Thank You White Squares


It is long overdue, but the time has come,
Sometimes it is very sad, sometimes very fun.
But in any event, you never complained,
Thank you so much white squares, do you feel the same?

I never felt like this, you know what I mean,
Before I just used you, we had the same team.
But times changed really fast, I lived in your room,
I stared at you often, from six until noon.

When you would stop spinning, and I was alone,
Your wroth becomes so clear, in my type of home.
That’s actually not true, all people agree,
If you don’t have white squares, you only can pee.

You might be there laughing, or wondering how,
I used a roll daily, but much longer now.
It’s weird with colitis, the fun always ends,
But less time with white squares, is good news my friends.

13 thoughts on “Thank You White Squares”

  1. Sorry bro, with all due respect I can’t really find any comedy in having Crohn’s or UC. I know it creates a good outlook and everything but that’s just me. I really try and stay as positive as I can though because I know that’s very important. It’s really clever though i’ll give you that ;) Take care.

  2. Here’s my colitis poem:
    Ulcerative colitis
    You have a stupid name
    When people ask me what you are
    I hate having to explain
    That I have a poopie problem
    Sometimes can’t control my butt
    And when I’m done in the bathroom
    It smells like you know what
    Public restrooms are the worst
    Gotta pack a can of spray
    Please don’t say I need a key
    My butt can’t wait, no way!
    Why do you wake me up at night?
    Can’t you tell I’m sleepy?
    And what’s with all the snot and blood?
    Don’t you know that’s creepy?
    Of all the things that I could get,
    I got stuck with you
    Ulcerative Colitis, the disease of painful poo
    Well you may be a thing I have
    But you’re not what makes me me
    I am so much more than just
    A girl with a disease
    Someday you will not exist
    Because they will find a cure
    And let me say you won’t be missed
    That, I know for sure!

    1. Loved this poem. :) I especially like the part about being more than a girl with a disease… I got diagnosed a week ago, and I still kind of feel like when I go out in public that everyone just kind of looks at me and knows I have colitis somehow. I’ve got to try and remember that I’m still the same Jenny, not “that girl with colitis”!

      1. Hey Jenny,
        I have had UC for 16 years. Nobody knows I have it, but yeah I feel like I have it written on my face. I have been meeting more and more people who have Crohns, but nobody with UC yet. I just started the SCD about seven weeks ago. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It brought me out of a flare. It seems overwhelming at first, but really most of the recipes are easy and delicious. If anything, do invest in a Yogourmet yogurt maker. You will have powerful probiotics from your own kitchen at a fraction of the cost of store-bought. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. here goes :)(pardon the pun)

    “Ode to IBD”

    Nothing I can ever do
    to stop the constant runny poo
    To end the constant
    to cease tha stench that
    lurks below
    The numerous trips into the loo
    just to take a runny doo
    the never ceasing endless jaunts
    the restlessness my being haunts
    It seems a never ending quest
    to try and put my bum at rest
    To finally exist in peace
    If only it would ever cease…

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