40mg Steriods =(………which really is a set back. She wants to start me on a different medicine which I will meet with her this week to discuss.

  47. Graham from England

    That’s strange, both myself and another EVOO convert who I know on Twitter had flu like symptoms over a week ago. It produced a week long flare for me including diarrhea, though I/we had both opened new bottles very recently so could not be sure of the cause. I cant tell you how concerned I am about poor quality EVOO and will be producing a new post with more information about this very soon. I have since purchased a much better quality oil and everything is now 100%. I have not had a cold or flu since before October 2011 (when I started EVOO) and smoked before that so wouldn’t know if flu starts flares?

    It is suggested you cant make real EVOO 500ml under £4. A fairly cheap mass produced oil has been so good for me but the new “doubtful” bottle (same as before but discounted) has a strong oil taste compared to the expensive one. Many producers blend real EVOO with other or subsequent press oils which are obviously seriously llacking the vital ingredients we need. This is fine for taste on food and some argue more palatable but the content we are looking for should be a strong taste. Pepperiness, bitterness and a cough inducing burn on the throat are all signs of quality, especially the last one, if it doesn’t burn then bin it. EVOO also deteriorates over months and not years.

    Please don’t be put off by this as the rewards are there, its even better than smoking was for me!

    Mike, I hope to view your information very soon.

    1. I was using the good stuff because I did feel the burn in my throat. Really started feeling better. I was like 70% better with the stools and watching what I was eating. I feel like know I was 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. For some reason I can never get pass the month of February without catching some kind of virus. Same thing happen last year. I had gotten the stomach virus which flared up the colitis.

      When I called the doctor she stated how do you know this is a virus and not colitis symptoms. I just knew however b/c of the virus I think this has flared my colitis and now I am back on the 40mg steroid. With another option of new meds but I am going to talk to the doctor to see what the side effects are of that medicine and when I get down to 5mg of steroids might just try the EVOO again.

      Wish me luck!

  48. Hey Graham,
    Just saw a Dr. Oz (not sure if you are familiar with him?) On evoo not being pure a lot of the time…which you said you were going to post about. He also talked a lot about other food frauds as well…obviously around the world, but more specific to US.
    We just can’t win can we? There are always outside forces beyond our control…foods, herbs, sickness, etc, etc. Well, we keep working at it anyway!
    Best, Shelly

    1. Graham from England

      I have heard of him but only very recently. I have almost finished a book by Tom Mueller “Extra Virginity” which I find so informative and even inspiring! He is on a mission to rid the world of rubbish oil, bringing purity to EVOO and then its amazing benefits to everyone. We need medical grade EVOO but until then at least an understanding (in simple terms) of what we should be looking for. I mentioned to Adam that now a benefit has been acknowledged I would like to add further information on this subject in a new post. There is a bit of a wait though with a number of stories already in a que so I will take more time, not even sure where to put it?

      I should be going to Italy for our family summer holiday, a week in the Lakes and another in Tuscany for a breif olive oil education. Yes they do this in places and yes I have told my wife, sort of…

  49. Graham from England

    Another test from The Olive Oil Council..
    Place a small quantity of the oil in a glass bowl and refrigerate it for a few days.
    If it becomes crystalline, the chances are good that it is a true extra-virgin olive oil.
    If it forms a block, it is most likely chemically refined oil that has had some first-pressed oil added to it.

  50. Hi Gang, I have hooked up to Graham’s story posted on November 2nd. I was communicating about this on one of the other postings (Wes/Christian) but decided I want to be in this link. Graham, Barb and Joanna have replied to me there. I am on day 7 with evoo morning and night and coconut oil in the afternoon. I as well saw the recent Dr. Oz episode about the quality of evoo…good thing to watch out for. I like the suggestions I am also learning about L-glutamine and Probiotics. I think we are all interested in getting off the meds and healing ourselves naturally if at all possible. We are not doctor’s but we know more about our own bodies than any body…I know this disease drives us all crazy…hang in there…Ann

  51. Yesterday started out with little no blood,then had to go,had complete dump with D at the end,
    then some blood and cramping. Today no poo,but the first stuff out was a huge amount of mucus.
    Only little blood. I equate mucus with healing,since I normally produce little.

    For those in the USA california EVOO first press might be high quality,there should be some form of certification on the bottle. Also spanish EVOO, less likely to be messed with.
    I am also taking,fish oil,olive leaf extract and quercetin to protect of EVOO from oxidation.
    Old Mike

  52. Graham: I still smoke on purpose,for the UC but it has not helped since 1986.
    Smoking can modulate the immune system. I see you quit smoking prior to using EVOO.
    Now I start to wonder if the EVOO is working because you quit smoking.
    Just a thought.
    Old Mike

  53. Graham from England

    Well said Ann..Mike, I am enjoying your detailed input here and feel like I am copying your homework! From what I have read California EVOO sounds a reasonable bet. Read “Extra Virginity” if you fancy a book, though maybe you have to get the bug first.

    As you probably know Mike I started EVOO around 24hrs before my last cigarette. I just cant answer your question, initially I believed smoking created additional mucas which calmed and protected against inflammation. I also thought the oil was just coating/lubricating my system, I obviously now realise what a complex, multi purpose and natural miracle the oil is.

    I really wish you well with this one Mike..

  54. Hi Graham: Smoking modulates the immune system,and may upregulate mucus. Today I saw more mucus than ever,huge amounts. Anyway olive oil should never make it to your colon as a fat,it should be completely digested first,unless of course there is something very wrong with your normal digestion. A fat is a tri glyceride,glycerol and 3 molecules of oleic acid in this case.
    This get broken down during digestion and absorbed into the small intestine,it might be possible that if you take too much,or there is malabsorption in the small intestine then it might possibly get to the colon. As far as lubrication in the colon,it is normally done by mucus. But that is one of our problems,a thin low viscolity mucus layer,that can let bacteria through to the surface of the colon at least in UC,crohn’s exhibits a thick mucus.

    Old Mike

  55. I can see that we are all just racking our brains to find the link between the evoo/cigaretts/mucus correlation on what is going on in there…I am a non-smoker and will continue not smoking…I don’t even want to risk getting addicted to the nicotine…but totally understand why people try using cigarettes as a “cure” for uc. More about my diet…I once wrote into Adam telling him I was thinking bean therapy was the answer to my prayers…not so sure about that now…but what I do know is it is a combination of what we put in our bodies (including medication which I am not using at the time) and stress that either causes or controls the flare. I did my happy dance again today…no blood…day eight of using evoo. I also eat oatmeal with almond/cocout milk and cinnamon M-F for breakfast and crunchmaster gluten free crackers with some sort of bean dip for lunch and a normal dinner usually consisting of some sort of greens lettuce/kale/broccoli and lean meat sometimes potato/rice/noodle type starch and about 10 oz. of red wine. I am also do pilates 5-7 times a week for stress management…Take Care All…Ann

  56. Hi Ann,

    What kind of oatmeal are you eating? I am looking for different things to eat for breakfast and was always afraid of Oatmeal. Willing to give it another shot.


    1. Hi Barb, Right now I mostly eat plain old quick oats, either Quaker or Kroger. I bought some steel cut oats but have not tried them yet. When I get to work, I heat the quick oats in the microwave with almond/coconut milk and cinnamon. I’m not big on using the microwave but it’s convenient.

  57. Graham from England

    Hey Ann,
    I know that happy dance too!

    It is hard for us to determine where in the body EVOO is doing its thing. Reducing inflammation in the bowel or everywhere in the body, changing the gut microbiota and probably more?

    Isn’t malabsorption in the small intestine common in UC, then as you say Mike, large enough quantities of EVOO might reach the colon?

    The anti inflammatory Oleocanthal/liquid Ibuprofen burn of EVOO makes me think some of it is being wasted. You don’t get this with tablet form iboprofen as I presume its desired destination is the gut.

    If this is the case and using my “taxi driver” logic then a capsule form of EVOO may be a better vehicle? I know it is available in very small doses but not sure of the purity and if there is enough in just one or two capsules to have the desired effect. Expensive but worth a try

    I’ve not looked at olive leaf extract Mike, what’s the difference please?

    1. Hey Graham,
      Maybe that is why there are similar results from fish oil…has the benefit of the capsule, but maybe there are issues with purity and inconsistencies. Not sure if you’ve ever read JamesnScala, Ph.D’s book( The new eating right for a bad gut, from 2000) he talks a lot about diets rich in omega 3’s specifically Greenlanders and their incidence of IBD is none nd other diseases being none or minimal…it was a 1980 Scandinavian medical journal comparing Greenlanders to Danes. Pretty interesting. I also agree the evoo is probably multi-functional…when is your Olive vacation…perhaps you will have to start your own..relocate?! Gurpess that will be a much harder sell to your wife! :-)

  58. Olive leafe extract is just a way to get more of the polyphenols that are in the olive oil.
    My first post with all the links explains some of what is going on,it is just not the
    polyphenols,but also oleic acid.
    Had D again today,but believe possibly less blood than normal,little mucus. Yesterday took probably 8 tablespoons. What we are also doing is shifting cell membranes from linoleic to oleic acid,assuming in the past we have eaten meat and veggie oils containing lots of linoleic acid.

    Old Mike

    1. Good Morning…I don’t get this! How can I have almost two days of perfect BM’s and then wham! Tons of blood surrounding my poo! I know this is gross but #?%*#. One minute I feel like I am on the road to recovery and the next not so much. Just airing my frustration today. Keep you posted. Ann

      1. Ann,
        I can totally relate. I can have a few days where I think, this is IT, the remission is starting..and then I’ll have a few days of bad attacks and become completely discouraged all over again. Having said that, we all know that one of these days we Will Go into remission again.just have to be patient. Since last Sunday, ( my last bad day) I’ve been feeling pretty great, taking my EVOO very regularly as suggested, and even went on a hike today’s with my kids! Haven’t done that in 15 years!! Good luck and hang in there.

          1. Hi Ann,

            Feel the same way. I was doing great 6 days into the EVOO I was like 70% heeled feeling like I was getting there and then bam stomach virus hit me for 4 days which flared my colits. Now back on the steroid =(.

  59. Graham from England

    Shelly, Mike, Llana (Bev)

    Sadly, I’ve not read the book, “Extra Virginity” was my 2nd book in 25 years. The 1st was on honeymoon (let’s call that intuition) so I was/am still a bit of an ignoramus….

    Fish it really as good as or probably never adulterated like EVOO, possibly making EVOO better in its purest form?

    Maybe our ancestors lived near the coast and ate fish or in land and consumed the EVOO (though they even had fake oil in Roman times). I’m sure all this goes back a very long way, bearing in mind our very recent diets do not. Someone said that in terms of 1 year (being human existence), we have only been eating, processed, sugar, artificial, carbs etc for the last day and a half. Add that to the theory of an evolutionary gene mutation or pre disposition to UC, no wonder we are where we are. A poor deal maybe but “necessity being the mother of invention” (my favourite saying) brought us here to help ourselves and so we shall!

    Mike, apologies for not doing my home work and thanks for your help here. I’m sure your posts are adding gravitas to the humble suggestion of EVOO. Particularly (if I may say so) with you being cynical yet very knowledgeable after suffering for so long?

    Llana, I’ve really got in to EVOO, as the likely trip to Villa Campestri (in August) will suggest but your comments today are inspiring! Being 100% honest (is there any other percentage) my great fear is that EVOO is slightly less powerful than it once was for me. It blew me away and I still believe but there is a chance I am now at 90 percent not 100. It has been 16 months and I did take rubbish plain Olive Oil maybe long enough for the smoking healing I once had to retreat so it could be that. As long as I am living a normal life I am not going back to smoking and that is the power of EVOO, end of!

  60. Hi Graham: I have been in this flare since 1986,and have tried many many alternatives,needless to say nothing works on me,but I am not on meds either. From the literature I can find many reasons EVOO should work,hopefully it does something for me. We are all different what works on one persone may not work on another. I am a real difficult case.
    Old Mike

  61. Hi Old Mike and All…I must be Old Ann because I started with UC in 1988…here we are again today realizing everyone is different as far as what works and what does not. I had another great day yesterday…I celebrated St. Patrick’s day early with some friends…had a tall “green” beer and lunch at Applebee’s…let’s see what today brings…I would like to share a recipe with all of you which might not cure UC but I think helps me…

    Adzuki Baked Beans
    1 pound dry adzuki beans (I bought mine at whole foods..under $3 a pound)
    8 cups water
    1 cup finely diced onion
    1 tbsp evoo
    t tbsp minced garlic
    1 cup unsweetened applesauce
    2 tbsp honey
    1/2 cup tomato sauce
    1 tbsp honey mustard
    1/2 tsp curry powder
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    black pepper

    Bring beans and water to a boil for 15 minutes. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 2 hours or until tender. Saute onion and garlic in evoo. Drain beans. Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker and allow to cook for two hours, or put in a covered casserole and cook for at least one hour at 350 degrees. We have to eat something…Enjoy!

