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I'm the modern day version of a tree hugger. I'm one with nature and have a very strong bond and protective nature toward all things nature, wild life, domestic animals, our planet. I don't follow one specific religion whatsoever, but do greatly regard and respect those who do, but rather have had an innate knowing (for lack of a better term) with regard to my perception and belief system of who we are, why we're here, where we are (Earth), etc. Music is a strong connection to my emotions, my joy and my peace (very eclectic music taste), and wildlife, including the insect world, my friends the dragonflies and butterflies follow me like old chums are truly a part of who I am. There's more to me than this, but that's a starter. :-)

My Circus

Newly (a few months now, I guess not that new) diagnosed with moderate UC, which began in July 2022 with blood on TP, misdiagnosis for a few months, 5 doctors and finally a colonoscopy. I was told blunty “you have a lifelong disease with no cure and we’re going to start you on IV or self injection treatments. Still stuck on the first part of… Read More »My Circus