You’ve Made It!

Thank You,


شكرا        Спасибо

Tack       Dankie dat U        Va multumesc           Tak

Gracias  Takk

You’re through.  And I can’t thank you enough for participating in the survey.  You know that you didn’t have to do this, but you did.  And whatever that feeling or urge was to help out that you have I find incredible.  Your responses are very much appreciated.

If someone asks you what you did today, tell them “I volunteered for an Ulcerative Colitis Survey”.  Because that’s what you just did, and it’s much appreciated.

What you might not realize is that within 1 month of the results being posted, other UC’ers from over 150 countries will be reading the survey results too.  So on behalf of all the future readers of the survey responses, I’d like to say one more BIG THANKS to YOU right now for participating.

I can promise you that very soon in the near future I will be sending the newsletter (which you are already a part of)  an email notifying you that the results are complete.

I look forward to getting everyone’s responses prepared and I’ll notify you when they are complete.

Adam iHaveUC colitisWarm regards,

Adam Scheuer


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