    I feel like this is a mini support group for me. Thank you Graham for starting it. Actually Adam started it but sometimes I feel like all the information on the ihaveuc website gets overwhelming and I want to try to heal without meds even though I use a Canasa suppository when I go to bed on days the blood is present. There is only so much time in the day to look at everyone’s stories. Once I hooked up with Graham’s story I am doing better…Cheers! Ann

  62. Thanks Bev and Shelly. I think I will just give the I Glutamine a try with 2-3 teaspoons per day – about 10-15g. I am just finishing my first bottle of EVOO – thanks to Graham. That coupled with VSL3 probiotic – 2 capsules per day (I understand the powder is preferable). I am not in complete remission and not med free. Still taking 1600 mg of Asacol (2 in the am and 2 in the pm) as well as rowasa enema once

  63. Much like Old Mike, I have had UC since appx 1985. I’ve never, EVER gone into remission.
    Approximate 10 years later, likely because of my weakened immune system, I developed hodgkins lymphoma. I went through 1 year of chemotherapy… which oddly put me into complete remission.
    The instant my cancer went into remission, however, and I was done with chemotherapy… my UC came back with a vengeance.
    So, a couple of agonizing years later, I finally opted to have a colon resection.
    3 surgeries later, day 1 after my 3rd procedure (the reversal) I was symptom free. I was elated… it was literally one of the happiest days of my life… but this joy was VERY short lived.
    Day 2 after surgery, I woke up to the stabbing, crampy pain that I’d always associated with UC, and after I’d run to the toilet… I quickly saw that my UC symptoms were back…
    As it turned out, I now had crohns.

    Like Old Mike, I respond to NO medication. My doctors have put me on all the traditional meds, combinations of antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs (methotrexate, to which I had an almost deathly allergy) … they are now trying to put me on Humira or Remicade. Both of these drugs, however, are known to cause lymphomas in 5+% of people, so because I’ve already had a lymphoma, and am at MUCH higher risk, I just can’t justify trying it.
    I mean, what would be the point of curing my Crohn’s, only to develop a potentially life threatening lymphoma?!?

    I tried to read through this entire thread, but from what I see, no one yet has mentioned having tried this for Crohn’s…. so, let me be the first.

    Approximately 1/2 hour ago, I officially had my first table spoon of EVOO.
    I’ll definitely keep you all posted on the results (if any)…

    Wishing all of you much luck with your UC / Crohn’s and other Bowel disorders.


    1. diesel,

      This is why I would never even consider these drugs for UC…we don’t even know what the long term side effects will be. I know we get so deperate and fed up with UC and it’s ugly life altering symptoms…but is cancer worth the risk…even MORE cancer? I know,I know, on the other hand WE are at risk for colon cancer…we just can’t freakin’ win, can we…sheesh…

      I am not judging, nor chastising anyone who chooses to try and treat their UC with these harsh harsh medications, honestly. I am SO sensitive to meds (even tylenol…one and I can’t feel my legs…lol…sure gets rid of that headache no problem tho!), that even something as ‘benign’ as asacol left me sicker than shit for 14 years…but I digress here…

      You’ve already had the dreaded ‘big C’, diesel…you have really been there already…

      How I am crossing my fingers for you that the EVOO works…maybe incorporate a GOOD probiotic…one that is ESPECIALLY for we UC/crohn-ers…and some L-glutamine…you just gotta try some natural stuff that ain’t gonna land you back in the hospital, you know what I’m saying???

      Cheers, and the BEST of luck to you my friend…


    2. Hi Diesel!

      I know of 3 people who were mis-diagnosed between Crohn’s and Colitis. Since a colonoscopy can’t see that far into your small intestine and they present with similar symptoms and Crohn’s can also attack your colon. Make’s me wonder if that happened to you?

      As far as your remission due to chemo, sounds like your immune system is the cause of your UC/Chrohns since chemo would have REALLY knocked it out, thus no more damage to your intestines. Kinda makes sense. I’m one of those where my UC is caused by my immune system attacking my colon (I have Type 1 Autoimmune Hepatitis which always presents with a secondary autoimmune disease…yayy UC). So like you I’ve been on 6-mp (which I had a toxic reaction to) and methotrexate which never worked. I’ve since been on Remicade for 9 years with no side effects or complications and responded amazingly.

      I’m glad you’re trying the natural stuff first though! Especially with your increased risks! But (I hope this never happens) if they don’t work, the TNF inhibitors might be justified even with the risks as for many Crohns patients, surgery isn’t a cure like for UC’ers. You can’t take out the whole small intestine.

      I’m hoping your luck changes! Let us know how the EVOO works on Crohns!


  64. If the more seasoned UC’ers could help here. Is it generally understood that if you treat yourself well with different treatments that one thinks works (pills, FMT, oil, enemas of different kinds etc.)one should realize that eventually one will have a flare? Have people prevented flares from ever happening again? Five, ten fifteen years? From what I have been reading it sounds like eventually one will have a flare for whatever reason. Is that right?

    1. Well RJW not sure exactly where you are going with your question?? But in my humble opinion of 30+ years diagnosed…I would have to say-Yes, unfortunately, I don’t think you can control all factors involved from bad/impure EVOO, herbs, food supply, colds/flus, other germs, stress, allergies, intolerances, genetics for me, etc, add that in with an already volatile system/immune system that may or may not able to keep up the fight and boom…perfect storm and flare!
      so where are you going with your question? Because with that said, I think there is way more research on gut bacteria/probiotics being a key element and natural treatments. So many factors, so little time!
      Anyway, just a bit of my opinion in a lifetime of the UC rollercoaster!

      1. Thank you Shelly and Angela.
        Not sure if I was going anywhere with my question. Just trying to manage expectations. I got very excited with FTM possibilities, Vit E enemas, virgin olive oil and vsl#3 probiotics. Have not done any yet though I am likely to try FTM also VSL and why not virgin olive oil. Just wondering with the exception of C-Diff suffers have any UC or CD suffers gone really long period of time without event with these alternative medicine. Have any been “cured” sort of speak. Don’t mind anti-inflammatory pills but would like to get off of them just the same. It seems to be sort of a game. Reduce then eliminate these RX pills over here then try and replace them with FTM or Olive oil or vsl or all of it and see how long you can go until the next flare. That is fine. Seems to me that even being on the anti-inflam RX you are likely going to have another flare up too. I just have not been playing this game long enough to know what is likely going to happen. I do not want surgery. I do not want TNF inhibitors. Just not sure what the correlation is between what I do not want and survival is yet. What will likely happen will not interfere with plans for FTM and other alternatives.

        1. You’re welcome. I think you should be hopeful and systematic. Keep a journal. You may have to mess around with amounts. I have been thru all the meds and now am allergic and intolerant to all. I have been Med free because of this for over a yr and half, I’m in my 2nd flare since being off meds…got thru the first one last march complete with iritis and been in this flare since Oct and still trying diff herbs from my chiro-chinese meds, varying amts probiotics-vsl3 Rx, omega 3’s-4g, vit d 5000, some glutamine and vitamins in spiutein in power smoothie, tried SCD…now about 90-95%- so…nothing works forever or the same for everyone. It is not a one size fits all disease, but it is worth trying…nothing to lose but our colons…which I am still trying to hang on to mine as well! I did always come off my meds and I actually think that helped me get more mileage out of them!
          Stay positive and hopeful and keep researching. You just never know….
          Best and good health, Shelly

        2. I understand. Give the alternatives a try, if they work fantastic! If you get a flare you can always return to your anti-inflammatory meds briefly until its taken care of. I don’t think you need to worry about TNF inhibitors or surgery…those are the last ditch efforts for when nothing is working to control a long term flare. Treating UC isn’t a static process which is the best thing to remember you’ll always be actively adjusting things.

          Learn the warning signs to flares though, by the time you have blood and diarrhea you’ve actually been having a flare for weeks or months (that level of intestinal damage doesn’t happen overnight). My warning signs are mouth sores (which is actually pretty common for UC’ers). When I get a couple in a few weeks I know my UC is starting to flare and I call my doctor and if necessary we adjust my remicade frequency long before I every have typical symptoms.

          1. See learning something new. Warning signs. I was thinking the warning signs that something has gone amiss is condensed mucus and especially blood. Did not cross my mind about other pre pre warning signs.
            I was going to ask another question the other day but did not. If you go to the bathroom in the morning and you inspect your results are you inspecting what you ate yesterday or is it longer than that. I think if all is fine this morning then I did not react to anything I ate yesterday. Since my diet has not changed all that much then I have been figuring that my “flares” are not food related necessarily. In thinking I can only id two maybe three pre pre warning signs maybe. Muscle aches (really severe ones) which I tried to fix using some Aleve (I know now that was a mistake) but it worked great for the aches. Along with the muscle aches I had elevated inflammation blood test numbers. The other memory of something was a miss was I thought for a while I had hemorrhoids. Then there was once condensed mucus and then I knew I was headed for something. I will ponder it some more. Would have been ice if the GI gave me a manual of things to look out for. thanks to all of you.

          2. Mayo Clinic says its around 30 hours from the time you eat until you expend it (but that’s healthy people). For me, mine is usually from the day before (unless I eat strong triggers…something in canned soups will send me into a fit within a few hours and last for 2 days).

            Both your warning signs are good ones to watch! And I’m glad you keep on an eye on your lab results, everyone should learn their normal levels and what each test means, especially SED rates. If you spot mucous, ask your doctor for a lactoferrin stool test (its like the SED rate but it’s specifically for inflammation in your colon).

            I wish there was a manual. That would have been so much easier!

          3. Interesting. I can now tell when my “Sed Rate”aka “ESR” is elevated on the muscle aches I feel. Before a recent flare my Sed came down to normal. First time in a while. Iron was good. Vit D good. Then a flare. Sed went through the roof. Iron dropped. Vit D dropped, who knows what else dropped. At the time they also checked “Non Cardio CRP” and that went way up too. I am going to look into the “Lactoferrin stool test”. I want to do that now while there appears to not be a flare as a benchmark. I have been struggling with what other tests to run to rule out things. I had the “Mayo IBD panel” but these came back negative. The Mayo IBD panel report says it checks three things. 1)”Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ab IgA” and 2) “Saccharomyces cervvisiae Ab, IgG S” as well as something else called 3) “Neutrophil Specific Antibodies”. But even though it was all negative it says on the report 50% of people with indeterminate colitis are negative for IgA and IgG S. Any other tests aside from colonoscopy and biopsy? Og I am pretty certain during an endoscopy they checked for Celiac Disease. Wht other tests would you run to rule out things?

          4. Yeah that has to be extremely frustrating! Prometheus Labs has a new diagnostic blood test for IBD (I’m not super sure if it’ll vary much from what you’ve already done) but hey are leading the way though in diagnostics as they’re developing more sensitive tests (my doctors will only use them for my Remicade antibody checks). The caveat though is that these tests are expensive but they’ll work with your insurance and if the insurance won’t cover it you usually pay only between $50-$200 depending on your income (my remicade test takes 1 vial of blood and costs $2,000 (billed to the insurance)). Better part because they’re an independent lab they send someone to your house or work to draw the blood. SO much easier!


            Here’s an interview about the attempts at new tests for indeterminate colitis.



            This article made me think about my own diagnosis since my UC is acutally occurs because of another disease I have (Type 1 Autoimmune Hepatitis). They diagnosis AH by finding more specific rogue antibodies in the blood specifically ones that attack the liver (along with a liver biopsy). So it seems they’re applying that ideology into diagnosis indeterminate colitis by looking for pANCA and ASCA antibodies rather than just immunoglobulins.

            Hope that helps!

    2. I agree with Shelly. Yes eventually you’ll have one again. I’ve had UC coming up on 11 years (no where as seasoned as Shelly!) and have been in and out of remissions as I change my Remicade intervals (my immune system is the culprit) and sometimes I feel worse when I eat things I shouldn’t. But I don’t think anyone should ever think that way, that someday I’m going to get a flare again. Too much worrying. I focus on that I’m really well now and learn from the times I didn’t do so well. Anyways, I can handle a flare once every couple of years, that’s nothing compared to it being everyday.

      1. What a mind f*** UC is, right everyone?

        Worry…yep, that’s all we seem to do, even when we don’t know that we’re worrying…waiting for that next flare if we’ve done something ‘wrong’…diet, drug, or otherwise. Must be nice to be ‘normal’ and not have UC. I can’t really recall what that was like…lol

        It’s very tiring! I try and be as ‘up’ as I can be!!


