After Every Difficulty Comes Ease

Meet Haadi:

I am in late 20s, male, living in Australia. Diagnosed in October 2013. Getting stronger every day, food diary has been invaluable, Low Fodmap diet with SCD wisdom, honey instead of sugar in baking, EVO oil and antibacterials have paved the way to my remission

Some more about Haadi:

I like travelling, reading, and recently cooking.


In remission. Recently got a bit of mucous from trying soy sauce. But back on track …

After Every Difficulty Comes Ease

I was diagnosed with UC in October 2013 after three months of mucous, bleeding and constipation. When the bleeding had escalated, the doctor who had been advising me that I had hemmorhoids referred me for colonoscopy. The results were: 15 to 20cm of chronic ulcerative proctitis/colitis. I believe my troubles had started long before in the beginning of 2013 after a bout of stress and taking antibiotics in 2012 for really bad cough from passive cigarette smoke. I don’t smoke and have always had a bad reaction to cigarette smoke. I also had to take a cocktail of antibiotics when I was struck with tuberculosis several years ago. I believe my tb history and subsequent allergy to cigarette smoke and any pollutant is related to my uc and compounded with an intolerance to gluten that I probably had for ages. I used to have mood swings which I no longer have on an almost gluten-free diet (Low Fodmap) that I’m currently following. I do well on two slices of sourdough spelt bread, one of the brands of which is permitted on Low Fodmap, once a day. In early 2013 I had started to feel weak, dizzy while riding in the bus, and was losing my hair, had become thin. The blood was the last straw.

Well what’s to say after learning of this? I was even more depressed that I had an incurable disease. I continued to take the colifoam enemas and the first night had a pain in my ears and then bad toothaches after a few weeks. This was a rather benign drug when it comes to UC and the thought of progressing on to other drugs naturally scared me. I went to visit a new GI, a very good one, who prescribed Pentasa. I took the script but never got the Pentasa. Instead, after many days and hours of scouring the Internet and learning of side-effects and that this disease was not curable (just manageable), I thought: why should I try something that is not going to cure me? The doctor had already warned me of headaches and dizziness. I was bound to progress from Pentasa to the immunosuppressants which, according to the doctor, could retrigger the tb and I would have to be regularly monitored. I refused to let my life slide in this direction.

I read many stories on the UC online boards and one was a very confident one told by ‘QueenoftheColon’ who had put her UC in remission with probiotics. I followed her to the letter and bought every probiotic she had. In hindsight, VSL3 would have been cheaper. The colifoam was no more helping. I noticed a drastic change when I took antibiotics for my toothache, one of my teeth had gone bad. Combined with probiotics and spinach shakes, I had reached remission. I would be well, or as good as I thought I could be, until consuming lots of cashews. Don’t listen to those who say food has nothing on UC. Things like spinach were decreasing my inflammation just as cashews had increased it. I have recently learned I cannot tolerate soy-products either.

Enter SCD. I was feeling a lot better, all my bloating and burping had disappeared. I believe the Prozymes were really helping in addition to the l-glutamine. However, I could no longer afford the probiotics. I thought I was feeling well until I had something from some restaurant. I started to flare. I was not the same again and was gradually losing more weight. My mother moved in to help me. Under her I started following SCD strictly. It took me a while to note that fish oil was making me worse, I could flare from avocadoes and red meat, all SCD and Paleo autoimmune legal. Well I stuck to my guns and pulled myself along. When my mother left, something did not click and I was in a flare again. Bleeding, lots of bleeding in the morning, getting worse. I had also got a urinary tract infection. Hey, I pulled out my bottle of oregano. Bleeding: gone. In just one day. I have proof that my UC is bacteria-related. I took the oregano with extra virgin olive oil for a month and have a chieved the best and truest remission I have ever had. Occasionally if I eat something wrong I’ll see some mucous. I have also gone from the SCD to Low Fodmaps. Fibre has been helping me a lot. I begin every day with a big bowl of porridge with lactose-free milk. I make fried quinoa rice and chicken. UC has taught me how to cook. Along with Olive Leaf extract, which made me sleepy for the first two days before propelling me with more energy than I have ever had, the oregano oil has brought me in a state of equilibrium. It has been two months, I don’t take oregano oil every day but rotate the antifungals. I am still underweight but am slowly picking up weight, I feel energetic, happy and driven. UC is no more a problem. And did I mention green bee propolis? I take two of these God-given natural anti-bacterial remedies each day. I am currently not taking lglutamine because I read some amino acids don’t go well with the olive leaf extract. I eat Low Fodmaps, high fibre. No onions or garlic which I was eating on the SCD. No fish oil, krill oil helps. We are all different, but I don’t think anyone can go wrong with probiotics (I eat the SCD yogurt), lglutamine and antifungals/antibacterials like oregano oil, olive leaf extract, grapeseed extract and bee propolis. Oh and I also drink two cups of coffee every day, the caffeic acid content in it has definitely been part of my successful strategy, though coffee has adversely affected others. My GI has be amazing, has written me a script for LDN telling me I don’t need it. So I didn’t take LDN and don’t need to try it now. I am in remission, a long remission and I know and come to know what foods bother me. He is very happy that I have found a natural solution to this disease. “Natural” has taken a beating, but in UC it has worked for me. It is better than any current medical solution for UC. I am, lastly and ultimately, grateful to God.

Current Medications/Supplements:

No medications.


