Wish U.C. Stood for Under Cover Instead

Beav has colitisIntroduction:

Hi, my name is Beav, and I have U.C. I was diagnosed in 2002 with “mild” symptoms and now graduated to “moderate to severe” conditions when i had my colonoscopy earlier this year.
I’m 42 and try to stay active by jogging and eating right. I am 125 lbs. and when I have a relapse, I tend to drop weight to 112 lbs. which I look awful at for my 5ft. 4in. frame.
This disease sucks and I feel at times it is mainly due to what we feed our bodies, the preservatives in foods, the fast food eateries, soda, and stress. I believe we have allergies to foods that cause inflammation in our gut and it wreaks havoc on our bodies.
I am a bit of a pessimist and at times feel I need to more positive minded.
My family has no idea what it’s like to eat a meal, then 20-25 mins. later have a stomach ache and have to run to the crapper with cramping. Milk products, white pasta and white bread make my symptoms worse so I try to avoid them at all costs.
Tried sherbert but found out it has milk in it…..

My Symptoms:

gas, bloating, weird alien stomach noises, nausea if I eat too much, feeling of being full, rare diarrhea, blood if I eat foods I should avoid like ice cream, spicy foods, white bread, white pasta and sweets.

My Story:

I am wondering if others have eliminated white bread and pasta from their diet, and if it’s made a significant improvement in your health.
I’ve read online eating dried fruit and fruit skins if you have U.C. is bad for your gut. Not sure if I believe this to be true. Also sodas – diet or regular.

U.C. has changed my life for the worse. There are times I feel I am bleeding through my pants, and I’m not. There are times I feel I will have an episode while at work and ppl will hear me in our quiet office taking a crap.
I have left the office before just to use another bathroom because I don’t want others to hear me in the restroom. It sucks.

I am most concerned about my life being cut short as my mother’s was from Colon Cancer. She was diagnosed at age 51 and died at age 59. I get bi-annual colonoscopies (joy) and dread going to the doctor because it seems every time I go, my disease has progressed further. Of course the doctor’s answer to a ‘cure’ is to remove your colon, but I am trying hard to hold onto that part of my body, as much as I am not all too fond of it right now……

My family is supportive but at times they piss me off when they try to force feed sh$t that I can’t eat that they can, i.e., ice cream sundaes, junk food and alfredo sauce (that just tears me up). My husband has an iron gut and can eat anything he wants so at times he cannot relate. If I tell him I don’t want to eat a certain food for dinner, he says it’s okay to eat it, but he does not understand how a simple food item can incapacitate me for 2-3 days. It’s just not worth it to me anywhere to eat the things I love, then pay for them in a toilet with an exhaust fan as my only friend for 1/2 hour…..

I like my doctor. He stays in contact w/me and I receive follow up letters from him to come in and get checkups.

May I also add that I have PSC which goes hand in hand with U.C. PSC is a very rare liver disorder. So I’ve been blessed with 2 diseases…..both diagnoses were in 2002…..the worst day of my life it seemed when they told me I had a potentially deadly liver disorder, oh – and U.C.

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

Symptom free and happier….I know there is no cure for U.C. but I’d love to be able to not have to look for a toilet or avoid long road trips because I may have to use a bathroom.
That’s why I don’t go boating or anywhere that has no toilets around for a long period of time.
I also hate taking craps in public bathrooms……

Colitis Medications:

Apriso (prescription) – 4 capsules per day for U.C.
Align – over the counter probiotic highly recommended by my Gastro. He has seen improvement in many of his patients who use Align.

Vitamins: Gummy Immune Support Vitamin C – 4 per day.
Fish Oil – 1600 mgs. daily to help prevent inflammation.

written by Beav

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

9 thoughts on “Wish U.C. Stood for Under Cover Instead”

  1. Hi Beav,

    You are on the right track by looking at diet as the root cause. I’m curious if you have seen the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD). It eliminates the same foods that you have noticed that are giving you problems, and more. It has helped loads of people online, and it is (I hope) on its way to curing my UC, although I think it’ll be another year or two before I am fully cured. Bev will probably comment later advising you about probiotics, and SCD does the same — you need to restore the proper balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. I would recommend this diet to anyone. It is an extremely difficult diet; but it’s worth it. Best of luck and good health.

    1. Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I’m new to this site and am still figuring things out here.
      Yes, for the past 4 weeks now, I have been strict on my diet (change of life, actually).
      My willpower has been very good with bad foods – I’m basically eaten gluten free. It was very hard for me the first 2 weeks, but now I’m used to it.
      My family eats a lot of mac and cheese, breadsticks and breaded foods like fried chicken.
      My daughter made brownies today and I didn’t cave in and eat a crumb. It is getting easier.
      It is good to have a support group here. So glad Adam created this site.


  2. My food allergy is wheat and now I notice I can’t use milk products because they make me VERY gassy. The reason you shouldn’t eat fruit and veggies with the peel is because they are harder to digest when you’re in a flare. I hope you get the relief you need, Beav, good luck to you.