      2. A manual. Part of the manual would be tests to have you doctor run. IBS/IBD specific manual for blood tests, stool even genetic etc. The manual would explain each of the tests. Doctor might role his eyes, so what. Test to eliminate things like Celiaic, C-Diff, parasites etc. I keep reading that if you FTM might help if you have a floral imbalance. Well what test do you run to know that? Seems the GI might run an IBD panel and then makes his mind up on observation. He does not run anymore for as far as he is concerned treatment does not change. I would buy such a manual. I know this is a blog but maybe Adam sees value in an item above where people list the different tests they know about. Maybe then we can see similarities in test results coupled with symptoms and then maybe treatments and alternative treatments etc. Then again maybe Adam has time to put together such a manual? I am sure we can think of plunty of ways to keep him busy.

      3. I looked up your test and found a paragraph that a doctor wrote that has helped greatly in understanding the “forest” versus the “trees” of information. I am sure most of the seasoned veterans understand this already.


        Diarrheal diseases can be classified into inflammatory and non-inflammatory categories.

        Non-inflammatory diarrheas—
        Are those caused by viruses are, for the most part, effectively treated with simple oral rehydration therapy.

        In-flammatory diarrheas—
        Tend to be more serious and need to be followed up by more extensive testing and/or treatment.

        a) Infectious causes for this type of diarrhea are due to pathogens such as Shigella, Salmonella, Campylobacter jejuni, and Clostridium difficile.

        b) Non-infectious causes of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) include ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, both of which are highly inflammatory and are diagnosed by ruling out infectious agents and other potential causes of inflammation.

        In all inflammatory diarrheas, fecal leukocytes are found in feces in large numbers.

    3. Rjw,
      Another thing that has helped me is to to read all the stories about surgery. I have been on this incredible site with Adam since near the beginning…and there are amazing stories on here that help take some of the fear out. I also have discussed surgery with both my primary care and my GI so they can be part of my process and not some hack up here in Maine-where I live noone even does the jpouch!
      I’m not going to say I’m still not nervous, but it has definitely helped…like Curtis(an old post, but awesome) to Kyle, Baker, Isabel, Blake, etc, etc. And just fyi…I did give up my gallbladder I’m pretty sure for remicade(which I was on for 3 pretty good years…never really got past maintenance dose and higher amt)
      Well, I hope this helps. :-) Shelly

  65. Thanks all,no surgery for me yet,my UC actually started in 1980 after I quit smoking in 1977.
    My son lost his colon to UC when he was 21,back in 2000,he does fine with a j-pouch.
    Why he lost his so fast nine months total time from onset and rescue med failure,I will never know.
    I have not gone for two days,so dont know what is going on,the is after the last D.
    I can force out a little blood/mucus.
    I have added today 2 table spoons of flaxseed oil,high in omega 3 linolenic acid.

    Part of what goes on with UC is excess linoleic acid in the diet n6 PUFA,n3 PUFA linolenic acid competes for the desaturase enzymes and lowers the inflammatory long chain N6 PUFA’s.
    If your mother ate a lot of veggie oils,and you were breast fed,then you started to get tooooo
    many N6 PUFA’s from the get go. Even if you did not breast feed,your cells might have excess N6,but have not researched that.
    Old Mike

  66. Graham from England

    Smoking is the only thing I am aware of that will keep UC under control 99% of the time and for years on end (with the odd exception).
    As you perceive everything else seems to eventually produce a flare but if this is a natural solution that manages our UC then surely its better than smoking or meds and worth a few bumps along the way.

    I am sure there is enough information here to build your own personal armoury and have a balance of well being without poisoning your body or having your colon removed. That may be un PC but that is surely the last resort?

    Exactly Shelly, beware of perfect storms, just as everything looks great and you lower your guard, wham! This is a very acceptable level for most of us I think, a nasty in curable disease made manageable I think is success that many of us once thought impossible.

    10 years ago, I thought we would have the cure by now. Obviously not but maybe halfway there? 10 years ago I thought every answer was in a pill and natural solutions were a joke, never say never…..

    1. Thank you Graham. The other day I read the 100% virgin oil comments. EVOO you experts call it. I know you are in the UK but has it been decided what brand we all can trust over here?

  67. Well, I was doing fine with the EVOO. Then, i started having the urgency for a BM and not make it to the bathroom on time.
    I’m on the max dose for imuran, lialda (mesalamine), smoking, 3 imodiums per day, a canasa supp. daily and it seems something was missing. The Dr. just switched the canasa for rowasa enemas and it seems to help me. I’m doing better.
    I have a question for everyone: do you guys feel tired all the time or is it just me???

  68. Hi Ann, I would love to try your recipe, but every time I eat beans, the next day I am the most miserable person on the planet. I end up with cramps and diarrhea. I don’t see how it helps you unless you are in total remission.

  69. Graham from England


    It’s so early days but I had my 1st flare with EVOO when using a new bottle, are you on a new one Guilly?

    With regard to which oil to buy this is something I now realise is a huge problem for us and I am working on it, hopefully with a post very soon. Old Mike suggested Californian but tbh fraud is so widespread I don’t think you can be that certain of anywhere. It is worth spending an hour or two researching this, though there are a few suggestions above on checking oil. The taste one being the best I would say, a fruity, pepper taste with a cough inducing slight burn on the throat are all crucial. It is also said that olives grown in cooler areas contain more of the healthy components than those from hot places. Tuscany is said to be such a place but then Italian oil fraud is also a problem. Spend the money on a good bottle recently harvested, better oils contain this information.

    Diesel, I know someone who was diagnosed with UC, went through it all including the big op only to be informed they had crohns! This person remains in the dubious care of the healthcare professionals and has not tried EVOO as far as I know, surely worth a try though?

  70. Hi Guilly I am not in total remission but beans seem to help me…wish it helped you too…but we have atleast figured out each body is different in how it responds to food/medication/stress…and sometimes I do feel tired all the time…I like to be active but when my body/mind feels tired I rest when I can…you might also consider looking into Vitamin B’s.

    Hi Shelly, I agree…we’re not old…atlease give us another 20 years!

    Hi Mike, Sorry to hear about your son losing his colon…my husband had his removed in his early 20’s as well…he is 57 now with the colostomy bag…he’s a pretty active guy…it only get’s in the way with water sport type activities…

    Hi Mark, I am also wanting to try L-Glutamine but read it should not be taken if you are taking Glucosamine with MSM. They sound very similar but are very different. We need to be careful what we mix with supplements and medication. Can anyone suggest which one they would choose and why? I started the Glucosamine with MSM just a few weeks ago because it is supposed to help with arthritis and is seems us UC people sometimes have sore joints too. I think the mucus in our colon is similar to the mucus in our joints…it might sound crazy but I think there is some sort of connection there?

    1. Hi Ann,
      Just fyi..glucosamine gives a lot of people gastro issues…you may want to check that out. There are much better choices for the pain and anti inflammatory herbs like what Bev takes. Try to add just 1 thing at a time and you may have to play with dosing. :-)

  71. Hi Shelley, I have been taking the fish oil and vitamin D. I will definitly try the probiotics and stop taking the glucosamine since I’m not so sure about it. I think I am getting pretty close on what combination of food/supplements/medication/rest to keep my uc at a managable level. Will keep in touch.

  72. Graham from England


    My flare would start with a day of no bm followed by another, the bloating and everything backing up. Day 2.5-3 some diarrhoea and maybe some blood and then a bm with blood. Since being on EVOO i have had 2, the 1st was due to me taking plain olive oil when at work by mistake and not realising for a about a month! The healing I had gained from smoking gave me a year clear using only EVOO (no cigs) so there is massive remission potential as long as you are not careless like I was. The EVOO recovery that began late December was going very well but then flu/cold gave me a week of problems in mid Feb so looking forward to no flares for a long time from now on. That may sound optimistic but I remain convinced and also very grateful for this breakthrough….

    1. Thanks. I can not say I have had enough flares to say for sure what is before it. Flares to me consist everything other than a normal well formed BM. Meaning a flare I think can be some or all of the following: bloody, mucus, diarrhea, liquid, explosive or a lot of gas, having to go more than your usual time and or often throughout the day. Oh I gather stomach cramps are a part of flares as well.

      I do remember when all was good and quit one day in the AM I went and there was a mass or globular of just mucus of some sort. Then it was all down hill from there. Now I had been off of anti inflam RX completely for about 2 weeks prior. And to add confusion to the whole thing I was on Flagel for five days for another condition about 3 weeks prior as well to the mucus event as well. I never figured out a cause and effect. Was it door number 1) being off of the Anti Inflam or door number 2) being on the Flagel or was there a mystery door responsible for the flare. Anyway it did comes back worse then the previous flare was only a few months earlier. those are the only two classical flares I have had in recent history. If you have any guesses I would like to hear them. Thanks again.

    2. Just to be clear when you have had a flare all you took for it was EVOO? And in about a month of EVOO it was all back to normal BM? This has happened twice? Nothing but the EVOO?

  73. Hey, Ann, I take 1500 mg MSM every day along with l-glutamin, probiotics, krill fish oil, astaxathin, probiotics, slippery elm, and evoo, (thanks to Graham:)) along with other supplements such as vits. C, D, and E. I have arthritis but do not take glucosamine. MSM lowers inflammation and both my gastro and rheumatologist know I take all these things. I am currently not in a flare and have been flare-free since Sept. and a 9 month flare. Hope this helps.

  74. Oh, yes, just wanted to say, I mostly put evoo in my morning smoothie and I’ve heard all the talk on tv about olive oil not being pure and the discussion on this thread. To test mine per Graham, I took 2 tbls today straight because the brand I use is the Fred Meyer brand and I got it cheap, on sale, even though I knew it could’ve been unpure. I felt the burn in my throat Graham was talking about, the peppery delicious taste, so even though it’s not scientific, I feel satisfied that it’s the real thing.

  75. Graham from England


    Yes the EVOO got me out of the flare, though slower than cigarettes I would say. I forgot to mention the mucas, wind and cramps though it is more of a burning ache for me. No I don’t take meds and not currently under any medical direction. I guess you could count a probiotic but I am sure the strong ones start to slow my bm’s after a week or so. The people at Optibac say this can happen and it’s the last thing we need. They said lots of s boulardii can do this and suggested reducing the dose. I will go back to them and see if they can recommend a different one for me.

    That’s great news Maggie and you have found your mix that is working! Did you notice an improvement with the arthritis after taking EVOO, my back problems have almost completely gone and I am sure this is due to the anti inflammatory. I am keen to know if it will also help arthritis though I don’t suffer with it myself. I have sent a post to Adam that should appear soon which suggests it could help with natural pain relief. Good test there, it is what the experts do, they may be more experienced but this is what they describe as to be looking for. We could always send it to the lab.

    1. Graham,
      Did some research on who’s EVOO to buy. If you find the below information suspect please let me know, otherwise I am heading to Trader Joe’s. Thank you again.

      Consumer Reports seems to be saying that in USA there are two excellent EVOO.
      here is what they say:
      Our Ratings – show that you don’t need to buy oil with an Italian heritage to experience the best. California, which produces about 3 percent of the olive oil consumed in the U.S., is the source of the only two products judged Excellent: McEvoy Ranch (grown on a 550-acre property in Petaluma) and Trader Joe’s California Estate oil (“crafted to our specifications from the first press of Arbequina olives grown on estate ranches in the Sierra foothills”), which costs far less than McEvoy: 35 cents per ounce compared with $1.73
      Here is the link to all of their comments:

  76. Hi Maggie, Thank you for your response about the glucosamine. It sounds like you are having great luck with the combination of supplements you are taking. You go girl!

    Hi Graham, Thanks for getting in touch with Adam about the potential pain relief effects of evoo.

  77. My arthritis is better. I don’t take meds for either colitis, they don’t work for me anyway, or arthriis, as I was having bad side-effects from the biologics and I hate taking pain pills but the occasional Aleve helps. I do excercises for my lower back, legs, and shoulders, and that helps a lot, too. I used to be on methotrexate and it neither helped my colitis nor arthritis. I am an ex-smoker and the prior times I quit is when I’d get the horrible symptoms of colitis, lots of mucus, cramps, that was in the 80’s. I quit again in the early part of 2000’s, and with the symptoms, finally went to a gastroentrolost and was diagnosed with UC. I also knew by then there was a corrleation between smoking and UC. It had been 6 months by then, no meds helped, so I started smoking again but I was too far gone and it didn’t help. My rheumatologist put me on Remicade and it cleared up instantly but alas, after awhile I couldn’t afford it any more. By this time I was addicted to nicotine again. A year or so later I had to quit because of chest pains and I knew what I was going to go through. Now I’m smoke free and med free!!

