Real Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Helping My Ulcerative Colitis

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I’m Graham from South East England, 40 years old and diagnosed with proctitis then UC over 10 years ago. I didn’t make the connection at the time but this illness made itself known to me shortly after quitting smoking. This story may sound hard to believe but I’ve had a massive breakthrough and I hope it works for you too…

Colitis Symptoms:

I am almost symptom free for a whole year and still pinching myself!

I Never Really Thought It Could Work But It Did:

I was lead to research by reading a tiny article in the newspaper, though being a UC sufferer for 10 years made me very skeptical and so I didn’t do anything with this information for 3 months! Until recently, smoking was the only thing that seemed to kept me well but 1 year ago I developed a nasty cough so decided to go with the articles advice.

I quit smoking and ever since have taken 3 daily table/desert spoons of extra virgin olive oil! If you check out this link:

(it will explain in brief about the research undertaken by Dr Hart)

I used to smoke at least 4-5 a day, I gave up 4 or 5 times over 10 years but always resumed after 3-4 weeks when symptoms got so bad. Like many I am sure, I had become increasingly saddened by the lack of progress in treating UC and regularly frustrated by our NHS. So I resorted to doing my own internet based research, conducting my own crude trials.

In very simple terms I will explain the understanding of my Ulcerative Colitis and maybe why the olive oil seems to be so beneficial. Whenever I stopped smoking, I almost immediately felt bloated, suffered disgusting wind and within a few days would wake every morning with stomach pain. After 2 – 4 weeks the diarrhea/blood would start and I would have to resume smoking so that I could continue my driving job. During this period I noticed that in the first few days I had stopped going to the toilet (2’s) regularly and once the flare up really kicked in I then couldn’t stop going.

Some research says that smoking or nicotine produces mucus in the bowel, thus coating, lining and lubricating the bowel. This would also explain why removing nicotine seems to stop the regular “motions” and block everything. My longest success (previous to this one) lasted 6 weeks and was achieved using 15mg nicotine patches. At six weeks the symptoms were too much to tolerate and resumed smoking once again.

It has now been a whole year without any nicotine at all and no medication, just 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil per day. 1 first thing, 1 in the afternoon and 1 before bed. After all the previous attempts and the usual immediate problems, this level of progress was unthinkable to me. I have gained 20 pounds and no longer get called names associated with weight loss.

I am not suggesting this will cure me as I believe UC is always there and simply masked by smoking or other means of controlling the symptoms.

I know I have wandered off here slightly but that’s the short version of a long story which I sincerely hope will help others.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Where I am now.

Colitis Medications:

If it also helps I have found that lactose free milk and a daily probiotic seem to help.

written by Graham

submitted in the colitis venting area


(*** Graham has since written an updated story all about EVOO here :

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  1. Chad,

    The NHS is the UK’s “free at the point of use” health service.

    If your blood is mainly in the water and not so much mixed in the stool it may suggest your inflammation is toward the end of your colon. I believe this is where it mostly begins and then spreads further up. You may be better off with a suppository in this case should you want to try the medications to help you get on top of this.

    I did say not to try too much at once and this recommendation is well versed here. My inflammation is always toward the end of my colon and the Evoo works well, 3 times a day we’ll before food and last thing at night.

    I’m not an expert on diet, this is only something I’ve slowly progressed with recently. Alcohol is a well know antagonist and should be avoided, red meat is hard to digest though not everyone agrees with that. Raw foods can be healthy but I understand they should well cooked during a flare. Replace the vegetable oil’s which are also in many processed foods as these are inflammatory. Sugar and the hidden ones from refined carbs should be reduced. You still need fat so try and get this from fish, Evoo and other natural foods, I personally like grass fed butter (butyrate acid). Don’t be afraid to add good fats if you do drop the sugar and refined carbs as your body still needs fuel. Many here take a vitamin D supplement, this is standard for most inflammatory conditions.

    Demulcent foods help some during flares as the are more gentle on the digestive system. I don’t know much on the dairy/grains area though many of us are lactose intolerant and I have e benefited from using lactose free milk.

    Would anyone please feel free to add dietary advice to this….