  3. Beav, I can relate to everything you’re talking about. I was a freelance journalist in the UK and chose my clients partly on how many (nice private) toilets were available in the building! I also like to holiday in maize time, as you can always dive off the side of the road and into a field, and I keep loo paper, moist wipes and hand sanitizer in my bag and in the car at all times.

    Firstly, I would say consider another form of exercise than jogging – it stimulates the bowel and you may be better off with something lower impact, such as swimming.

    Do try the SCD. It’s not a difficult diet to follow (though you need an iron will) and it will bring you into conflict with the SAD (Standard American Diet), which is full of junk. After the SCD starter period, which is hard-core elimination, start introducing a different vegetable every two or three days and monitoring your symptoms – you’ll soon work out what you can and can’t eat. Meat and fish are usually fine, and hard cheese is OK in moderation. Lots of people can’t tolerate the nuts, and personally I don’t bother with the nut bread substitutes as they’re rubbish.

    Eventually the SCD becomes a way of life. I have been on it since 2005 and now, a typical day is: breakfast, banana and SCD yoghurt with camomile tea; lunch, grilled meat and steamed vegetables or a stir-fry, followed by fresh fruit and more SCD yoghurt; and for evening a light snack of salad, leftover cooked vegetables and maybe a little cheese, followed by dates, pecans, honey and SCD yoghurt. I can’t eat much raw stuff, and recently also cut out alcohol and caffeine. The odd omelette here and there. White clay if I get diahorrhea, and apple compote instead of the banana. Instead of potatoes, you could try cauliflower. If you’re out at a burger joint, give someone else the bun, and you just eat the burger and salad. No fries, obviously. And get used to drinking water. Lots and lots of water – it’s what your body’s asking for.

    That’s it – it’s simple, it’s easy, it’s healthy and since you already have the discipline to work out and try to eat healthily, I think you’d be fine. Give it a try – and good luck. :) Trish

    1. Hi Trish,
      You are correct when saying the American diet is full of junk. It is.
      The fast food restaurants are too convenient for many who are too lazy to cook
      for themselves or their kids, so they go to a drive-thru and get dinner in a box basically
      which is filled with preservatives, sodium and less than 25% of real meat. Nothing but fillers.

      The SCD Diet is very strict – I ordered the book last night night and am worried that I won’t be able
      to cut out all starches. I have been eating gluten free, but with SCD that eliminates potatoes and rice as well. We’ll see how it goes.
      I have lost 13 lbs. since being on this diet. My husband does not want me losing anymore weight – I was already thin, and now I’m a size 2 and 119 lbs. It’s hard but I do enjoy eating healthier.


  4. Yes! Definitely try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet! It worked wonders for me! I still have to take meds, at the moment, but I’m hoping one day I can rid myself of all symptoms and meds by using this diet. It’s very healthy! You will notice on this diet that you feel better, your skin stays clearer, you will not have flaresas often (if at all), and you won’t get regular sick nearly as often as others around you.

    Hang in there. It can get better!

    Diagnosed Crohns colitis in 2001
    SCD since 2010
    Currently taking Lialda and Mercaptopurine

  5. Hi Beav,

    It’s hard not to be a bit of a pessimist with this disease. I hear that. Until I got UC, I was the most fun loving optomist…and I atill try to be if I can swing it.

    Love the way you put the noises in our intestines…alien…good one! It does sound like the movie Alien down there sometimes…lol

    You know, in the 13 years I’ve had UC…I’ve never used a public toilet! I feel like you…I just can’t. I’ve held it until I can get home. Most uncomfortable, and probably unhealthy as well. Stupid, I know.

    It seems like at least you are not taking too many drugs. That’s a good thing, because drugs are not the answer for UC, but, as Steve puts it, simply a band-aid, for UC. They don’t put it into remission, but merely mask the symptoms, or, in some cases, make us feel even worse. It’s great that your doctor agrees with probiotics being helpful! That’s a rarity, believe me.

    Hang in there, girl. We can do this!!


  6. Hi Beav, you’re on the right track! Start with cutting all gluten and dairy products. Then fiber… that means all whole grains, raw veggies and fruit skins… these act as an abrasive on your sensitive system. I’d also take either a stronger probiotic or triple the dosage of what’s on the pack… what ended up working for me was 3 capsules a day of VSL3, which is *hundreds of billions* of live cultures. A typical good meal for me was salmon, white rice, cooked green beans or asparagus, and avocado. Almost all breakfast foods bothered me… all I could do was hot rice cereal or almond butter on gluten-free bread.

    Fortunately I didn’t need to go to the full SCD and am now in remission, but if you make these initial food cuts and you’re still having problems, keep cutting out all the grains. You may need to go on prednisone to really kick it… hopefully not, but it seems to get flares under control. Then you’ll just need to be good about sticking with a healthy diet! Sounds like you’re not getting much support in that area, which is really tough. Hang in there and good luck!

  7. Hi Beav
    I can relate to your story and will tell you it definitely sucks!! I also eliminated rice, carbs, sugar and wheat from my diet. I can’t say it helped me THAT much but overall i have seen improvement. I’m on a diet named the SCD which eliminates all carbs and sugar COMPLETELY. It is tough and I do run to the bathroom around seven times a day but there are good days too. Hang in there and good luck!

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