    1. Hi Maggie,

      I too quit over a year and can’t seem to get these flares under control. I keep getting the stomach virus which leads into the colitis flares. Just curious what you are using?


  78. Hi Maggie, You are truly and inspiration to me. I used to get cramps a lot too. For some reason I don’t get them any more…It might be because I chew on fennel seeds once or twice a day…haven’t had any cramping since I started doing this. Wow smoke free, med free and flare free since September 2012!! Fantastic!

  79. Thanks, Ann. I just seen a segment on Dr. Oz about chewing fennel seeds. Thanks for re-reminding, I have some so I will give it a try. One problem I do have and can’t explain is indigestion. Wonder if the fennel will help. I’ve taken Omeprezol for that, it helps, but I hate the idea taking it.

  80. I watch Dr. Oz too. He talked about fish oil giving indigestion but not so much if you take the Schiff Mega Red. This was on the Leaky Gut Syndrome show that aired last week. Very interesting.

  81. After some research and reading this site, I’ve now been taking 3 tbs of EVOO for the past 4 days and have experienced great improvement in my inflammation. However i was wondering if anyone here has anyone experienced weight gain with this regimen over time? It is a significant amount of calories and fat to be adding to one’s day.

  82. If you are on a low fat diet or do no eat significant amounts of fatty foods, i.e., french fries, donuts, etc., this amount is good. Olive oil is good for other things besides colitis. I’m watching what I eat because of colitis and also I want to lose some weight, but it has never occured to me that evoo could add any weight. I’ve lost 7lbs. since Jan. This isn’t a lot but I also suffer from chronic fatigue and it’s hard for me to get out there and run around the block, plus I live on a narrow road with lots of traffic. Good luck and keep it up.

  83. Hey, Barb. During my last flare, which lasted 9 months, the first med prescribed was Entocort in my first week when I thought I was dying. That helped way better then prednesone but my gastro got pissed that I was prescribed it because she said it was only for Crohn’s, even though it helped. Once I had less diahrrea and felt not sick the Entocort caused nervousness so until I was totally out of the flare, I only took a few at a time. I also used Canasa as needed. I had too many side effects from the Asacol so stopped it after a short time. I discovered this site at the beginning of that flare, just over a year ago. I tried so any different things that I saw on here, such as yunnan baiayo, didn’t work. I took cayenne capsules every day for the ucers, probiotics, aloe vera juice, slippery elm, charcoal, powdered bentonite clay to kill yeast overgrowth. I stopped eating cabbage and eggplant, no milk, no gluten, no caffein, and alas, no wine. I still used the Canasa as needed because the last couple months it would come and go, so horrible. Now, I take on a regular basis, probiotics, evoo, slippery elm, l-glutamine, powdered ginger in my smoothie with almond milk, water, frozen blueberres or banana, and psyllium. I take vits. D3, C, MSM, for inflammation and for immune help, resveratrol, and astaxathin. I know I take a lot and it costs alot of money but I order most of it from Puritan’s Pride on line, a company I trust. I’ve recently had liposuction around my middle in Jan. and no flares as a result so I’m REALLY watching what I eat now. Even us old broads want to look good! I’m sure there’s something I’m missing. Best of luck, Barb. I believe not all blood types should eat the same foods so that’s why the scd, which is like the Paleo diet, doesn’t work for everyon. P. S. I can drink wine now!!! PPS, I also used an over the couter diarhheal medication which workded great and gave my bowels a rest. Then my naturepath gave me one from a company called Heel, for homepathy DIARRHEA, this helped, too, I still have some left. As you cn probably see, I was desparate, just like we get. I’ll never start smoking again, this can be beat without tobacco!

    1. Wow Maggie you really are on a lot of things but if it is working for you that’s all that matters. Taking all this information down. As of right now I have had a stomach virus for 4 days. I just went this morning to the lab they are testing for c-diff. I just want an answer soon so I can start taking something……….I am exhausted and looking forward to trying some new things.

  84. Graham from England

    Carefull sourceing/informed tasting of EVOO is crucial and its encouraging to hear many of you are doing this. Hopefully not too difficult with some good information around now.

    Roy, I gladly put on just over a stone in a year but I’m sure that was due to quiting smoking. More recent research suggests it can aid weight loss, this is fairly new so not accepted across the board but not to be ignored either. EVOO is balancing the fats in the body to a more desired ratio. You have done some research so I’m sure I don’t need to go, it a no brainer!

    1. Thanks for your kind reply, Graham. It’s a wierd feeling taking a tbsp when your stomach still feels slightly full. I guess that’s where I get the intuition that I’ve got to be gaining weight since I’m adding calories to my diet. Thankfully, the flare had not gotten to the point where I was uncomfortable leaving the house or exercising. I am curious if you are on any other supplements besides a probiotic? DO you take addition fish oils or any other antioxidants?

      Every since I was diagnosed, I can’t have a lot of my favorite healthy foods. I used to eat fresh salads daily, munch on nuts and snack on fruits without even a thought. Now those things are on a forbidden list because they can bring an onset of a flare. Even steaming vegetables isn’t even a viable option anymore. I’ve been tempted to try the Nutribullet as that grinds foods into ultra fine particles that even go through a filter. I would still try it with trepidation though as I don’t know if my gut can even handle that.

  85. Graham from England

    Thanks Roy and good to hear from you.

    I dont take fish oils or any other antioxidants and my diet has always been rubbish (though I never gained any weight from fast food etc). I have always been active though, during my 1st flare on Olive oil I finally changed my poor diet. I did this to see if it helped and (with exercise) it stopped the deterioration, however, it was realising/replacing plain olive oil with EVOO that reversed it.

    After educating myself a little about food I would say I am heading in the direction of the Paleo/SCD diet. I wont turn it into a lifestyle unless I have to so just sensible choices and real food where possible. It took a while for this disease to appear and although I am certain it is in my genes somewhere I am more certain than ever that putting drugs/chemical/crap in food/drink is the real offender.

    What I really struggle with is all the conflicting diet information, cant have that, cant have this. I eat nuts, drink alcohol. Maybe that’s just lucky me but I will only give up “real foods/drink” if I can 1st prove it makes me ill (excluding alcohol obviously).

  86. Graham from England

    Hi Maggie,

    Are you still on the Cayenne supplement, if so do you have any thoughts on the subject? I looked at these after the “hostile takeover” from Anatabloc.

  87. Thank you for sending the link. I am on day 14 of taking evoo in the morning and at night. I would say I am 96% symptom free…my goal was to be at 100% by March 14th for when I go on vacation skiing in Salt Lake City…I think I am going to make it! Thank you all for your comments and advice…keep them coming. Ann

  88. Hi there,
    I just wanted give an update. I am into my third week of taking EVOO and I have seen dramatic improvements! I no longer live in the bathroom and I haven’t had to cancel a single activity since starting it. We homeschool and very often we wouldn’t get anything done because I would be spending my day “parenting from the pot.” I feel so much better, I can hardly believe it is from simply taking EVOO. I also avoid certain trigger foods but I’ve been doing that for a long time. Since I starts taking EVOO I feel much more satiated throughout the day and I think it is what my body has been needing for a long time.

  89. Lane L

    Hey Graham, my name is Lane and I live in TX. I’m 39 yrs old. After 5 months of wierd gas, bowl habbits, blood and abdominal cramping…I finally had colonoscopy on 02-15. Rusults moderate UC. 0-40 centimeters affected. This has been a major kick in the pants for me. I consinder my self active. I’d say I do Paleo diet 100%, 80% of the time. Otherwise I do like cheat meals. Mexican food, Italian food, booze, wine, ect.. And I do crossfit 5 times a week. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around all this disease has to offer. But I’m not liking what i have read so far.

    Since 02-16, I take 4 pills of Lialda 1x daily, Mesalamine enema nightly, and cortifoam night and morn. I have not seen much results thus far with bowl frequency or blood. I’m crossing my fingers this works because i’m being told my next options are steriods or remicade. I dont like the sound of either side affects. Do you know about these drugs? Is there somehting better? I’m considering consulting with alternative medicine dr before pursing these other two options. I’m praying what i’m on now starts showing some results.

    I started EVOO 02-26 pm. So as of this moring I have had 5 doses of 1.5 tsp. (i’m taking 1.5oz, 3x per day) I’m hoping you have found some sort of miracle here. I’ll keep you posted how I respond to this. Does my dosage sound correct for what works for you? (i’m using fresh california Arbequina EVOO)

    thanks Lane

  90. Graham from England

    Wow I am so pleased for you both and thanks for your encouraging words Ann/Bev.

    All thanks to Dr A. Hart, I won’t give out his email address but I do hope he gets the credit in the end! I would dearly love to know why this wasn’t persevered with, particularly as these findings were in conjunction with a diet.The conclusion was mainly regarding prevention of UC by controlling inflammation and we know it also helps the ongoing condition. Doesn’t this also promote the idea that high amounts of fat or a bad balance of them is a major trigger, or is this old news?

    If like me, some of you get an increasing fascination for EVOO then I can recommend a book called Extra Virginity. The most recent link I posted was by Tom Mueller from his site he is on a mission to rid the world of bad oil, some gig eh?

  91. Barb, I hope the doctors figure out your stomach problems so you can move forward. I’m afraid to stop any of the natural supplements I take just in case. I’ve started evoo even though I’m not in a flare. Can’t hurt. I’ve been learning that it can help one to feel fuller longer so can help with the weight loss, too. I started to put weight on slowly after I quit smoking and then there was the sweet tooth. I have that pretty much under control now. I have other health issues besides UC–chronic fatigue-for one so that’s another reason I take so many supplements. Best of luck to you!
    Ann, so glad to hear the evoo is helping. It sounds like it’s helping a lot of people! :) Genius!

    1. I just found out that I have tested positive for c-diff. I just can’t seem to win these days……..2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Now I am taking the antibiotics which make me so sick to my stomach. Hope these 10 days go by quick and praying for some kind of relief.

      1. Hi Barb,
        Sorry about the cdiff….make sure to take plenty of good quality probiotics…not sure of the timing. Probably you could research that and other natural ways to combat it! Good luck…Shelly

  92. Thank you Bev, Barb, Graham and Maggie for your words of support! Mariah, I hadn’t read anything you wrote anywhere until now. I used to parent from the potty when my kids were growing up too…I wish I had discoverd the miracles of evoo back then. They are now 22 and 24…I haven’t told them yet how much I think evoo is helping me but I know they will be thrilled…they’re great sons…very patient with me spending so much time in the bathroom!

  93. Graham from England

    You have raised an interesting point mentioning Australian oil and I would like to get my hands on some in the summer as our oil (though probably fine) will be well on its way to a year old by then. In the Northern Hemisphere, Europe and the Mediterranean, olives are harvested and pressed from September to January. In the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and South America, olives are harvested from May to July.

    I am no expert but have read the Australian and New Zealand oils are very Tuscan like with their robust flavour which again is I believe what we are looking for. Sounds like a good choice Michael, I found comparing a supermarket oil to my new oil (clear shot glasses) a very obvious and convincing test. I already suspected the new bottle from the supermarket had a weaker taste than usual but comparing the two side by side made it obvious that I had inferior oil.

    “The miracles of EVOO” hey Ann, sounds like you are getting the bug? I put it on the children’s occasional rash (very effective) and I also had a bad cough a short while ago and knew I would have a bad night, I rubbed some oil on my chest and “Bob’s your uncle”!

  94. Hello All!

    I read this whole thread last night and emediately went and gulped down some EVOO.. and again this morning and brought a bottle to work to carry on.

    I’m 36, dad of 2 gorgeous boys(6 month old Leo, and 3.6 yrs old Alex) have had UC for the last 5 years and am in my 2nd flare which has lasted 1.6 years. Am currently on 2 pills of mezavant, 2 azathioprine, 2 flagil, 16mg medrol and also colifoam foam enima every other day. Had a colonoscopy last week and doc is suggesting i go on Remicade within the next month.

    But before that I am gonna try EVOO for the 1st 10 days and see if it does anything.. then will try smoking 2-3 ciggarets (have never smoked in my life b4)

    Do cigars have the same effect?

    I live in Greece so getting great EVOO is no prob… my mother in law has a small production.

    I’ve got pretty bad internal and external hemorrhoids and most of my bleading comes from those, but also pass mucus in the morning etc.. My stools are realtively solid but narrow, and many of them mixed in with mucus and bloody slime..

