Am I Alone in My Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms?

Yay, on a new medicine….hmm….

Well, a few weeks ago i ended up at the ER while i was at work because of terrible stomach cramps. they did bloodwork, which came back abnormal. The xrays seemed fine but because of the bloodwork they wanted to do a cat scan. That was weird, let me tell you. having an IV send the dye in your system and making you feel like you have to pee is so weird! anyway, cat scan showed the lymph nodes in my abdomen were swollen, so they gave me a steroid to take for five days, antibiotic, and pain killers. well, after those were all done, i started back with the belly aches. not as bad as the ER one, but close. i finally scheduled an appt. with a GI. he confirmed my diagnosis with the lab, and suggested starting Imuran for awhile. see, my problem isn’t bleeding, in fact i rarely do. my biggest problem is constant bathroom visits and horrible cramps. so, i am not seeing anything different yet but it could take up to two weeks to even effect me . but for those of you who have been on Imuran before, you know that there is a risk for low white blood count with this drug. So i will have to have weekly blood tests to see if it is affecting me this way. That would be just my luck… I have always been slightly anemic anyway. Anyone else been on Imuran and care to share? And anyone else on here just cramp and not bleed when your in a flare?

Medications: Asacol 800mg three times daily
Imuran 50mg once daily


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  1. No I always bleed in a flare or if I even when I am not in a flare there is always some blood. I do get severe cramps and spasms though – horrible things I feel like my colon is going to just burst or something in there is going to burst I swear the spasms and cramps are so severe at times it is a wonder I don’t faint from the pain it never ceases to amaze me I can tell you. I was on Imuran before about 5 years ago and after a month or two I had severe pain in my abdomen and ended up in the E.R. It turned out I had inflammation in my liver and they stopped Imuran immediately and kep me in for 10 days. This might not happen to you I know some people have had similiar problems but there are others that Imuran has worked well for them and their UC. I don’t know if you know this but Imuran is also known as Aza.

  2. I’ve been on Imuran since January. This is the only drug that has kept me out of a flare (steroids don’t work) but this being said, Imuran is not a wonder drug. There are a lot of tough side effects with this drug: my white blood cell count has dropped too low, my red blood cells have increased in size to a point where they would not fit in my arteries, my hair is falling out, I have chest and stomach pains. But, I’m not in a flare. It is important to get regular blood tests to monitor your health – also pay attention to your body – any pains, fatigue, etc – this can all be a sign that the Imuran is doing more than it should. My neighbour has been on Imuran for 15 years and hasn’t had one side effect or flare (he has Crohn’s). I think Imuran and how your body reacts to it is very personal. Let us know how you’re doing. Best of luck.
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