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T's Experience with Colitis

T’s Experience with Colitis

Introduction: Ack! I hate writing about myself. I’m 33 and from the Mitten. I’m a typical urban hipster – I like good coffee, craft beer, artisanal cheese, biking, traveling the globe, reading high-brow literature and history books, feminism, arguing with Republicans, and collecting soul and indie-rock records. My Symptoms: I have a little bit of […]

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SCD Not Working Anymore

SCD Not Working Anymore

Introduction: A 30 year old stay at home mom. I love boating, working out, shopping and most of all spending time with my sweet little family! My Symptoms: cramping, diarrhea, mucus, bloating, weight loss My Story: I was diagnosed with UC when right after I gave birth to my first born. I was having blood […]

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Wish U.C. Stood for Under Cover Instead

Wish U.C. Stood for Under Cover Instead

Introduction: Hi, my name is Beav, and I have U.C. I was diagnosed in 2002 with “mild” symptoms and now graduated to “moderate to severe” conditions when i had my colonoscopy earlier this year. I’m 42 and try to stay active by jogging and eating right. I am 125 lbs. and when I have a […]

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Thank You White Squares

  It is long overdue, but the time has come, Sometimes it is very sad, sometimes very fun. But in any event, you never complained, Thank you so much white squares, do you feel the same? I never felt like this, you know what I mean, Before I just used you, we had the same […]

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Still Looking

Still Looking

Introduction: 60 years old. Married with two grown children and a grandson. Currently work in the financial services industry after retiring from a law practice. Adjunct professor in political science at local University. My Symptoms: Severe joint pain on an almost daily basis. The pain started with a UC flare up 2 years ago. My […]

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Any Ideas, Do I Just Have to Grin and Bear It?

Introduction: Hi, I am 51 yrs old and was first diagnosed in 2007 with Ulcerative Colitis. I was put on a course of prednisolone and Mezavant 2400 mg and my symptoms just went away. I gradually came off the Mezavant and have been symptom free until this year. In January my symptoms returned and I […]

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New To This

Introduction: My name is Tammy, I am 41 yrs old, from Syracuse, NY. I was first diagnosed 2000, and I am fairly certain how this happened to me. My Symptoms: I am not in a flare at this moment, but I tend to be alternately gassy and/or crampy most times. My Story: Ok, well, here […]

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20 And Trying to Kick Colitis Out of My Life

20 And Trying to Kick Colitis Out of My Life

I am a 20 year-old female student-athlete attending Miami University. Playing Division 1 soccer at Miami, has been for three years. (Though this may be my last, thanks to this dang disease). Currently a Junior. My Symptoms: -diarrhea (lots and lots) -bloody stools (basically every stool) -cramping -burning -urgency (not able to hold/make it to […]

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When Buttpee Ruined My Life

When Buttpee Ruined My Life

Introduction: I was diagnosed in April 2009 while stationed in England. I am from sunny California but currently reside in Washington. I am 31 years old with twin boys that will be 10 this Christmas and they pretty much fill up my free time. After 10 years in the military my UC got me medically […]

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Gory Story

Introduction: I’m a 67 year old musician from So. California, married, no kids, lots of step-children, grand children, very active, no prior history of UC or Crohns in lineage. My Symptoms: Heavy mucuousy blood, weight gain, not too much stomach pain, sore rectum, sense of urgency with no results (constipation if you can believe that), […]

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Finally Telling My Story

Introduction: 20yo/F from Australia. Diagnosed at 14 with pancolitis after a year of symptoms, later diagnosed with sclerosing cholangitis as well. Pretty much tried every med and on the road to surgery. My Symptoms: Approx 15 bm’s per day No blood Cramps, pain Appetite varies between not wanting to eat anything and wanting to eat […]

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