    I have about 1.5 hr of badness everyday where i have BM untill my intestine is completely empty, i get great spasms trying to empty it which hurt immensly/pushing on the hemorrhoids, and 1 shake for about 45 mins after… u know that fealing of when you throw up but your stomach is empty..? I get that but on the looo

    My Dad also has Crohns but he started smoking 20 years ago and has been in remission ever since…No one beleived him when he would say that smoking has helped him. So I have been so happy to find info here last night both about EVOO and smoking.

    Anyway really excited about discovering this post and will keep u updated on any progress… I cannot remember having a normal day, and not being afraid of going out without knowing where the closest loo was.

    So hope EVOO helps… will be a miracle…

    love to all from Greece!

    1. Maybe rather than smoking you can look at something else like the patch? Also check out FMT of Fecal Transplant. Both are discussed in different blogs here and on the web in general. Best of luck.

  95. Barb, so sorry for all your problems! At least now you know what your problem is. I don’t know anything about c-diff except that it’s not good but at least you can try to move forward. Now is the time for lots of probiotics and once you get this taken care of you can tackle the UC flare. I wish you all the best and wish there was more I could offer.

  96. Graham from England

    Hi Ant,
    I’m sorry to hear how bad things are and I am sure you will find a benefit which ever you go with. If I was in your position maybe I would smoke but having escaped the that prison it would be a very last resort. Please remember I also quit and replaced smoking with EVOO so using both may not be ideal. Anyway best of luck to you and hello Greece!

    Lane, sorry your (and Ants) post did not reach my Blackberry. I am sure you will see some benefit if you are taking real oil, the anti inflammatory alone should make a difference. However, sounds like you are taking too much maybe, what is too much? I have heard an excess can cause diarrhoea so maybe 5 tablespoons per day?

    More good oil tips here.

    Good luck with the P.B’s Barb!

  97. Lane L

    awh…sorry i had typo. I am only taking 1.5 tsp 3x per day. Went and picked up my tax return yesterday. My CPA offices out of place called HERBS, he and his wife have a business of viatmins and natural supplements. Informed him that I was just diagnosed with UC and asked if he had anything that could help. Turns out he has been dealing with UC for 10 years and controlling it nautrally. Ocationally he will have a flare that requires steriod but he does not take near dose as prescribed by dr. He has found system that works for him and is on and off in 3 wk time to bring it back under control. Long to story short I walked out with Vitamin D, L-glutamine, probiotic and 1 or 2 other things i don’t remember the name of. Fingers crossed and Lord willing…

    Thought it would be enlighting to share another suscess story of the (more or less)natural route.

    thanks Lane

  98. Hi Graham and All. Have any of you tried or do the specific carbhydrate diet that is highly recommended by Adam? What is your experience with it?

    1. I have taken some of this and some of Adam ideas. The SCD diet says to cut out potatoes but I need my baked potatoes when I am having flares. Other then that I have been following the diet.

    2. Hi Ann-
      I gave the SCD a good shot and it helped calm my system and reduce my bleeding, but then I had to add a few things back in once I knew that I had leveled, kept losing weight and getting very grumpy! I think it can work for some people, but there are many of us that it will not alone. I think the book is essential-Breaking the Viscious Cycle and the pecanbread site helps with lots including how to add foods…”stages”-I think giving up processed foods and sugar and the bad carbs really helps jump start your system and the science,makes sense. The less ingredients the better and really undstanding how to read labels/nutrition. I also ended up giving up milk/yogurt and careful with eggs. You have to be very careful with nut flours, too…especially when really flaring I mostly use cocnut flour.
      Hope this helps..Shelly

  99. Graham from England

    Hi Ann,
    I’ve not tried it but the more I learn about the body and UC the more I am convinced SCD and Paleo type diets are crucial prevention measures. I am currently reading Waste Disposal which although is a book for reducing “men’s tyres” it is very educational about food and suggests a more primal diet, back to basics if you like, real food. Although I’m only a few months in but I feel better and no longer throw endless cakes, sweets and rubbish down my neck!

    Here is a bizarre yet very alternative use for EVOO to treat bowel problems and otherthings…..

  100. Good Afternoon:

    My name is Elissa, I am 26 years old, and I was diganosed with UC about 13 years ago. My first flare was forced into remission with prednizone and sulfasalazine, and was flare-free for 11 years. After I quit smoking (of course) I had my first flare and raced off to the GI. We concluded that during my entire remission I was either medicated or smoking and I ended up picking up the cigs again.

    In early December I became pregnant with my first child and immediately put down the smokes. My symptoms returned almost immediately and I was put on 4200mg/day of Lialda/Asacol. I ended up losing the pregnancy so I started smoking again to get some relief and also just out of stress.

    I am currently smoking and taking the same dose of Lialda as before, but my husband and I are trying to get pregnant again so I know I need to get rid of the smoking.

    If I were to start EVOO tomorrow and put down the smokes on the same day, do you anticipate it taking a week or so for the EVOO to kick in? I’d also like to get rid of the meds…I’d really prefer not to be medicated during a pregnancy and during the subsequent breastfeeding.

    This would be a life-changer if it worked for me…it just seems too easy…

    1. Graham from England

      Hi Elissa,

      I would start taking EVOO the day you intend to have your last cigarette, maybe from midday and have the last cigarette at night. Maybe 4 tablespoons at 1st, spaced out to keep everything moving, smoking seems to promote BM’s so we need to maintain this. You probably have very healed internals with the smoking and so should like me have a very smooth transition. Hopefully many “happy dances” along the way.

      I have another tip coming up shortly to watch out for, particularly if you suffer bloating and some constipation as your pre flare warning.

      1. Thank you, Graham.

        I am researching this with my husband so that we can take the most effective course of action. Since we already eat clean and organic at the house we don’t have to make many more adjustments. The other thing I am considering is using a probiotic in addition to the EVOO. Are you at all familiar with the brand “Garden of Life?” I wouldn’t hesitate otherwise, but since we are trying for a baby I have that extra element to consider.

        One more thing…have you experienced the arthritic symptoms of UC? Moderate to severe arthritic pain in some of my major joints is always an issue for me during a flare or just before one starts, so I was curious if the EVOO had helped in that regard as I understand arthritis is an inflammatory issue. Arthritis at 26…I’m too young for this!!!

        Good luck to all.

        1. Graham from England

          Hi Elissa,
          Evoo does seem too easy and I think this is why people are reluctant to try it. After experiencing my own miracle I have become a little obsessed but I must tell you, the more I look at the components, history and amount of new research with Evoo, the answers do emerge. There are also more stories appearing out there on how EVOO is helping IBD’s.

          I dont know much about PB’s but it is a big hitter no question. I have found Optibac very helpful in answering direct questions and they were impartial more than a few times.

          There are good natural supplements to boost the immune system and optimise health though I am sure you have researched these. I would say such measures should be approved 1st or at least checked for possible side effects but then we also have the problem that some are unwilling to stick their neck out on such matters.

          I have not experienced arthritis but I have had a bad back for years and ive read IBD’s can do this also. The great news is my back has been really great throughout the Evoo period, no coincidence. My bad back returned during my recent self inflicted flare and this proved the theory for me. When you search oleocanthal you will be very encouraged and it should certainly benefit. A new post should appear on 10th about this very subject, I have learned more since emailing it but it was intended to hopefully help the many UC’ers with joint pain.
          please read this Elissa, it may be old now but fascinating..

  101. Graham from England

    I had a great tip from a NZ organic olive farmer on Twitter last night (I’m #realslimshakey btw). I explained our need for not just real oil but how to aquire the best type for health reasons. As well as early harvested we need, deep breath… Guaranteed pesticide/ fungicide free high polyphenol 350+ hi antioxidant oil, no mancozeb carbamate (one for you Old Mike).

    I think that’s organic to me and you and probably from a specialised dealer (shame as i live opposite Tesco) I had a look around, it is more expensive but maybe when you have some real EVOO and you know it works, perhaps upgrade on the next purchase?

    I have one reservation with such great oil though (ultra low acidity) and perhaps Old Mike can help here. Could just one of the reasons EVOO works is because its acid content raises the usually low UC’ers stomach acid to a more effective level? I could be wildly wrong there though….

    1. Hi Graham,

      I found this and thought you’d might find it interesting. It’s just an abstract but has some good info.

      When they did a study with mice and how EVOO affects UC, apparently they saw there was a decrease in TNF-alpha (which is exactly what remicade and humira try to do) in the intestines in combination that the the mice’s UC wasn’t as bad as the other control groups.

      Looks like they’re still having trouble pinpointing though exactly how EVOO helps.

  102. Teanna

    Hi all, I’ve been following this post for awhile and thought it was finally to seek out some advice! I’m a 22yr old female, have had UC for 9 years and am in the middle of a flare. Blood, diarrhea, 10x/day, urgency, etc. I’m not on any meds, though I’ve been on Salofalk, Prednisone and Imuran. All three seem to keep me in check but I’ve just gotten tired of putting such awful stuff into my body, and can’t imagine doing it for another 60 years (or imagine it still working after 60 years)!

    I’ve been on SCD nearly a month and have seen no change sadly (and I’ve cut out eggs and most dairy along with it). I’m currently on my 7th day of EVOO, but haven’t noticed a difference. However, when I started the EVOO I noted the burning in my throat and didn’t bother with the fridge test until now.. but it’s been in my fridge a day and a half and doesn’t look any different! So is it likely that it’s not pure olive oil? The brand is Colavita, it’s 100% certified Italian stuff. I just recently started L-glutamine as well, and have been on a probiotic, multivitamin, and digestive enzyme for about two weeks (all from GI pro-health, because they’re starch-free and SCD friendly, though don’t know if they probiotic is strong enough.. 10+ billion?)

    I was wondering if anyone had been to an Evoolution store? One just opened in my city, and I was going to go there to try and find a good quality oil. They’re a store that specializes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, they have all kinds of flavours of oil, and then also what looks like about 12 “premium extra virgin olive oils” from Chile and Australia. Just curious if anyone had been and knew which EVOO would be best, or maybe even some good questions for me to ask when I go in, that could help me pick the best one? I’m assuming/hoping they have a pretty good knowledge of EVOO

    Thanks to everyone, and congratulations to all who have taken control of their UC!!

    1. Teanna…sounds like a great start…definitely need to up your probiotics and make sure it is of good quality. The pecanbread site is very helpful about what and when to add foods. You may have to backtrack and look very closely at what you are eating. Try to keep a journal of everything, too!
      Good luck. Shelly

  103. Hi Graham: Low free acidity is good in olive oil.
    When we talk about the fatty acid content and type in olive oil it is meant from fat.
    Fat is a triglyceride,meaning one molecule of glycerine, and 3 molecules of oleic or other acid
    in the fat molecule. Upon digestion,the fat is broken down into glycerine and free oleic acid.
    Then it is absorbed in the intestine. Then the body does what it will with the chemicals.
    Making other fats,cell membranes,phospholipids.
    Old Mike

  104. Hi Barb, Shelley and Graham…Thanks for the SCD information…Elissa…I am sorry for your loss…I don’t smoke but I would definitely try switching over from smoking to the evoo especially since you are going to try for another baby…maybe if you did it gradually, you might not get the backlash of the flare…Graham probably has better advice on this. I started taking the evoo in the middle of the night if I wake up…this gives it a chance to get through my system without other food/drink interupting it.

    1. I looked into that but I didn’t do it. To expensive. You have to take 1 pill on the first day then 2 on the next and 3 on the next and so on until u get up to 8 and you take the 8 until 45 days which by then you should start feeling better. After that you can take 1 to maintain.

      Let me know if you decide to do it and how you make out.

  105. Graham from England

    Hi Teanna,

    Sounds like you are giving it everything so hopefully improvements soon. Colavita has been named a few times as not being the real deal it claims to be though they may have sorted this, who knows? The burn is good so maybe not all bad unless they have found a way to replicate this too, it would not surprise me. Above are a few good tips just above and I can’t really suggest more than this at present. However, please do not dismiss EVOO on the strength of one bottle, there are too many success story’s for this to have no benefit at all. It is also very good for you and natural obviously. I think there are many infections around at this time of year so I would also be patient.

    Good luck!

  106. Graham from England

    Best tip! Or just weirdest?
    A short time ago I was stumbling out of a virus induced flare, this was post Evoo flare number 2, the 1st was self inflicted.

    Good days and ok days but it was taking time clear, I bought olive leaf extract (soft gel) and just took 1 per day in addition to the usual. No big difference after 2 days but I then (don’t laugh) decided I needed an EVOO suppository! I have been thinking of these for a while now. Things were a bit blocked and yet again necessity became the mother of invention! Primed and sort of ready away it went, within a very short time….success!

