A Young Girl with Ulcerative Colitis

My UC Story:

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 16 years ago when I was only 5 years old.

This is not an “Old Persons Disease”. I have had many flare up and hospital stays through out the years, then sadly after almost 3 years of remission I started to flare again this past April and was hospitalized for 16 days which wasn’t very fun. I wasn’t feeling well for a couple of weeks and had the usual symptoms of a flare then a fever showed up, maybe i was getting the flu. It was coming and going for a couple of days then I decided to take myself to the hospital. I sat with my mom for about 2 hours in Emergency before a doctor even looked at me. Once a doctor looked at me she decide to run a whole bunch of x-rays and a CT scan. The CT scan showed that the left side of my colon was swollen and that there was some sort of infection going on and that’s what was causing my pain. I was admitted soon after that. Tons and I literally mean TONS of blood work was done on me through out my hospital stay at least three time a days. The nurse started an IV and gave me my antibiotics that way. The infection was getting worse and I turn septic, i was then given stronger and more powerful antibiotics. Through out those loooong 16 days I lost 20 pounds and I didn’t even look at all like myself. It was so depressing, all I wanted to do was sleep. When I was coming closer to being discharged I had another colonoscopy and a nutritionist was sent to my room to discuss my diet. She suggested NO fried, spicy, high fat, or processed foods, NO raw veggies, absolutely NO drinking alcohol, NO whole grains and to watch my sugar intake. After I was discharged I did gain back most of my weight since I started to eat some REAL food besides Jello and the symptoms of my flare subsided in June thank god.

On a side note, I’m losing more hair then usual and i’ve never experience this before. Could this be from the inflammation I had/have?

My Medications:

I’m Currently on Sulfasalzine, Cortiform enema, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid

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6 thoughts on “A Young Girl with Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. You are losing hair because of the trauma your body experienced. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks last November and lost 20 pounds during that time and the same thing happened to me so I went to my GP because I thought I was going to be bald! As a woman that was frightening. My hair loss stopped about 5 months after hospitalization just like my doc said it would. I think yours will too so don’t worry about it too much as it’s just temporary.

  2. Hi Kristy Marie (or Anonymous UC?)–Anyway, I am so sorry about your ordeal. I had a section of my large intestine (Sigmoid colon) and my terminal ileum removed in 2006, and I was on prednisone off and on for 3 months, then tapered off and have been in remission ever since, though I still have ulcers and Crohn’s disease, but it is very light now. Your dietitian sounds good, and I think what you are taking seems pretty mild compared to some heavy-hitting drugs like 6MP or Remicade. My surgeon, who I adore :), told me that after my surgery and in remission my hair would be much healthier–I thought that was weird. Like, I don’t care about my hair, I want to get healthy again and not have symptoms of Crohn’s or UC–jeez. But, you know, he was right! My hair became healthier and did not fall out so easily; also, my nails and skin got “better.” I didn’t realize how deficient I was, and had very little B12 and had to have shots every Friday for a year to regain. Remember, when you are suffering from bowel inflammation, your whole body reacts to this and your immune system can get out of whack. I am glad you are writing and keep on eating well, getting rest, eliminate as much stress as possible from your life! See a therapist, or counselor, too, to help you navigate the road (to use a pad metaphor…) as you get better. I also think daily exercise, yoga and meditation are great, along with seeing a naturopathic doctor (you should have a stool sample and full medical history done by a naturopath who you can see in conjunction with your Western medical doctor and IBD team), and I also recommend acupunture (I go once a month and it is so good for keeping your body in tune with its own energy, or ki. So, that’s my advice, and I wish you every bit of success you deserve to have in your young life!

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this at such a young age – it must be awful. I would second the idea of stress and loss of B12 causing the hair loss – it’s very common. The nutritionist’s advice was spot on – all of those foods cause inflammation in the gut and you should avoid them FOREVER, other than the raw food, which you can introduce slowly, one food at a time every two days, once you’re well again. (I once read a description that IBD is like ‘eczema of the gut’ and if you had eczema on your arm, say, you wouldn’t rub spicy things or scratchy things into it, would you? It’s a good analogy.) If I were you, I’d get straight onto the SCD and buy the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle. This diet hard-core eliminates all the foods that can cause inflammation or allergy in IBD sufferers, and it’s very healthy and energising too. And it fills your gut full of really good bacteria that fight infection. Good luck. Trish :)

  4. Hi, You are right UC is not an “Old Persons Disease” as I was told when first diagnosed. I said to the medic ‘oh well, I’m getting old now and suppose I have to expect these things’ to wit the consultant answered ‘this might make you feel a little better, this is predominantly a young persons disease’ and do you know what, she was right, psychologically I did feel a little better for a while.

  5. probably from you being sick and losing weight. after my j-pouch surgery my hair and even finger and toenails were in poor shape. my finger and toenails had ridges in them you could clearly see what had grown after the surgery was much smoother and healthier. prior to surgery i had lost 20lbs and lost another 12 after the first step. i had lost so much weight that i was declared malnourished and put on IV nutrition. when your body is weak and your not getting adequate minerals, vitamins, protiens, etc. hair, fingernails, are some of the first things that begin to show neglect as your body uses its resources for more important things. good luck to you hope your doing well.

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