  2. Chad…whoa…slow down…1 thing you will learn is that UC is a marathon NOT a sprint even though blood makes us panic. This is a life long venture that will teach you more about your body, being healthy, eating healthy, being your own dietician, Dr.,etc. Also, you will need a lot of patience. UC is different for everyone, but like Graham said there are some basics including diet…look into SCD lots of info from other on this site. The more natural the better. The other important thing that I should have commented sooner is like Graham said add as few things to try as possible at once, preferable 1 other wise you will not only know what doesn’t work, but also what does! Just because things are natural does not exclude them from having side effects..aloe for example can cause the same things you are trying to fix.

    So take a deep breath. Keep a journal of what you’ve tried and how long, bm’s, etc. You haven’t mentioned bm’s just bleeding? It is all very overwhelming, but you’ve come to the right place!

    Hang in there! Breathe and welcome to the road to better health! Shelly

  3. Great comment from Bev and Shelly, thanks for the contributions and continued support!

    Think we forgot to mention Adam’s work on the importance of sleep and recovery. Most of this health stuff is common sense but rarely gets passed down, particularly in detached family’s of the western world!

    1. Gosh, yes Graham, that’s so right! Sleep, sleep, sleep. I too forget to mention that most important thing almost always.

      It does wonders.


  4. I am currently trying una de gato. It’s supposedly a miracle herb from the amazon jungle. My wife is from Peru, and her mother brought me some when she came to visit. I’m taking it as a tea. We’ll see what happens…

  5. Hi.. I am so down with my symptoms – done all the diets and recently tried food combining too – yet still so much blood and now losing control of the bowel again and having embarrassing accidents. I am trying everything L-glutamine – mesalazine – prednisolone suppository, cod liver oil and marshmallows – astaxanthine – even messaged my nurse to see if I could go back on prednisolone today for a while. Willing to try anything – I just wondered Graham if you could let me know the brand of EVOO you are buying in the UK? Apologies if this has been mentioned before but it’s a really long thread. xx Hoping something can help soon

  6. Hi Joanna,

    Im sorry to hear that you are struggling at the moment..

    Its a great oil and I can’t believe it’s only £4 for 500ml.. Marks & Spencer Italian extra virgin, “fruity with a peppery finish”. I have a picture of the bottle which I cant place here. It is on my Twitter pictures @realslimshakey

    15ml, 3 times a day and before food..

    I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!

  7. Hi, I am having a bad flare up and passing blood at the moment. I’m currently taking mezalazine and I’m going to give the extra olive oil a try.. can you tell me when you take it? Do you have a spoon full just before you eat?

  8. Hi Maz,

    It is much more effective before food than after food. I take 1 spoon as the very 1st thing I do, 2nd before lunch and 3rd is last thing before I go to bed. Please let us know how you get on..

  9. I have currently been taking extra virgin olive oil 2 to 3 times per day for the past three weeks. I haven’t seen any noticeable improvements but I’m hopeful. How long did it take you to see substantial improvement.?

  10. Hello Abe,

    It works best to prevent or reverse a mild flare but it should be helping by now. Are you happy that the oil provides the throat irritation and is of at least reasonable quality. Also works best 15 ml morning , noon before food and last thing at night.

  11. Hi Graham,
    I am glad that olive oil worked for you. When you were healed by it did you do any special diet, such as eating a lot of vegetables, or eating less meat and daily foods?
    I cured my ulcerative colitis doing Reiki, Qi-ong and special diet such as eating twice a day and eating a lot of vegetables, no wheat and no daily foods.
    Please let me know if you did any special.


  12. Hi Kay,
    My colon was kept healthy from smoking and then I substituted cigarettes for EVOO. I would usually flare within a few weeks after quitting but the oil gave me 14 months without any problems. Strangely, the 1st time I tried this my diet was terrible throughout and yet since making improvements my non smoking/EVOO combination is only providing around 6 months without a flare. This is still great and progress that I never could have anticipated.

    I now sleep better with restrictions on coffee, red meat, sulphites, sugar and omega 6. More vegetables, fruit, A2 milk, vit D/B12 yet the only noticeable benefit is from the oil and slightly from B12.

  13. Hi Graham,

    Thank you for quick reply!!