    Having previously read about suppositories we are supposed to use after a BM so another went in and yet more success. I used one more the next day and things have been great since, it must have healed as well as no blood since. About a week later I used one as I felt things backing up once again, so just to be sure and you guessed it, job done!

    I don’t think suppositories are meant to be used daily and long term but a great addition I think. I have seen olive oil suppositories online and I presume they would work too. EVOO naturally contains glycerin which I am sure is what moves things and the EVOO (I believe) does some healing direct to the colon. The soft gel coating did not completely dissolve but obviously released the good stuff.

    1. Hi Graham, I am not laughing but I know what you mean. I have also thought about the evoo suppositories since I have pretty good luck with the Canansa suppositories even though I am trying to take care of this med free. I think getting it right at the point of inflammation is very helpful. I am seeing tremendous improvement. I started taking 1 1/2 T of evoo morning and afternoon every day since February 14th with a Canasa suppository every other night and started L-Glutamine powder on March 1st – 2 tsp morning and 2 tsp afternoon. I have not felt this good in a long time.

      1. This is so wonderful Ann! How about this, Graham??!! There is obviously something to L-glutamine…AND EVOO…so much so, that I may even try it, even tho I’m in remission already.

        This is all so very uplifting!! Med free is the only way to be!!

        Cheers all!


    2. Graham,

      Sorry if I missed something but the EVOO suppository you used was it the olive leaf gel pill or did you make them yourself or buy them already packaged?

      As you have instructed, I have been on EVOO 1 table spoon 3 x day now for about 4 days so far and I take before I eat. I was not in a flare so hard to tell if it is working. Thank you again for you information.

  107. Graham from England

    Flare/virus insurance anyone or are we already doing this? This may be old news but from what I gather (see link) we should take additional Vitamin D during the winter. A bit like a flu jab for the elderley and vulnerable. What has lots of Vitamin D, EVOO, how did you guess?

    That’s correct RJW, the gel capsules up not down were shockingly effective, felt like I’d invented the wheel! As you will know from this long post, the EVOO seems to be an effective natural remission solution, so time will tell if you stay better for longer…

    Ann/Bev, thank you both as always for the feedback, support and positivity. I’d hug you if I could (washing my hands 1st of course)!

    Glutamine..I’ve dabbled and I must say my instinct feels there is a benefit, I should be more scientific with it though.

    1. LOL…

      Yes, I’d be very interested in the whats and whys of L-glutamine…I am curious as to whether it and EVOO do the same thing…like heal the mucosa of the colon…the EVOO BY making it stickier in some way…I am rambling, but trying to figure things out always…


  108. By the way Graham…this is the mother of all threads, this thread of yours. This thread has gleaned so much interest and response on the website…more than any other that I can recall…

    You, my friend, are truly caring in that you want to help everyone, or as many as you can…a veritable trail blazer, I would go so far as to say!!

    Thank goodness for you

  109. Today I am going to add l-glutamine. I can’t find the fermented kind but figure unfermented might help, too. I have been doing EVOO for three weeks and am better than I have been in years. Looking forward to seeing what the l -glutamine will do.

  110. I too have been taking EVOO for the past 5 weeks – 2 tbps per day, one in the am and one in the pm thanks to Graham. In an effort to test the purity of the EVOO I purchased I put it in the refrigerator per Graham’s suggestion and it did crystalize – the brand was Star. In reading a previous post on brand suggestions for EVOO, one that was suggested was made by California Olive. It actually has a date of harvest and is certified. I purchased that one too and did the refrigerator test and it DIDNT crystalize – it hardened into a block. So, I stayed with Star.
    Thanks to Bev, I started I-glutamine (couldn’t find the fermented version either) and have been taking that for about 2 weeks – 1 tsp in the am and 1 tsp in the pm. I am still on 1600 mg of Asacol and enema twice per week but I am going to taper off the Asacol this week – have been on up to 4800 mg since 2004 so I need a break…
    The other supplement I am exploring is organic Slippery Elm powder. I have read good things about it and would like to know if anyone has any experience with it. I also take fish oil, multiple vitamin, Vit D.
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread and to Adam for all the work of maintaining and managing a invaluable website for those with UC.

    1. Mark, Maggie mentions in the thread (Feb 24)she has tried slippery elm along with the other things she is taking. No flare for her since Sept 2012 unless things have changed for her.

  111. Hi Graham…I would hug you too…Bev, I know exactly what you mean about the stickiness…Just one more bit of information, I was diagnosed by my PCP 3 years ago with a Vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking 1,000 unit capsule per day and she encouraged me at my physical last month to up it to 2 capsules per day. I recently went to GNC for the L-Glutamine and they also pointed out a women’s multiple that has extra vitamin D in it. I am going to try it once I have finished the multi vits I have on hand.

  112. Awww you are sweet, Ann…you know, I was low on a vitamin D blood test as well about 6 months ago (I had no idea that I even was), and I took 5000 units (so five pills) and two months later, my levels were great!

    Now, I am taking only 2000 units (two pills). I want to make sure that I keep my levels where they should be, and it is technically still winter up here in Canada, so I’ll probably drop down to one vitamin D when spring has sprung and there is a bit more sunshine out there.

    Do you know that vitamin D is best absorbed with fat? Taking it with the EVOO would be a great way to better absorb it…lol…who knew?!


  113. Graham from England

    Thank you Bev,

    I reckon it was you who helped it along though, as with the other threads here. I think the trouble with Evoo is that it is so simple our logic tells us it wont really do much, not compared to the meds. At first, I almost dismissed it entirely but held on out of desperation and the fact it was tied to research. Not only was I rewarded, it’s changed my life 100%. Please keep the comments coming, it is hard to believe but you can’t argue with some of the truly wonderful results. These good stories will encourage others to try it, spreading the healing naturally and hopefully getting off the meds.

    I wish I had more time to read the other threads as they must be full of information too.

    1. There are not that many ‘good’ threads on the site…not like this one. This has and could potentially change alot of sufferers’ lives, Graham.

      This whole olive oil thing is just so great, really. It’s so wondeful that it is working for people. What could be better…and easier?

      Thank you so much for bringing this to all of our attention.



  114. Hi,

    I have been reading a lot of posts and doing some research lately. And found a couple of really interesting papers on smoking and colitis and also the mucosal barrier in the colon. (happy to email if anyone wants them).

    I am beginning to think in some basic way that smoking increases the mucosal barrier in the colon. I know when I smoke I tend to get more mucus. But I don’t think it’s just the mucus but also the viscosity which it makes it difficult for bad bugs to make it to the colon wall.

    I am therefore wondering if its when you stop smoking that this mucus and or viscosity diminishes and lets the pathogenic bugs get to the colon wall which then do the harm. If this is the case could EVOO be supplementing the mucus barrier and replacing the effect of smoking in preventing the bad bugs getting to the colon lining and perhaps the oleic acid also does something in reducing or killing the bad bugs. Again I am no medical expert but thought it worth a mention?

    1. This is wondeful, Michael.

      I like how we always preface by saying…’I am no medical expert’…but it appears that perhaps we ARE better at dissecting the UC phenomena than the experts are. We live it, after all. We go through all of the problems and treartments of UC. The ‘experts’ are really just grasping at straws…trying to figure things out, while not living through these things like we are.

      We are trying new things, on our own. We are sharing information with each other about what is working for us. When we tell our doctors what we are doing, they dismiss us as silly and unprofessional…really bolsters the confidence, right? Well, I have lost faith in medicine after going through all of this, let me tell you.

      I think that EVOO and L-glutamine may heal the mucosa of the colon the same way, in that they increase the mucus, like you are saying, in regards to smoking. It all makes perfect sense and YES, it certainly is worth a mention!!

      We should always mention what makes sense!!

      Thanks Michael,


      1. Hi Bev,
        In what I have read lglutamine works on many levels from healing to restoring and rebuilding and aiding in the immune system. It can be found in food. It is also in my spirutein. I think that also is why it must be naturally fermented? Still can’t quite find an answer on that, but based on the website of the brand you take that would make sense. I’m sure you could call or email that million dollar question! Anyway, our UC bodies just need more like everything else!
        Happy March! :-) Shelly

  115. DITTO to Bev’s comments Graham. I know we all represent anecdotal evidence but even if a small number of UC suffers benefit from EVOO you have made a huge contribution. Thanks for taking the time and for your continued efforts on finding EVOO that is pure and effective.

  116. Hey, Mark, as Ann mentioned (hi, Ann, and everybody else!), I do take slippery elm. I bought it once in powdered form. It really thickened up my morning smoothie, too much, so as not to waste, I finished it and went to capsules. I made strawberry jam with it last summer, used it as a thickener, very good. I take a lot of supplements, including evoo now myself, so can’t tell if it really helps or not. I started to come down with a flare just yesterday because of a couple very stressful moments–I could feel the cramping coming on! I popped in a Canasa suppository, took an extra dose of slippery elm, pooped a lot today, no blood, no mucus, no diarrhea, all’s well.

  117. A comment to Michael on smoking and colitis. I am an ex-smoker and like every other ex-smoker on this site, I got UC after quitting. I quit 3x, and had problems with mucus and blood. I went
    to a naturopath and had every thing imaginable tested in my blood and stool. I had NO bad bacteria in my bowels so that isn’t always the culprit in colitis and colitis flares. I take probiotics anyway and have been off and on for many years, since I was in my 20’s, I’m 62 now,Iknow, I don’t look it, LOL. So for whatever reason, smoking, nicotine in particular, acts better then any prescribed medicine my GI gave me but I couldn’t and didn’t want to continue smoking. Now I rely soley on natural sources.

  118. Graham from England

    Thank you again, Mark, Bev and Michael for adding your comments here.
    I definitely go with the smoking adding mucus and protecting the bowel specifically, perhaps also explaining why it doesn’t work for crohns.
    I think EVOO works well because unlike some measures that only work on either prevention or inflammation, it does appear to do more. I have read a few times that it helps absorb nutrients which can be a problem for us, this also makes me wonder if we should take it with food, or do both. I have also read it corrects the stomach acid levels, not to mention the other nutrients and anti oxidants present in the oil. As with yesterday post, a decent amount of vitamin D seems to be a good way of protecting our immune system. The natural anti inflammatory may well find its way to the bowel but I think it calms the body as a whole, my other long standing back complaint is also going very well, coincidence?

    This may be a bit “out there” but I keep wondering why the high UC incidence is concentrated in cities of Nth America and Northern Europe, also the Jewish community. Mainly immigrants aren’t we and where did we or more importantly our diets come from, Southern, Eastern Europe, Middle East? Our ancestral diet probably contained a good deal of EVOO and maybe it’s not a bad gene that we have, did we just evolve to eat this stuff and not the rubbish we do in more recent times. Possibly explaining why, ancestral type diets seem to have a benefit with this disease, EVOO has been around for thousands of years, it’s all in Extra Virginity by Tom Mueller.

  119. Late yesterday afternoon my symptoms started coming back :(
    I have a cold and am wondering/hoping this might be the cause? Am I grasping at staws? I was doing so well and last night before bed I started l-glutamine and this morning I took it too along with EVOO.
    I am getting really nervous as so many times in the past i have seen great results from various diets/supplements that lasts about three weeks and then the effects wear off. It has basically been exactly three weeks since I added EVOO.
    Anyways, have any of you experienced a cold that makes symptoms come back but then when you get better the symptoms go away again?

  120. Hi Mariah, This can be a roller coaster…I do believe when our system is weak a colitis flare up can raise it’s ugly head…any extra stress on the body can be tricky. Hopefully this is just a hiccup for you…Just got done eating my oatmeal…mixed a teaspoon of L-Glutamine in it for my morning dose…I had a 100% day yesterday…I have learned though that if I am a little tired to take it easy…TTFN

  121. Graham from England

    Hi Mariah,
    I had my 1st post Evoo/non self inflicted flare with flu recently and my unorthodox use of olive leaf extract gel capsules sped me out of it. It may be worth a try, my Greek (pharmacist) friend Vaggelees says the best route to administer evoo is the rectal one. He told me “To make it simple I should tell you that it is better in absorption and metabolism for our organism.” If you wish to DM me about this on Twitter I am @realslimshakey.

  122. Maggie, thanks for the response on Slippery Elm. I have read that the powder is the most effective but that it is thick. I understand that the recommend dosage is 3 X per day with meals – is that what you are taking. How long have you been taking Slippery Elm and do you take it consistently? I am thinking that Probiotics (I take VSL-3), EVOO, I-Glutamin and Slippery Elm (in addition to vitamin supplements) could be my fight for remission.