First thing: bee propolis

After breakfast: Vit D, Astaxanthin, Krill oil (no krill oil and astaxanthin during first week of every month to get rid of the astaxanthin build up) take flaxseed for a change


Lunch: digestive enzyme

Evening: second bee propolis

Before dinner: multivitamin, Boswellia

Before bed: EVO oil and an antifungal (rotate caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, grapeseed extract and oregano oil)

Take a heaped tablespoon of l-glutamine if I’m not taking Olive leaf extract

written by Haadi

submitted in the colitis venting area

17 thoughts on “After Every Difficulty Comes Ease”

  1. Dear Haadi,

    Thanks for sharing. I wish you many months of great things moving forward. I myself wouldn’t be eating any of the grains at all, but it sounds like certain ones are working for you and if that continues for several years moving forward and you’re happy with your results, that’s excellent.

    Here is a link to a recent pubmed study from some researchers out of Australia that i thought you might find interesting on the topic of FodMap (which has much in common with the diet I follow and many others from the site as you probably realize:

    And here is another study from a similar group of scientists:

    both of the links are diet and gut related.


    1. Thanks Adam! Loved the links.

      Yes for some reason oats are working very well they’ve helped to pave my way to remission. They are low Fodmap and I’ll stick with them as I can digest them well. Other grains not so much.

      Also gotta agree with you on the importance of smoothies in your recent post. You’re a gem! Wish you many years of remission and good health as well. And thanks for giving all of us a voice.

  2. I am treating UC as an infection in my body and this strategy of antifungals, antibacterials has been key to my success. I’ve just ordered some black walnut wormwood clove complex which I hope will further cleanse my body of pathogens. Taking a good quantity of probiotics at a certain time every day will replenish the good bacteria. Also pyllium seed powder if you see any mucous from a wrong food. I’m taking olive leaf extract every day now and it’s one of the most awesome things for UC.

    Long-term plan is to get a bacterial transplant, hopefully they’ll have a pill in the next few years!

  3. I am so happy for you Haadi that you found something that works for you so well and are able to stay in remission without meds. i am currently trying to take under control my flare that started 2 days after i stopped taking salofalk. your protocol looks easy so i would like to follow it. i have 1 question though how much oregano oil you use each day and how much evo? by the way i am from australia too

  4. Hey Lina – fellow Australian! sorry about the flare! I take a glass of water, pour a tablespoon or two quantity of evo oil and sprinkle 8-10 drops of oregano oil on top.

    Also I mentioned clove wormwood extract in my last post. It didn’t suit me and I skirted past a flare, prob because it contained alcohol or something in it made me nauseous.

    Let me know how you go. I would suggest a one day fast with chicken broth, taking oregano in evo oil 3 times a day. Next day have some spinach shake. Also add in some bee propolis to the regime. Try slippery elm powder half an hour before meals (something bland, light and low Fodmap depending on your responses to new foods). Boswellia, bromelain, quercetin if they respond well to you. If you can’t tolerate fibre, may be psyllium husk or seed powder. Tailor the diet to yourself. Low Fodmap works for me, no onions or garlic, but wisdom in a flare. In a flare I wouldn’t overdo the fibre. I wouldn’t eat any bread either. One day at a time. Again, let me know. And hope you get out of this flare! There’s also a good probiotic called Probiotic 10 by Healthy Essentials. I’ve found the casei and bifido lactis/animalis strains to be amazing. I can’t tolerate yogurt during a flare.

  5. THank you very much Haadi for the prompt response, I started using evoo and oregano oil yesterday and will gradually add the other supliments you’ve mentioned. i had colonoscopy done yesterday and results were even worse than i expected the inflammation spreading and is now severe so i have a big battle ahead. really hoping that you protocol will be my lucky way out of the flare. thanks again.

  6. Hi Lina – I have found psyllium seed powder (not husk) very beneficial. I believe it’s worth trying, one teaspoon in the am and another in the pm. I used to order it off ebay from an Australian seller but he’s run out. I ordered a large amount from bulk herb site, the postage is really high so I made a large enough order. It increases butyrate, which exercises the intestine and keeps it healthy. Sorry about the flare, hope you find a way to get it under control.

  7. Hi Haadi, thank you for the info but I already had a FMT last year unfortunately it didn’t help me at all. How are you doing still in remission?

  8. Hey Lina – I think FMT works — for those it works on — best if the inflammation is a little down and it can take several infusions. Yes it seems everybody has to find that key that works; it doesn’t work on everyone. Did you have it at Dr Borody’s? How are you going right now?

    Yes in remission, but got a bump a month ago after trying a week of non-sourdough bread. I took the setback after a series of other experimental errors to add natural Colostrum powder and pineapple. For the first two weeks mixed L-glutamine and Colostrum powder first thing in the morning. I initially read about the Colostrum-L-glutamine combo helping someone with Chron’s. Also pineapple works as a great digestive enzyme, anti-inflammatory if you can tolerate it.

  9. I am not that good at the moment, feels like a flare starts again. i take bromelain as extract from pineapple which is not doing much for me at the moment. what’s l-glutamine and colostrum combo, do you mix it yourself and how do you take it? thanks for all the ideas i can try hopefully something will help soon

  10. Hi Lina – sorry to hear that. I took 5ml scoop of colostrum and a big scoop of l-glutamine in a glass of water first thing in the morning. I’ve found pineapple works better in fresh fruit form if you can tolerate it. Hope you feel better soon. Cheers.

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