    2009 when I was diagnosed as UC at the first time, the researchers were looking for volunteers who had UC. It was about B12. At that time my medicine worked perfect, so I did not apply for that.
    I don’t know what kind of result the researchers found.

    Do you take B12 from supplyment? If so, how much?
    Is there any special reason that you do not take omega 6??


  14. Hi Kay,

    As far as I know Omega 6 is inflammatory but mainly due to so many processed foods that have it hidden inside. So simply choosing good fats, yes even saturated fat in their more original state should address this. It’s worth looking at the omega 3 omega 6 ratio and how the imbalance of an industrial diet relates this to so many diseases. My diet is almost 60% fat yet my cholesterol is excellent.

    I take a daily B12 complex supplement. Since suffering auto immune spinal cord damage due to an extended flare or medication, I’ve had even greater symptoms of B12 deficiency. Fatigue, muscle wastage and so on, I have started this on 2 occasions and felt better so now continue with it. What I found interesting is that the left side of the UC colon is most commonly damaged and this area absorbs Thiamine. So we are most likely already deficient, alcoholics do not absorb Thiamine well either and what were occasional terrible hangovers are also much better since taking the supplement.

  15. Hi Graham,

    I was studying about oil and found that most of oil are made unnatural ways.

    I am using flax-seed oil to maintain my stomach inflammation. It works very well.
    Because of this oil the balance of my Omega 3 and Omega 6 is very good. How do you take Omega 3??

    ” My diet is almost 60% fat ” Wow! When you mentioned that you recommended 12g of EVOO three times per day, I calculated how much it will be for total. 36g. If you eat other foods, fat will be more.

    May I ask you how many grams of oil do you take every day?

    I have another question.

    The small intestine absorbs fat.
    A lot of EVOO works for UC.

    Does it mean the small intestine cannot absorb all EVOO, so un-absorbed oil goes into the large intestine and heals inflammation?

    People said when they eat oily food, their symptoms became worse.
    I was wondering why the small intestine did not absorb those fat? Do their intestine have some functioning problems because of UC, or is it natural that excess fat goes into the large intestine and goes out of body?

    When I was reading about B12 and Thiamine, I realized you went to through really hard time. I am so glad you are now healthy. Thank you for supporting people with Adam!

  16. Hi Kay,

    Yes I think most people would be surprised if they knew how their oil came to be. EVOO has this problem too so my tips for obtaining the good stuff are worth a read.

    I take Omega 3 from lots of eggs, walnuts and eating fish almost every day.

    I am now trying SCD to reverse a tiny flare instead of using cigarettes. I used to try and get my calories high enough to not lose weight and it broke down to 60% fat, 18 protein and 22 carbs. It even shocked me but I imagine most on SCD would be close to this and a ketonic diet should not be feared in my opinion.

    I take 3 tablespoons of oil in a day and any other fat in my food. This works out around 15ml each dose and still less than the average Greek (at 60ml).

    Unfortunately I dont know how the oil is absorbed. The fact that it works best before food (and not with) may suggest your theory is correct though still just one of the reasons as it has more than one role in my opinion. It may calm any immune response that is usually triggered by our food. It is also anti bacterial and anti viral which would suggest a positive relationship with our gut bacteria. I wish I had more help with this.

    Kind words Kay so thank you, IBD family ❤️

  17. Hi Graham,

    Your story and various posts have given me hope – Thank you !!

    I have been just diagnosed with colitis in the rectum and lower bowl and I am miserable. I live in London (thus I’m glad you recommend M&S Extra Virgin Olive Oil).

    I had blood diarrhea for almost 8 weeks (almost 9 BM a day) whilst waiting for my local hospital to give me a referral. Eventually I went to a private consultation with a Gastroenteritis (I haven’t been working for the last 5 months so not an easy decision).

    I was booked into to have a colonoscopy but I was rushed to hospital a&e with agonising kidney pain. I spent a week on a IV drip, had a colonoscopy there and now I’m home on steroids for the last 2 weeks – Perdinsone 30mg, Mezavant 4.8g, Asocal sapositories 500mg and omeprazole.

    I restarted smoking 10 a day as I used to use ecigs for the last 2 years and I’m miserable.