  123. Graham from England

    Old Mike, perhaps you can help here.
    I have received some information requested from a British Evoo and food expert regarding oil for our special requirements.

    We now have a choice as to which is the ultimate (more confusion), early or late harvest?

    Interestingly, the total level of Oleic acid goes up as the olive matures
    and early harvest oils will have a lower level. This still means that early harvest olives have more polyphenols/anti oxidants. So which is best?

    If we were to presume high oleic acid is the favourable of the 2 then a good region in Spain for such olives is Jaen. In particular the Picual olive, 2 oils of this cultivar are Castello de Canena Picual and Bailen. I am waiting for more information on some Italian olives and their oils.

    1. Hey Graham…maybe all the above?? Maybe it varies as to where oyu are with your flare or maybe a good combo to help and potentially. fend off?

  124. Teanna

    Hey all, thanks very much for all your advice! I went to Evoolution yesterday (an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store) and was really impressed. It’s a very cool store and if anyone has one in their area I recommend visiting! They have all of their oils out in sealed containers, and each has a description card beside it explaining a bit about the flavour, where it’s from, its crush date, and the amounts of: polyphenols, free fatty acid, oleic acid, peroxide, and DAGs. I don’t know what all that means, but from reading this post I focused on one that was high in polyphenols and oleic acid? You can try all of the oils as well. The salesperson seemed very knowledgeable about the oils and the problem with mass produced store brands. Anyways, hopefully I’ve got some pure EVOO this time, I picked California Organic Mission.

    I’ll keep you updated on my progress (I took it last night before bed and only got up three times to go to the bathroom during the night.. I’ve been getting up about 5-6 usually so hopefully that’s an indication of how this is going to go! I would give anything to be able to sleep more than 3 hours without having to go to the bathroom.. how’s my body supposed to heal without rest?!)

    Graham, I was wondering what you thought about doing an EVOO enema instead of taking the capsules as a suppository? Do you think it would have the same results? Thanks again, love this post!

  125. Graham from England

    Hello Teanna,
    Evoolution, sounds like heaven, for me at least. I expect the answer to my previous posts question to be answered fairly soon but it sounds like great oil you have there, maybe a “3 cough burn” on the throat! If you have success with this oil I will definitely find a dealer in London and buy in the way you have, instead of the supermarket (M+S).
    I don’t know anything about taking an enema I’m afraid, we should all inform ourselves, try things and share what we know. A “never try never fail” attitude doesn’t get us very far but I can’t tell you to do this either…
    Cheers Michael, love greens!

  126. Hey, Mark. I only take 2 capules 1x per day unless I feel the need for a 2nd dose, which I did the last 2 days. I’m fine again, thank goodness. I’m so greatful for all the natural remedies and all the people who have contributed on this site and this thread. A slight 2 day flare!! I can live with that! The 2 capsule dosage I take is 740 mgs along with l-glutamine, probiotics, astaxathin, vit., C and D, Krill fish oil, evoo, and psylium and also resveratrol. I also take nutrional food yeast mixed in with my morning smoothie–good stuff! Hey, Barb, I hope you’re reading this, too!

  127. Progress! on day 4 of 4 table spoons EVOO per day, and feeling slightly better already, not fixed just yet but feel am on the mend, my stools are more jointed and softer so my pain factor has gone down a bit.

    been taking the EVOO with a dash of balsamic vinegar to help the taste.. don’t know if this is a good idea or not.. definately tastes better than the stuff on its own.

    this is the EVOO i am currently drinking.

    hope i can go into remition with the stuff.. then slowly come off the meds..

  128. My guess is go with the high polyphenols,there is already pleanty of oleic in evoo,so would
    not worry about a little extra.
    Old Mike

    1. Graham from England

      Thanks Old Mike,
      There is said to be more oleocanthal (anti inflammatory) in early harvest oil too so it would make sense to go that way. I also read that oleic acid can actually induce inflammation so a bit less using early harvest oil is probably good and maybe we should also stick with Dr A Harts advice of up to 3 tablespoons per day? Let EVOO work it’s magic but perhaps not be greedy for total remission by taking too much oleic acid and actually causing inflammation. If this theory is true it would reproduce the usual UC med scenario, wouldn’t you say?

  129. Hi Bev, I keep reading your post from March 4th. I just have to say I totally agree with what you are saying about the docs…I think mine is just happy to get his money every time he performs a colonoscopy on me…I can’t wait to tell him where I think he can shove it! I have quit seeing him for office visits because he never has anything new or good to tell me. I just keep going for the colonoscopies in case I need any refills on my meds…I know this is sad but true…A few years back, he put me on some med (I can’t remember the name) that was taken off the market because they found out how dangerous it was! I know we need our docs in society and they try to do good but they definitely don’t have all the answers.

  130. I know Ann…I actually feel bad about how I feel about the doctors that I have dealt with. I’m sure that there are good ones out there.

    One of the doctors I dealt with (a skin specialist) is STILL prescribing ACCUTANE for acne…to teenagers as well, if you can believe it…that drug is SO dangerous and it’s been proven to actually CA– USE UC, like it did in me! I took it four times in my twentis, back in the mid 90s. There are class action lawsuits in the US due to this drug and people are winning millions. So many have had to have total colon removal because of the severity of their UC. Unfortunately, in Canada, we can’t sue for damages due to medical drug harm. Nice, huh?

    I would just want all of the money I’ve spent on medications back, that’s all. It’s been thousands of dollars! The drug company that manufactures accutane should also pay for all of my natural remedies taht I have to take now, I think.

    It all just pi***s me right off!


  131. Graham from England

    I wonder how many of us have suffered acne, coincidence? I always had the impression my 2 years on acne drugs (some anti biotic) may have caused this but I also discovered recently that acne is a sign of IBD! Chicken and egg situation….So maybe they should spend more time on why young people have acne and not what to prescribe to get rid of it? Though we’ve all been there I’m sure, off to the doctors for a pill. What a strange feeling it is now though, going to the doctors not wanting to be given anything!

  132. So true Graham! Years ago, I used to go to the doctor seeking something to ‘cure’ what was ailing me….not any more!! What a 180 degree turn I’ve done. The last thing I want now is any medication FOR ANYTHING.

    As for acne…it makes sense that a bad gut would present itself with bad skin as well. Good point. I’ve had ‘wonderful’ zits almost as long as I can remember back to puberty and still do…lol.


  133. Graham Lee, Bev. At 62, I still get zits. I never associated it UC. I also have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis–those I know are associatied with UC. I am a blonde with oily skin so just associated that with my zits. One time I had laser treatment on my face and it cleared it up because they said it killed the bacteria, but alas, I still get them once in awhile. Oh well, I guess that just makes me the world’s oldest teenager. Also, fortunately, I never had prescription treatment for it–it wasn’t real bad as a teenager. So, Bev, zits just make us look younger!

  134. Yes, thank goodness that with age, comes ‘maturity’ in that I don’t really care about a few zits any more…well, maybe sometimes I still do…lol

  135. Graham,

    I am a dedicated disciple of EVOO and L-Glutamine. I started using both back in December, and now after almost 3 months I don’t remember the last time I had an “emergency, or D, or blood.

    To those thinking of starting it, or have just started, my advice is keep at it. I had a few bad days mixed in at the beginning. It’s only after continued usage I pulled out of an 8 month flare.

    I would also throw out there I take other supplements, but these two are the foundation.

    What do you have to lose?


  136. Teanna

    Thanks for the inspiration Ken! I’m on day 5 of EVOO and l-glutamine and haven’t noticed a change yet, but I’ll definitely keep at it. I take my l-glutamine in the morning and evenings, on an empty stomach, mixed with juice. Is this the right way to take it? I also take my EVOO on an empty stomach, once in the middle of the night when I’m inevitably up to the bathroom, once midday and once before bed. In the evenings when I’m taking them both before bed, is it okay to take them together or should I space them out? Thanks for any advice, just want to make sure if I’m going to do this I’m doing it right!!

  137. Graham from England

    Hi Teanna,
    I just space them throughout the day, when I wake, early afternoon then before bed. I don’t know about taking with anything else though. It is very important that you experience the slight to strong cough inducing burn in the throat when taking the oil, if there is none then you have inferior oil and it won’t work.

  138. Hello everybody!
    I meant to write here for a while and say how much I appreciate all the comments on this topic- it’s been very helpfull! I was diagnosed with UC in November 2012 and I’ve been hospitalised 2 times since. Last time I ended in a hospital was really bad- about 40 trips to the toilet/day, terrible cramping, huge weight loss- you all know the story. Doctors put me pretty much on every medication possible and I have to say- slowly I got better but during my stay in a hospital I found out that I’m pregnant :D I’m over the moon and very worried about my wee one at the same time. I’ve been very well for the past 6 weeks but I’m at the stage when I’m only taking 5mg of Prednisolone and I can feel that something is not quite right…I’m taking EVOO 3 times a day and I think that it really helps- without it I would probably have that “gut feeling” a couple of weeks ago. I’m really desperate to be meds free at least until the end of this pregnancy so thought that it would be worth to give olive leaf capsules a try. Could you tell me Graham which capsules did you buy ( I was looking at Swanson’s but not quite sure what to choose )?
    Thank you very much again and hope everybody’s well :*

  139. Hello,

    Can I ask a quick question. I have started taking EVOO and for a couple of days and noticed that my stools have been very loose in the morning and I go 3-4 times and then theings seem to settle down in the day. Has anyone else had this problem is it common or do you think it is something other than the EVOO which is causing this?



  140. Graham from England

    Hi Michael,
    Probably too early to tell if its the EVOO doing this, though when I started I was on four per day and had a similar problem so dropped to 3 tablespoons. Maybe you have found the really good stuff, knowing what I now know (if that makes sense) my 1st oil was not great but it was still doing a job.

    We are all experimenting and need to do a bit of trial and error, we know it works but it will take time to get the very best from it. I would start with the 3 tablespoons per day and go from there. Don’t worry, I am still learning and will keep updating, we need more feedback and input from others though…

  141. I have now started EVOO, too. I started with 2 doses on Saturday and 3 each day since. I’m not noticing any real improvement yet. I suppose it’s too soon to become discouraged (it’s only been 2-1/2 days), but … i kinda am. The EVOO definately burns the back of my throat, so I assume it’s good quality.


  142. Graham from England

    Following my December nightmare and subsequent referral I’ve just seen the consultant. A quick “butchers” (look) and I’m marked as “non urgent” for a colonoscopy (1st in 14 years thanks to cigarettes and Evoo). “Very good blood pressure” never been told that before, must be the Evoo.

    I did mention I was well on the mend from December but my Evoo mutterings raised no interest. I really hope to be top notch/A1 inside by then so I don’t have to tell a very respected expert that I don’t fancy meds or ask if he has any more alternative suggestions.

    Despite all this, I am grateful for the colonoscopy, even if we are well we should have regular cancer checks.

  143. Graham from England

    Hi Lynne,
    When I said miracle..I was well from smoking and had the smooth transition to EVOO. In my case, Evoo has reversed a flare but this obviously takes longer. I cant compare its speed to drugs as the last ones I needed were 14 years ago. How long do most meds take to work, do the fastest ones tend to have worse side effects?

    Sounds like you have good oil and surely worth 2 weeks trial? Please don’t forget, this stuff is so good for you, i’m not and certainly wouldn’t suggest anyone taking anything that wasn’t. Fountain of youth or “fontana della giovinezza” as the Italian’s would say..

    1. Graham,

      Yes, I will keep taking the EVOO. After a 4-year remission w/o meds, I’ve been flaring since January. I had a colonoscopy on Feb. 12 & my entire colon was inflamed. The colonoscopy aggravated my flare and I finally agreed to take entocort. I was really hoping my flare would end before my follow-up dr appt and that maybe I could stop meds again. The entocort has helped, but I still have some diarrhea & bleeding (solids, too, thank God). My dr appt is March 21. I was so hoping to be better by then. I’m getting more discouraged as that date gets closer, & I’m not as healed as I’d hoped.

      I started ‘oil pulling’ just over one week ago, as well. This is intended to detox the body. They say that conditions often worsen initially as the toxins are pulling out of the body. Perhaps this is why I’m needing the bathroom a little more lately. Either that or the entocort just isn’t enough for me. Ugh. Was hoping to take LESS meds, not need more.

      Anyway, I’m feeling low & easily discouraged right now. But, I will keep taking the EVOO and hope for eventual improvement – maybe even before my dr’s appt. We’ll see. Can’t believe your dr hardly acknowledges your improvement with EVOO.

      Thanks for the encouragement & good luck with your upcoming colonoscopy.


