When Does the Diarrhea Stop with the SCD Diet?

Okay, I have had Ulcerative Colitis since I was 18 and I am almost 22 years old now.

I am on my umteenth flare, and the only medication I am on is Asacol because I am not interested to go any further with that bull.  I have been on various diets but never on the SCD diet. I just started the SCD diet a few days ago. After a year long remission, I started having a flare 3 weeks ago and I decided I had enough a few days back.
I had a liquid fast (home made carrot juice, apple juice, water, and chicken broth without the chicken), and now I have been on a solid diet for two days. I am following the SCD diet but for breakfast I am having boiled eggs with home made apple juice (nothing more), and for the rest of the day I am eating chicken broth with the meat. The problem is that my bleeding was somewhat reduced and my urgency has maybe went from 10 times a day to around 5ish.

Nevertheless, I am still experiencing diarrhea!

When will the diarrhea stop? How many days does it take for the SCD to really help?

Are the eggs making things more crazy? Should I slow down with the eggs and start eating something else for breakfast? And if so, what should I eat because I am lactose intolerant and can NOT handle milk or cheese at all, it makes my flares worse!
Please help :'( I am also going to University and I have a full course load that is eating away at my mind!!!)

Submitted by “Music Lover” in the Colitis Venting Area


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4 thoughts on “When Does the Diarrhea Stop with the SCD Diet?”

  1. Hi There Music Lover,

    You’ve got a bunch of great questions, and since I’ve been on the diet for over two years, I can relate to all of them.
    Here’s a couple of ideas to think about.

    As for when does the diarrhea stop? Well for me, that has alot to do with what I’m eating when I start the SCD diet, and how severe my symptoms are before starting the diet. I remember that within just a few days, I started to notice the forming of bowel movements. BUT, I was eating very few different things. For me what has worked well for the first few days of the diet is laying off almost all sugars (I for example would not drink apple juice even if you make it from scratch to start out. For me, its always worked best to lay off the sugars almost entirely, and for sure apple juice has alot of natural sugars in it.) I like to make hard boiled eggs like you’re doing, and also I make fried eggs up as well just to mix it up. For other foods during the day, the chicken soup/broth that you are talking about sounds great. I do that alot too. I also eat alot of hamburger meat when I’m starting the diet. I like to either broil it, or if my symptoms are not too bad, I like to grill it on the BBQ with salt and some pepper to add a little taste. I also like to broil chicken in the oven(usually chicken breasts) with some salt as well.
    Also, I have had some good success with making a saute of some carrots and zucchini in a frying pan with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. You might want to consider something like that, just make sure to cook the veggies nicely(i keep the lid on for a while to basically steam them too so they are nice and soft.) This has helped me quite a bit, and at least two times now, this type of technique has helped me get out of a flare. It has taken me several days on this type of diet, mixed up for breakfast lunch dinner(yes, its pretty boring) but it has worked for me. And I know it isn’t too much fun, but for me sticking to water has been a big help too. Pretty much everything else that I would like to drink has either sugars in it(orange juice for example) so I steer clear of that stuff until the diarrhea is over and some harder poops are making their way through.

    Good luck to you, I hope by the time you read this, you are haivng some much harder poops and good success with the SCD Diet. -Adam

  2. Adam left you a good reply, but I wanted to address your question using a different tack. I’ve been on the SCD for over two years now, with good success.

    you are seeing improvements, which should be encouraging for you–the diet is working. There is no set time, or even an average time for diarrheal remediation. Everyone is different. But when you start the SCD, you make a long-term commitment to healing. You are making what is likely to be a life-long lifestyle change, so settle in for the ride. You’ll love it.

    I understand your frustration and urge to be rid of D, but you have to be patient. And methodical. Keep a food/symptom journal. This will speed your healing by allowing you to objectively look at your symptoms and diet day-to-day. Eggs may indeed be an issue for you. So cut them out for 5-10 days and see what happens.

    I eat SCD, but don’t eat any dairy, eggs, legumes, or nuts. My diet consists of meat, vegetables, some fruit, a few soaked seeds (sunflower and pumpkin), and three kinds of oil (olive, cod liver, and coconut). That’s it. My gut loves me, and I’m happy here–but it took more than eighteen months to figure it all out, my colitis was so bad.

    General guidelines for folks starting the SCD: I’d go look at SCD Lifestyle and follow their instructions. They do a good job of laying out the first 90 days of the diet.

    In general, they say it can take as long to heal as it did to get sick. So if you’ve had IBD for 2 years, figure 2 years for healing. Your D will likely resolve faster than that, but it will still take time. Healing may come faster for you, and if it does, well that would be a pleasant gift.


  3. I would try eliminating the eggs. In the book about the SCD Diet “Breaking the Viscous Cycle”, she recommends eliminating eggs for the first bit if your body is super-sensitive. Also, if you’re not doing the homemade yogurt part of it, my understanding is that is a HUGE part of starting the diet and being successful with it. Here is the link to the “intro diet” so you can see all of the things she lists out as ok.


  4. i aloud like to start my grandson on the SCD diet for his developmental delays very much but he is allergic to eggs quite severely. If I eliminate the eggs from the SCD diet how much his nutrition and his health is going to be affected?

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