    I am seeing an improvement as the BM is down to 1 a day but having side effects. I asked the Gastroenteritis about Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She said it helps reduce inflammation in the bowl /colon and recommended me to use it.

    I’m currently finishing off a old bottle of Asda’s for lunch/dinner. I did try a spoonful on empty stomach but got cramps so had to stop.

    I researched curry is good for UC sufferers (not restaurant stuff) as I am bored of living off bananas, cornflakes, toast, egg, white rice and mash potatoes for the last 8 weeks.

    I would be grateful for any advice or tips.

  18. Hi Mk,

    Kind words thank you.

    Though you didn’t need it in the end the private GI was a good shout. The world comes here for our NHS but it doesn’t have consistent quality and I really have to wonder how ill you need to be before you receive proper care. Good to hear an EVOO endorsement from a healthcare professional.

    If you definitely get cramps after EVOO then I would leave it or try again another time. You can rely on the M&S “fruity and peppery” as I have had it tested. I noticed Omeprazole, why was that? If you have bloating or constipation the oil is good.

    The smoking then only EVOO has given me life and retained my colon for all these years. It looks like all of my troubles were due to a hookworm infection though not out of the woods yet. This would explain how for me at least hardly anything I did dietary made any real difference. Perhaps I am not the best person to ask re diet, however, I would suggest it’s the various medication that makes you feel bad. Though it takes someone brave or even foolish to stop them without a good alternative plan along with bring prepared for a decline.

    How long have you been smoking? Did this begin after quitting? If these improvements have been a week or two after smoking then I would continue, just get well first and foremost. I took my life back with cigarettes every time except one and that went quite badly but it is ultimately your decision.

    1. Hi Graham,

      Good idea about leaving the EVOO till things settle. The omeprazol was for my stomach lining because the steroids attack the lining of the stomach and increases acid.

      I was a smoking for 10 years plus, then quit for 2 years then restarted with electric Cigs for the last 2 years. (Personally I think ecigs have something to do with this but I have no evidence to support this)

      All was well until Friday when I found some blood in my stool. It really upset me and me worry for the last 3 days.

      Something interesting, when I was in hospital one of the first things they tested me for was paracites.

      What’s your diet like now?

  19. My brother takes Omeprazole and he burned beyond the throat when he tried Oil for his arthritis. He gave up too soon IMO, a teaspoon may also be a better introduction. Oleocanthal means olive sting so if that area it particularly sensitive it may do this even if it is healing.

    For me the E cigs help only a little, like a patch. In one pre EVOO test, patches extended the post smoking flare from 3 to 6 weeks. E cigs and patches always take your UC downhill, even if more slowly.

    A statement about parasites/IBD suggests nothing I did with diet would make much difference which is what I found. I tried them all, SCD, elimination but ended up on a Mediterranean diet purely from a “health of my body” point of view. The only thing that definitely helped was avoiding lactose which was also recently confirmed with a test at the hospital. One regimen I have read for both UC and parasites is plain chicken/fish, brown rice and well boiled carrots. Interestingly there are many crossovers between home UC treatments and parasite ones.

    Wow you had a parasite test, how I wish I had one of those many years ago! However so many are reported to be negative even when positive. One thing apparently reliable for parasite tests is eosinophil count which is always high in their presence.

    I will do a post on this subject once the end game is complete (I hope).

    One thing that has me very excited is the smoking, parasite relationship. It appears that smokers may be more susceptible to parasites even though smoking does limit their numbers.

    A study that looked into post treatment and subsequent reinfection rates found a low Th2 immune response was to blame. This is what can kill them off before they establish. Smoking reduces Th2 response so possibly opens the door. Once the hookworm is present your body’s Th2 response is increased. UC is heavily related to a high Th2 response and when you quit it is likely the balance between smoking and raised Th2 is lost.

    Parasites can cause inflammation anywhere in the digestive tract.

  20. Wow I had no idea about the parasite UC link. One thing I did forget to mention was the IBD nurse saying to me to invest in probiotics – VCL#3, she said many of her patients had noticed improvement since taking this.

    Currently I am using EVOO on my lunch and dinner and so far no cramps. It’s only when I take it on its own on an empty stomach.

    I also did a bit of Googing on probiotics and paracites, it seems that they help kill them off.

