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Hi – I’m Megan. I have UC – diagnosed in 2012. Currently in my second flare in two months. I am not a happy camper right now.

Some more about me:

I live in California and have two very rambunctious boys under the age of six. I am fortunate that my husband fishes the ocean on the weekends for fun, so I always have fresh halibut, salmon, cod, etc.

Inspirtational IBD Pics

Hi Adam,
You may remember me. I work with Dignity Health in the marketing and communications department on the central coast. I oversee our newsletters and Facebook pages and ran across the story, “Woman bares colostomy bag in bikini pic, becomes internet sensation.” I thought it was so inspirational for us all. I so often read on your site, people who are embarrassed and afraid to tell others about their UC, so perhaps this link, the stories and the pictures will inspire us all. I know I am still embarrassed to even tell my friends that I have UC. The people in these photos are not afraid at all. I hope to achieve their strength. I am not sure if you have shared it, but if not please do! It went viral last week and the link on the link on the Huffington post provides several shots of woman and men on the beach sporting their colostomy bags. I am hoping that there is no issue with you sharing the link and the pictures. I am up in SF every month for business…..going there this week in fact. I always keep a look out for ya.

ok – that is really all I wanted to say, but your since your site requires me to write more, then I guess I will. Please post more recipes. I am getting bored with mine. The other day I made your zucchini lasagna but realized at the last minute that I didn’t have more than a teaspoon of olive oil, didn’t have any parmesan cheese, so had to use a blend of cheddar and mozzarella, and I didn’t have any fresh herbs for garnish. I could definitely tell the difference. Fresh and complete ingredients will make it or break it. Ok great, I have reached my minimum word count. Hope you can share the pics on here or on Facebook.

My UC Right Now…

After diagnosis, I went on the SCD and with a combination of diet and medication, my UC went into remission. I haven’t had a flare for two years, until now. I have had two in the last two months. I was feeling so much better since these flares, that I started cheating and eating lots of tortillas and bread and processed foods. I am going back to SCD, and with the addition of sulfasalazine and the lovely enemas, I hope to get off the toilet!

written by Busy UC Mom

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2 thoughts on “Sharing Some Inspirational Pics”

  1. HI Megan,
    Thanks so much for sharing, and excellent story/pictures on that link you submitted. You know there was a girl who also sent over a picture of herself in a swim suit a few days ago that she wanted posted on the facebook page and it has turned out to be the most popular posting ever, so way cool as well.

    I really hope you can get the symptoms back under control soon and it sounds like you will. One thing I’d mention since its been pretty incredible for alot of people is trying to incorporate raw sauerkraut (or even just the raw sauerkraut juice into your diet for the probiotic benefits. Needs to be for sure be unpastuerized since that will kill off the good bacteria.)
    And I will most definitely try to get some new recipes up. I’m pretty sure you won’t see me in San Francisco for about a year unfortunately, as I’ve relocated to the other side of the Atlantic a few weeks ago, but I’ll be on the lookout too for you when/if we return.

    Keep the positive thinking going, and thanks for updating us on what you’re up to.


  2. These pics are so truly wonderful! If I had a body like that I would strut up and down the beach, bag and all, too!

    Cheers to her:)

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