And so it begins!

Last Thursday I had a colonoscopy. This was a check up as I had not had a scope in over two years. So I went through the usual preparations of cleaning my bowels and fasting. On the day of the scope I recieved the good news that my Colitis is now mild instead of severe which to me was huge seeing as I have Pancolitis and I was close enough to getting my colon removed when I was first diagnosed. So you can imagine how happy i was that was until that night when all side effects where meant to have subsided. I had very bad cramping,urgency,loose stools and alot of blood loss. Again I just put it down to the scope and thought I would be better in the morning. But I wasn’t it just got worse in the next few days. I started to get angry. I had been fine and I was in remission right before the scope. My thoughts were if I go back to hospital they will just fire all kinds of drugs at me. I was tired of that. So coming across this site reminded me of the book I had bought the year before “Breaking the vicious cycle” the one book that seemed to make sense when the doctors didn’t. So I started to go by the rules of SCD again¬†and would you believe since last night my symptoms¬†have started to ease? The horrible bloating has stopped, the cramping, the urgency. I am still loosing blood but not as much as I was. So instead of going back to my old ways after the diet like before I am going to follow it as much as I can. It will be tough, really really tough. BUT if it keeps my colon good I would be stupid not to. So I hope people on the site will help me and push me on to stick with it, especially when evil Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough icecream is within my reach.

I also have a few questions towards how people are coping long term with the diet. Is it difficult at restaurants to order? Do you get much hassle from waiters/chefs if you require certain things?

With the diet is there any vitimins that I would lack by cutting out foods and if so is their supplements I can take? Does anyone suffer from bad breathe? As it is quite similar to the Atkins diet and I heard that is one side effect of it.

Did people find it hard among friends cutting out alcohol,party foods and snacks?

Do people sometimes eat illegal foods and if so does that affect their bowels? I know Adam has small amount of cream and corn tortillas and he seems fine. Has anyone tried eating chocolate on the scd? Proper dark chocolate with cocoa butter not milk chocolate or any candy bars.

Alot of questions there but I hope someone can help answer. It would really help me out! Cheers guys!

Also I am not going by the menu exactly for the flare up week as certain items cannot be purchased in Ireland but what I am trying seems to be working just fine. Which is: Bananas (black spotted, ripe) , Carrot soup (cooked blended carrots with water), Pears (I peal the skin), Chicken, Small amounts of butter and Eggs(scrambled,boiled).

Wish me luck!

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