    I am really suspicious about the whole ecigs and nicotine replacement with regards to colitis thus I am really glad you told me that they are not as effective as normal cigarettes.

    When I was admitted to a&e with blood diarrhea they thought it could have been an infection so they tested me for paracites.

    I have some friends who I studied with at uni who are now junior doctors with some becoming GPS – it’s surprising how little they know about UC and paracites.

  21. You are right, as I have only recently found out, parasites are a total mystery to most doctors. Hookworm has such effective anti coagulation abilities pharmaceutical companies are now copying it for medical purposes. This may well exacerbate bleeding at the site as well as further down the digestive tract.

    Unfortunately probiotics only ever blocked me up. Now the worms may have gone this situation could have changed. In fact this morning I bought Saccharomyces boulardii and cigarettes. I had such a bad night of blood and D since the Vermox I had to act. I dont think the Vermox is an antibiotic but my symptoms are like C Diff not UC. As the parasites have cleared and following the colonoscopy I may well have provided an empty playground for all comers.

    Fortunately my GP has agreed to urgently refer me to the Hookworm expert at the hospital for tropical diseases.

  22. Hi Graham,

    Do let me know how you get on with this. I was told by a friend that saint marks in hospital in Harrow (greater London) are the world leaders in bowl conditions, Might be worth a visit and the best bit is that it’s a nhs hospital too.

    Might also be worth looking up some Spices too, I recall ginger and garlic being very good for paracites etc

  23. Will do. In a month or two I should have the full story and will link here. I am certainly downing the garlic. Happily things are dramatically improving though I can’t say if it’s PB’s or cigarettes. The advice is one thing at a time but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  24. Hi Mk,

    Things are good thanks, how about you?

    I quit smoking 10 days ago and doing well.

    The bad reaction to anti Helminth treatment is very common in IBD. A recent study suggested the vast majority of those treated had a worsening of symptoms. Unfortunately the study was only for 30 days and you have to get well past that for a true assessment. The conclusion pointed towards parasites being good for IBD which I personally don’t agree with. If you suspect the parasites were around before IBD it would be foolish not to see how things are without them IMO.

    The parasite tests were clear though I have reservations as to wether I am completely clear. Egg production can be cyclical. I am cautiously optimistic.

    To be extra vigilant I consume pumpkin seeds, garlic and ginger. Apparently the pumpkin seed temporarily disable the worms so a regular opportunity to move them downstream. A laxative is recommended afterwards to flush them out but I am reluctant at this stage to cause any major upheaval. Being slightly relaxed about diet now and also a few pounds past my top weight of the last few years.

  25. Hey Graham,

    I’m shocked to read that paracites are good for UC sufferer’s…

    Hang in there pal, it seems like the hook worm is a stubborn little bugger to deal with. I’d recommend researching oregano oil and probiotics called vsl#3.

    Glad to hear you quit smoking. I’m smoking 10 a day now but I know I got to stop. My UC been fine but I still get colon pain a lot. I take anti inflammatory meds prescribed but also olive oil at night.

    Sadly I have been just diagnosed with osteoporosis and it’s really bad. My GP can’t believe the score considering I’m only 34.

    Have you had any issues with the bones?

  26. Hi Mo,

    The oregano oil keeps appearing on my radar but I doubt I will be trying that yet. I feel that EVOO is doing a similar job and my oil intake is already up there. Also I must keep my regimen consistent to assess where I am.

    So far, so good, normally (post cigarettes) my gums would be bleeding noticeably by now which suggests a general increase of inflammation.

    I had always overlooked the deficiency aspect of UC but the additional small intestine damage of parasites has made me address this. I am also convinced this is where the additional UC complications are routed. These are numerous and simply not addressed in the UK unless you are at A&E in a serious mess.

    I would double check exactly where your pain is using medical diagrams. For years I thought my pain was the colon, even the doctors failed to spot it was the small intestine because the colon was always presenting the evidence.

    The EVOO will help with nutrient absorption of vit D and could assist you here. I guess the medications do not. Fortunately I haven’t taken many so no bone problems as of yet.

  27. Thanks Graham,

    Good to know that Vit D absorption is helped by EVOO, I think with the vast majority of UC suffers absorption of vitamins is a major problem.