  144. Hello everybody!
    I meant to write here for a while and say how much I appreciate all the comments on this topic- it’s been very helpfull! I was diagnosed with UC in November 2012 and I’ve been hospitalised 2 times since. Last time I ended in a hospital was really bad- about 40 trips to the toilet/day, terrible cramping, huge weight loss- you all know the story. Doctors put me pretty much on every medication possible and I have to say- slowly I got better but during my stay in a hospital I found out that I’m pregnant I’m over the moon and very worried about my wee one at the same time. I’ve been very well for the past 6 weeks but I’m at the stage when I’m only taking 5mg of Prednisolone and I can feel that something is not quite right…I’m taking EVOO 3 times a day and I think that it really helps- without it I would probably have that “gut feeling” a couple of weeks ago. I’m really desperate to be meds free at least until the end of this pregnancy so thought that it would be worth to give olive leaf capsules a try. Could you tell me Graham which capsules did you buy ( I was looking at Swanson’s but not quite sure what to choose)?
    Thank you very much again and hope everybody’s well :*

  145. Good Morning Graham and All…tomorrow I leave for my ski trip to Salt Lake City…the 14th is exactly one month ago that I started the EVOO…I feel great! It took almost 3 weeks to see the real difference the 4th week showed the proof in the pudding…I have no blood, and my poo is normal! I have a funny story…today as I was looking in the “bowl” checking out my poo, (I know we all do this) my earring dropped in…I looked to see if I could fish it out and the toilet flushed automatically right after I stood up! Aaahhh! Needless to say I will be walking around with one earring today…I’m pretty bummed because I bought them in Paris a few years back…I still have the matching bracelet…all’s well that ends well…Have a great day! Ann

  146. Ann, such great news, and a ski trip. I wish I was a skier; we have a beautiful view of Mt. Hood from our house, here in Boring, OR. Being out of a flare will make it so much more enjoyable! Happy skiing and sorry about your earring. Sometimes when I lose one, I bend the post into a circle and put in on a chain and voila, a new necklace so all is not lost.

  147. Graham from England

    Congratulations Marta, great story Ann! Laughing is good for stress relief and constipation, apparently.

    I bought Comvita Marta, though can’t say they are better than another brand, just what my local health shop had. I am using them occasionally for “up not down” but would rather use real evoo instead. Not just for the anti inflammatory or the occasional constipation but it is also potentially a post surgery wound healer (Oleic acid tested externally). I wouldn’t know how to send it “direct” but worth consideration in the future no doubt. The Evoo was a fantastic remission provider for me until I dropped my guard so I’m sure its just what you need. Good luck!

    Lynne, thought I knew something about pulling and a bit about oil but both together, I’m intrigued? As well as Evoo (obviously), I am interested in immunity. I had no idea how important this was and it now occurs to me how badly I’ve treated my body for years, diet, sleep etc..

    From this week I am aiming for 8hrs sleep per night and for my meal to be at least 3 hrs before bed. I am also taking a Valerian tablet (natural herb) which I still have left from my old back complaint. It helps you relax, sleep well and should help the immune system do its job in aiding any recovery, inflammation and healing. Interestingly Valerian is believed to produce GABA=Gama aminobutyric acid..this I understand is doing a similar job to glutamine and healing the colon, I have also seen butyric acid recommended for UC before, a 2 for 1!

    I have taken Valerian before but urge anyone who might try this idea to not just take my word for it but do some homework 1st. I would describe myself as a part time genius/part time idiot, you have been warned..

    Hope I am completely over the effects of yesterdays investigations in a day or 2.

  148. Hi all,

    I just wanted to write a note to say that I am now trying this out, and to introduce myself. I am 29 years old, diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis about 4 years ago now. I guess it started though about a year before that (abit of mucous in the bowl but no blood) but I ignored it hoping it would go away on its own. I had no idea what it could have been and I was terrified to find out what was happening. I guess it was very stupid and selfish of me to have ignored my health for that long because I was a single mother to my son who at the time was only about a year old when the symptoms started. I should have gotten myself checked right away. Anyway my experience with UP is that so far IVe only been on two meds. The first one, salofalk worked wonderfully, it worked and it was like I was completely normal again, no bleeding, no mucous etc, but I guess seeing how well it worked, I took it as me being “super woman” and went back to eating basically garbage.. fast foods, sugary foods etc. I was put on corti-foam, but instantly after 2 days of doses, the bleeding got really bad and i stopped it instantly, I was also having crazy side affects that ended up with me on a heart monitor for 24 hours. Ive been in a flare for 2 years now and cant seem to stop it. I recently read about pure organic coconut oil and how it has worked for others. My opinion aftwer reading so many others’ experiences with medication is that if anything, they seem to make this condition worse!! I am still flaring but have now been really watching what I am eating, keeping a food diary with info on how i feel after eating certain foods (I definitely cant do avocados..). I bought myself a big tub of coconut oil and also have started just yesterday on the EVOO. Im not sure yet if mine is pure but i will try the test in the fridge to see.

    I have been wondering for those of you with more/longer experiences with UC, did you all start out with just proctitis first? Am I at a high risk of developing a worse case of this condition? And do you find that stress really does make it worse? I am always stressed out, I swear it never goes away.. I am a single mother and a full time college student, the homework I get is ridiculous, it takes over my entire evenings and my son who is now 5 hates it. I know he feels neglected but i just keep trying to remind him and myself that i am halfway through to my degree, just another 2 years and ill be finished with school! (I have been in school for 5 straight years now). I have a hard time affording “healthier/organic” foods but when i can afford it, its what i try to get. I havent goten into any supplements yet such as the l-glutamine, but I plan to once I find a place to pick some up at. I live in a very small community, we are only accessible by air travel therefore can only order some in. Can anybody from Canada direct me to an online store where I can order some l-glutamine?

    I just have to say, Im desperate (as i know we all are) to find what works for me. I am single parent, my son is the love of my life and I want to make sure I am happy and healthy enough to give him all the love that he needs for a long time to come.

    1. Sorry, Maria, just to answer your other question…I started with proctitis only 6 cm up in the rectum. After 15 years, I now have pancolitis, which is total colon involvement. Nice, huh? I remember the specialist telling me that it only spreads to UC in 40% of cases…after reading so many others’ experiences on this site with their UC…I think he was lying…or just didn’t really know.

      I think it is actually MORE rare when it DOESN’T spread…

  149. HI Maria…I don’t know about ordering the L-glutamine online, but I’m sure it’s possible. I live in Canada, and I just get it at my local vitamin store.

    I use NORTH COAST NATURALS FERMENTED powdered L-glutamine.


  150. Graham from England

    Hi Maria, (Old Mike)
    The good news is that Evoo is not expensive, many swear by the fridge test but for me its the slight to strong, cough inducing “burn” that tells me its good Evoo. Experts test oil by taste, it should be more fruity and peppery with no “frying oil” taste..

    Stress is a common factor it seems and I have only just read about this connection. My life has been full of it and always thought I thrived on it, “last minute Lee” as my Dad always called me. This along with a nick name of “Shakey” hints at nerve problems, ring any bells?

    One theory is that when we are stressed the body thinks we are under some kind of attack and prepares for this by saving energy it would be otherwise be using in the digestive system. This is ok for a short time but being constantly stressed and a resulting “neglected” digestive system makes sense to me.

    This is a summary of what may be happening as I (hopefully) understand it and is surely backed by the fact that urban areas have a higher incidence of disease than rural populations….Long term stress and or emotional trauma = ENS/CNS (Enteric nervous system)/(Central nervous system) problems = reduced immunity mainly gut/respiratory systems = more infection/bacteria

    Its only been a few days but I am actually enjoying preparing my body better for bed (eating at least 3hrs before and a herbal remedy to relax), therefore optimising my immune system to repair and reduce inflammation (over 8 hrs if poss). Crazy, well its something I have bought into and will work on, cant hurt can it? I have also found myself more relaxed during the day, so far..

  151. Graham from England

    300th post by Maria! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Evoo and I hope its working well for you. Must start a food/BM diary..

  152. Thank you Bev and Graham for your responses.

    Bev I think that may be the type of L glutamine I was thinking of ordering online from I come from northern Canada, so we dont have much for anything really. Ill take a look first in town for some and if nothing, will order some online.

    Graham, about the stress, I am the same way… I feel like my life has always and still revolves around stress. Even as a child, and actually now that I think about it, I remember one time being sooo sick as a child (probably about 8 yrs old) and I was sick with a stomach flu. There was one night I woke up in pain and felt that I needed to go to the bathroom and when I did, I looked in the toilet and was horrified because it was full of blobs of white tissue with spots of blood in it. I was too scared to tell either of my parents and just let it be. I eventually got over the stomach flu (or maybe I didn’t…?) and went on with the rest of my life eating awfully, not really taking into consideration how much I was abusing my body with my awful diet.

    So far I have had 2 sigmoidoscopy’s and the second one (done about a year after the first one) showed that the proctitis hadn’t gotten larger, but ive been in a flare for awhile now, so I think I will have to book for another, or a full colonoscopy. I am so afraid though.

    Btw, for the smoking part and how it seems to suppress the symptoms of UC, is anybody aware of any tests that have been conducted to see what exactly in the cigarette affects UC? I mean, shouldnt there be tests of some sort to see if there is a healthier way of treating UC with whatever ingredient in a cigarette that helps UC? I was a smoke as well, roughly for about 7 years and never had issues (didnt even know UC existed) and it was during my pregnancy that I quit smoking.. I was fine throughout my pregnancy, fel great in fact, it was abotu a year after being pregnant that I started to notice the tissue.

  153. Graham from England

    Maria, I’ve said it before but the smoking thing does my head in..I still feel very privileged to have learned of this connection (around 14 years ago thanks to the internet). Who knows, the long term effects could still kill me but I’ve had quality of life? I quit enough times to try a few alternatives, safe in the knowledge I could stop worsening symptoms at any time. I was playing really and stopping a UC juggernaut would take a great deal more than a supermarket probiotic, lactose free milk and nicotine patches…though they helped me get to a record 6 weeks before the flare.

    Like Evoo, I believe smoking is doing more than one single thing and also in ways we don’t entirely understand or can fully replicate. I’ve not researched it properly but it definitely improves the colon mucas barrier and helps autoimmune diseases in general, isn’t that nerves again?

    The secret ingredient is supposedly anatabine, a former US tobacco company is promoting this as a drug called Anatabloc. I did find that Cayenne supplement has an abundance of anatabine which could be why it is commonly taken for our condition and is also on my reserves list.

    I love not smoking or should I say having to smoke but I will keep this “insurance policy” for extreme emergencies only.

  154. Graham, I may have missed it but did u say how long it took for you to start seeing an improvement after starting the olive oil? Its only been a few days for me, but no changes at all yet. :(

  155. Graham,
    Got your link response in the “Fed Up” blog. I see your original comment on March 3 about “soft gel olive leaf extract” and how it fixed your flare problem.
    Yet I see an earlier comment with a link on “Olive Oil Gel Pill”
    On that earlier link Feb 21 you ask Mike if there is a difference from “Olive leaf extract” and your Seagate Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1000 mg, 100 softgels.

    I am assuming you had success as a suppository using the link for Seagate Olive Oil Extra Virgin 1000 mg, 100 softgels and not some other “extract” variation on the Olive leaf? Your Seagate product is the same thing as Olive Leaf Extract correct?

  156. I’ve been taking quality EVOO (3 Tbsp/day) for one week now. I do feel increasingly better – more stable. However, I’m still bleeding. It seemed to be lessening, but I cautiously indulged in various foods over the weekend & now find an increase in the bleeding again. It gets very discouraging, as I would like to eat more than chicken, brown rice, & bananas. I have a dr appt in 3 days, and I know he’ll want to put me on predisone or imuran (or both) when he hears that I’m still bleeding. Typically, I have a little diarrhea followed by what I call “blood goops”, then loose and/or good solids. I am hopeful every single day, but it’s a bit of a rollercoaster. Would it make sense to increase the amount of EVOO I’m taking(?) or should I just be more patient?


    1. Lynne,
      Are you on any other supplements or RX? Has Asacol ever worked for you? Anyway if you feel EVOO is working for you maybe you should try Graham’s idea of a Gel Pill Olive Oil Extract used as a suppository. See comment right above yours. Anyway, further up the comments Graham says he tried it for a flare and had quick result. He also mention that they apparently make an actual Olive Oil or Olive Leaf extract suppository if you prefer that over using a Gel Pill. On the Gel Pill front I am hitting certain road blocks with local natural food stores that are trying to understand the difference between Olive Leaf extract in pill format and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gel pill that Graham references. They apparently are not the same. When I learn I will let you know if you are interested in the suppository root.