    I will check back with you to see how you are progressing. Take Care

  28. Hi Graham. Thank you for very interesting article. My name is Armen. I’m 33 years old. One year ago doctors diagnose me with proctitis. I use german enema Salofalk. It contains mesalazine. Seems to me it’s effective, but it’s expensive and it’s hard to find in country where I’m living. Of course Extra Virgin olive oil is much cheaper and easy to get. So now I have read your article. I have one question. As far as I know, vegetable oil (If you eat much of it) can cause diarrhea. DId you ever get diarhea when you treat yourself with italian extra virgin olive oil. Thank you.


  29. Hi Armen,

    I’ve never had more diarrhoea using EVOO but I know some people do. All you can do is to try it for a week or two. Make sure you get the throat burn and preferably an early harvest oil. They tend to be greener oils, later harvest oils have a more golden appearance.

    Good luck.

  30. Wow, Graham, what an inspiring story! This really reinforces the fact that we are solely responsible for taking care of our body where we live.

    I’m sure that by sharing something so wonderful, you will be able to help thousands of people who are experiencing something similar.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing!

  31. Hello Cura,

    Thank you for your very kind comments. Its been a while since I’ve posted here or on EVOO 2, I still check the research but most of it relates to other Olive oil health benefits and not strictly IBD.

    Besides meeting my wife, this story is the biggest breakthrough of my life. So far I have avoided surgery, along with the vast majority of IBD drugs and I feel truly blessed for that. It is not the solution I had originally hoped it would be but it still safely does the business. The positive stories I have had from people the world over remain some of the most rewarding moments of my life. This disease can incarcerate you and anything that brings true liberty should be shared and celebrated.

    Like you say we are responsible for our health, moving forward in this way is difficult and some find this impossible or do not get the breaks. I often feel sorrow for those people but on the whole we are all pretty tough and resliliant. If we weren’t at the beginning, we sure are now.

    Good luck everyone!

  32. Hi Graham,

    I trust you are well, I commented on your post way back in 2015 when I was first diagnosed. Since then I have been pushed from pillar to post trying to find a solution to this wretched condition (I kept using the M&S EVOO). I went to natural quaks and doctors alike. Lost two well paid jobs and got rather depressed too.

    I made a breakthrough a few months ago when a met a German doctor who combines Natural and Modern medicine (90% was natural). I followed his protocol and within 9 days my 4.5 month flare peaking at 8 times a day came to end.

    He knows about EVOO too. He said that modern medicine will never tell you the route cause of Colitis and IBD, despite a ton of research to back this.

    The route cause is a micro-bacterial infection that starts in the stomach due to low PH in the acid and slips into the intestine. Then it forms a biofilm with a few other bacteria and becomes nearly impossible to kill. EVOO, coconut oil, Manuka Honey, Garlic are all potent anti fungal & anti bacterial thus they help to make the patient stable.

    He also explained how smoking helps. It does two things 1. lower the immune system and 2. form a coating over the ulcers and makes the job of the biofilm harder.

    He mentioned one treatment does not fit all. The approach/protocol worked over 90% of the time over the last 30 years of him treating people with only the components changing, e.g. Aloe vera is great but some peoples colon are so badly damaged that the villi can’t handle it.

    I have been stable and made great progress over the last few months but then I became lazy and started eating out again, missing medication etc and the blood is back… thus I am going back to basics and re implementing his protocol.

    Hope all this information helps everyone suffering.

    1. Hello Mo,

      Apologies for not replying sooner, I didn’t get an email for your post. Sorry to hear of your troubles and I trust you have recovered sufficiently.

      That all sounds very plausible and I have been very interested in biofilms recently. Following a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with hookworm, though there is doubt and they could be something else. I’ve been keeping a close eye on things and wanted to encourage them out. After a few crude enemas the material that came out was clearly what some call biofilm. Some call it rope worm, unfortunately there is very little about it from the professionals. They looked like worms but had no obvious features other than a worm shape. I wonder if this is a kind of mutation in our bacteria from the over use of antibiotics. The low ph is a common explanation for biofilm and I have seen evidence that EVOO is effective against it in a lab environment. Apple cider vinegar was also a popular solution against it.

      I would love to know more about your protocol if you are will to share?

      1. Hi Graham,

        Thanks for getting back to me, glad to see progress is being made.

        My current protocol has had somethings swapped out due to the most recent flare. The new bits seem to be having an improvement as my BM has gone from 12 a day to 4-5 with the quantity of blood decreasing (plus I have restarted smoking too).

        I’ll break down the protocol bellow, in terms of dosage that varies from person to person on how severe and how much they can tolerate etc;

        1. Coconut Oil pulling and brushing teeth with coconut oil+baking soda
        2. Turmeric + Ginger Powder + Hing powder
        3. Serrapeptease tablets
        4. Vitamin C, D3 (high dosage), k2, Magnesium, selenium, b12, Omega 3
        5. Extra Virgin Olive oil & Coconut Oil
        6. LDN – Low Dose Naltrexone
        7. Oxygenated Water (or using something to address hypoxia)
        8. Apple Cider Vinegar
        9. Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics (home made ones are usually preferred)
        10. Elimination of trigger foods and avoid stress as much as possible

        1. Some interesting items on there Mo and thank you for sharing.

          On the EVOO 2 post I have mentioned how I’m sure IBD/biofilm is a problem in the mouth. Despite a five year effort I still cannot beat it and gums still inflamed.

          Hypoxia is interesting, I’ve had 2 holidays at slight altitude and felt terrible, hypoxia symptoms. Need to work on that.

          Will look up some of the other items you have shared.

          1. Biofilm is a tough one to kill and it is linked to oral hygiene. The Dr recommended to through any commercial toothpaste in the bin as there is a well documented link between auto immune and fluoride.

            Thus using oil pulling via coconut oil and baking soda is the way forward. Brushing teeth twice daily is not enough and I have read about many people with colitis who do multiple times a day and have seen a result.

            Research hypoxia, autoimmune and mouth breathing, its fascinating.

  33. Hi Mo .. what did you take that the German doctor put you on .. i have been on Coconut oil
    which seems to help and i take B12, Probiotic and Vic C .. i wonder if flaxseed oil works
    anyways i dont have loose stool .. i get constipated alot .. but i do have a good bowel movement every morning after i take the Coconut oil .. what brand of EVOO do you take ?
    Thank you
    Maria Larragoitiy

    1. Hi Maria,

      I have written the protocol above, hopefully that should give you an idea of what is needed.

      Also worth mentioning that are two aspects to the protocol;

      1. stop the blood/flare
      2. work on removing the infection

      1. Hi Mo & Graham

        Thanks for your experiences and your detail
        Mo, you mention the 2 steps, stop the blood and remove infection. Which step is your protocol designed for at the moment? If its to reduce flare, then what steps are to remove infection?
        My partner has been struggling for 4/5 years with UC and has just discoverd she has 2 parasites
        Dientamoeba fragilis trophs
        Entamoeba hartmanni trophs

        Anyone had any experience with these?
        Best wishes

  34. Hi Maria,

    What country are you in? A good early harvest EVOO will help, I would suggest Italian but not the popular brands as they are too often old, mixed oils. If there is a trusted food store renowned for quality food then theirs should be good enough.

  35. Hi Graham

    just bought a good quality Evoo and taking it with all my foods .. have also bought Prebiotics with enzymes and probiotics.. so far so good .. i am also taking Acv , Coconut oil, B12, Vit C
    just added Oil of Oregano for infection .. and eating well and removing thios foods that would trigger .. thought of buy some type of shakes that contain all fruits n vegatbles

  36. Hi Maria,

    Sounds like a good plan, perhaps leave the probiotics and shakes with things that may not agree with you until you see how the other items work. Both should help but may make things worse so easier to assess individually. Most probiotics do not agree with me personally though you can ease in to them.

  37. hi! Graham I found out bt accident many years ago that evoo helped my proctitis ,I found porridge helped the condition then added evoo to make the mixture real creamy, I also us turmeric in cooking as often as possible as I read about this way back of its anti inflamatory properties, when I first developed symtoms after quiting smoking in 1983 the nhs only tool was ahorrible tablet “salasapirine” I believe they called it ,it had the effect of giving a nausea feeling when you faced your meals,Ithink since that time thank God the nhs have discovered nicer ways of treatment

  38. Hi Keith,
    I’m almost jealous you found it before me but very glad you did! I do feel lucky that my diagnosis was during the dial up internet era and the resource that provided. Well done for managing during those dark days of the NHS, I still avoid their drugs but always accept the diagnostics.

    I’ve dabbled with turmeric but never stuck with it, I read that black pepper makes it more effective?

    I stumbled on something recently which I am certain will help the EVOO regimen and posted it here on EVOO 2. Essentially too much very high polyphenol Extra Virgin can slightly raise the guts immune reaction, this was my personal finding and a very interesting study also proved that. There are however great benefits to using a high polyphenol oil so I now use daily 2 x poor EVOO and 1 x high quality oil.

  39. This is amazing I never thought olive oil would help with that! I have ulcerative colitis and I currently take Omnilife Aloe Vera, Probiotics and Fiber to help with the symptoms and so far, so good! Thanks for your post. It’s very valuable.

  40. Thank you Fernanda,

    Apologies for not posting for a while, its been a tough year work wise.

    It appears that lots of EVOO helps some but not all and in that case a little every day would still make a positive difference. Yes I am an advocate but the advantages are overwhelming in more ways than just UC. It’s not only a bit “back to basics” foodwise but scientifically undeniably a UC superfood.

    We do know that every UC is slightly to very unique, due to findings of my own over several years of being in touch with my body I am now looking at a low starch diet. Not started yet only limiting but my findings are screaming that this is the next obvious thing to hang my hat on.

    I am also a few weeks into yet another no smoke with the addition of cannabis oil. 10 years ago my back was terrible, it disappeared completely since EVOO but age maybe amd self inflicted actions have brought it on again. I had NSAID’s (I know) for a limited time, then a week of steroids but the CBD oil really took the edge off it. For one reason and another my bad back is so obviously autoimmune/inflammation related. Hopefully not Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) but the symptoms are so similar. There is a big crossover between AS and UC/Crohns relating to Klebsellia Pneumoniae and a recent stool analysis showed I have this in large numbers. Starch feeds it and guess what, smoking and cinnamon are one of the few things that reduce it.

    UC, the journey of a lifetime ☺️

  41. Any one from India , Indian foods are rich in Oils and Fats ( Now people moving towards Olive Oil Too ). UC is Super new to India and people are struggling with it..

    They take it lightly ! its been 4 years iv been diagonosed , I pretty much stay in relapse , with once a year or two flare ups which used to last for a week now around 15 days.,

    I would try the olive oil magic too :)

    Thanks fellas for giveing in detaisl .

  42. Any one from India , Indian foods are rich in Oils and Fats ( Now people moving towards Olive Oil Too ). UC is Super new to India and people are struggling with it..

    They take it lightly ! its been 4 years iv been diagonosed , I pretty much stay in relapse , with once a year or two flare ups which used to last for a week now around 15 days.,

    I would try the olive oil magic too :)

    Thanks fellas for giveing in details.

  43. Arbequina: Characteristics, what it is, uses and benefits
    Get to know the Arbequina olive variety
    Used around the world, olive oil has become one of the main ingredients in different types of cuisine, largely because of its unique taste and many health benefits.

  44. Can you please tell me how long it takes to get out of a flare or reduce symptoms starting up again smoking , how much do you smoke daily to see improvement and if the max dosage patches will work the same. I quit smoking and ended up with a new diagnosis of pan-ulcerative colitis .
    Thank you

    1. Hi Terry,

      I have read what I can about this unorthodox yet very effective alternative. The magic number for me and others it seems is 5 cigarettes a day. Patches probably won’t reverse a flare and only slow it’s progression. Depending on the severity of the flare you should notice an improvement after 24hrs. I usually dabble for 2 weeks trying to see if things turn around and it is about the same time to completely return to normal. Obviously if you smoke more it will be quicker but sticking to 5 a day makes it much easier to stop again.

  45. Personally I can’t say it’s helped, I do know some EVOO polyphenols can irritate the gut and I’ve only used high quality oil. In this instance a virgin olive oil would probably be better or even brilliant. I did see an Egyptian GI doc use EVOO with his scopes.

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